PRT228 – The Fall Light

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking the Fall season…

The Panelists

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  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    So excited to listen! Fall is one of my most favorite times to scrapbook.

  • Pepper

    I love fall! But sadly Singapore has only two season – sunny day or rainy day haha! Anyhow, I always go to Australia during their fall season. I love the colors of the leaves, they have the red -> orange -> yellow ombre trees :) LOVE IT! Best color combination ever ! :D

  • Wendy Elmhorst

    Ironically I woke up to a blanket of snow this morning…sadly we had very little fall this year in Northern WI!

  • Hannah Brown

    I always forget how much I love Fall until it rolls around. I live in Virginia, so we get lots of red and yellow leaves falling on green grass. And the evening light during the Fall is gorgeous. Everything seemed to glow with a deep golden color during the fall.
    I really like deep plum as a Fall color. I’m not sure why. It just seemed to complement the reds and yellows really well, and bring more of the feel of Fall into a page (or outfit).
    Thanks for another great episode! I always love it when Wilna is on. She’s such an inspiration! :)

    -Hannah Brown (The Resident 16 year old scrapper)

  • C.Robin

    Great show, Fall is so pretty in the Boston area. Will be making a few layouts.

  • Cara

    Thanks for another great topic, but I’m in the same position as Ruth Bonser who you mentioned, living in Australia, so my seasons are ‘upside down.’ We are in late spring here now with all of the jacarandas in full bloom, although it feels more like full on summer today with a temperature of over 100F . (Reminds me of being in Tucson in early May a few years ago and the guy on the radio saying, “It’s our first century day for the year, time to get outside and do things.” Here in Adelaide it’s a day for staying indoors!)
    At least we DO get autumn in my part of Australia, and we have lots of non native trees such as maples to colour the streetscape, but people who live in the northern part of the country just go from dry heat to wet heat. It is slightly frustrating seeing all of the autumn and Halloween layouts on line when we are in spring and don’t really do Halloween, but the important thing is that the PRT discussion today will be just as relevant in March and April, and I will listen to it again then.

  • We have mostly bush/native plants in the parks near us to not too many autumn leaves. We did however plant a deciduous tree in the backyard. And had two days of ‘fall colour’ lol then being Perth, all the leaves just blew off!

  • Tiffany

    I agree with Izzy that we’re all different and some of us can let things go for a while, and simply with a little time we find we’ve moved on. Other people in my life, though, are not like this. My theory is that some of us are naturally more forgiving – we process things quickly, forgive (maybe even forget!) and move on. I think others have a longer process they need to work through to get to the forgiveness, and that’s why scrapping the tough stuff is important for them.

  • Haha! :)

  • I tend to agree with me too. :)

  • Cara


  • We have a lot of Indian Summers here in coastal Delaware, when fall is still quite warm, but you get the beautiful fall light. I love using non-traditional colors on fall pages, too. I’ve noticed many digital kits have broken away from copious amounts of the deep, saturated warm colors to using more warm pastels and metallics. They’ve really nailed the feel of the fall light AND colors with their kits overall. I’m really quite happy because fall used to be my least favorite time of the year for purchasing kits.

    And I’m totally with Wilna on the Valentine/February kit thing… It’s my absolute favorite time of year to shop for products!

  • Oh, I forgot to add, I also get what Kelly was saying that the fall colors are seen in the landscraping and, in my town, the front porches this time of year. The leaves just started to turn here, but plenty of fall color has been found in my neighborhood gardens and porches, including ours. Mums are really big here and it’s almost a competition as to who can out mum everyone. This year, I think I win! I recently made a page about it, which you can see here:

  • Briel

    As always, I loved listening! I do have to comment on school photos. I LOVE school photos. I think that they are magical and funny and such a precious peek into each person. They aren’t supposed to be beautiful like Wilna’s photo shoot (although some are beautiful!). Maybe in high school it is different, but in elementary school, too wonderful!

  • ARC

    Oh wow, I am so not ready for snow. We were caught off-guard this week in Seattle when we had to send our girls to school in winter coats. I hadn’t even thought about those yet :)

  • Gorgeous page! Love these colors.

  • Melissa LaFavers

    Seattle! I envy you… ;)

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I love autumn in Canberra which is where I”m from. I’m now living in Hong Kong and like Pepper we only have the same two seasons of hot and humid! Actually that’s not true – it’s really quite cold now (puffy jacket weather!) I also had to chime in on school photos – I get them every year. My son has always gone to a school which has a uniform so it’s fun to see him wearing that and how he has grown from year to year.