PRT218 – Paper Chains

This week we’re talking about capturing the essence of a location in our scrapbooking…

The Panelists

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Picks of the Week

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  • Karin

    Can you please link to the different projects you are talking about?

  • You can click on the guests’ names to see their blogs, which I imagine is where Noel found the pages and projects she is referencing. :)

  • Maribeth

    Loved the topic, I am a huge travel scrapbooker, great first time guests Noell. I too had some problems locating the projects the guests were commenting on (I never found the Ireland/diamond stamp page), links would be nice.

  • I don’t travel often these days, but when I was young adult I always exploring and site seeing somewhere. My parents turned into travelers when I became a teenager and sometimes I tagged along. I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to visit my family in Denmark, spending a couple summers there as a kid. The last time I traveled out of state, I did so by train, with a layover in NYC and I loved every minute of it. (I’m now a huge fan of trains over planes)

    I’ve scrapped some of my journeys, but I don’t use much themed product. What I do love and I don’t think was mentioned is that for those of us traveling in the states, there are a lot of state shaped and country shaped products out there for us digi scrappers. It would blow my mind if there wasn’t paper product and cut files that are similar. One of my favorite pages is one that marks all the states I’ve been to and lived. You can see it here:

  • I didn’t have links to any of the pages we discussed during the show. I
    was simply clicking on the 3 different areas on Jamie’s blog as we
    talked about them and scrolling through them as she described them until
    I identified the layouts she was describing. You can find those 3 areas in the left column of her blog: Asia, Europe, and London.

    That’s what I recommend
    for listeners.

    For Wendy, look for a button to her gallery (it’s on I noticed that while we I was talking to her and that’s where I found some of the projects while we were talking.

  • I love this!

  • If you go to Jamie’s blog you’ll see buttons for Asia, Europe, and London in the left column. Ireland would be in Europe. I didn’t have links to any of the pages we discussed during the show. I was simply clicking on the 3 different areas on Jamie’s blog as we talked about them and scrolling through them as she described them until I identified the layouts she was describing. That’s what I recommend for listeners. It’ll be more enjoyable this way, in my opinion. :)

  • Kim J

    Love this show. I too have gotten to travel all over the world for the last 20+ years for my job. It has been an amazing and incredible experience to not only be see and experience other counties, but to meet people in may same career and learn about the countries from those who live there. I have many scrapbook pages on my experiences but have recently decided to work on pulling all my pictures and pages together to make on scrapbook highlighting not just the places I have visited, but the experiences, people I met, and what it all felt like. This show and the great scrapbook pages discussed, has given me plenty of ideas about how to proceed with this project….thank you!!! I will add that the postcard idea is a fabulous one. When I first started traveling for my job, for every single trip, I sent a postcard to my grandmother telling her about the trip and what I was doing. She has never traveled and LOVED getting the postcards. She recently moved into a small assisted living apartment and couldn’t take everything with her, so she gave me a fabulous gift. What I did not know was that she had put every single post card I had sent her into a scrapbook and she gave that to me so I could see and remember all the things I had told her via these postcards. I loved it and realized how much I had forgotten about these trips. It is the story of my travel life and will be the basis for my travel scrapbook. So those postcards you mail to yourself can be a wonderful thing, not just for scrapbooking when you get home, but for the future you looking back on your trips.

  • Lynn Herrick

    I am thinking you totally do not need to apologize for last week’s topic. It was a good show (not every show is going to relate to everyone). I think there is a huge connection between scrapbooking/fashion/home decor. I know I bring a little from each to the other. I have recently lost a lot of weight and am very excited about fashion again (people who are not feeling great about themselves generally do not love fashion) – at first I was emulating my newbie scrapbooking self. Just buying random stuff that went with nothing. Now, I am more focused on the capsule concept (see It totally works for scrapbooking too and some of the best of the bunch (Ali, Cathy, etc.) totally do it. You buys your basics – paper, pens, [fill in the blank]/ jeans, black pants, basic t-shirts, [fill in the blank] – and then add a few things around it. Otherwise, your closet looks like your scrapbook room – overcrowded, uninspiring, stuffed, messy, and overwhelming. You end up with clothes that have never been worn and projects that have never been completed. So, the topic was a great idea – maybe it just needed a stronger correlation between the two areas to make it more practical for people. I look forward to each show and always challenge myself to learn something new from a topic/discussion. This show made me miss traveling for work a bit, but still I am grateful to be living in San Diego and working close to home most of the time. Keep up the great work.

