PRT199 – Finding a New Rail

This week we’re talking about keeping scrapbooking on rails!

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  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    Oh, and because I can’t seem to stop thinking about this (and leaving comments, haha), I realized that I use rails all throughout my “crafting life.” I recently wrote another post about how I’m trying to stay organized and on track right now:

    Apparently, I like rules ;-)

  • Holy smokes – Stacy was definitely talking about me and outlining my scrapbooking journey! The only part she left out was between Discovery and Imitation, I became a Collector. I bought and bought all the pretty stuff but it took me a couple years to actually be brave enough to use it through imitation! And I just have to say that you (Noell) and Stacy were huge parts of my Discovery phase! I stumbled on Scrapbook Memories when my now 4-yr old was a newborn and I would be up in the wee hours nursing her. Talk about eye opening! I totally felt like Christopher Columbus and loved the new world I had discovered! Once Stacy grabbed my heart and attention, I googled her and found the first PRT episode! Yup, fell in love with Noell and Izzy, too! Of course PRT’s weekly picks aided and abetted my Collector investments :) Thank you so much for a wonderful 200 shows – you really have been instrumental in sharing and teaching us all so much! Cheers to next 200!!!

    With non-schmo love and appreciation,
    Connie Hanks

  • stacyj

    Thanks Jennifer! I enjoyed thinking about my play history and learning how important it is to play — thanks for listening/watching!

  • stacyj

    Exactly. I can’t tell you how often I think about and refer to these stages as I teach online. I can almost tell now which stage someone is in, by the types of questions they ask, or the concerns they have — very interesting!

  • stacyj

    Teri, I’m SO happy you’ve listened to Todd — I was a super fan for about 3 years and I still listen from time to time. He is excellent at explaining creative process related things. GREAT idea for a class topic as well. Please email and share your ideas/work and we’d be happy to consider this!

  • stacyj

    Tiffany — thanks for the link to the article and for your excitement for our #NSD10k — can’t wait!

  • stacyj

    Wow. That is SO nice Jennifer — thank you! I’m pretty sure my children don’t think I’m profound, ha!

  • stacyj

    I LOVE that quote — I’m so glad you found it and shared it here!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    It did!!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I’ve heard of this too but can’t remember either

  • Teri Hartman

    Thanks very much Stacy. I will!

  • krizbee

    I think in general it is easy for someone to get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of scrapbooking. The options for product and resources are endless. It can be hard for a seasoned scrapbooker, let alone someone just getting started! And I think that may be a problem for a lot of scrapbookers – (or at least for me) just the sheer volume of stuff (supplies, blogs, ideas) that is available. And if you don’t know your “style” per se….you can find yourself on a bit of a crafty goose chase.

    During the course of this podcast, I realized that I am a scrapbooker that works well with rails. I like structure, I like formulas. Not that I am not creative, because I think I am, but as I think back on my scrapbook history I realized that things like Becky Higgin’s sketches, Stacy’s Finish Line Scrapbooking (LOVE), and ProjectLife (GENIUS) are things that have really helped me to “Thrive” in this hobby.

    So many nuggets of genius in this episode!

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    Hmm. I thought I left a re-try reply, but I guess it didn’t take the first time! Sorry! Here’s the link again. Thanks so much for trying to check it out :)

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    If you want large quantities (maybe share with a friend?), you can also try a food-supply vendor. I may or may not have just purchased a box of 1000 for a very reasonable price ::blushing grin::