PRT197 – Let It Go

This week we’re talking about keeping scrapbooking fun.

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  • PjP

    There were lots of great tips today about dealing with photos, which many people find boring or just over-whelming, but I’d also like to say that “Let it go” is great advice. It is absolutely possible to scrap-book, memory-keep, paper-craft, art-journal — or whatever you want to call it — without photos. For those of us beyond a certain age, sometimes there aren’t any photos of the memory we want to preserve. Those are the times when the fun stuff (whatever that may be for you) can take over, and when creativity can be given free reign, unfettered by the constraints of trying to coordinate product colors and patterns with those in a photo. Photos are great but they should be used in moderation and should never be allowed to take the fun out of anything ;-)

  • Dawn N

    Did Tami say “Butt Awful”? Hilarious. I have only started listening to this episode and had to turn it off so I wouldn’t wreck my car. Too funny.

  • Suzi

    Interested to hear part 2 of the discussion. My two biggest enemies of scrappy fun are 1. “must do” projects and 2. too much outside inspiration.

    I used to only scrap full vacation albums and it got to be such a chore. After my son was born, I just didn’t have time for that and I had so many other stories to tell. Now I just scrap whatever I’m excited about. So I have a specific idea, photos, and story, and the design comes so much easier.

    As for the second, there are so many great resources online that it can be overwhelming and discouraging. There will always be someone out there who uses more embellishments, better design, newer techniques, etc., etc. I am learning to take what I like from all the amazing online crafters but be happy with my style, especially when I am looking at something made by a professional crafter.

  • Gwynn Asbury

    BWAHAHAHA, I thought the SAME thing! I was dying laughing in the car, I am certain I will get pulled over one day and have to explain to the police office driving under the influence of PRT……..

  • I can’t think of anything I don’t like about scrapbooking other than my own lack of design confidence. I am a self-proclaimed scraplifter and usually am totally okay with that. I use the CTMH Workshops on the Go and my family thinks I’m super creative. In the long run, it doesn’t matter that I’m not, because I’m telling my stories and preserving my photos. What’s funny is that I’m super creative when using Studio J. I guess it’s easier to take risks with digi since undo is my friend! I just thought of one thing I don’t like…planning and packing for crops! I love scrapbooking with my friends, but trying to figure out what I’m going to need for a crop makes me not want to go. It’s so much easier to scrapbook at home. Plus, I have built in crop buddies on the PRT!

  • There is nothing that I don’t like about scrapbooking. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing things. I usually do photography related stuff in batches – when I feel like it, I love going through my photos, organising them, and then sending them off to be printed. I usually print at least 100 at a time, so that way I have a whole heap of photos and so when ever I feel like scrapbooking I can because the photos are ready to go.

    I probably don’t have anything I don’t enjoy because if I don’t enjoy it I don’t do it.

    I also find “cleaning up” a little bit fun, because I love the thrill of seeing my stash getting used up. I don’t put much effort into cleaning, and I make cleaning up as easy as possible by having baby wipes and tissues on hand if there is a spill.

  • Jennifer Serrano

    Had to stop the episode and reply to the part of the discussion about printed journaling. I also love the look of printed journaling but hate the work. My solution is I bought an antique typewriter! I love that thing. It is fun to look at and use. I actually don’t mind pulling it out and using it. It also gives my printed journaling a fun look with some imperfections. I found mine on my local Craig’s list for $50. Well worth the investment.

  • vintageplaid

    I agree about the outside inspiration. I find that it is possible to travel from blog to blog (or YouTube video) getting inspired, but unless I take one idea and use it I end up frustrated. I have more ideas than I can ever accomplish in one lifetime, so I am learning to restrict myself to my favorite few teachers and blogs because it is more manageable. It is so much fun to look at what a lot of people are creating, but that cuts into *my* fun creative time which in the long run is healthier for me and also more fun!

