PRT203 – Binge Cutting

This week we’re talking about cutting ideas!

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  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    ha ha Izzy! Every time you start reading my comments with a French accent I’m thinking: No way! I can’t sound like that!! Do I really do?! ;)

  • Robin Gale Conlin

    While I do not have the diecutters you talked about, I still enjoyed listening. I have the Slice and never thought of binge cutting. It is a pain to get it all out to cut 1 thing, so I may have a cutting party next time I listen to PRT. Thanks for the mention of the Get Artsy class from BPC, it sounds right up my alley and I just purchased it ( thru your link). I also want to give a shoutout to the Hazel and Ruby Stencil-masks. They are so much fun to use. Keep up the great work. Maybe you could do another episode on Mixed Media in scrapbooking and get on Limor Webber and Mou Saha.

  • Jennifer G.

    Not sure why, but the embossing paste link is not working.

  • pamelajyates

    Hi, my name is Pam, and I am addicted to the Paperclipping Roundtable! I realized this last week when you didn’t do a new podcast. I felt like a junkie just waiting for their next fix! Anyway, I checked first thing this morning to see if the new one was up yet and thank goodness it was. I’m good for another week now.

    I have a 45 minute commute each way and I listen to PCR during my drive. I’ve listened to each podcast several times now and am working my way through the videos in the members area. (Yes, I am a member) Love all that you do! This week’s podcast was especially useful as I got a Cameo for Christmas. Thanks for all the great tips! I still have a lot to learn and the best way to do that is to use it!

  • Gwynn Asbury

    Just had to pop in real quick and say that my jaw hit the floor when you (Noell) said that you had not tried the print and cut feature of the Silhouette yet! This was the FIRST feature I learned how to use with my new Silhouette fresh out of the box. I also really LOVE LOVE LOVE those little labels for Project Life (Subscribed to Studio Calico and got my Silhouette for the little labels). It is such a time saver to print them through the Silhouette, stick the paper to the mat, feed it through your silhouette and voila, awesome labels. Marcy Penner has a GREAT tutorial on this through Studio Calico:

    Seriously you have to try it Noell, it’s a gateway drug.

  • PjP

    Oh ya, you’ve GOT to try print and cut, Noell. It’s really awesome and it’s been a great way for me to bring some of my stash of digital elements into my scrapbooking, cardmaking and Project Life pages. As for use of the Silhouette “breaking up the process,” I confess that I never got that. Then one of your guests mentioned Kerri Bradford and the light bulb went on over my head. I learned to use my Silhouette by taking Kerri’s classes and, for her, using the machine IS the process. When I’m making a project using my Portrait, it’s all the other stuff (pawing through my physical stash looking for small elements like brads or buttons) that interrupts the creative flow. Thanks mightily for revisiting this topic. Even if you don’t own an electronic die-cutter, there’s a lot to be said for binge-cutting, whether you use thin dies or even punches.

  • Pepper

    YAY! Thanks everyone in the panel for another SIlhouette episode! (and i think binge cutting can also be a drinking game now haha!)

    (before i dive into my comment, i’m so checking out simple stories on silhouette store. never did I know it’s so well received and loved by you ladies ! They must be great! This episode is such an enabler )

    Firstly, like Ana, I’m also a binge cutter. Binge cutting is great , i’m not a computer kinda girl, hence I need to SEE all my products to get using them. If I dont see a cut, I totally don’t remember they exist. As much as possible , i will buy and cut almost immediately, and I do them in batches. I recalled an advice from Wilna saying that we should always buy the cut only when we need to use it, or else it will most likely be wasted.

    For specific projects I will cut all the possible cuts I want to use at once and slot them into my handbook album . I’m a batch scrapbooker, hence I like to do all the prep work before I get to the “fun” stuff of assembling them . My scrap space is tiny hence my Silhouette have to sit on the floor beside me . yes floor. So i make all my cuts on the floor haha. I will spend 2-3 days cutting all the cuts, and then spend a few days subsequently using them up. However one of the bad thing about binge cutting is I will always have excess. And sometimes I would ask myself if it’s worth the crazy cuting, especially when my schedule in the following days dont allow me to scrap.

