PRT198 – Keeping Scrapbooking Fun, Part 2

This week we’re talking about keeping scrapbooking fun…again!

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  • Hey Paperclippers:

    Any News: My husband and I live and work together so we are together almost all day everyday – and I have to tell him about the “any news” thing – that is funny! For us: we usually email each other when we have “news” or “to do’s” because even though we are together all the time, we are not often alone together – ie. we usually have kids or clients around.

    Either & Y’all: On the linguistic thing (ie. whether Tracy says either or either), did you all see this cool test to figure out where you are from based on how you say things – here is a link:

    For finding sketches quickly: Pinterest is a great way to keep track of your favorite sketches, I have boards arranged by number of photos but also by the types of foundations of pages etc. You can also pin your favorite scrapbook process videos to your Pinterest boards.

    On listening to PRT: I listen via iphone or ipad or your site. I sort of hate using the iTunes thing.

  • Brenda Wilson

    A suggestion for sticker titles similar to Noell’s suggestion of buying multiple packs: do that but buy neutral colour such as white, grey or beige and ink them to the colour that you want for any particular layout.

  • Beth McLaughlin Quiroz

    Hey Paperclipping Nation! Great episode, as usual, but I have to admit I was floored by hearing about people procrastinating putting their layouts into albums. I never realized this could be an issue! Believe me, I am the queen of procrastination and if there is a way to procrastinate, I will find it! My layouts immediately go into a page protector (I use an old American Crafts album to hold all my empty plastics) and then I put them on the ledge of our piano, which sits in a heavy traffic area of our house. Then, after a week or so (or after I stop getting compliments LOL), I file them away in albums. I use Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories system & my albums are labeled so finding the right album to use is a no-brainer.

    I think with organization, finding what works for you is the key. Once you do, things run smoothly. Of course, if you looked at my scrap room right now, you’d laugh at my insight!

  • PjP

    Excellent episode guys! Even the Picks of the Week were informative and really helpful. I particularly like the Bag in Bag tip because I’ve never needed a humungous scrap tote for the rare occasions which require me to schlep scrap crap anywhere (I also hate the extortionate mark-ups on luggage marketed to scrapbookers). Perhaps my own search for the perfect grey pen is nearly at an end, too, although I do intend to journal with mine. If Noell has talked about using two different pen tip sizes for PL journaling before, I missed it, but it sounds like a wonderful way to break up the boiler plate and turn the journal cards into visually pleasing parts of a PL spread. Oh, and Dear Lizzy puffy heart stickers — got ’em, love ’em! (The rest of the episode was great too: I just wanted to say this weeks picks were outstanding).

  • Krystal

    Hey Noell, LOVED LOVED LOVED the double episode. Yes, that much.
    One of the many things that popped into my head while listening was a suggestion for the picture on top of the staple. Do you think adding pop dots to the picture would work to keep the photo from getting indented? The indent would totally bug the sh!t out of me.

  • DeannaDay

    Have to echo Tracy’s pick. I bought one after watching your video on it, Tracy. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for bringing it to scrappers’ attention. I’m going to get another one soon.

  • Charity Donaldson

    A suggestion for the scrapper who didn’t like letter stickers or using diecut letters. Lawn Fawn makes alpha stamps that are designed in a block form so that they are EASY to line up on your acrylic block and therefore easy to stamp successfully. I used to have a hard time stamping letters, but now I just use these!

  • Susan Manohar

    Hi Noell! Loved both of these episodes! I want to echo the previous comment about a double episode, I enjoyed the first one so much, and it really set it up nicely for the second. Did you say that in one of the Paperclipping episodes you talked about adjusting the levels on your photos? Do you know which episode it is? I think I’m 4 episodes behind, so if it’s in one of those, that’s why I don’t remember. Thank you so much!

  • AlisonG

    Hi Noelle- You’ve inspired me to declutter (a task that I loathe) and I’ve found your recent Paperclipping videos about kitting my stash to be very motivating. I’m sitting here with a pile of papers on my lap and two “new kits” started at my feet but I’ve got a conundrum. How do you store these? I typically store in plastic 12×12 accordion files but I’m worried that the smaller pieces/embellishments will get lost. What do you use? Any tips? I’d rather. It spend $ because it’s way more fun to spend the $ on products! Thanks- Alison Girling

  • Cindy_deRosier

    Fun discussion! The part of scrapping I like the least is adhering things down. When I get everything just right, lined up perfectly, exactly how I want it, it is so frustrating to have to pick up each thing, add adhesive, and hope it ends up just like it was 2 minutes earlier.

