PRT223 – Freaks Me Out and Flips My Hair

This week we’re deconstructing layouts (see the layouts below)…

The Panelists

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Wilna’s Layout
Caroline’s Layout
May’s Layout

Noell’s Layout

Master Ballet Academy

  • fancyscrapper

    I would want a scratch and sniff of coffee! Yum! And cinnamon rolls! And homemade pizza!

  • Angela Daly

    Awesome show, Beautiful Layouts, thanks

  • Janelle

    Only partway through listening, but I just had to come over and say “THANK YOU!!!!” for redoing this topic (I’m the one who requested it in the forum :)). I am so incredibly inspired already, and I have so many ideas bursting. I haven’t felt that way in a while. Love the guests!! Off to finish the rest.
    – Janelle

  • fancyscrapper

    It’s so fun to hear everyone’s perspective in the process! I also love that each layout style is so different.

  • Janelle

    Ok, still not finished, but I just had to come in and say I LOVE Caroline and her page!! She is riotously funny and clever! I love the song, love how she interpreted the rhythm of the music, and love how she used a picture from the car (to fit perfectly with “million miles”)… Was that planned? Sooo well done. Love it. Back to the show…

  • Davida

    Thanks for another great episode. It was so inspirational and helpful to gain insight into how the different layouts came to be and what products were used. I went straight to Wilna’s website after listening to buy the cut file of that wonderful quote. It was also great to see different styles – so interesting. I always end up smiling throughout the show (Izzy’s laugh is ridiculously infectious)! Thanks again – tuning in is always time well spent :-)

  • Being mentioned on the PRT is officially checked off my bucket list! LOL:) I was listening to the show while playing with grid design (thx to the amazing videos in the first week of Wilna’s Art and Design class), and suddenly… I heard my name! In a lovely American accent:))) So happy! So funny how things work. So thx so much to Caroline for mentioning me, and Wilna already knows I’m a fan:) Loved listening to the show, totally made my day!

  • Awesome! Love it!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Hi Noell, As you mentioned “grand-ma’s perfume” I was thinking I am SO lucky! When I was a little girl, my grand-ma gave me a tiny bottle of her perfume. Not your everyday sample, in those years the samples were in small and cute glass jars. I nerved opened the bottle but it smells my grand-ma even closed. I keep it in a box, with all my stuff I kept from when I was a kid and I open this box about once a year and every time I smell this little bottle, my grand-ma stands right before my eyes (in my head, of course). Loved the show. Love Wilna’s page and can’t wait to jump right into her class content. The class started today and I’ve been counting the days for it to start!!! :) Also loved hearing Caroline again, she’s always so entertaining. I wish her better times to come very quickly!!! xox By the way, I have been following one of the “other” Caroline Davis on Instagram for a while before I realized hey, it can’t be her! Afterward I found the real one!! ;) Thanks for another great episode!!

  • You are a lucky granddaughter! How nice to have that special perfume sample!!
    BTW, that is really funny about following the wrong Caroline!!

  • Awesome episode (as usual) and great guests! Really enjoyed the show.

  • Courtney S

    Perfectly clear is free today from the Amazon app store. I laughed when my first thought was I need to tell paperclipping!

  • Thank you!! Funny is my favorite compliment! I hadn’t made the car/million miles connection, but I’m totally going to run with that! LOL I actually chose the shot of us in the car because I didn’t want any identifiable “place” — like, “There’s no place I’d rather be than the Don Ramon’s Mexican Restaurant!” (although, truth be told… )

  • Oh, I thought that was on purpose, too!

  • I think I may have butchered your name! But at least you’re in good company, I botched Nichol Magouirk’s name, too! Btw, I *love* your videos and I get so much inspiration from them!

  • That line about the million miles was actually an after thought, I didn’t even know it was the first line of the song until I double checked the lyrics. Just another “happy accident!”

  • Jennifer Chapin

    Omg I haven’t even finished the episode yet but I am laughing so hard about Izzy’s comment “walk 500 miles and walk 500 more”. DYING. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work!!

  • Thx Caroline! I actually really like my name with the American accent and you did not butcher it at all:) I’m so glad you enjoy my videos and I’m really happy you started making them too! Love YouTube:)))

  • Tina Campbell

    Fun show! Love all the layouts and the chatter on the layouts .

