PRT212 – Talking about Two Peas

This week we’re talking about Two Peas, We R, and more…

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  • jill p

    their old work

  • Much appreciation to both of you!

  • Lots of good points.

  • Well, thank you!!

  • Tori

    Oh My gosh – I literally just heard about this podcast and I’m in love! You are seriously making my day. I haven’t caught up yet…I’m sure it will take awhile. I’m on the second one now but can I just say I LOVE YOU ALL! I feel like I’m listening to friends or something. I can’t wait to listen to more of your podcasts. heheh I’m listening to you at work and it’s so much fun…totally making my day better!

  • Awesome! Welcome to Paperclipping! I would love to know where you heard about us?

  • Niki Ruda

    Late to join this discussion but wanted to share that I will miss 2 Peas. It was my home when I started scrapbooking; the forums were a great source for answers to my endless stream of questions. I never got caught up in the “drama” that occasionally meddled there…I didn’t want to know so I just avoided it. As I became a more experienced scrapbooker I waited with baited breath for the new garden each month from the beloved Garden Girls! Most recently I have enjoyed the inspiration found in the many of the galleries and have pinned several layouts. Does anyone know if these layouts will disappear from our Pinterest boards? Sure hope not!!

    Unrelated to this topic is my Pick of the Week: I am head over heels for the little package of magic I just opened….Sn@p! Insta Squares and Pieces – Say Cheese! Love, love, love!

  • Scrappygal

    Love that you had a show regarding the closing of our old fav 2 peas. So sad to see a business close but honestly they were never in the customer service business.(IMO) Rarely did you see them or the GG interact on the forums. They had the opportunity to Shepard people into the store but they only got involved when things got out of hand. I remember when everyone who wanted to be someone was at 2 peas… Before they were in magazines and before they were designers they were a pea. It was exciting and manufacturers knew the pod held the pulse, but from a business standpoint even as an outsider looking in you had to realize with all that clout in the industry they weren’t paying the bills because they weren’t first on the list to get product. So either they overspent personally or the business model just wasn’t working, which makes most people look at the customer service side of the business. Customers who are treated right will be loyal and keep spending.

  • ladywing

    I have to wonder if some of the issues have to do with the period of time when the Whites no longer owned 2Ps. Was there any interest in actually fostering the store or the forums & galleries by the interim owners? Was it so far gone that at this point, when the Whites had control again, it could not be resurrected? When Kaboose took them over, it felt then that it might not survive.

  • ldmccarty

    I agree. I don’t mind a bit of advertising. It’s just that you can’t always tell which sites will use your cookies for themselves to serve up ads (w/the help of a 3rd party ad server) and which ones will use the cookies to sell to other and/or use 3rd party ad servers who will keep your cookie information for themselves or to sell on. So, if, for example, the paperclipping forum uses cookies to show relevant ads, no problem. But if the forum stores info about us (via cookies) and sells it on and/or uses 3rd party ad servers who do that, that’s when we feel like our trust is being violated. I trust Noell and Izzy to choose good software and good ad partners, but many web sites don’t. And they, sadly, give cookies a bad rep on all sites. And, to Jen’s question of whether I’d prefer ads or a subscription price, definitely a reasonable subscription price.

  • ldmccarty

    Same here. I wonder what the panelists might have answered to the question: What could 2Peas have done better and/or to survive? I think part of what I noticed in the last year was a real “love it or leave it” attitude on the part of the owners. I didn’t feel there the sense of camaraderie that I feel here at PRT and paperclipping. But it would be interesting to get their take on what might have kept 2Peas alive.

  • ldmccarty

    Agreed. Which is why I hate hearing “oh, great, they’ll move manufacturing to China and everything will be cheaper”. Um. Sort of. Except you’re putting your neighbors out of work and onto unemployment insurance and state medical aid, etc. Isn’t it better to spend 10-15% more on items manufactured here in the US and keep our neighbors employed? After all, one need only look to countries w/massive unemployment and young people roaming the streets looking for trouble to know that there is truly a cost to putting your neighbors out of work for the sake of saving 0.30 on a glue stick.

  • Nancy Nally

    So glad you enjoyed the show…and thanks for your concern about my husband. He has been home with us since last October and we are so happy to have him back! He is working full-time as an employee of Nally Studios now! He has been responsible for all the upgrades you’ve been seeing on the websites, as well as the wonderful photography from CHA in January (and in my articles), and a lot of our social media updates. He’s also developing some content – watch for a fun article coming from him soon on Craft Critique!

  • Jennifer Gallacher

    I’m sad that you felt that the Garden Girls weren’t involved on the message boards. If you look at our post count, you’ll see we actually were quite chatty. :)