PRT214 – A Team Effort

This week we’re talking about getting our families involved with our scrapbooking…

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  • fancyscrapper

    I have not even listened to this yet, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing this podcast for our community! I so missed PRT last week, and I say that as a compliment, not a complaint. I’ve been checking in every day this week waiting for the next installment, and I’m so excited to get to listen today! Sometimes when I just can’t wait for the next week, I’ll go find a favorite episode and listen in again. You guys are awesome! So again, THANKS!

  • First off, I just added the emoticon wood veneers to my cart at And I also want a pile of poo veneer as well!!!! Just don’t make it scratch & sniff! LOL

    Second – even though I don’t have young children at home, I still try to involve my kids in scrapbooking. I routinely stalk their Facebook pages and download photos they post, then I’ll have them do a quick journal card about the photos the next time I see them.

  • Tina

    Fantastic Episode love listening and scrapping at the same time :)

  • Pepper

    Wow I have not finish listening but I wish to chime in here . I’m super glad that I get to contribute to the super stashbuster class that Noell was talking about ! And guess what, the guest designers ,together with Aly Dosdall, are giving away free seats in the workshop this week! Check out this link if you’re interested to win one yourself !

    Goodluck to all! Now off to listen to the rest of the episode !  

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    I loved the idea of choosing a larger artsy “project” to work on together with your child. My 4.5yo LOVES to craft so she’s got her own table and supplies in my craft room and it is blissful to have her with me while we both work on our projects. I usually photograph her layouts, and then keep my favorites in our yearly album, just like I do with her schoolwork. But the idea of doing an album project together is really cool. Now I need to think about the subject!

  • Tori Bissell

    Okay, let me just preface this by saying I love PRT…but I really struggled with this topic. And I mean to say this in the nicest possible way… but this is my least favourite episode ever- okay that wasn’t very nice, but I just had to be honest. As a single, childless 20 something I felt like there wasn’t much in this episode for me. I need a single, childless scrapbooker support group. Sometimes it bothers me that the world of scrapbooking is designed for and geared for those who have kids. I’d love it if you had an episode with panellists who don’t have kids and who aren’t married. Sometimes I even get the vibe from other scrappers “why are you scrapbooking – you don’t have kids.” But I love the art and sparkles and memory keeping aspect of it and you don’t have to have kids to be a part of that. And I know Noell mentioned this topic may not be for everyone at the beginning which is okay because I’m sure there are people who loved the topic … but maybe in the future you could try and have a panellist who is opposite (for example doesn’t have kids) who could try and bring other perspectives into the conversation. Just a thought. Oh and I say this with all love and respect and appreciation.

    And on a side note: the reason I continued to listen to the whole episode even though I wasn’t finding it applicable is because Tami has the greatest accent ever. Oh and I did want to hear what your picks are. Always love the picks.

    Sorry if this was rantingish….maybe when my mom said ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything’ I should have listened. Sorry. Love you always!

  • Tori Bissell

    Whoops meant Tracey not Tami…but I like listening to Tami too.

  • Paul Browning

    You’re not alone lol. Plus you did better than me. I dearly love PRT too and after a break, I was looking forward to hearing a new episode. I plugged in, listened to the intro, the mail and then when Noell said today’s episode will be mostly about scrapping kids, I turned it straight off. No shade, I just knew this wasn’t an episode I’d probably enjoy. I may have but I didn’t even try lol. It’s all fine though. Not every episode is going to appeal to everyone. I give about 98% of them a listen. Besides, I had a show for me last time. Happy for Moms to have a turn this week :D Hopefully PRT will have a show for your demographic soon. xx

  • Judy Gunsaulis

    I was disappointed that the whole conversation was about scrapping with your kids, too. I was introduced to scrapbooking in the 80’s by my cousin. There is so much more that could have been discussed if you had branched out into other family members. I even know a lot of people who have become fast friends through scrapbooking even though separated by many miles.

    I also want to remind people who like to listen to audiobooks and scrap to check their public library. Almost all public libraries now have FREE downloadable ebooks and eaudiobooks. Once you are registered they can be checked out and downloaded from home and the selection is amazing. If you get the free books from the library you have more money for scrapbook supplies or joining Paperclipping.