  • Awesome show! 3 of my favourite voices :D it made a long drive a lot more entertaining :)

    Wilna mentioned that her teenaged daughters are more comfortable in front of the camera once they’ve gotten ready and done their make-up. Noell, (or anyone else who has or had a teenage son) do you have any advice for making a teenage boy more comfortable? I have more photos of my son’s hand as he holds it up to block my camera than anything. I’ve got a bunch more boys that will all be teenagers soon and would love to know how to keep taking photos of them. I feel like I’m missing moments in my oldest’s life :( thanks

  • Desperately seeking creative p

    Hi there Paperclipping!! I had a suggestion for a show topic. not sure if this is the most appropriate place but thought I would start here. I was hoping maybe you could do a show on scrapbooking during tough times. Not about the tough times exactly but for example, I am in the middle of a painful marriage separation and possible divorce. A ton of my picutures are of my husband and I, our family together, of him and his hobbies. I mainly scrapbook for the artistic outlet but still want to capture the stories of what is happening now (the good things with my daughter and I) but it is hard to sort through pictures and get inspired and not to mention all the scrapbooks with pages and pages about us as a family. I know Ali Edwards still scrapped during her divorce and Cathy Z also continued to create during some rough times in her marriage as well. I think this could even extend to someone who lost a child or spouse. How do you get through the pain to do the hobby that brings you peace and joy when so much of the pictures and such are focused on what is no longer happy??

    Desperately seeking creative peace :)

  • The first thing I tried worked, so it’s the only piece of advice I can give: I showed him recent photos and everyone was in them except for him. He saw the sadness of that immediately.

  • Peace B

    Ten years ago, my son died about 6 months into my pregnancy with him. I’ve used my scrapbooking/paper crafting skills to honor my feelings of loss and sadness in so many ways over the years. I made a memory box for him that includes a mini album, a goodbye letter from my husband, earrings my mom gave me, a toy I bought for him, and some other things. After my baby’s death I read a ton of self help material about grief and loss. One of the best things I read about the loss of a child was that you will not get through or over this loss, you won’t find closure nor peace neither, about the best you can hope for is making space in your life to honor your feelings. I do that with his memory box. Sometimes I just need to cry about his absence and reading my husband’s letter always brings tears.

    I disagree with Noell about scrapbooking hard times. I believe it is incredibly important to have a record of those times too. First, making art about tough times helps me to process uncomfortable emotions, especially when I am having trouble putting my feelings into words. Second, I like having a record of the difficulties I’ve overcome. It really helps me to see my own strength and it helps me see that I can persevere. Third, I want my daughter to know that life isn’t always happy. I want her to know that she comes from a long line of tough women who have overcome difficult circumstances, found a way to live with loss, and triumphed over adversity. I hope that this knowledge will inspire her own strength and provide comfort during her own difficulties. I think in our society we too often behave as though the ugly emotions are a sign of weakness. I’m always interested in how people process fear, anger, sadness, etc. Not how they move on from those emotions but what they do when they are right in the middle of them.

    About two years after my son’s death I saw a layout in a magazine about a brother and sister and I just lost it. Crumpled up into a ball and howled. In response to that I made a layout I titled: There Should Be Two. And doing that made me realize that I wasn’t being fair to my daughter because every time I looked at her I thought about how she should have an older brother. Eventually I got to a place where I can enjoy her without feeling his absence. I’m grateful that I have the pages about that journey.

    Just one more quick thing, when my daughter was about four I was creating a page about a fight I’d just had with my husband. I was feeling pretty low and like a complete jerk. I wrote the word “loser” in big letters across the page and after seeing this, my daughter wrote “love” on top of the word “loser”. I treasure that page. It recalls the moment; it reflects my relationship with my daughter; and best of all it shows my daughter’s heart. Plus it’s a record of her cute handwriting.

    I’d encourage you to go ahead and make pages about all that you are feeling. Maybe for a while you won’t be able to look at the pictures of happier times. That’s okay. It’s alright to put those away for now. You don’t have to do the happy happy joy joy thing. It’s okay to do anger, fear, sadness and uncertainty.You can use pictures on those types of pages too. There’s nothing wrong with having your husband’s handsome face next to some really angry journaling. Or maybe you have unflattering pictures of him you want to use. That’s cool too. You don’t have to show those layouts to anyone else if you don’t want to. They can be just for you. Whatever happens with your marriage, I’ll bet that eventually both you and your daughter will appreciate having a record of how you made it through tough times. And making layouts about the better parts of your life will give you hope and uplift your spirits.

    I know that most of the scrapbook world is upbeat and happy so it’s hard to find things to go with more negative feelings. Just alter things. Sandpaper, acrylic paint, and alcohol markers will work on just about everything. The last piece of advice I have is to focus on the process and not the outcome. I think the therapeutic benefit comes from the “doing”. Sometimes I make stuff that I end up tossing or ripping apart later on. There’s no law that says you have to keep everything you ever make. Knowing that you can just chuck a page is very freeing. I hope that your art brings you solace and strength during this difficult time.