  • vintageplaid

    Windex also works for cleaning up a Ranger craft mat or other work space that can handle it. I learned this tip in a Heidi Swapp class and so it works particularly well for things like Color Shine. Antibacterial hand wipes and Windex wipes are good for quick clean ups. And baby wipes. I am a messy crafter so I buy them by the case.
    I am working on making the decision making part more fun, because that would be where I lose the joy. I love having choices, but I am working on knowing when to Let It Go and not make a big deal about what embellishment to stick down. #iammybiggestcritic

  • Beth McLaughlin Quiroz

    I can totally relate to the “I hate to clean” sentiment. I have ADD and sometimes I am so mentally drained after completing a layout or my weekly PL spread that the thought of putting everything away is just overwhelming. So, I leave it and the next time I’m inspired to scrap, I have to either work around my mess or clean everything up first. It’s not a very productive system.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I’d be interested in finding out about the CTMH thing that you use. I”m not super-creative either. I’m more than happy to scraplift or use a sketch.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    OMG such a great idea! Love this.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I relate to that as well … one big benefit of not having an actual craft room any more is that I really do need to put stuff away – or risk the dining room looking like a bomb hit!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Yes, totally agree on the inspiration … sometimes I have to force myself to stop looking and sit down to actually scrapbook

  • Gabrielle McCann

    This was such a great episode. It’s so great to hear more of Ana – I love that she’s so in love! And May and Tami are always fun and funny! I find myself not scrapping as much as I used to and I keep trying to put my finger on why … I think a big part for me is that I used to scrap at night after my son went to bed. He’s now 11 and going to bed later – so that I don’t stay up that much later after him. I think I need to give myself permission to scrap during the day. I work 3 days a week outside the home and often use the other 2 days as admin days at home. But I think I need to let myself take a few hours on one of the days to get some scrapbooking done.
    Also, on another note, I’ve taken several of May’s classes since she launched her own website and they’re fantastic – really good value for money and she keeps on adding more and more videos. I think the Stencil class has around 10 projects now!

  • ldmccarty

    I know you hear this a lot. Prepare yourselves to hear it again. Noell and Izzy, you two are such a gift to this industry/hobby/passion of ours. I don’t know what I would have done w/o the PRT these last years – when I’m feeling like I want to listen to something fun, silly, informative, sensible. You’re like old friends and I am SO SO grateful (and a member – as it’s a tangible way to show my thanks).

    If I ever could explain to non-scrapping friends how many amazing, sad, hilarious things are discussed in this “scrapbooking” podcast, they’d not believe it. From memories, to memory loss, to how to deal w/recording/remembering the bad times, to gender norms, to CHA shows – your coverage is PHENOMENAL!!!!!

    For this episode, I wanted to make a few specific comments. I am one of those elusive creatures, like leprechauns and unicorns – the “caught up” scrapper. And listening to May, Tami, Ana and you, I had to say “exactly” so very many times. I am “caught up” because I got rid of all the obstacles keeping me from making progress. I don’t plan (like Ana and Noell). I print almost all my photos 4×6. I batch print. I don’t use sketches – just use what I have and make it work (that’s the fun part for me).

    I used to love looking at designs, sketches, youtube videos, etc., but in the end they slowed me down. Now, I still look once in a while, but the most important thing to me is to get the photos in the book, get the notes/journalling down, and have fun. I stopped obsessing about how to print in different sizes, or use tons of post-processing, or lots of techniques. I still like to play and learn new things, but it’s OK w/me if most pages are technique-free, w/ 4×6 photos and simple journaling. The photos are in the book and that makes me happier than the most beautiful technique.

    So, find out what works for you, ruthlessly cut what doesn’t and get your memories on your pages. Have fun!

