PRT222 – The Ugly Face Game

This week we’re talking about creative story-telling and journaling ideas…

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  • Courtney S

    My mind is overflowing with ideas! I do wholeheartedly agree with Angie: If you start with the story, there will be room. If you start with the photos, there will be less room.
    I won’t link, because I don’t know the affiliate {smile}, but if you have the opportunity you should check out: The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs {amazon}. It’s a beautiful book, with amazing story prompts.

  • So glad to hear it Courtney S, and thanks for the link! It’s always fun to chat with Noell, Katie, Debbie, and Izzy.

  • Kim L.

    I haven’t finished listening yet, but just had to comment on something Angie said during the introductions. She mentioned how odd it seemed to say that her daughter would be in the class of 2029; I remember feeling the same way when my daughter was 4 and we realized she would be in the class of 2015. That seemed so far away, and now it is almost here. Wow how time flies!!!

  • It does, doesn’t it! I can’t even imagine 2015, let alone 2029. ;)

  • Okay friends, in case you’re interested in seeing a few of the layouts I mentioned on the show (spreadsheet, checklist), I just posted them on my oft-neglected blog. :) Don’t judge me for my 1989 perm!

  • How fun!! So glad you shared this. I LOVE the old pics of you, and the ones of you with your sisters!!

  • Hey – 1989 perms rock!!!! That was the year I graduated from high school. God bless Aqua Net!

  • Alison

    I used to write stories and poetry just for fun. I really thought that a show on writing would not have anything that I would find helpful. Afterall, I have no trouble journalling on my layouts. Words come easily to me.
    I was soooo wrong! I need to actually listen to this episode again with paper and pen in hand in order to write down all the incredible snippets of inspiration throughout the show!
    I love the idea of using graphs and charts on a layout. I imagine using the mapping technique with a photo, and string linking it to various points of journalling.
    I do not generally have difficulty writing out my thoughts but this show shared so many great ideas for HOW to share those thoughts. Thank you for a GREAT show!

  • Yeah! It’s about time they came back in fashion, right? Er…maybe not. :)

  • Yay! That is exactly what we were hoping to hear. Even those of us who don’t struggle with journaling can always use fun ideas to spice things up a little bit. Thanks for listening and for sharing your thoughts!

  • Irit Landgraf

    I really enjoyed listening to the show. I do feel like I tend to focus on the creative artistic side of scrapbooking more than on the story telling, for the simple reason that I find it hard. Most of my pages are of the when and what (usually current stuff), and not so much about the why. I would really like to add more meaningful journaling to my layouts. I thought about taking an online class more focused on journaling, but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with it. I want my scrapbooking time to be fun, KWIM? But I guess there are other important things about scrapbooking, besides the therapeutic and creative outlet (which are very important to me, make no mistake!), like recording our stories, feelings and personality. Anyway, I signed up for Quizapalooza:) Hope it gets my journaling juices flowing! Thx for another great show!

  • Debbie Hodge

    I think if you really love writing already then you actually welcome new learning and ideas.

    Here are the blog posts over at Get It Scrapped that have layouts with pie charts, venn diagrams, timelines and infographic inspo.


    Venn Diagrams:

    Pie Charts:


  • Debbie Hodge

    Hi, Irit, I think you can actually get meaningful journaling done quite efficiently even if you’re not someone who loves writing. I have a free tool called Story Swoop that asks you 5 questions about your photos — and that gets you quickly connecting the physical details to your feelings and life context at the moment to figure out what matters. It even has a writing guide that presents your answers back to you in an order for writing the journaling quickly. Here’s a link to get the free tool. You can save a photo with your notes if you want and use it on computer or mobile device.

  • Debbie Hodge

    My oldest just started college and my youngest is a high-school sophomore . . . and yesterday I was cleaning the basement and I put our most favorite board books on a shelf all together (they’d been in a box and over the years my boys asked about them). I recalled each book’s purchase — the $5.99 or so I spent on each one was a big deal–and we spent hours with those books. I could not have imagined how short a time it would seem to 2015, and holding those books made the leap seem even more impressive. Oh, Carl the Dog, how I miss going shopping with you.

  • About a year ago I picked out the old children’s books that I felt most emotionally tied to — our favorite ones, the ones we read over and over every single day, etc. I got rid of the ones I really didn’t care about, and then I had a stack that I intended on getting rid of with the others (donation), but I just couldn’t do it. I delayed them. Eventually I put them in a box to donate later. And finally I realized I have to keep them. I cannot believe how emotional I am about those old, old books. They feel kind of like old pets, or something — family members of a different kind.
    Heritage baby clothes are common. I saved some of my kids’ baby clothes. But I’m more attached to the books.

  • Amy Muse

    What a great discussion! I MUST listen to it again as I had so many questions, comments, and ideas, I didn’t get a chance to jot them all down as I was listening the first time! Oh, but before I forget, Izzy, if you had cute Paperclipping Roundtable headsets for sale using a Pay Pal button, I bet many of us avid Paperclipping lovers would just HAVE to have one! I mean Izzy approved, cute for crafters, and must be bluetooth! You’d be millionaires. You know we love to collect! Thx so much!

  • Oh, how funny!

  • Alison

    Thanks for sharing those links, Debbie!