  • Hey, Alison! I shared a few possibilities, including what I’m doing right now, in a comment at the blog post for one of the two videos. If you’ll scroll down a couple posts you’ll see the posts for those videos. Click on the comments and take a look. Someone had asked the same question in a comment and you’ll see my answer in there somewhere. :)

  • It’s actually a really old episode — I just looked it up and it’s Paperclipping 34 – Working With Levels.
    That’s how long I’ve been using this method. I’ve tried other things here and there and levels is the thing I always come back to because it’s simple while also giving you really good control. I think in this episode I said it takes me 4-5 seconds to do a photo, but then when I edited photos after recording I realized it takes me less time that that. :)

  • Shannan M

    I work out of home three days a week with a long train commute. During work days, I am away from my photo library and supplies but I find it’s a great time to journal. I have a Springpad document set up on all my devices so when a story comes to me I can write it out and scrapbook it later. Separating writing and journalling from the creative process of creating a layout works for me. I also hate measuring, cutting and adhering so that’s why I moved to digital scrapbooking a few years ago. Command Z! (undo!!!)

  • Marilyn Sibblies

    Loved the continuation of the discussion. Izzy, I just wanted to pipe up to share that I TOTALLY think it’s okay to subscribe for a PaperClipping membership for the sole purpose of supporting the Roundtable. I feel zero shame doing exactly that.

    Don’t get me wrong, the video library is amaze, but again… I’m not really a “scrapbooker” regularly completing layouts. The design principles can be extrapolated to card making, mini-books, and pocket scrapping. However, I’m perfectly comfortable renewing my membership just because I love PRT… and don’t feel guilty if I don’t really watch all the videos. Holla!

  • Yeah, that sounds like a good solution! Thx!

  • Not sure if I’ve ever talked about it on PRT before but you can see how it looks when I share my PL pages — sometimes on the blog and sometimes in the Member videos. It makes such a difference!

  • Susan Manohar

    Thank you Noell! I watched it and found it very helpful. Now I need to go back and check out more of the older episodes, there are a lot I didn’t realize that I hadn’t seen. Thanks for always having something new for us to learn :-)

  • Lynn Herrick

    Any chance we can get an episode on shopping? I know that sounds funny, but now that I mostly shop online – I need a strategy. How do people keep track of new product they want and buy it before it sells out? How do you avoid excessive shipping costs? Which sites do people buy from? Why one site over another? If I love a pick of the week, do I just buy and suck up the shipping costs? I don’t like to spend excessively.

    After listening to the show for the past year and watching many, many videos, I have completely streamlined my scrapping process and am thrilled with the results. I finally figured out “my style,” limited my stuff, and understand my preferences. I have an organized office and a great system for project life and general scrapping, but I don’t have a shopping system and I know other people have probably figured this out. If I can’t get an entire episode, any advice is appreciated from PRT listeners. Thanks!

  • That’s a great idea for a topic! Thanks, I’ll add it! :)

  • Katherine Kelley

    Hi Lynn, re: shopping.

    Found this video that I watched the other day. Creationsceecee is the crafter/channel She made a mini notebook that she tracks her supplies and is small enough to carry in her purse. I believe she is on some DT so I’m sure she does have to track quite a bit. While the notebook thing isn’t new, she does have some ideas for tracking certain supplies in a portable way that I hadn’t thought of.

    I also posted my suggestion of taking pics on my cell phone and printing out tiny sticker prints using my ZINK hAppy printer ( for stuff that needs more visual description.

    Noell has lots of postings, PRT, videos that have organization ideas along with the wealth of ideas from the comments but shopping specifically would be interesting to hear how others deal or spend their way to craft heaven…

    Do you have a specified budget for your crafting? Do you keep a wishlist? I keep one based on classes/educ vs supplies. I try to keep a post-it around my computer so I am reminded when I am tempted to buy anything vs my wishlist. Have you ever used the Wish List feature on Amazon that lets you posts items from other sites so your list is all at one place?
    Katie K.

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Just want to tell you all that you seem to have influenced Amazon with your “picks of the week”. The bag in bag now comes up in “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” when I clicked on the link for the Zebra Sarasa Gel Ink Pen. Thanks for making it easy! (although I may check out eBay in case it’s cheaper)
    Love the show!