    I also love to make my own cut. Like the layout I shared here I just googled Taiwan map and then convert the JPEG file into PNG and then drag into my silhouette studio , and trace and cut! And here I have a one of a kind Taiwan Map silhouette ! And I have to say printing and cutting out Vellum is my favourite technique! I shared some mini pocket pages on my blog previously here

    I have a question for everyone, Noell asked about organising. I would like to here more on this. Melissa mention she organised them in folders in themes, my question is, where are the folders. Are they in your silhouette studio or are they on your normal computer files , saved as .studio files? Because in the save option, we can choose “save as ” or “save to library” Previously I used to save as , but recently i save to library more and have all the cuts inside my silhouette studio. Which is better? Since I usually download my cut files from external sites like twopeas and studio calico, they dont come in .studio files. So i have to drag the png file and do the tracing. I cant seem to figure out if there is a way to save on both places with one click. On one hand, I like the search tool inside the silhouette studio. But I’m not sure if these files will be transferred over when I change a computer, or will they be lost and I have to redo all over?

    Finally, If i were to asked my final advice / tips, here is what I would say. It takes me alot of practises and alot of trail and ERROR to get all my cuts right. I used to be a noob in die cutting, but now I get rather confident with my Silhouette. I think it’s just like all machine, you got to use if often and enough times in order to get the hang of it :)

    P.s. : Still looking forward to a potential handwriting episode. I would love to hear from Ali Edwards and Wilna Furstenberg and Amy Sorenson :) Or anyone really. especially you Noell, since I recall Izzy saying you practise your handwriting to create your own FONT! and that sounds amazing! I want to learn!

    Loves, Pepper
    (sorry for this horribly long essay hehe)

  • Gwynn Asbury

    I would also like to hear about organizing the cut files, particularly for the binge cutting peeps!

  • londoncuppa

    If it helps, one of the great things not mentioned about the files purchased from the Silhouette store is that they already come with a fantastic set of keywords/tags attached to them.

    If I want to pull up everything having to do with hearts, all I have to type is “heart” in the search field. It pulls up every file related to hearts, love, etc. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to put each file in separate folders because of the keywords imported with the files.

    Personally, I do create sorting folders, but that’s mainly because I’m an organization freak! – Margaret

  • londoncuppa

    As a paper scrapper starting to dip my toes into the digi-scrap waters, I was happy to hear some fantastic digital designers mentioned (Karla Dudley being one…love Kerri Bradford as well!). Digital kits are an amazing resource for print-and-cut or straight SVG files; particularly for pocket scrappers.

    Exploring these designers open up a whole new world for those of us interested in hybrid scrapping. I get practically giddy looking at all of the Silhouette possibilities with their pocket kits. In case anyone is interested, here are a few links to great resources:

    (2) JUST JAIMEE:
    (3) TRACI REED:

    Happy Cutting! – Margaret

  • Gwynn Asbury

    oh, hehe, This I DO know! But one of the things that they talked about in the show was what to do with the actual physical die cuts after binge cutting. How do you store them AFTER they are cut out…..

  • Teresa S

    Whenever there is talk about a die cutting machine, it’s mostly the Silhouette that gets mentioned. My dream machine is the Brother ScanNCut; however, it is not discussed that often. Is it because of the higher price point or is it not as awesome as I think it is?

  • Keisha

    Ah! Mayday! I am so far behind in listening to the Roundtable. Let’s say I took a couple years off from crafting because my life got busy fast. ;) But I am catching up and I am still loving every minute. I was absolutely THRILLED to see that PRT was still in production. Hooray! Ok, my problem is though, I cannot seem to listen to episode 101 either in iTunes or on your site. :( Do you know why? My OCD is not going to like me skipping one, but I will. :) Love the show guys! Once I get caught up I vow to never fall this far behind again. And I will not be such a shmoe either. Is that still a thing? Got get back to it, see you soon!

