PRT213 – Scrapbooking Men

This week we’re talking about men who scrapbook…

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  • Hey, Robin – my good friend is also an engineer and she’s told me lots of stories about how much harder she’s always had to work than everybody else in order to prove herself in that field. I love finding women who are pushing to break down barriers in scientific and other male-dominated fields. Good job!!

  • Tori bissell

    Hey do you know when you go to info on the sponsor the disclaimer says: Disclaimer: This coupon only applies to Workshops and Self-Paced classes; coupon does not apply towards Gift Certificates. Good for one time use, per student. Expires December 31st, 2013 at 10pm PST. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Coupon must be entered in the “Promo Code” box during checkout and press “apply” button; discount will be applied immediately. Not applicable towards previous purchases. Other terms and restrictions may apply.

    so it says 2013

  • Tori Bissell

    You know what would be fun? If your audience could do product picks. Yep. Me. I have an awesome pick which I think you guys would love and have so much fun playing with. I just got this incredible iPhone app and I thought – OMG Noell and Izzy would love this. It’s this great app called PartyParty. It’s seriously so cool! It makes stop motion videos using photos taken from your iPhone. So so so cool. It takes a string of 4, 9, or 16 photos and makes a .gif file from it. You can add cool filters and frames around the photos too. I promise I’m not affiliated with them all … I just love it and wanted to share it’s awesomeness with you awesome people! It’s made by this great blog I follow and it’s seriously so much fun. I love stop motion and now I can make my own little .gif files to share on Instagram.

  • Oops, good catch. Just changed it to 2014. Thanks.

  • Tori Bissell

    I love Studio Calico. I know some people feel frustrated with their add ons selling out – if you subscribe you won’t have as many issues. I have found incredible, fantastic, sweet, kind people on Studio Calico. I can’t explain how much I love the people I’ve met on their and the friends I’ve made. I love the kits too. Honestly I know it’s ridiculous to let someone else pick out all my supplies but it makes my life so much easier. I love that I don’t have to go figure out what to choose, instead SC picks it for me and I know their cool, new products, colours that go together etc. I honestly don’t buy a ton of other supplies unless I need a specific thing. Even the kits I don’t necessary love are the ones that end up inspiring me the most. I don’t know what it is but I LOVE using things I don’t like because it inspires me and challenges me and I love the opportunity to transform things.

    On another note: you can upload projects to their gallery even if you don’t use their products. People often do that. Many people do use the products but you don’t have to.

    And truthfully, even if I didn’t use their supplies and subscribe to their kits I would still hang out in their forums because people are so kind and loving. If I needed something I’ve had people volunteer to send it to me for free. I’ve also had people offer to pray for me when life isn’t going great. I even mentioned on a post once how much I loved doilies and wonderful people in the forums have mailed me some. I’ve felt so loved, accepted, and encouraged by people in the SC forums. There are 2 things I ADORE in the scrapbooking world: paperclipping and Studio Calico. Both have helped me feel welcomed, loved, accepted and normal (hehehe as normal as a scrap head can be).

  • Tori Bissell


  • I haven’t finished listening yet, but I had to jump in with some thoughts…
    Izzy, you should check out the Studio Calico woodgrain papers. I love them. They are very simple patterns, various colors and patterns of wood. They all coordinate well together too. I have used them to back smaller photos in PL. I prefer the simple look. I also kind of hate the sentiments on cards. Love them in theory, hate them in practice. I get sentiment/phrase stickers and then find I can’t stand to use them. I like the “hellos” and whatever on other people layouts but I hate them on mine. I would like more practical, descriptive phrases, or snark. Snark would be much more useful. I still want to buy Izzy’s “No, Thank You” line.
    Also, as someone else said, I can’t believe that you didn’t mention your own gallery and forum as the new talent incubator… at least to hope that it might fulfill that function.
    I have a lot of thoughts about masculinity and femininity, how silly so much of that is. I’m having some trouble putting it into words though. It makes me sad (and mad) how we put up boundaries around males and females and tell them how they should be. I think it’s especially limiting for men (since being a tomboy is considered cute, but being a sissy is an insult). There’s no reason why memory keeping/scrapbooking/taking photos of your family and presenting them artistically should be considered a feminine pursuit. Men’s work is often viewed as Art with a capital A, or as being very technical, but women craft and it’s a silly fun hobby, mostly revolving around shopping. It seems to me that even gay men have their scrapbooking taken more seriously than the same work would be if it was done by a woman. (Oops, sorry, I might have started a bit of a feminist rant there. Hopefully I kept most of the angriest part of it in my head)
    Anyway, I should get back to listening…

  • Catherine

    Izzy I always have to think of You when I see these stamps ;-)

  • Tina Campbell

    Love this episode!