  • leighbling

    Ok. So, I’ve been a non-schmo for almost a year, and I have listened to the entire round table back catalogue… (except for two or three technicals discussions on items I’m gonna buy – i.e. cameos and the such)… but I don’t comment. Cos, well, I usually listen on my iPhone via my podcast feed, but I prefer to use a real keyboard to comment… and it’s just not convenient or timely to do that.
    Anyway! I just wanna comment on the lack of comments comment. Noell – I enjoyed last week’s show (boom glam). I never thought about how personal style (fashion, decor, etc) may or may not influence or be influenced by scrapping… and it made me think. My style is all over the show… both in scrapping and my dress. I swing between minimal and graphic to a hot mess… just trying different stuff. I wonder if the lack of comments is more related to the less serious topic? I imagine that a topic that get’s people thinking or talks to an emotion or passion or that is lesson based is going to prompt people to comment more?
    In summary, keep the balance you have. We need the odd light-hearted, kinda fluffy topic now and then. I don’t think a lack of comments is indicative that people didn’t like the show.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  • Good point!

  • Chiming in! So, I felt so sad Noell when you shared that maybe last week’s episode wasn’t everyone’s forte…. While I did not comment, I found the discussion a little 1) enabling and 2) relieving. I am often inspired in my dress through my scrapbooking – it is not uncommon for me to notice the color schemes I am using in my pages and replicate those in my wardrobe choices – and on many occasions I get nice compliments from people about my wardrobe attire – thankyou scrapbooking (and some children’s people say it has no value, good dress is valued). I didn’t comment because I was working diligently in the corner and quietly listening and observing. Okay and for this episode.

    Having also traveled a little bit, and being the scrapbooker of my husband’s military adventures, this was a great episode. It was helpful to get additional ideas. And having been to Japan and the same placed discussed with the paper chains, wish I had THOUGHT of taking a photo of that lol. AND Izzy, i can’t speak for others, but your suggestion about taking pictures of match the paper – do that regularly. #scrapbooknerdalert

  • Colleen Hinze

    I just read Noell’s comment introducing this PRT. I suddenly realized I had to thank you, Noell, Izzy and your guests, for the time and expenses you all make for each and every PRT. Every one whether or not I think the topic directly interest or affects me, has been great fun to listen to. I try not to listen in bed when hubby is trying to sleep because I always giggle or LOL. Even ear buds don’t protect from that and while he knows I’m enjoying myself listening, and he gets a kick out of that, he still needs his sleep. You guys are so funny I often share the comments so he can enjoy the silliness, too.
    Nobody makes us listen to any topic — we can choose not to listen if we’re not interested. I just know for myself that there is almost always some tidbit that can be used in some way. I know Noell is cutting edge and always looking to keep up with interesting topics. Finding ways to cross fashion, décor, nature into our scrapbooking and teaching us ways to look at our life and stories in unique ways for keeping it fresh. I’m just saying I’m not smart enough yet to stop listening — bring it on — I appreciate what you do. Thank you. I miss you when you’re busy with other things — like your own life. Heaven forbid!

  • Witchypoos

    Hi guys,

    Really enjoyed the this weeks podcast. Will be travelling to USA next year for 3 weeks and picked up lots of ideas to help me scrap book afterwards.

    I enjoyed last week tooo … I just don’t comment much as I have the podcast downloaded to my android handset for my travel to work. Today made a point of logging into the web before work starts to leave a message.

    So Noell, even when there are no comments … we are all still here :)
    Keep up the great work from you and Izzy !

    Zoe … from London UK

  • Jamie Leija

    To make it easier for everyone, I created a blog post with the projects we discussed on the podcast. It’s the first one up on my blog right now :)

  • Jamie Leija

    Love the patterns you used here! So fun to see this done digitally :)

  • Jamie Leija

    THAT. is so amazing! What a fabulous gift!

  • djbookkeeper

    This week’s podcast was enjoyable and helpful. It was great to hear the guests’ perspectives on their various layouts and what they wanted to accomplish on the layouts. Then later going to their blogs to find those layouts helped me to see their layouts in a whole new light.
    I usually listen to the podcasts on my walks and after last week’s podcast, I do remember thinking that I couldn’t relate at all to the fashion comparison. But this week’s podcast more than made up for my fashion disconnect.
    Keep stretching and trying new things-you’re doing great!

  • ARC

    Oh wow, I totally want to make one of these. If anyone knows where the cut files are, I’d love the info :D Brilliant!

  • ARC

    Oh wow, this made me a little teary. What an awesome gift FOR your grandma and FROM your grandma.

  • ARC

    Oh wow, you guys. This may be my favorite episode ever and I’m not even much of a traveler. There were so many things I learned from Jamie and Wendy – little tips and tricks, but also inspiration about things I have literally never thought about.

    Matching the “feel” of a place to the page design? Wowzers. Sending ourselves a postcard after a trip? Not just cool to have later for scrapbooking, but a fun activity to do with my girls while we’re away.

