PRT226 – Where the Boys Are

This week we’re discussing capturing boys…

The Panelists

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  • Debra L. Mason

    I’ve raised 3 boys and have 3 grandsons. Grandsons were born before I started scrapbooking. Just like shopping for boys clothes, shopping for boys for scrapbooking products was the same…not a lot just for boys. I started by using jewel colors for the pages …golds, greens, blues, dark reds with white matting…and for embellishments I found some stickers of footprints, handprints, bugs, etc that I used. Now that I have scrapbooked more I have found more products for boys…metal pieces especially. For some reason though I find it easier to scrap the grandsons but not my own sons.

  • Jan Johnson

    I’m with you Debra. I have four sons and two grandsons. At least now there is some paper out there for boys that’s not sports related. I’m anxious to get home so I can listen to the podcast to see what the “experts” have to offer. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with so many boys to scrap for (and not a girl in sight : (

  • Teresa S

    Fantastic episode. I grew up with a sister so when I became a stepmom to two boys (12 and 16 at the time), was I in for a shock! The things boys find amusing never ceases to amaze me!

    Would love to share this link of two boys who gave their Mom the absolute best birthday gift through photography:

  • Hannah Brown

    This was a great episode! I am a HUGE PRT fan (first time commenter) and a 16 year old scrapbooker. I have three younger brothers, so they are definitely a huge part of my life. I’ve always struggled with scrapbooking them, especially in product choice, so I’ve pretty much just stuck to birthdays and that’s about it. But this episode really inspired me to scrapbook my brothers more and get their personalities down on the page, especially as they get older. I also want to scrap things that we do/did together, jokes we share, games we play, etc. Monica’s site looks amazing, and really gave me the urge to pick up my camera and snap photos of my brothers.

    Thanks for another great episode! :)

  • Where has “Where the boys are” been all my life. What a beautiful website AND concept. I have 1 boy and hope to one day adopt another. How does one get involved with Where the boys are?

  • Thanks for sharing this article. This is so cool and so nice that they did that for their moms. I will save this article for my 7 year old to find 20 years from now. LOL

  • Cara

    Hannah please, please do this! What a wonderful idea!

  • One question. Can there be a Where the Boys Are Gallery in the Paperclipping Gallery :) Pretty please

  • Great show!!

  • This is kind of off topic but someone mentioned on this episode about Ali Edwards Story Stamps being something you could buy month to month, and I just wanted to point out that is not true. It is a misunderstanding that a lot of us had with the first release. The “1 month” subscription option means you sign up to get the stamps indefinitely at a slightly higher $ rate and can unsubscribe at any time between the 15th and the 25th of the month to stop receiving stamps in the future. There’s no commitment to stay for 6 months or 12 months, but it’s not a month by month, buy it if you like it, option. Many of us were fooled by the way it was phrased and were shocked to find out we were about to get the 2nd set of stamps sight unseen. Luckily Ali and SC gave us the option to cancel without a penalty. Shame, because it is a great product as your guest said, and I would have loved to jump in if the month’s stamps would fit into the stories I tell.

  • Cara

    Yes, luckily someone pointed out the ‘small print’ to me when I wanted to cancel, having thought I was buying the first month as a ‘one off’ to see if I was interested in subscribing long term. There is no way to buy just one, you have to subscribe ‘month to month’ and then unsubscribe in time before you are charged for the next set.

  • Cara

    I loved this episode, not just for the discussion but also for the sheer enthusiasm for boys that the guests have. “Where the Boys Are” is an inspirational site, and I’m glad (as the mother and grandmother of boys) to have discovered it through this week’s episode.
    It’s not only that many shared scrap book pages seem to feature girls, it’s that so many of the new paper ranges that I really love (such as Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzie) are so pink and have so many hearts on them. I can never have enough enamel dots and stars!

  • Jessica

    Oh that was great! thanks for sharing that.

  • Sandy Dierckman

    Loved listening to the roundtable as I always do but wanted to add ideas re: masculine/boy embellishments. There are so many fun materials out there to use. Metal, gears, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, sandpaper, bubble wrap, screen, leather, twine, string, buttons, chain, corduroy and burlap fabric, flowers made out of those materials or metal, leather or distress or ink edges of flowers to grunge them up. To me the grunge, industrial look or using primary colors is great for boys. Using paint, stencils and mixed media materials can make a page great for boys. If you like using die cuts or embossing folders there is so much to choose from. I have found great stuff in stores but so much fun to use found and recycled objects or materials. I don’t worry about acid free. I have fun making more unique pages. Some are simple and some are not. I like all looks. Tim Holtz has great masculine embellishments for boy layouts. Also not sure why a person uses only one companies products when there are so many awesome ones out there to inspire your creativity.

  • What a terrific episode. I have four sons and two daughters. My boys are 15, 13, 11, and 5. It was challenging for me at first to be a boy mom because I have seven sisters and no brothers. I really wasn’t sure how to be a good mom to them because I really didn’t relate to boys. It certainly has been an amazing journey with my boys. I find that my younger boys cuddle up to each other. I have made many pages documenting their relationships and the creative and interesting ways they play together.

    My oldest son is 15 and hates to be photographed. And yet, there is so much I want to scrap about him. Our relationship has evolved so much over the years as he has grown and developed. How do you capture things like relationships and personality traits when your child won’t let you take photos of him?

