PRT224 – New and Shiny

This week we’re discussing alternative ways to use Project Life…

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  • Courtney S

    Hi Amy,
    I print my 12 x 12 layouts with Persnickety Prints because I love their quality. I know there are a few other places that do that size (Costco I’ve heard), but the peeps at Persnickety are also memory keepers, so they get me and what I’m doing. Once I print it, I will either hang it on the wall (no worries about dust or fading! I’ll just reprint it if needed), or I stick it in a 12 x 12 page protector and into an album.
    I have also dragged the layouts into Shutterfly, and other such services, and printed them into a book. Since I create in 12 x 12, I just have to be careful of font sizes if I go to 8 x 8, and the edges when I do books. Not usually a problem though.

    Courtney, digi scrapper who enjoys the roundtable

  • Gypsy

    I print mine in a 12×12 book. With Snapfish (In Australia) I love that it’s so compact compared to my paper scrapped pages. For a long time we couldn’t afford it and then last year I did the previous four years in one go. It felt so good. You can see them here:

  • Amy Kothe

    I love these! I need to make them. Thank you for sharing!

  • Yes!

  • I’ve learned so much from you. This is genius!

  • I keep wanting to try a Photo a Day one year, and would love to do primarily photos for my personal album one day. I seem to be the exact opposite, though. I have way more words than photos.

  • I always printed 8×8 (which you can also do at Persnickety Prints) and put them in 8×8 sleeves inside 8×8 albums. 12×12 has just always felt so massive to me – even when I was paper scrapping my album was 8.5″x11″ – so really you can go either way. I create all my digital pages 12×12 so that I have that option available to me in the future, then I upload them at 12×12 to Persnickety Prints, but order them as 8×8 prints and let them do the shrinking. :)

  • Renae

    I was so happy to hear I’m not the only excel nerd out there!!! I have a worksheet with each week and the dates. I have a sheet with a template for each page configuration that I have. I just copy those to a blank worksheet and work from there. I drag in thumbnail versions of my photos, jot down a quick note for journaling, and I never have to worry about being behind!

  • Oh and Noell? I just scrapped a clothing label!! :) It was a handmade one my mum put on the singlet she embroidered for Lucy (on the green polka pocket)

  • How cute of her to make a label!

  • Great idea Gina, I’ll try that!!

  • This is soooo good to heart

  • Thanks so much for sharing this Monica, it’s a fabulous site :D With 5 of my own, I’ll be spending some time there for sure :D

  • So true! My son is very worried that I’ll post his pictures somewhere, but I only do with his permission.

  • Hi, I’m late responding but I was to thanks for reading my mail (Izzy, I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or laugh!) and thanks to Noell’s suggestion and everyone who commented here, so many great ideas!! I had a chat with my son and actually got him to listen to that part of the show. He agreed that he wouldn’t put up a fuss if it was a group or family photo but didn’t want individual portrait type pix of himself… and he has to approve any photo that gets posted online.

    It was a fantastic show! I actually had given up on PL about a year and a half ago, but Melissa and Peppermint has some really great ideas! My mind is overflowing with ways to incorporate pocket pages into my regular scrapbooks :D thanks ladies… and gent! heaven forbid I should leave anyone out anymore ;)

  • That’s awesome!!

  • Pepper

    Yes, I will be very happy to download them :) Bedtime stories podcast :D