PRT216 – Keeping the Spark Alive

This week we’re talking about keeping the scrapbooking spark alive…

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  • DeAnna

    OMG Noell I am totally with you on going to that dark moody place…Sometimes I feel this terrible guilt and start questioning myself just like you said it! Why am I doing this, will anyone care, it takes up so much space and costs so much blah blah blah. I lose the spark quite often, but it’s people like Wendy and Jullian and her statements about telling the stories and getting deep into the meaning of things that really hit me deep in my heart. That is exactly why I started to scrap the way that I scrap. It started around the time when my mom passed away and I bumped into one of Shimelle’s videos on YouTube (This is why I scrapbook) and now there are so many people that inspire me to keep going and keep doing what I do. The Paperclipping Roundtable is one of my biggest inspirations right now. I am not much of a chatter on forums so for me, hearing people talk about scrapping and the motivations behind it or pretty much any of the topics you guys have on these shows are so inspirational for me. Thanks so much for all you do – oh yeah, and your videos are so awesome and so unique…I am so glad I rejoined and have really spent the time to watch the videos. It’s true that the quality of the videos are amazing but what I love best is the content. It’s unique and inspiring.
    Yours Truly,
    Sometimes Dark and Moody Scrapper Too
    And P.S. when Stacy talked about her class Twelve, I quick ran to Big Picture Classes to see if it was still available but I missed the boat on that one :( That’s so funny..”Ok now, I am going to go focus on my closets” LOL

  • Heather B

    DeAnna, I don’t normally comment either, but I had to jump in to respond to your comment about Twelve not being available anymore. I want to let you know Stacy’s class, “Inspired Scrapbooking”, is a VERY similar class to Twelve that you can still sign up to take. It uses the same 12 themes that she used in Twelve. Sign up for it; you won’t regret it. It’s wonderful! (And, when you do, be sure to check out her FUN video (one of the twelve themes)…THAT’S the video to which she was referring on PRT today that made her laugh SO HARD. The video is absolutely hilarious. She is like no other; there is truly only one Stacy J.)

  • Okay this is the first time I have ever felt the NEED to pause a show and make a comment. I am an avid scrapbooker and card maker. And also a person with an art degree this is the only time I have felt offended at a show.

    I understand not wanting anyone to stop this hobby and to do whatever it is you feel like doing. But I completely disagree with you saying stopping things like “painting, or knitting, or whatever your hobby is” is easy or different to quit. Paintings do tell stories. People pour their hearts into their art work, I think the comparison was naive and ill thought out. Who are you to tell me my ambition and love of another hobby/job and passion is less important then another? I understand people think without speaking, but as someone who is a face and a common name in an industry to bash another in that way is rude.

    But, that being said, the rest of the episode I have enjoyed so far. Back to listening.


  • Hi, Jessie. You completely misunderstood what I was trying to say, but I can understand why it sounded like that to you so I hope you’ll try to understand what I really meant. I was NOT saying that scrapbooking is more important than any other hobby. I don’t even believe that. I believe that people are their best when they follow their own passions, whatever those passions are. That’s actually something I rule my life by, and the reason I scrapbook so much less now than I used to so that I can devote most of my time in helping my daughter fulfill her dream to dance (and not scrapbook).
    I was talking only about perception — about how we tend to have a different perception of the hobby of scrapbooking than we do of other hobbies because in addition to it being a hobby, it’s also history-documentation. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong — I was trying to illuminate the way we tend to think.
    I love dance more than scrapbooking — more than any other thing in life besides my family. Dance is also a form of story-telling and expression. But I would make the same comment again and include dance with painting and knitting, etc to make the point I was trying to make (rather than how you took it). If a person spends time with a hobby and decides it’s no longer for them anymore and they WANT to quit, we tend not to think much of it. But when they dabble in scrapbooking, we have this perception that they shouldn’t quit because of the family history documentation.
    That’s all.

    I hope that makes sense to you and that you can see the difference between what I was trying to communicate and how you took it.
    When someone feels offended by a comment made on the show, I would truly love and appreciate it if they first ask the person if they really mean what it sounds like they mean. That would prevent a lot of pain and offense.

  • Thank you, DeAnna! Thank you for the kind words about the Member videos, and for your membership! :)

    I was thinking the same as Heather B. – Stacy has a year-long class right now that is tamer version of Twelve. Because it’s year-long you can jump in any time, including now, and I highly recommend it.

  • PK

    I don’t normally comment either, but I wanted to say what a great show!
    Hearing Stacy talk about how she deals with her “ebb” moments was very instightful and moving. I love how she is so candid in these discussions, she is such an inspiring person.