  • inkfanatic

    Hi Noell & Izzy!
    You have NO idea how much you helped me today, though maybe in a very different way than you intended, lol!
    Right off, when Noell apologized to the listeners who don’t have kids, I thought (for a brief moment), ‘hmmm, maybe this one is not for me’. I am married, but it’s just my husband and I in our immediate family. Everyone related to us lives either hours or states away, and we are not close with any of them anyway.
    I scrap for me. Pure & Simple. My husband is supremely supportive of my scrapping, and even picks out and purchases supplies for me, if he’s traveling and I’m not with him. (Of his own accord, I should add!)
    He is not really into helping, with the exception of posing for pictures, in a way that only he can, lol. And by that, I mean, if you feel the need to see a picture of him pretending to blow his nose into a plate of pasta, well, then…I have that. And we have an whole assortment of trash cans photographed while traveling through Europe, because who doesn’t need a minibook of that?
    All that to say, there really is no family or kids to include in my scrapping, aside from the occasional parental visit photos, which happen maybe twice a year.
    But, I learn something every time I listen to you guys! And I’m entertained & inspired, even if the topic doesn’t seem relevant to me. So, you are accomplishing your goals! Thank You for that!
    I didn’t think this episode would be my ‘thing’. But I really enjoyed hearing how the panel members include their kids & families in their scrapbooking. Also, I can’t help but think how, in doing this, they are not only creating wonderful lasting memories, but inspiring family traditions as well. And certainly contributing to their kids sense of self worth and self esteem! What an amazing gift to give them, and share with the ones you love the most!
    Hearing all of this, really renewed my faith in humanity, in a way. I feel like, kids who’ve had these family values instilled, and are confident in themselves and their abilities, will be strong leaders and members of society. We need that!
    I just found this episode to be very inspiring in that way, and thought you’d want to know that :D
    Also…I was working in the full sun, on a hot & muggy day, pulling thorny weeds from a thick area of ground cover. NOT FUN! So, THANK YOU for getting me through that!!
    (And thank you for getting me through long flights! When we travel, I listen to past episodes I haven’t heard, and I’m always inspired and entertained! Keep forgetting to tell you that.)
    Love you guys! Robin

  • Thank you Judy for banging the library drum. I was coming on her to post a similar reminder that most public libraries offer e-books and digital audiobooks just like Amazon does and you’ve already paid for this service through your taxes!

  • I just had to pop in, and say while I am not single – I started scrapbooking when I was single AND after 5 years of marriage, my hubby and I are still babyless with no immediate plans to add babies. With that said, I still found the topic helpful. Particularly about how to include people you care about into your crafting. For example, one of the panelists – sorry can’t remember which – had talked about providing a journaling card to others in your family about activities and events they were a part of which are in your scrapbooks. I can say from personal experience that my family’s involvement in my scrapbooking took off after inviting them to be a part of the process and share their perspective of the event. I guess I say all of this, as a challenge to consider how this would apply to sharing with the people who are in your life, married or not, mommy or not.

  • Jessica

    I will admit, when Noell gave her disclaimer at the beginning, I almost immediately turned off the show. I am currently fighting the infertility battle and just recently lost my twin babies. Hearing about scrapbooking with kids is the last topic I wanted to listen to. Instead of turning the show off, I took a deep breath, and reminded myself that I have been trying to get my husband to craft with me. So really there was a lot for me in this episode.

    The frustrating thing about my husband is that he is an artist! He does amazing graffiti art (legally in our garage), he designs graphics and silk screens them on hats and t-shirts, he can even do cool things with sharpies! But I have not been able to get him to sit down and color in stamps with Copics, or help me pic paper for a layout… Forget about asking for him to journal on a Project Life card. One day I will trick him into making a page with me.

    Thanks again for a great show that I almost didn’t listen to.


  • Tori Bissell

    Hey Paul, you can join my single, childless scrapbooker support group. Completely agree with you about how not every episode will appeal to everyone.

  • Tori Bissell

    I hope you are able to trick your hubby into it too! Graffiti on a layout would be super awesome! Maybe you can just grab a white piece of card stock and a new pack of sharpies and leave them near him. I bet he won’t be able to hold back.

    Or maybe you could ask him to show you how to do something, like you want to learn.