    Blown away. Please have these two guests again – they were SO inspiring, educational and entertaining ;)

  • Suzi

    Picking up on the discussion on journaling at the end of the show (and I will totally be sending myself postcards from my next trip), I have long felt that my pick of the week should I ever be lucky enough to be a guest would be the book Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and still have time to enjoy your trip!) by Dave Fox. This book offers different journaling methods, inspiration, and ways to fit it into the trip. Not only do the tips in the book help enhance your travels by helping be more mindful about your trip, having some good journaling from the trip is a huge help if, like me, you don’t get around to scrapping your trip until your memories have grown a little fuzzy.

    Just wanted to share. Hope someone finds this helpful.

    Shoot, now there’s no reason to ever have me as a guest! :)

  • ARC

    My traveler friend raves about this book as well! She said it’s helped her blog about her travels better as well.

  • Ha ha! But this does sound like a great book!

  • We loved them, too. I will be inviting them back!

  • Thank you!

  • I love your additional thoughts on the subject. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie Leija

    I was actually really torn between my pick and the book Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler by Lavinia Spalding

  • Wendy Morris

    Hi All!! LOVE reading thru your comments!!

    Thanks again to Izzy & Noell for the invite to be a guest! I definitely look forward to coming back for a future podcast(s)! :)

    Just a side note…I will make a special blog post on my blog next week with some of the projects referenced in the podcast so you can find them in one place. Deal! :)

    I’ll post here in the comments when I have it up & ready!!

    Thanks again EVERYONE!!

    <> Wendy x

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    LOVED this show. Even though I am not a big traveler and have never even been out of North America, I could still completely relate to the topic of capturing a location through scrapbooking. I enjoyed thinking about my own style and how much of it is retained in my layouts even as I make choices to showcase the different places I have been.

    Even more than the topic, though, I think I loved the format of this episode. It didn’t bother me at ALL that I couldn’t see the pages that were being discussed — I just loved hearing the guests describe their projects and how they made their design choices. Noell, you do such a great job of “interviewing” scrapbookers about their work, and I love how much you appreciate so many different styles of scrapbooking. It’s one of the things that makes you such a great host.

  • Cyndi

    Fqbulous! I love both of these memory keepers pages/projects. I definitely get a great vibe of the places they have travelled/lived. Colours and textures telling stories!

  • Yin

    As a scrapper who has scrapped many a travel album, I just have to say that was such a great and inspiring show! I too find that a lot of my ‘travel’ products go unused while I struggle to find ways to bring out the places visited in the layout. Just checked out Wendy and Jamie’s blogs and it is so amazing how they take inspiration and reference from the colors, mood, textures, shapes, patterns picked up in the architecture, scene, landscape, tapestry, even pavement and bring the place to life on their pages. Thank you for so many great ideas!
    Although I have only started listening to your shows since the Two Peas episode (but I’m a fan now!) I too want to weigh in and say that last episode on fashion and scrapping is all good! It was an unusual topic for sure, but as I listened on, I was chuckling and making mental notes about my dress style and my scrapbook style and thinking what a fresh and fun discussion that is. Keep them coming!

  • C.Robin

    Hi Noell, Thanks for a great show. One of my favortive things to scrapbook are our travels. I start the scrapbook from the planning right though the trip. We are very lucky to travel as much as we have in the past few year. Hope all is well. C.Robin

  • Angela Daly

    Great Show, loved the guests, full of energy and very insipational blogs.

  • Becki Adams

    I loved this weeks episode. Even though I’m not a world wide traveller (yet) I was inspired by this discussion and will be applying it in my own scrapbooks. While I have a young family and spend most of my time at home with my children. I want to make my projects look and feel like my home. I’m looking at my home with a different perspective (like I’m exploring a new country full of untold stories). For example a chair that sits in my living room once belonged to my husbands grandfather and that has a story that has yet to be told in my scrapbooks. Thank you for a fantastic episode!

  • Thank you! :)

  • That sounds great! Please remember to come back and let us know! :)

  • Wendy Morris
  • Rosa

    This was great episode and it made me want to scrap travel.

    I know this was discussed in an old episode but I don’t remember exactly. My question is about pocket sizes. I know that Project Life has true 6×4 and then almost 3×4 pockets. On the contrary, SNAP albums by Simple Stories have true 3×4 but the 6×4 pockets are a bit bigger.

    I am looking for a 6×8 album that has TRUE 6×4 pockets, does anyone know if the Studio Calico Handbooks have true 6×4 pockets or they are just like the SNAP. Any other brands that might have?

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Fantastic episode and thank you for introducing me to Jamie and Wendy and their blogs! I have a ton of travel pics but tend to use the more traditional travel products on my pages. I’ll be taking tips from both Wendy and Jamie to try and capture the feel of the places more!