  • Dale Rose Stream

    I am trying to listen to this new episode on iTUNES, but it is playing LAST week’s episode under both the latest 2 links. I hope to hear the new one soon…

  • Hi, Dale. What exactly are you referring to when you say “latest 2 links?” Do you mean the episode? Is there an episode that actually says #216 Keeping the Spark Alive? Because when I click on that episode, it’s playing the current newest one. I’m wondering if for some reason you have last week’s episode downloaded twice. If so, it would show last week’s title twice. In that case, you need to prompt iTunes to download this newest one.
    Sometimes I can just click the refresh button (circular arrow) at the top of the list of podcasts. Sometimes I do that by right-clicking on the name of the show in the left column on iTunes and when the menu pops up you click “Refresh podcast.” Other times there is an exclamation point above the stream of episodes to the right of the play button and a window will pop up to prompt you from there.
    Please give that a try. Or if you’re seeing something totally different, let us know and hopefully we can help.

  • Good point Jess, they do!

  • Blupixy

    I found this episode very relevant in my life right now. I have been on a definite ebb stage in my scrapbooking. After listening to this show, I have come to realize it is the expectations that I am putting on myself that have put me in this place. I agree with Stacey that we have to be okay with changing how we are doing things to make them work for us.

    I was 6 months “behind” on my Project Life album. I had seen a blog post by Cathy Zielskie’s blog where she decided to go 100% digital with her PL album, and I asked myself “Why not?” I don’t print photos at home, so I never was completing my PL pages as they happened. I was perpetually behind. Going digital, I could create the layouts the next week and know the stories weren’t lost. However, I had some serious guilt in doing this. I felt like I was betraying the hobby. I was giving up that chance to play with paper and tangible items. I had quite a bit of PL specific product that I no longer had a use for (at least at that volume). Serious guilt.

    After completing months of digital layouts, I realized the guilt wasn’t worth it. I was proud of the stories I have gotten down. I am happy to know they will be printed into much smaller albums ( I have quite the library myself) and since I can complete a PL layout in half the time since going digital, it gives me more time to focus on other stories and still play with paper, if I want to.

    When Izzy talked about being inspired by a newbie to the craft, I totally agree. I have found that I have a lot of fun helping someone make their page when they ask me for help or advice. Maybe because I don’t have my hang-ups about using the “right” paper, the “right” design, the “right” photos, or maybe that I am not emotionally tied to their photos. But helping them gives me the itch to go back to my stuff and make something.

  • DeAnna

    I just signed up for the class and I am about to dive in :) Super excited! Since I was using the PRT code I also signed up for the Stashbusters Anonymous class! So glad it’s Friday and I can stay up late!

  • Kim J

    Oh my goodness, I was stunned as I listened to the show this week and i heard Izzy reading my comment on last weeks show. Izzy you read it so well, I couldn’t believe it was my words :) I was so excited. I love the PRT and I always learn something and i am inspired by each and every show. I don’t comment often and I am honored you chose my comment and felt it was a useful point to discuss. I am also a Paperclipping member and I love your videos. I just watched the latest and your design information was so helpful and inspiring I immediately put together a two page layout with some pictures I was having trouble scraping. Thank you and please don’t every go away…

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    Hi Noell – I reacted to this comment too, but for reasons different from Jessie. I didn’t pick up on your meaning wrt family history – what I took away from it was that you felt that knitting and painting (etc) weren’t vehicles for emotional expression, therapy and storytelling like scrapbooking is and I wanted to respectfully disagree with that. But now I see what you meant :)

  • Pepper

    I love this show, how inspiring, I love how Stacy always has a way to deal with things . Thank you for the show !

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Hi Noell! I just listened to both last episodes back to back and it was incredible how they were going hand in hand. After I finished listening to the show with Cathy, Wilna and Layle, I completely was asking myself: so why do we do that? Piling on patterned papers and wood veneers and why do we take hours to try to make a page look good, when we could only tell a story and add a picture (just like Cathy does – in a good looking way I mean) and write more stories down instead and cover more important stories rather than having to choose less stories to tell for lack of space and time? People who look at our albums look at the pictures and the stories anyway. Not at the design and all the piled stuff!! And then Noell, you started talking about when you have that feeling and when you question yourself about why you do this, when you could simply write the story in the meta-data. Your answer was, because it’s fun?! Yes, it is fun, but is this enough of a reason? Maybe it is. As you also said, scrapbooking takes time, that we have to take away in our life somewhere…wether it’s time with our children’s or our spouse that we take away in order to scrapbook…. I am often in this dark corner. And it’s funny (for lack of a better word) because right now, and since 7 years, I’m still in the “I LIVE for Scrapbooking” phase. So I’m often asking myself why, and IF I should continue at that pace. And my answer is always YES. And it’s NOT because I think this hobby is better than another or because it’s more important than another, I guess it’s only because that’s what makes me happy right now (and since 7 years). And this should be a good enough reason. Finally, one sentence that sticks with me from a previous episode on how to make time for scrapbooking when your family would like you to take more time for them, is when Katie Scott said that if she could go back in time to when her kids were little, she would scrapbook less and write more stories down, in a book….. I think we’ll never get out of the “is it good or is it wrong to spend that much time scrapbooking?” For myself anyway, I can’t figure it out. I LOVE the hobby and think that it is definitely more than a hobby, but still, often I can’t justify all the time, energy and money I put in it. … Anyway, THANKS so much for being there Noell. You are an incredible interviewer! Your guests are great, but your questions and the way you are and talk are what bring the guests where they go and what gives us these awesome, awesome shows!! And your questions also bring us, listeners, to think, even though we’re not on the show and THIS, is a very good thing! I LOVE the Roundtable!!! Long Life to it. I don’t want you to be bought, by anyone! ;)