  • Nicole Hoffman
  • Libby Gordon

    Marilyn I agree! This is why I joined. I’ve been a lurker for a few years and felt the same mind of guilt I feel when I listened to NPR and don’t pledge;)! I like the videos but I don’t have a lot of extra time so I’m not embarrassed at all to say I joined Paperclipping to support the Roundtable. Keep up the great work!

  • Kimberley M

    I have one of these bag in bags in my purse…they are purse organizers. You can find them on Amazon if you search purse organizer. I never thought to use it for scrap booking….what an AWESOME idea! LOVE this idea.

  • You rebel! ;)

    Ha ha, thanks so much for your support and your membership!

  • Oh, I’ve felt that with NPR and This American Life, myself! Thank you for your support and for your membership! :)

  • AmySo
  • Gabrielle McCann

    That notebook is amazing. Thanks so much for posting!

  • geezee

    I have a hint for putting Layouts in Plastic Page Protectors. If you have two layouts that need to go back to back you can pull out the one already in the protector and lay it face down on a plain piece of cardstock then carefully lay the next one face up on top of the first layout. This gives you the chance to line bumpy things up on top of one another straight down instead of sliding. Then cover the face up layout with another plain piece of cardstock. This creates a ‘sandwich that can be slid into the page protector smoothly. Then you pull the plain cardstocks out and the layouts are in all nice and tidy. I realize that some bulky layouts will not work this way but it helps me. All my Layouts are in albums. Been trying to post this comment and Disqus is not recognizing that I am logged in. Bugger! going as a guest now, geezee

  • geezee

    I have a hint for putting Layouts in Plastic Page Protectors. If you
    have two layouts that need to go back to back you can pull out the one
    already in the protector and lay it face down on a plain piece of
    cardstock then carefully lay the next one face up on top of the first
    layout. This gives you the chance to line bumpy things up on top of one
    another straight down instead of sliding. Then cover the face up layout
    with another plain piece of cardstock. This creates a ‘sandwich that can
    be slid into the page protector smoothly. Then you pull the plain
    cardstocks out and the layouts are in all nice and tidy. I realize that
    some bulky layouts will not work this way but it helps me. All my
    Layouts are in albums.

  • Jennifer Gallacher

    I think I am sometimes guilty of not putting my journaling on the layout but then “explaining” it in the description when I upload it. I agree that I need to put that on the layout in the first place as I won’t always be around to share those thoughts.

  • Seems that Disqus has been extra buggy lately. :( Sorry about that. Great tip, though! I’m glad you found a way to post it!

  • Theresa Goulder

    I’m still listening to this show – great as always – but wanted to jot this down while I thought of it. Re: putting pages in albums, I scrap as the inspiration takes me and store my completed pages initially in my Work In Progress album in the order they are done (an old post-bound album). This is the album I share with my crafty friends when they visit so they can see what I’ve been working on recently. When it is full, I grab a glass of wine and settle down to take them all out, sort them into the groupings of my main albums (Stacy Julian’s People, Places, Things We Do and All About Us), then sort them into chronological order (I tried random, but found I was missing seeing the sequence of events, so opted for Shimelle’s approach) . Finally, I grab the appropriate album (labelled with a tag hanging down the spine) and slot them into place amongst the pages I’ve previously filed away. Throughout the process, I enjoy reliving the memories, the pages themselves (possibly looking for lessons learnt to improve my scrapbook pages going forwards – what didn’t quite work and what worked really well) and as I slip them in between my older pages I can enjoy seeing those again too. I do this when I have plenty of time, so it’s not rushed. When I’m done, I’ll note down if I need more albums or page protectors so I can get them ordered in time for when my Work In Progress album fills up again. This has made it fun for me!

  • Kelly Boran

    I’ve been playing “catch-up” with my PRT episodes so my comments are delayed, as is most things with me, lol =)
    Anywho, I just wanted to say I LOVE your video tutorials from the Paperclipping membership!! They are very professional looking and I’ve learned so much from them. Funny, when I’m sitting down to scrap I’m actually thinking in my head of the things Noell has said as far as composition and color and ask myself, “will this work for…” whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish with my page. You guys are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your skills with us =)

  • Thank you for your membership, and for the kind words, Kelly!! I love hearing that you hear my words about composition. :)

  • Sherrie Mallett

    Yes please to this suggestion!! If you could also please address international scrappers, sometimes the only way we can afford to buy from overseas is when they have free int’l shipping which is almost non-existent (or is it?).