PRT225 – Run Away, Run Away

This week we’re discussing questions from the Paperclipping forum

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  • jemi

    Good guess Noell–I spend a lot of time in Wilna page envy. I absolutely love the look of the electronic die cuts. But I truly just wanted to get the feel if others feel a little left behind too. (I could have asked the same question about digital scrapbooking with all the cool overlays and stuff.) When a gifted scrapbooker concentrates so much design on either electronic or digital tools, I feel left behind only because I worry that they’re not speaking to me anymore. I scrapbook with emotions–I try for products that reflect the feeling of the story, and I guess I do rely on techniques to help get me there. Wilna, for example gets me there every time! No–I’m not rushing out to get a Silhouette or Photoshop because I know I wouldn’t use them much. And no, I don’t have design team aspirations. Heck, I’m shocked you picked this question out of the forum! Thank you.

  • Oh, got it. I totally get “Wilna-page-envy.” We should make that a scrapbook term and hold interventions to help each other through it. ;)
    Her stuff is so dreamy.

  • McKenzie McGehee

    I really enjoyed this kind of show, looking forward to more Q&A shows.

  • I feel for the listener who lost their digital pages at Two Peas. I have to wonder if 2Peas allowed posting of hi resolution images on their site? Even if the listener would be able to get them back from 2Peas, I’m not sure they’d be a version that were print worthy. I hope they can recover them regardless.

    In the future, it’s a good idea to invest in an external hard drive if you don’t want to store your pages on your computer. I store hi res versions of my pages on my EXHD and Flickr (which I don’t think is going away any time soon). I also use Backblaze to back up my computer and EXHD files… so I’m covered. This is all in addition to printing out my pages periodically.

  • I agree. I meant to bring that up and cannot believe that I didn’t. I’m sure they are lower res versions of the image and not worthy as a backup at all.

  • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

    Listening now and when I heard, “I just throw the scraps out”, I want to request that you ask your local high school or junior college art collage teacher if they want donations. When teaching collage instructors use magazines (Vogue and National Geographic or other magazine with high quality papers like Vogue or lots of texture photos like NG) and also use all sorts of papers and all those left over Thickers with the Q’s, X’s and Z’s, etc. It is preferable to just putting things in the trash or recycle bin and helps students learn those important design principles!

  • Ann Johnson

    Oh thank you, thank you, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, for your answer about what to do with scrapbook pages after a divorce! I love your logic and appreciate you saying you are telling the story from “your angle.” As a divorced person, I’d appreciate hearing more from others who are divorced and how they handle their memory keeping. It’s often hard to find my place with what I perceive as an emphasis on the lovey-dovey parts of a memory keeper’s life in the eyes of the papercrafting industry.

  • KathyinMN

    Loved this format and I do hope you do it again in the future. I didn’t know you had forums, so learned that too! Loved the discussion of what to do with old post divorce scrapbooks. I think I scrapbook differently than most, my scrapbooks are more photo journals. I love revisiting them, seeing how I’ve changed. You guys touched on this a few episodes back, but in a different way, it was how to scrap hard stuff (illness, accidents, etc). I’m the keeper of my grandmas pictures, and I wish, so wish I had all of her stories to go with the pictures. That would include how they got through the Great Depression, dealing with the war, and the loss of a child. I think about that as I make my pages and tell my own stories. What I make should reflect me and my family at the time and I guess that’s what I try to preserve, without changing it later (if that makes sense). My relationships shape who I am today, and I’d keep those pages as is.

  • Wease De Haven Rainey

    I have a similar problem… children’s exes. Or baby momas as the case may be. The new wife gets mad over MY scrapbooks! Should I remove those pages? Should I just throw them away?

  • What a fun episode! And i hope you do do this again in the future! I really loved what was said about the divorced scrapping and doing away with pages in general. It was great food for thought.

  • That’s interesting. We should address this in a whole episode on the subject. What kinds of pages does she get made about? (they’re YOUR pages, not hers)

  • Could you just move the pages into another album? Hide them when she’s over? I feel for you.

  • I’m interested in the scraps issue. From a digi perspective we don’t have scraps so I can’t have the same serendipitous scrap pairings as Noell. I have to ‘cut down’ my paper every time. So I don’t very often do that unless I’m using a template with ‘scraps’ or paper piecing on the design. Would be interesting to hear what other digi scrappers think.