  • Amy Muse

    I can’t express in words how much I loved this show. The discussion led to the heart of the matter and was just so timely for me and many in the hobby/industry I am sure. Long story short, I have avoided scrapping many areas in my personal life due to the pain it may bring up. However, the painful areas in my life I HAVE scrapped are no longer carried on my shoulders, mentally and emotionally wearing me down.

    This also led me to think about the learning process of a scrapper. Newbie scrapper has trigger to start-> Beginner scrapper education ensues in many forms education and socialization -> realizes the hobby is much more rewarding than ever realized ->

  • Amy Muse

    On another note:

    The discussion board led me to think about the learning process of a scrapper: Newbie scrapper has trigger to start-> Beginner scrapper education ensues in many forms education and socialization -> Intermediate realizes the hobby is much more rewarding than ever realized and builds relationships, community, and identity-> Expert realizes deeper and more rewarding meaning and educates others and maybe even monitizes the hobby in some form…Or something to that effect…not all continue the entire process I am sad to say.

    Until each listener has progressed through the “stages of scrapbooking” in some way, shape, or form, they may not fully appreciate this topic in its entirety. Yes, we are all always learning which is one of the biggest benefits to this hobby/industry. But until you have progressed to a certain point, you may not even understand this deeper meaning, because you have not fully experienced it.

    Feeling guilty about investing in something you love correlates to the negative self talk we often engage in. Does your spouse, or significant other feel guilty about having a heap of power tools that never get used, or a motorcycle that only gets rode half the year, or the stockpile of movies they hoard?…no! Just because your passion is not a mutually agreed upon investment, scrappers should not wear the guilt of persuing it!

    Other hobbies, such as painting and sewing, are not always given such negative connotations as scrapbooking. By listening to the entire episode, which in its very origin is for scrappers, you will appreciate the discussion in a broader sense. I went to a Licensed Art Therapist once, and was basically berated for the idea that scrapbooking could be some form of therapy for me. Put on your scrappers hat for PRT, because it is a forum for scrapbookers and we DON’T have to apologize for our feelings! Do not try to force your beliefs in a forum dedicated to paper crafters. Why do you feel the need to do so? Maybe you should ask yourself this before commenting.

    So tired of the “gender roles” talk. Nearly every manual, policy, law, or regulation is written “men” this or that. It is supposed to be understood that it refers to all individuals. We as a culture say, “you guys” or “hey guys” and are referring to everyone in the group regardless of gender. Quit being so sensitive to every single spoken word in each and every episode. We women have dealt with it for hundreds of years, so get over yourselves! Are you just trying to be annoying, or push your beliefs on other individuals? Maybe you should ask yourself this before commenting.

    I do not feel guilty or appoligize for my beliefs or opinions in this post as I am a passionate scrapbooker who thoroughly relishes in PRT each and every week! I even feel the need to defend Noell as I am positive she will never really say what she is actually thinking in an effort to include everyone in PRT and avoid offending any one of her listening audience.

    I, on the other hand, do not need to apologize for anything. Noell, do not let these comments change a thing you and Izzy do for us. We love you! We love PRT! We appreciate having a forum for paper crafters. Do not let the negativity being thrust upon you in these comments deter you in the slightest, pls. It is obvious to me that personal agendas, not the love for scrapping is driving their need to post these opinions and comments.

    Amy Muse

  • Mandi Holmes

    I love this episode. To kept the spark alive for me is to buy a new collection of paper or work on challenges. I love to find challenges online that offer prizes because if you win you get new product to play with. I started scrapping when I was a tween so I have been doing this for 15 years. I have had my ups and downs in this creative outlet but have found out in the long run that I will never give it up. I love that is preserving my family’s history and showing that we lived but it is very relaxing and therapeutic.