  • Hey Paul, I’m pretty sure we mentioned you by name in the episode. I don’t remember the circumstances but I believe your name came up (possibly during the mail segment). :)

  • Paul Browning

    It did indeed Izzy – thank you for the shout out. Felt surreal to listen to the show & hear my name lol. Sounds soooo big headed to say I listened to the segment where I was name-checked but switched off straight after when I knew the rest of the podcast wasn’t about me lol. x

  • Paul Browning

    Haha Well that’s very kind of you Tori :) But I do feel a fraud calling myself a scarpbooker as I haven’t made a layout in ages. xx

  • Ha ha ha! :)

  • LisaM

    Howdy! Lots of great discussion. During the podcast I kept thinking: THey need to talk about those wonderful starter cards from Big Picture: “Favorite Music, Places I remember shopping/eating as a kid. Christmas traditions I remember.” (I think Wendy Smedley created these at Ella.) I have found these are GREAT to give to family members and have them fill it out. I have one son and have NO desire to scrap with him, but I do want to know some “personal” information about him and more importantly my extended family. My grandmother, parents, in laws etc. loved filling out Stacy Julian’s “All About Me” Card from her TWELVE class. It had questions such as my full name, how do I know the person who asked me to fill this card out, top 3 favs. Those were fun!

    A bit of a smash up of past epidsodes:
    1. I LOVE THE FORUM!!!! Thank you!!

    2. The loss of Two Peas: VERY SAD!!! Truly missed and I want to take a minute and fuss at everyone who enjoyed their free content and did NOT financially support them through purchasing product and/or classes. I had to slap myself on the hand for failing to renew my subscription to Paperclipping in a timely manner. (I did last pm. no longer a schmo) I love PRT and do NOT want it to disappear bc of lack of funds. A renewal cost is only $28.00 per annum. I also get tons of video content (which I will one day look through) but its there when I am ready.

    3. There has been a lot of discussion about diversity in scrapbooking and I thought Karen G. nailed it: (paraphrasing and not as elegantly as she) We all need to be open and willing to respect the new (gender, race, religion, sexual preference, marital status, family types and interests). And those who are brave enough to embark into a new world where they may feel alone, stay brave and have patience. I loved the man’s story (from Prima Marketing). He walked into the scrapbook store, started shopping for himself got some weird looks from the women but then became a regular scrapper with the Crop group and eventually a designer for the store. We all need to have confidence in ourselves and remember why we scrapbook, for ourselves and families. I don’t need to see a mirror image of my lifestyle on a designers’/scrapbooking company’s LO to gain inspiration. I can look at a ton of “little girl blowing bubbles” layouts and gain inspiration to create my own predominantly guy hunting page. My hunting pages with guns and dead animals do NOT appeal to the masses, nor would my making sausage from said animal pages. They would NOT sale product! And I want the companies to continue to sell generic product so, I can purchase to use my own needs and they can stay afloat.

    4. on a side (hopefully funny note) The #1 reason I don’t like to see men at a scrapbooking convention/crop? Now we can’t use the men’s restroom too!! The dang women’s restroom just got a cue! ha ha

    5. Great job on PRT!! Thanks so much for producing!

  • Tori Bissell

    Heheh that’s okay. You can still join.

  • Tori Bissell

    Hehehe I died when you said #4. Love that!

  • Kerig Taylor

    Just listened to the show today while at work. Thanks for the shout out! Love being a part of the community and participating in the forums.

    I didn’t think today’s show would be too relevant to me since I don’t have kids of my own, and Caroline even asked me if I was going to listen knowing the subject matter, but I listened to the whole thing and think I found somethings I can use while becoming more involved in Caroline’s kids lives.

  • I’m sort of in the same boat. My oldest daughter is studying industrial design in college, She’s an amazing artist. I asked her the other day if she thinks she’ll ever scrapbook and she didn’t even hesitate before she said “No.” Now, all my kids appreciate my pages, and she’s very specific in complimenting my pages. It’s never a generic “That’s nice” it’s “I like the way you balanced blah blah blah with blah blah blah” She doesn’t look doesn’t down on it, so I was sort of surprised by the certainty in her answer. When I asked her why not she said “Well, first I’d actually have to print photos out.” Which is laughable – this is the same kid who decided that she was going to make a linocut print of a robot and 20 minutes later she had carved a robot out of linoleum and was making prints.

    And that’s about when it occurred to me that we all do what interests us, and if something doesn’t appeal to someone you probably can’t force it. I do hope one day she’ll change her mind, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m sorry about your twins. That has to be devastating. I hope that your arms fill up soon.

