PRT200 – Birded Out

This week we’re talking different ways to use products!

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  • Gail A

    Can hardly wait to listen! Wahoo — 200th episode! (BTW — I’m the Gail who “accosted” you at CHA when you returned to Amy Tan’s booth to retrieve your mic and this is my first comment, even though I’ve been listening since your first show!) Love you guys!

  • Gail A

    Just finished listening to this episode! Loved it. I was working on 2 cards while listening. One inspired by one of Jennifer’s latest video on ink splatters/bleed technique, the other by a card in the latest Online Card class. Loved listening to all of you describe how to get the most out of our products! It is such a temptation to buy everything we see and like, especially if we’ve seen someone else use it, but it’s so much better to make things with what we already have! Thank you for all you do!

  • PjP

    What a wonderful way to celebrate episode 200! I know that Noell’s a big fan of Jen M (as am I) and I’ve been wondering when Jen would be making an appearance on the show. It’s always great to get two very different people’s perspectives on a topic, so the left brain/right brain contrast between Erin & Jan was perfect. I can’t wait to check out Erin’s Gelli plate video: I’ve had a Gelli plate for a disgracefully long time and STILL haven’t used it. I have seen a pretty good video tutorial about using it on Splitcoast Stampers but I’d love to see Erin’s take on this cool new tool. Thanks again guys (bummer about having to replace the voice processor though).

  • Sandy Baldwin

    Yay! Thanks for picking my post to read!
    OMG I can’t believe how similar to Jen McGuire I am! I’m an engineer too and started out card making because I badly needed a hobby. I’ve pretty much ditched the cards and only scrapbook/PL now. I’m a neat freak and get a ton of satisfaction from having an extremely organised craft space. I can’t work in chaos and I don’t like mess. Anyway, enough about me.
    Some excellent, excellent tips. I got a ton out of this roundtable session. I’ve had a notebook beside me the whole time and diligently been jotting down ideas and inspiration while listening.
    Congrats on the 200th episode too!! Here’s to another 200 please!!

  • KathyinMN

    Just wanted to say thanks. Listen every week-funny how you can do a scrapbooking podcast (without visuals) and make it meaningful. Did want to say i loved Jennifer’s suggestion about how she limits what she buys by trying to think of ways she can use a product. Great tip!

    Thanks for the great job/show you put out every week. Helps to keep me interested in this hobby. Happy 200!

  • LisaDV

    Love Jennifer McGuire’s videos.
    From what I can gather, there was a discussion on Splitcoaststampers a while ago, flexible modeling paste and embossing paste are very similar products. EP is a bit more creamy/fluffy, but essentially it is the same stuff. The same techniques can be done with them. But for those who want to be frugal and try the techniques without the expense, air drying Spackle from the hardware store can be used and you may have some in your painting supplies already. You’ll get a feel for whether the product is for you before buying.

  • April S

    This was a great episode. Lots of new inspiration. And thank you for embedding the notes where they are accessible on mobile devices!

  • Amy

    Thank you, Noell, for your pick of the week and reminding us not to be so quick to compare everyone else’s perfectly framed & cropped shots with our own wide angle views and also, to remember that our wide angle view has the potential to show us something really great. :O)

  • Kim L.

    Just finished listening, and several of Jen McGuire’s comments really resonated with me – those about not getting caught up in what everyone else is doing on blogs, videos, etc., but instead focusing on my own stuff. I spend far too much time reading blogs, watching videos and window shopping the online stores and far too little time actually scrapping. It was a great reminder and a wake up call to just be myself on my pages and to do what I like and what works for me.
    Congrats on episode 200!!! I have gone back and listened to episodes 1 and 2 this week and it was great to see how the show has evolved over the last 4 years!
    Thanks for what you do each week!

  • Jennifer G.

    This was exactly the question that I came to ask as I have not been able to find a discussion about the differences in embossing paste and modeling paste. I have MP and have been thinking of getting EP to just try something new, but didn’t want to waste money if they do exactly the same thing. Any additional information about the similarities and differences would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Kimberley M

    What a great episode! Love hearing from Jennifer McGuire as I’ve been a fan of her work for such a long time. She always provides so much inspiration for my crafting. I had never been to Erin’s blog. I checked it out while listening to the podcast and I LOVE IT!