  • Courtney

    Bribery. LOL. My brother is 16. I find that I can usually bribe him to let me take a photo here and there. I also find that if ask him in advance, he’s more willing to let me take a photo because he feels ready. And sometimes he’s only comfortable with someone else in the photo, especially our littlest brother. He knows I share online, so he likes to ‘approve’ the photo and page before I post it. Sometimes he doesn’t want it posted, and that’s okay. It’s still documented for the family.

  • Pepper

    So happy to see Lisa being a guest! Love her style. I’m not a mum, but I think this episode is so fun to listen to. The design tips is applicable to Scrapbooking any male in general, probably applicable to Scrapbooking relationship or even your relatives.

    I’m glad Lisa mention Go Pro! The first thing that comes to mind isWeek in the life. When I told my colleagues about this interesting project of Ali’s , one colleague actually tell me to just get the go pro and have it attached on my head and turn on throughout the week haha! I think it will be fun , but I wonder how long can it remain turn on for. Haha more over I don’t want to look at 24×7 hours worth of video :D

  • Cara

    That is a hilarious thought! A week of GoPro!

  • Melissa LaFavers

    Although I do not have boys of my own, I do have a nephew, and I create pages about him sometimes, both from his childhood, as well as more recently. (He’s 21.) So, lots of great suggestions, and I think some of the discussion can be applied to scrapbook pages we all might make about older “boys,” our husbands, boyfriends, male family members, and even close male friends. Thank you for another great episode.

    And thank you also, Noell, for choosing one of my picks as your pick and linking to my blog! I just finished listening to the episode, and that really made my day!

  • Karen Cross

    I also really enjoyed this episode. I’ve always had lots of boys in my life so I never really thought that photographing them or scrapbooking them was harder. But looking at the website Where the Boys Are really opened my eyes to how much more I could be doing with my photos. Thanks for doing an episode about it!

  • Courtney

    I’m a sister to 7 brothers, and 1 girl; and a mom to a boy. I loved this episode. I’d never thought to document the fart jokes, and the gross things boys do, but now I’m inspired to do that. Because I didn’t realize that some households aren’t like that. I didn’t think about the fact that a boy household means interesting smells (How do they get shoes so smelly?!?!?), mud everywhere, and hardly any pink in sight.
    For product, I do love to use handprints, muddy footprints, buttons, hearts (especially non red/pink), flowers in yellow or blue, greenery, stars, strings, flair, and lots of paper. Dragonflies and frogs are very cute! Especially the watercolor ones.

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Wonderful wonderful episode!!! I have 2 girls, and it still totally applied to me! You know, the same way you’re not going to want a fisherman with suspender’s paper to scrapbook your son, you don’t always want a paper with dolls, a swing set and pink elephants to scrapbook your girls. :) But I do understand that many lines are more girly than boyish. Also, I love discovering the website Where the boys. The photos are spectacular and very inspiring to photograph any kid, really. :) Great episode!!!

  • Betsy

    I think it was in this discussion that the panel was sadly lamenting that some children grew up without Facebook. I had to laugh as I believe most of us who did not have
    Facebook as children or young adults have grown to lead a fairly normal life
    and can still have memories and activities shared and preserved. My husband and
    I have chosen not to be Facebook members due to various reasons. Occasionally I
    wish I were a member, but I am surviving quite well without. I thought it odd
    the day my brother informed me he found out our sister-in-law had flat lined as
    a niece put up the information up on Facebook before notifying family members
    personally. Ok, I’ll confess. I am a little older than many PCR listeners and perhaps that is reflected in my viewpoint. Just saying, it isn’t that sad! I love all of the episodes and get
    excited seeing them appear on my IPhone each week.

  • Jana NJ

    Not sure what happened to my previous comment but I will try again.
    Loved the topic of course being a mother of a boy, and agree that sometimes the industry can let us behind on products.
    But the same way that people that don’t have children can feel they don’t have things done for them or inspired to them I feel now the same way in regards to moms like me but that are new to scrabooking. If you have a boy but they don’t have silly conversations with you, or they don’t go to mud races or science fairs, is that mean is not as fun to scrapbook?
    Is that mean I can’t scrapbook not just what my child says or corky things he does or can I just scrapbook the things he can’t say to me?
    There is a huge population out there of mother sof special boys, that don’t have the “typical” life of a boy to document.
    But I believe my special boy has space in my scrapbook, my scrapbook is done for him to the things I can read in his expressions, to the things he likes and dislikes. I document the hard worker he is and how far he came.
    And that I’m so very proud of him, even though I won’t have posed Kindergarten pictures or description of how was his first day at school.
    Not all of us have that but I believe is important to always have a special note about what to do, when new moms are with that reality and don’t think they have to stop scrapbooking if they don’t have these fun boy stories.
    To our boys who are special in their own ways !

  • Excellent points and great comment, Jana! So good to hear from you again!

  • Cindy_deRosier

    LOVED this episode! I especially enjoyed the discussion about how so many boys don’t fit the stereotype of what a boy allegedly is and does. There’s so much more to boys than footballs, robots, and mud. By the way, my son bounces when he’s happy too (and has since he was an infant). Thank you to introducing me to Where the Boys Are. I’ve just started looking through it and am so inspired!

  • Tina Campbell

    I’ve got more boys than girls in the family so this was a fantastic show to listen too. I too use more stars when I’m doing the boys layouts, just finished off a 1st year album for my grandson this past April and I’m looking forward to doing another one with the newest grandson. I have been going through back episodes and have yet to hear, but maybe a pet theme episode would be fun, Thank you always love to hear the roundtable while I’m crafting

  • Gabrielle McCann

    This is an episode I’ll be listening to again and again! Loved it- thanks! And thanks for introducing me to Monica’s site