  • Hi, Peace. Thank you for sharing your tragedy and struggles, especially to help someone else who is struggling. I love how this audience comes together to share and support each other.
    I am sorry about the loss of your baby and I can’t imagine the trial it must be. I noticed you seem to think I don’t think people should scrapbook hard times. I don’t actually believe that and I don’t know what I said that made you think that is my opinion. I don’t have any opinion one way or another how or what people should scrapbook. I have a personal tragedy that I’ve been dealing with for a few years now and I have scrapbooked it. But now that I mention it, I did say recently that I wasn’t going to mention that tragedy in one particular album (it’s in at least one other one). So maybe that’s where you got that idea from?
    I think everyone is different and I support people in whatever way seems best to them to deal with difficult things when it comes to our hobby. I’m glad you’ve found solace in scrapbooking.

  • Peace B

    I’m sorry. I must have misunderstood what you said during this podcast. I thought you indicated that you didn’t think it was a good idea to scrap the tough times when you were talking to Caroline about working at Target and living with less money. Sorry I mischaracterized your opinion.

    I was going to add that Somerset Memories has had some fantastic articles about scrapbooking the death of a loved one and living with mental illness. Love that magazine.

    I also love you videos from CHA. I look forward to those every year and use them to build wish lists. Yours are the best.

  • Thank you! I’ve been getting excited about the coming CHA!!

    It’s become fascinating to me since doing this podcast how easily we mis-communicate or misunderstand each other — it’s made me more aware that I sometimes mis-hear or misunderstand the people I listen to, as well. It’s actually funny in this case because in the video tutorial we just released this morning I actually even talk about how it draws viewers into your scrapbook even more when you open up about your struggles.
    I’m glad and surprised to hear Somerset Memories haas had articles about living with mental illness. It’s not something society talks enough about. Especially in scrapbooking. That is actually the family struggle I was referring to in my last comment to you. I have a family member with a very severe mental illness and it is not easy.

  • The super simple, but kinda geeky answer to paper pound meaning is that the pounds give you an idea of the paper thickness. A ream of paper is 500 pieces. The ream is what’s weighed. A ream of copy paper is 20lbs… artist paper, like Wilna’s watercolor paper is much thicker, weighing 120lbs. :) The pounds gives the consumer an idea of the thickness of an individual piece of paper.

  • Merrick Dunphy

    My grandma smelled like Ivory Soap. ALWAYS.

    Sadly my children when they think of what grandma smells like will come up with cigarette smoke. ~sigh~

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Such a great episode and really great guestsI I could listen to a process episode at least once a month! I took a quick peek at the LOs before I started listening while I went for my walk. Then had another look and rewound the episode to listen again!
    I’ve been a fan of May for a long time – I think I took my first class from her at BPC back in 2007. I love her honesty about crafting – that even someone as creative as she is can have missing mojo gives me hope!
    I’ve only recently discovered Caroline through listening to the PRT and chatting at the Paperclipping forums. And now I am subscribed to her YOuTube channel and her process videos are amazing!
    And I remember when Wilna won the CK Hall of Fame contest – I was so excited that someone from South Africa won (I’m an Aussie, so us Southern Hemisphere folk need to stick together!)

  • Simona

    Gosh but I love PaperClippingRoundtable and my membership! You started out great and just keep getting better. Today I watched video Episode 250. Wow. So well done, So design instructive! BTW, your membership renewal price is a flat-out bargain. I became a non-schmoh originally because I felt plain guilty listening to such a great podcast for free. It was too good to be free! I never get tired of Noelll and Izzy’s loving interaction, adore Izzy’s sometimes crazy-fun contributions. Today you hosted some favorite folk. Alas, I have soooo many favorites….. Wilna has long been one. She has such a distinct style and is a simply wonderful teacher, Caroline’s is my fav layout of the above today. Something about her artful simplicity hit my mood just right, I’ve enjoyed May here on PRT and other sites before but this time I clicked to her site. She feels like a daughter who could teach this mom lots of tricks and treats so I gratefully used her discount code to sign up for her Supplies on Hand class. So thanks for the fun, the guests, the instructions, the discounts! Thanks for being one of the best parts of my life each and every week! Blessings, Simona

  • What a nice comment. Thank you for all the kind words and for your membership! I appreciate your desire to support the Roundtable by getting the membership but I’m really glad you found value in for yourself. Thanks again! :)

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I saw scented embossing powders and scented spray inks at Michael’s the same week I listened to the podcast. I actually had to look twice because I never thought about that. I couldn’t believe it when I heard you all talking about it.
    The future is here