  • I don’t know for sure, but my experience tells me it’s most likely two things. 1) People love the versatility of the Cameo — that you buy SO MANY different kinds of pre-made designs, and you can also make your own; and 2) People want to get a system they know is tried and true. Silhouette got the right people at the right time to use + testify that it’s a really excellent machine (which it is).
    At least those were my two reasons when I chose the Cameo. Number one was the reason for my initial interest, and number two was what sealed the deal.

  • I did a bit of binge cutting when I first got my Cameo but now I just cut when I need something because it is so fast and easy.

    P.S. I used to binge cut with my old school manual sizzix.

  • Gwynn Asbury

    You know, I totally forgot…… congrats to both Ana and Melissa on their equally different and exciting news!

  • krizbee

    hi Noell….Just thought I would mention that I use washi tape (in patterns that I don’t like) to adhere a mask or stencil down. Not exactly self-adhesive, but it works!

  • Thanks, Krizbee — I’ve been doing that too! :)

  • londoncuppa

    Gotcha. For the cut items, I commandeered a nail/screw organizer from my husband. It’s about 3′ tall, with 100 long, clear drawers (it’s tall but not wide, so it has a small footprint). I have the drawers labeled with the item type (arrows, hearts, etc.).

    For large items (frames, etc.), I keep them in page protectors in a letter-sized 3-ring binder. I use dividers to label the categories there as well. Both are on one of my crafting credenzas, so I can flip through them really quickly.

  • Teri Hartman

    So, I’ve never binge cut before, and I think it’s an awesome idea! Still have the Cricut Expression and will use it until it dies. I have a lot of interest in the Cameo, but I can’t justify buying a second electronic die cutter.

  • Katherine Kumana

    I’m trying to remember all the comments I wanted to make! I was mowing the lawn & gardening when I was catching up on episodes.
    1. I got my silhouette cameo two years ago for a wedding present (hubby’s friend said hubby didn’t need anything & I needed a Cameo :) ) & have just started using it. I learned to use it with Kerri Bradford classes. Noell, I think you might like classes 1 & 2 of the series. It teaches the basics & how to use fonts, titles, & basic backgrounds.
    2. I like using the cricut mats too. I match it up to the silhouette mat & chop the top off the cricut mat, so the grid matches the original silhouette mat.
    3. Oh the third comment is for the previous podcast about inspiration, but overlaps this topic. I’ve joined facebook groups for swapping. They hold events & assign partners to swap projects, cards, albums etc. It’s gotten me started on binge cutting & continuously crafting to meet the swap deadlines & creative juices flowing to do my own personal memory keeping. It’s made me use my stash, instead of running to the store to buy something. I didn’t know these groups existed until i was sitting at my computer, bored out of my mind one afternoon & glanced at the side bar of my facebook account at the suggested groups. I was skeptical at first, but there are a few good ones. It’s trial & error to find the ones that fit me. I’ve joined & left group in the past month. :)
    4. I really want to make a a stencil with the silhouette. I haven’t tried yet. It would be nice to design your own background stencil & then use the embossing paste. The thought of that gets me giddy!

  • Actually, if I had to choose a new electronic cutter to buy today, it would be the ScanNCut! I’m especially intrigued by the idea of being able to scan in a stamped image and have it cut out without having to trace in software, and also by being able to do something similar and cut intricate designs out of patterned paper easily. My Silhouette does everything I need *but* that, though, so I can’t justify $400 just so I don’t have to whip out my scissors for detail cutting every once in a while. :)

    I think the Silhouette is talked about more simply because it’s been around for much longer than the ScanNCut. I have a feeling that a lot of people are like me- they have one expensive electronic cutter already, so when a new one came on the market a few years later they simply couldn’t justify buying the new one just for a couple of added features.