  • Josie B

    My love and intensity for scrapbooking definitely ebbs and flows, but I always continue to take and print pictures and write down stories I want to tell during those low moments. That way when all I want to do is forego sleeping and eating to make layouts for hours on end, there’s no extra work (like photo printing) to deter me or slow me down. Like one of the guests (Sorry….I can’t remember which one!) mentioned, I recently made a display board with clips to showcase my new layouts in my living room and it has made all the difference. Displaying my layouts before tucking them away in an album helps remind me how much I love the process of creating layouts.
    As always, fantastic episode! :)

  • Dale Rose Stream

    I just tried to listen to it again and it is still play the content from ‘spark alive’ during the most current episode’s title. It even jumps from the beginning to the 6 minute mark. I will try to refresh it again, and if it still doesn’t work, I’ll try to contact them.

  • Dale Rose Stream

    oops I mean it jumps to the content of ‘edgy’…

  • Do you mean that it starts playing Keeping the Spark Alive and then at 6 minutes it jumps to the Edgy Scrapbookers episode?
    If that’s what it’s doing, then that’s an iTunes glitch. It’s been doing that to me on almost all the different podcasts I listen to. There was an update recently and I don’t know if that’s still happening. See if you have an update and then restart your computer.

  • Quinna

    I’m currently emptying my studio because we are remodeling. I have so much stuff… It is embarrassing. I have barely scrapped for over a year now. I have thirty nine 12×12 albums plus many, many more all different sizes and shapes! I faithfully listen to paperclipping and follow several scrapping blogs. When izzie said it was ok to not scrap it was like having a burden lifted from my shoulders. I need to evaluate why scrapbooking is no longer fun. I may change to digital or hybrid or make my studio into a quite area to read! Thanks for a great show!

  • cristi

    awesome episode!
    my scrapbooking ebbs and flows as well, especially lately. I had a baby a few months ago and I’ve hardly done any scrapbooking since… the title page for his baby album took me weeks to finish – I was only working on it a few minutes here and a few minutes there.
    lately, I seem to just be taking pictures and journaling – I created a facebook group to post pictures and updates of the little guy, so… for the time-being, that’s my “scrapbook.”
    eventually, i’ll get it all put together and make a baby album, but for now I’m exhausted, so… maybe, when he get a little older and starts sleeping… lol…

  • Thank you you for the defense, Amy. ;)

  • Awesome!! Thank you for your support! I hope you love the classes. :)

  • Debbie270273

    Hi Noel
    I love scrapbooking and project life but the problem is I have a problem with journaling
    So I am looking for different way to do it like Stacy said because I am trying to do a heritage Alban for my kids can you help

  • Hi, Debbie. Different people have very different problems with journaling, so we would need to know what exactly is holding you up. What is it that is making journaling difficult for you?

  • Rosa

    I was beyond excited to see this topic come to live after I suggested it in the forum and very happy that you could get Stacy to be on the show. She was incredible, as usual.

    Izzy’s ideas were awesome! I never thought about that, but teaching someone new in the hobbie really helps to remember why it was so exciting at the beginning.

    When I get moody like Noell, I repeat something that Stacy said either in an old show or in a class, you dont need to think too much about the future of your pages because you need to scrap NOW to be a better mom to your kids NOW and to be a better wife, daughter, sister NOW, even if no one looks at them in the future.

  • Jennifer Gallacher

    “When the tide rises, we all rise.” LOVE this so much!

  • Angela

    Love this show!Totally agree with everything you guys said.
    Been a scrapbooker since the year 2000 and NOT showing a sign of slowing down!
    Angela Daly

  • Debbie270273

    The probable is I have the photo but I do not have the story’s to go with the photos
    Because my mum and dad have pass away but I wonted to show my kids there heritage

  • LOVED this episode! I adore Stacy and Wendy but together they are even more fantastic! Sort of ‘the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts’ thing :D
    I just posted on my blog, in part of a series about No Scrapbooking Police and I quoted them from this episode. I actually rewrote my post to include them after listening. So so wise!

  • So glad Amy,

  • Thanks Cara, I love your series and think it is brilliant.

  • Thanks so much Wendy! It really means a lot :D

  • karennarelle

    Ok I’m confused. SHould i be feeling guilty because i love to make scrap book pages because i get to play with pretty paper?? :-) Loved the show as always.

  • No, you should not! :)

  • Debbie270273

    The prombla I have with the words do not come to me and I do have a lot of the iinformashion to put in. It

  • Loved this episode. I listened to it twice.

  • Agree with Noell!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I’m a bit behind in my PRT listening and I haven’t finished this episode yet but I had to pause and comment as something Stacy said really resonated with me … I LOVED the questions she asks herself about why she scrapbooks … and I’d love it if she’d do TWELVE again????