  • I’m excited to have you in class, Irit! I agree that journaling can be challenging. Quizzes and questions are among my favorite ways to get to the heart of a story quickly. See you in the classroom!

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    I can’t believe Izzy brought up scratch & sniff products, because I totally used to fantasize about those and how I wished I could to invent them for scrapbookers! Not only pre-made scents, but I wanted to patent a technology for capturing your favorite smells or the scents from your memories and applying them to your page in a scratch & sniff form. Just like “recording a smell and playing it back”, like it was discussed in the episode!!

  • You’re a few steps ahead of us, Tracey! ;)

  • wendysmedley

    Oh my gosh we loved the Carl books, and Debbie I totally feel you, my youngest is in ninth grade, and my other four kids are adults, wow, time did fly.

  • Cara

    I actually had the foresight to keep a note of the favourite book of both of my children each year of their lives from 0 to 12. I think I started doing it because I eventually intended making quilts with reference to the books – forget that idea 30 years later! Now I’m going to try and find a way to scrapbook that information. What a great show, I went straight to the notebook with my children’ lists after listening to the episode, (which I absolutely loved), and will be listening to again.
    By the way NEVER edit out Izzy’s laughs, his genuine, open laughter is such a joy to hear!

  • Cara, what a great idea! I want to do that with my littles. A list of favorite books every year in childhood. That’s the kind of thing that can be easily forgotten if it’s not written down. And oh so valuable!

  • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

    Wonderful episode. Lots of great tips on journaling. Lists are great, especially on those pages where one gets carried away and leaves the journaling to the dire end. I do tend to add it late in the process but try to get to it before the finishing touches. I follow the Katie Scott “pick it and stick it” approach to paper scrapping. Meaning sometimes it’s “ouch!” Where is there room? Digi certainly makes that a bit easier but even in Digi it’s hard to find room at the end. Of course, nothing is unchangeable in Digi until you save to JPEG and only if you delete the layered template.
    I have used that tip about writing first in pencil and then going over in ink and erasing but find it best to have written the journaling once or twice on scratch paper or typed it out as a draft copy before I add the writing to my paper. I always need to edit myself several times. Great picks of the week this episode, too. BTW, I remember scented stickers in stationery stores in Japan 10 years ago. I think they were mainly floral or spice scents. Wonder if they still make them? Just had a thought, would people linger longer over scrap pages if they smelled like chocolate or coffee or would they just run off to the kitchen for a snack break? LOL!

  • Thx Angie! Looking forward to it:)

  • Hi Debbie! Thx a lot, I’ll def check it out!

  • Good point about scented scrapbook pages just making everyone drop the scrapbook and bolt for the kitchen, lol! I too love Katie’s “pick it and stick it” approach. I spend way too much time deliberating about my pages. I’m learning more and more to just let go of the pressure and get stuff done. It’s a process for sure!

  • Papertrey Ink came out with a set last August-ish for it’s Stamp-A-Faire called Scentimentals that is meant to be used with scented embossing powder that they show you how to make using Kool-Aid, coffee, and other stuff.

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    Oh, right! I didn’t know about Papertrey, but I actually have experimented with adding scents to embossing powder before. Pumpkin spices mix in well for autumn-spiced cards!

  • Helen McLaughlin

    I have an Elmo book that I saved from when my kids were little (two are in their 20s and one is 16 now) and I am planning to frame it in a shadow box with a photo of each of them at age 18-24 months. This was a favorite book for each of them (and me!) and I think it will make a wonderful keepsake. Especially as they are getting older and older! There is something about those books that make them hard to give away. Maybe it has something to do with the tactile memory of holding the little ones close as we read, or having the older ones lean against us as we read together?

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Another fantastic show – one I’ll be listening to again and again.
    And there were so many moments I was seriously laughing out loud (not a good look when you’re on a treadmill!)

  • I also listen and laugh quite often from the gym. Just ignore the funny looks! ;)

  • SparrowApril

    This is such a great episode I really enjoyed listening. I’m in Angie’s class and have a membership at Get It Scrapped and now I’m even more excited to dive into that additional content.

  • SparrowApril

    I’m with you Karen. I have to compose my words and plan what I will say. I do a lot of editing and tweaking. I like to use journal squares so I can easily fix it if I make a mistake. I’m taking Wilna’s class at Big Picture and I’m amazed how she can just journal with pen right on the 12×12 page. I need a few attempts to get my words to fit in the space allowed. Either I have too little so I elaborate and then I have too much & end up smooshed.

  • SparrowApril

    Yes I’m all for that. Paperclipping Bluetooth headphones that are pretty and preferably on ear sound can still be heard over the sounds of dishwashing, and won’t fall off your head when you bend over to empty the dishwasher. ;)

  • Playing catch up here! Noell, when I heard about the Q&A a day 5 year journal it made me think that’d be a great way to incorporate those years of journals from the past! I know we’ve talked about our journals before and how they can be used in our scrapbooking. This has given me inspiration to try it sometime with journal entries from the past. :-)

  • Gillian Mills

    I have the Q&A a day book and am also about 3 years in. (I fill it in daily). I bought it for myself and my sisters after it was a pick on the Roundtable about 3 years ago!

  • Go you! I’m not nearly as consistent as you are, but I’m currently all caught up!