  • Pepper

    Wow very organized ! Can you share some visual of this organization ? I would love to see how it looks like physically :) thanks for sharing! And for the digital cut files , I would like to hear how you organize those that are not bought from silhouette . THanks !!:)

  • Pepper

    Katie, do you have your silhouette out and ready ? I don’t find it fast and easy because I have to do the following steps every time I use it. Turn on computer, turn on silhouette , attach computer and silhouette. Prepare mat, set blade to ideal setting cut , remove cut, put back the cutting mat, detach silhouette, turn off silhouette , turn off computer. Haha sounds like a lot of work for me . Would love to see how you keep your cameo :)

  • Pepper

    Hello Katherine ! Great to see this comment here :)I would love to know more about Kerri Bradford class. I had taken silhouette classes by Jen McGuire and studio calico. Not sure if they will be different from these :) thanks !

  • Gypsy Stockley

    I just want to second this- I can’t get “Ep 101 Less epic” either not in iTunes on the blog nor if I try to download it.

  • Hi, ladies. Ep. 101 is broken. Unfortunately it would take time Izzy does not have to pore through his archives of old video to try and find it and upload it. :(

  • londoncuppa

    I’ll see if I can get some pictures together for you.

    As far as organizing my digital cut files, I use ACDsee. I took a class from Jessica Sprague on organizing digital files since I’ve started acquiring A LOT recently.

    I’ve started buying a bunch of digital kits (especially those made for pocket scrapping) because of the print-and-cut feature of the Silhouette. These are usually PNG files, and I can make a ton of my own elements for practically nothing.

    The beauty of the digi files and Silhouette Design Studio, is the ability to modify them (change colors, etc). It’s saved me a ton of money, and digi files never get used up.

    With Silhouette Design Studio Version 3 (just came out), it will handled layered files as well (.PSD, etc). Hope that helps!
    – Margaret

  • This makes sense. I agree. :)

  • Thank you for the kind words, for your devotion, and for your membership! :)

  • It just worked for me. Maybe try again?

  • yes out & ready

  • Show Idea: Catch up with Nancy Nally, Steph from the Daily Digi & Tim Conley – both the Foolish Adventure and The Digi Show podcasts recently ended. Would be fun to hear from them about what they are doing now.

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  • Meghann

    Loves listening to this, especially everyone’s favorite designers. Regarding the cut files from outside of the Silhouette store, I did a video tutorial on my blog that makes it seem really quick & easy! Thanks!

  • Jeanette O’meara-Corral

    I always thought the word subway art came from the use of train or tram scrolls …it is a roll showing all the destinations of the transportation…usually you can only see the final destination and the front of the train or tram….take a look…

  • Kelly Boran

    I have a question that hopefully someone can help me with. I’m brand new to Silhouette (LOVE IT!!) and I need to make some sweatshirts for a play that I’m a part of (I’m on the production staff).

    I want to use the print/ heat transfer feature. I know I have to start with print and cut so I decided to practice first before I make the actual prints. My Silhouette keeps coming up with the error “Registration Failed”. I’ve been all over the internet trying to read and watch videos to see what I’m doing wrong. I don’t believe it’s my machine.

    Has anyone experienced this and if so what did you do to fix the mistake? I did see one person say, “make sure the registration marks are on the same layer as the cut file” but I’m not sure where to find that. I’ve also seen one person say they use landscape instead of portrait. Help! I don’t have much time left until tech week. Thank you in advance for helping me out :)

  • Diane

    Kerri Bradford’s classes are amazing! She explains things very simply and then you can pause it and practice on your own to make sure you understand it. I like them because I can go at my own pace and rewind/repeat when I need to. They are available 24 hours a day so you can do a lesson whenever you have a little chunk of time. Her classes are very reasonably priced plus she always gives you lots of free goodies to download as well. I HIGHLY recommend them!

  • Samantha

    This is one of my favorite topics! I’ve listened twice. I can’t find the names recommended in the silhouette store. Could you list those?thanks!

  • mjgreer

    Noell, I was wondering if you can share what label set you purchased from the silhouette store.