    When I make cards, I ALWAYS used go to my scraps first. Until just recently when I got some Snippets (SC paper line?) cards and the 6×6 paper pad. Now I’m thinking of giving the whole box of scraps to my children to play with.

    I think that in the last few years scrapbooking supplies have got less matchy matchy so I am guessing that’s why collections work more for you now Noell.

  • Courtney

    To Jacqueline, the reader who lost her pages:
    I would try searching Pinterest by your twopeas user name. If you are lucky, maybe someone pinned your pages. Also, if you search google two peas in a bucket gallery username check to see if there’s an area next to the link. You can access google’s cached view, it may or may not be there, but it’s worth a shot!

  • Courtney

    I wouldn’t. Would you throw away your kitchen table because someone who visits your house doesn’t like it? It sounds like you are grandma? Perhaps, you could put out a few more recent pages with new wife in it. Or, gently point out that when we change history, we are doomed to relive it. I like this quote: “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. ”
    Michael Crichton. There are so many studies that talk about children being more confident when they know their history. I would think that ‘erasing’ a person from personal history would make a child wonder if they could be erased? Plus, it’s your books. If you are a little more of the snarky type, you could always tell her to make her own scrapbooks if she wants to dictate who’s in them ;)

  • Courtney

    Scraps: I don’t have them either (digi). But if I’m looking to mix different kits than I will either just search for papers and see what looks interesting to me, or I will search color by color if there’s something I have in mind.

  • Aliwinn

    Hi Noell! I was honored to have my question as one of the ones featured on this show! I am a devoted listener! I was playing the episode on my iphone through my car speakers while taking my son to gymnastics (I homeschool as well) and when my name was said, my son shouted that I was “on the radio!” (he’s 8)…..He was very excited to hear his mom’s question. He also mentioned it the next day….”remember when we heard your name on the radio, that was cool, huh?!”….
    Anyway, I really enjoyed the episode, the Q&A format. I would like to hear it again.

  • Cara

    Julie hit the nail on the head when she talked about scrapping a picture a second time not being the same thing as re-scrapping a page. Keeping that in your mind might help some people who never get round to scrapping a certain picture because it’s so important they are frightened of ‘not doing it justice’ – they can do it again later on and, as Julie said, bring a different perspective to it. This also
    goes to the heart of the question I posed in the Paperclipping Forum about “What is the ‘truth’ about a particular photo or event?” There is no truth set in stone, perspectives change over time. That’s fascinating and also gives scrappers a reason to re scrap a picture if they want.

  • Jennifer Larson

    I agree–I give my unwanted scraps to my sons’ former day care. They use them to practice fine motor skills, and the kids LOVE the pretty paper.

  • Nixmom96

    I’ve listened to all the episodes of PRT and this one is definitely in the top 5! I hope you do this again.

  • ldmccarty

    Haven’t commented in a while, but I LOVE LOVE LOVED this show. What a great idea to do topics from the forum. Can I ask if possibly next time you do this, you might pick some of the technology issues (which printer, how to print easily in different sizes, etc.) It seems it’s been a while since we’ve had a good tech show, though you did do the photography/photographing layouts episode not too long ago. I find that once a year or so it’s a good idea to look at the tech (printers, printing apps, editing apps, etc.) to see what’s new out there. Great show! Julie is one of my all-time favs! (along w/Noell & Tami of course!)

  • Cyndi

    I do feel a little left out because I am taking Wilna’s class and I don’t have an e-cutter. I like the style and would like to use the die cuts. I’d rather be able to purchase the ready made die cuts as opposed to purchasing the machine and having to go through the process. I’m hoping instructors will be upfront if they design classes that use a lot of e-cuts.

  • Tina Campbell

    Fun podcast today lost of interesting topics too. The discussion on the bubbles layout, I recently did a layout about bubbles if you would like to check it out:
    I used cameo cuts and glossy accents for the bubbles.

  • Nancy M

    Loved the format. Yes! Do it again.

  • Nancy M

    Agree, our local daycare loves getting any craft material including small scraps

  • Agreed! And who knows, maybe you’ll create a new batch of junior scrapbookers. :)

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I just have to say how much I enjoyed this episode- thanks!
    And to answer jemi, I get where you are coming from with your question. I don’t have and photoshop type programs (nor would I know what to do if I had!) and I don’t have a Silhouette either. I’m actually quite tempted to get a Brother Scan n Cut because I like the idea that it’s a stand alone machine and not connected to my computer