PRT221 – False Dichotomy

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking as a job…

The Panelists

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  • Teresa S


  • Working! :)

  • Nixmom96

    I recently took my son to New York for a graduation trip. I don’t Instagram but I ordered the trip picks in 4×4 from Persnickity. You crop it how you like it. I was able to complete the whole WRMK album during a one day crop. Added some embellishments here and there. Some 4×4 slots were all journaling. My son loved it. And so do I. And best of all……the completed book was done within 2 months of the trip!!!

  • Teresa S

    I posted a comment earlier and it didn’t show up; must have been operator error.

  • Loni Redden

    Just wanted to say, I laughed A LOT. Fun episode!

  • Jen Gallacher

    I always laugh when we do this show. It makes me smile. :)

  • ARC

    Thanks for another great show. As someone who has a relatively new scrapbooking business, I was really interested to hear from folks who have been doing it for a while.

    I can draw the line between work and play a little more easily because I scrap for other people, so I still love doing my own projects to capture our family’s memories. I also tend to schedule my time so that “work” projects get their own dedicated time separate from “play” projects. I have to schedule my “play” scrapping time because there is always *something* I could be doing for my business and I don’t want it to take over completely. Thanks to all the guests (and hosts!) for their great insights and experience.

    And yes, the “Project Runway” reference was driving me crazy. I was talking back to you guys while I was on my daily walk.

  • Cindy_deRosier

    I really enjoyed this episode! I’d be interested you revisiting this topic again with different guests. I’m guessing that manufacturers, members of the media, and other industry professionals would might have a fresh perspective that is different from what you, Lain, Jennifer and Erin shared.

  • Courtney S

    Noelle, you could even pick something that maybe you picked months ago, but you still love. After all, if you are still using and loving it – that’s an even better recommendation!

  • Courtney S

    I’d heard rumors about it before, but it really bothers me. I guess because I think scrapbooking is from the heart, so to find out a page I liked may have just been made up is a little hurtful. It makes me think of those scams where people raise money for kids who don’t actually have cancer, or charities aren’t real. I prefer authentic.

  • Courtney S

    Izzy, I assume it’s Izzy, I don’t know when you switched, but I love that the podcast is now on youtube! It’s so much easier to listen to on my PC, and it’s so much easier to pause it!

  • I’m glad you like it. It adds approximately another 3 hours to the production time, but I thought it might be helpful so I did it anyway. :)

  • Courtney S

    Three hours!?!?! Wow. Just wow. But your effort is much appreciated.

  • Lisa

    I’ll give you guys 5 stars every day of the week. But where do I do this? I clicked on the iTunes review link and the review option was unavailable. Since there was only 17 reviews I don’t think this was the right place to be. I love a good laugh and learn something new every episode. Thanks so much. You make my day! Often!

  • Very kind of you. :) You might need to hunt around to see where to leave the reviews. I think different countries have different review areas too…

  • Tee hee! Lain and Noell, you make Arizona feel like home to me!! :) Takes me back to my time in Kalgoorlie. Lizards, snakes, scorpions, heat and flooding at the first spot of rain!

  • WOW!! Izzy that’s commitment. I guess I was imagining you just dragged in the audio and rendered a video from it in 5mins!! But it sounds like it’s more involved. I love the podcast but will admit I listened to 20mins on youtube while I waited for your feed to update.

    THANK YOU for all the work you put into this show

  • Loved this show. Thanks ladies for all your honesty in sharing how you make it fun, and how it really isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes (or whatever the kids are saying these days).

    As for how I keep it fun, I have a similar experience to Lain, in some ways. I decided from the get go not to teach design (much), just the technical aspects of using the tools. So that way, I still scrap whatever I want and share those layouts along with the how tos. (

    I’ve had to make some adjustments over the past 3 years on how I run my business and have found that partnering up with other business owners to help each other really keeps me motivated. Plus they give me a shoulder to cry on every so often.

    And you know what – I blame Izzy & Tim of the Foolish Adventure era for giving me the little push I needed to jump in to the online world, rather than just teaching in person classes. (Thanks for that Izzy!)

  • Unrelated to this specific podcast episode…
    I’m trying to scrapbook about the podcasts I listen to and wanted to print the Paperclipping Roundtable logo but I can’t find it on this site. It might be worth adding a logo on the right column, or somewhere so people can even use it on their websites to link back to the podcast? Just an idea. Love the show. Thanks

  • Wow — yeah, sounds like we’re from the same place! ;)

  • Awesome! I’m glad you found it!

  • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

    I agree with you, Cindy. I think there are probably several other points of view. This was an enjoyable episode. Liked hearing the panelists points of view.

  • BTW, thank you for including us! :)

  • So, after using our spaces for a while, Izzy realized his office space in the loft wasn’t working for him and he needed an enclosed space — which was great for me because I’d love to be in the loft where he ha been working. But then I severely injured my foot and wasn’t allowed to do any kind of labor like that for many months. We’ve been waiting for my foot to heal– and I’m now healed enough to be able to move rooms, but have to wait until my gazillion September deadlines are completed. So hopefully we’ll be able to do that quick, early October, before the crazy holiday season really kicks in!!

  • Jennifer G.

    Stalker alert – I just want to say that if I ever ran into any of you out in public somewhere I would probably jump up and down with excitement. I think you are all AWESOME and super inspiring, in and out of my scrapbooking!

  • Siri Astrid Reenskaug Fjørtoft

    My little brother and I run a scrapbooking product company in Norway, and it is actually doing so good my brother made the decision to spend one more year on his engineering degree, so that he has time to keep up with both his studies and the company. I design all the products we sell, and at the moment we dont have a creative team, so I also make all the samples to show off our products. On top of that I work at the LSS, and part of the job is to make samples to sell products. Working in sales, I can not only showcase what I like, but I must also do things other people want to see. I also teach classes, and that is a lot of work as well!

    I’ve been missing “me time” in my room, so this year I made an executive decision.
    For every “work” project done, I am “allowed” to make one project just for me. There is a HUGE distinction between the two, specially for work at the LSS. Now, I can finally use my SC kits! And make clean and simple cards! Joy oh joy!

  • You’ve found a way to balance it. :)

    BTW, I love hearing that your scrapbook company is doing so well in Norway! Congratulations!

  • Angie Lucas

    I’m with you Courtney! For the record, from what I’ve seen working at Simple Scrapbooks and other magazines, the only place the magazines ever published “made up” layouts was on the cover layouts. Because there are so may parameters: image has to be a certain size, only one or two individuals in the photo, strong eye contact from the subject of the photo to the viewer, only a tiny amount of journaling is allowed, colors have to be just so, and there have to be blank spaces in the layout where the cover “call outs” overlap the artwork. It’s next to impossible to do all of that AND have the layout share a real memory about a real child (although we did pull it off once or twice). The manufacturer world may be a bit different. But I’m with you! I am big on authenticity.

  • Courtney S

    I understand the cover photos. It’s the other ones that bug me a little. I heard someone in a previous episode (Maybe you? or Stacy?) comment on a study that blue eyed, blonde kids sell more magazines than others, and that’s why covers had to be specific.

  • djbookkeeper

    Finally got a chance to listen to the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My heart has always thought how cool and what fun it would be to work in scrapbooking. My head knew it’s work and there are drawbacks to a scrapbooking job- just like any other profession. Thanks for reminding me that it’s not all sugarplums and fairies flitting around dropping off glue dots. (But I still think it’s a cool job!)
    I was talking out loud quite a bit during the podcast-especially when Lain and, I think it was Jen, brought up the horrid task of bookkeeping. I have my own bookkeeping service and my job is to help small business owners around the country with their books so they don’t have to worry about it. Ever. Lain, you shouldn’t waste one iota of your valuable creative brain space to worrying about bookkeeping! Delegate.

  • Yes, I agree! :)

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Fantastic episode and really great discussion. These 3 guests had lots of fun stuff to say! Thanks!

  • Emily Muto

    OK I am so mad I am behind listening to the PRT because I keep wanting to comment but realize I am way behind! Anyway, I was just thinking, while you were talking about how companies or editors used to enforce design changes to pages more often than now – do you think it’s because the designers behind the pages generally have a style associated with their name and because of blogs etc, they aren’t just a magazine or company coming up with these layouts, they are the people behind it? For example, I can read an issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine and quickly tell for a handful of the layouts that OK, this layout was made by so and so. Usually prompted by design and sometimes supported by the person’s family members? Also, is that creepy? :) Anyway, this was just a thought about why you maybe don’t get such changes requested anymore. I enjoyed this show a lot and hopefully will get caught up soon so my comments can be up to date!