  • Youngmi

    I’m only 5 minutes into the show but I have to say Izzy that my husband would disagree with your churro declaration. He insists that the best thing about Disneyland/world is the turkey legs. I have nightmares about those things but he’s obsessed. Back to the show!

  • Haha, well I’m a vegan, so you can imagine that I stay away from turkey legs. :)

  • Jennifer Larson

    I understand where you are coming from. Maybe if the panelists had said, “You can involve your family in scrapbooking in this way, which I do with my kids” it would have been more helpful for people without kids.

    I think that a lot of scrapbooking ideas can be done with family members’ contributions–asking them to select photos or products, having them help you journal–and it doesn’t have to come from just kids. Think about a family event, or a trip with a significant other. It’s amazing to me how much my view of the event changes when I incorporate other points of view. It reminds me of the episode where Amy Tan talked about professionally scrapbooking events for others. She had no point of view, so she solicited words and photography from attendees to create the scrapbooks. That would be a great way to involve others in your scrapbooking, even if you don’t have kids.

    Maybe a new topic could be scrapbooking with others, not just family? That’s timely since so many stores have closed, leaving a dearth of scrap spaces where groups can crop together. I know it seems like so much is going on online in scrapbooking today, but that’s because we are online. Many people still only crop in groups, so this topic could apply more broadly for people who no linger have a place to go with friends to scrapbook and for people who didn’t get much out of today’s episode.

    Finally, I just wanted to thank you for picking the ConQuest journal this week, Noelle! It would be a great way to sneakily get the geeks in the family scrapbooking, even if they don’t know that’s what it is. :-)

  • fancyscrapper

    Oh you guys that’s awesome! I didn’t realize that was available! I’m heading over to my library web site to check it out!

  • PjP

    I’m grateful for the forum post that brought these three guests together to discuss a topic I’ve been curious about for a while. I have no children of my own but I get together with my neighbour, her daughter and her niece each December, to do a bit of holiday paper-crafting. My difficulty has always been in finding projects that Erin and I can make, which produce something “useful” (cards, ornaments, decor items etc), while keeping the girls from getting bored or frustrated with a process that’s either too simple or too difficult for them.

    This year, I’m going to haul out the Cuttlebug and the Xyron, plus a pile of Christmas-themed 6X6 papers and just let the girls “go to town,” as Noell would say. They’re both old enough to use these simple machines without too much hovering supervision, leaving them free to enjoy the process and not worry about the product. The trick will be in keeping Erin “on task” when she see how much fun the kids are having. As always, thank you for an excellent and informative program

    P.S. I hope Izzy’s feeling OK. He was uncharacteristically quiet this week.

  • PjP

    Oh, almost forgot: Can you have Julie Ebersole on as a Roundtable guest one these weeks? She’s more of a cardmaker than a scrapbooker but the holidays will be upon us before we know it and scrapbookers are always looking for ways to use up left-over product. If you can manage a holiday cardmaking program or something, I’d love to hear Julie hold forth on — well, just about anything, actually ;-) I like her voice and she totally cracks me up. Thanks.

  • Cara

    Well I actually have children and it wasn’t all that relevant to me, as they are 30 and 22, so you don’t need to be childless to feel this episode wasn’t for you. I do agree though, that there were comments made that could apply to anyone, such as getting others to write journaling cards for you. I still listened through to the end and enjoyed it.

  • Thanks for the tip. Are there specific things you would like to hear us discuss if we do a holiday card-making episode?

  • Izzy says he’s been feeling great and that he was just exercising his right not to talk. :) He also thanks you for your concern.

  • Yeah, #4 is awesome!

  • Jessica, I’m sorry about your loss. Major kudos to you for summoning the courage to listen anyway!

  • Youngmi

    When I see those turkey legs, they make me want to go vegan. O_o

  • Niki Ruda

    My girls scrapped with me when they were preteens but have since moved on to other things. They did love all the “goodies” I would unload on them. Now I laugh as I look back on all the things I wouldn’t let them use because I probably haven’t used them 10 years later!! During the show I was reminded that I bought the book Coke or Pepsi? for the purpose of recording their everyday preferences that we don’t record because they seem like small details. My plan was to text these random questions to the girls over time and then include their answers as journaling on layouts but haven’t done this yet! It’s never too late, right? Thanks for the kick in the butt!

    My Pick of the Week:
    The Ultimate Coke Or Pepsi? by FinePrint Publishing

    Have a great week!