    Kudos to you Noell and Izzy for always have upbeat interesting guests and great topics. I look forward to every episode!

  • Congratulations on 200 episodes and thank you for providing such amazing inspiration every week!

    I love the idea of the “3 ways to use it rule” for buying products. I do this sort of unconsciously not just for stamps and dies, but also for one-time-use items like patterned paper and embellishments. Unless I’m planning on using the product in its entirety on one page, I make sure that I’ll be able to use it on multiple projects before buying. This keeps me from having tons of themed products in my scraps bin that I won’t be able to re-use!

    Also, thanks for sharing about Project Life Lessons in the sponsor message :)

  • The tooth fairy is really bad at our house too!

  • Mary S

    Happy 200th Nicole and Skippy! :) I’ve listened to every show, and even though I don’t do much scrapbooking any more, I do make a ton of cards, so I especially loved this show. A product that I get a lot of use out of is Stickles, the little bottles of glitter glue. I use it on everything. Thanks for all you do!

  • Leigh Berger Serrie

    I was wondering if it was the same too. I have sen the modeling paste being used with stencils before too.

  • Leigh Berger Serrie

    Congrats on episode 200! I am a bit obsessed with your podcast and have been listening to both the current episodes and also the archives. I do collage/mixed media art journaling. I have found that, stamps and stencils with a random pattern or geometric pattern I use over and over again. That somehow does not compete with whatever papers I am using. Also, that seems to do a better job unifying the background.

  • Terri Cannell

    Congrats on your 200th! I’ve been listening to your podcasts while on the elliptical at the gym (the longer your show, the longer my workout – lolz) and I listen to vegan workout podcasts (Rich Roll and Vegan Body Revolution) while I’m scrapping! Go figure.
    I always enjoy your shows and thank you so much for them. I never tire of them, they’re always fresh and inspiring. Your love of the craft is infectious.

  • Ha ha! Maybe that makes you more balanced and less obsessive??? :)

    Thank you for the kind words!

  • Claire Armstrong

    Help! I download the show through iTunes, but Episode 200 is nowhere to be found! And I have to get my PRT fix!

  • Sometimes I have to go into the title of the show (left column, I think) and right-click it (if I remember right) and ask for it to load more recent stuff. Give that a try…

  • For some reason this episode isn’t showing up on iTunes (accessing it from my phone). I’ve been refreshing and trying again all week, but even now that #201 has shown up, #200 is missing :(

  • It’s on there — it’s showing up in my feed. Try this: Right-click or control-click on the title of the show in the left column. Choose > Refresh Broadcast. I’m not sure why it would skip it and give you the other one, though. So if that doesn’t do it, try clicking around on other things, too, like the Old Episodes button at the top right. I hope that helps!

  • It’s on there — it’s showing up in my feed. Try this: Right-click or control-click on the title of the show in the left column. Choose > Refresh Broadcast. I’m not sure why it would skip it and give you the other one, though. So if that doesn’t do it, try clicking around on other things, too, like the Old Episodes button at the top right. I hope that helps!

  • I’m accessing it directly from my phone, downloading episodes week by week, so there are no buttons to click, sadly. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else was having problems. Oh, I just saw Clare’s comment about having problems too. I wonder if she was also going straight from her phone rather than working through iTunes on the computer…? I can just listen on my laptop.

  • OMG I just clicked the link to see the Fatmax work station (which is very ugly, just as you said) and the “customers who viewed this item also looked at” selection has been totally messed up by us PRT listeners – there were several similar toolboxes, but also Studio Calico tiny wooden heart embellishments and Tim Holtz mini blending tools! Tradesmen are going to be so confused as to why they’re being shown scrapbooking stuff. I really did laugh out loud!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Fantastic episode – thanks! And thanks for the amazing pic of the blog post on Distractify!