  • Beth McLaughlin Quiroz

    I used to scrap in my dining room. It’s not a coincidence that my new scrap room is in the basement. LOL :)

  • Gabrielle McCann

    LOL! Sadly when we moved from a house in Australia to an apartment in Hong Kong, space and a room was something I had to forgo!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Wow, that is so cool that you have really narrowed down what works for you and that you go with it!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Great show and lots of great tips for keeping it fun. :) For me the “boring” part is also printing the photos. I like to have various sizes and to decide as I get my idea for my layout so there’s no printing ahead of time. I print at home though. I’m like Ana, I can’t believe that some scrapbookers don’t print at home. The wait would kill me…and my ideas, my creativity and the fun of being able to be spontaneous. Anyway, my way of doing regarding the photos is to edit the photos I need when I need them (I do that with Lightroom) and to print them through Photoshop all at once. Once I decide of my layout and the size of the pictures, really, it’s fast.

    As for cleaning, I do exactly what Tami said: put on a good podcast (the only good podcast I listen too is this one, of course!! So I listen to them 20 times and I don’t mind if I miss a word or so) and put the things back where they belong. Often, the act of cleaning gives me so much inspiration and ideas, that when I’m done cleaning, in the middle of the night, I start a layout. :) That’s FUN!

    Like you Noell, some times I struggle with where to put little left overs. I’m still trying to figure out a good system. We are moving in a couple of months so I hope to review my system right now and put the things at the right place when I’m in my new home and new studio. But for now the left over are separated in empty boxes from my Project Life Studio Calico kits. One contains labels and tags, the other contains die cuts and pieces that represent something (flowers, animals, words, etc.), the other box has everything I can use to add layers (very small pieces of card stock on which I can’t write, glassine envelopes, clear layers of all sorts). These boxes are staying on my table so often I find myself diving in there instead of getting up to dig in my paper or embellishments collection.

    Before I finish my comment, I wanted to say thank you for taking a whole show for my question about scrapping with little kids. It was very helpful and I loved that Ashli Oliver and Ruth were the two guests that day. I found the discussion interesting and had some more thoughts on the subjects and a comment I read from a listener after the show really resonated with me. She was saying something like her kids had begged her to not shower. You know, I am a stay at home mom. I am always home with my kids. They have they little art table (and PLENTY of craft supplies) right in my studio, and I do scrapbook and paint with them, and do art next to them and you know, I think it’s just never enough. They always want more than what I give. So I kind of was able to keep that in mind for the past 2 weeks and it helped me a lot.

    One last thing, I don’t expect Izzy to read this comment on the show (I hope not) and if he does, I apologize in advance for every places I wrote the sentences in disorder so that he couldn’t pronounce a phrase or a word correctly. ;) I’m good at writing on a scrapbook page. A good comment, it’s something else.

  • RitaQ

    OK… am the only geek out in podcast-land that doesn’t know where the ’emoji’s’ are on their iPhone? I know I’m old, but not usually a slow learner, & I have NO idea where these little babies are on my phone. An App?
    I’m still using :) … please help me!
    ps… thanks for making all those dog walks, bike rides & runs fun.

  • Dallas Freyer

    I loved this episode! I think y’all should all be the Funnest Scrapbooker. I listen to this podcast on my drive to and from work and was literally laughing out loud. There were a couple of things I’d like to ask about: Noel, could you respond with how you edit your photos? It seemed so simple and I’d love to see if I can do the same thing. I have a selphy printer and love using it for pictures and journeling. Second, not sure who said they use Pic Tap Go, but I did download it and would like to know more about editing with that as well. Thanks for such great episodes week after week. I really feel happy when listening and more connected to the scrapbooking community I love so much!

  • fancyscrapper

    I thought it was May, but had the same reaction. I would never have thought of that description, but it cracked me up! (pun totally intended)

  • fancyscrapper

    Hi Rita! Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, then there should be another keyboard option to “Add New Keyboard.” You should find it there. Lots of fun!


  • Bethany Rielage

    Gabrielle, here’s a link for more information about CTMH’s Workshops on the Go. They offer lots of different options and they’re great for getting pages done without needing to be super creative on your own :-)

  • Fatima M.

    Such a great episode and great comments here. All I have to add is that I think maybe this episode should actually be named, “Izzy Said Duty”. :0)

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Thanks for that Bethany … looks right up my alley!

  • Charity Donaldson

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who HATES the cleanup part! Having my current scrap area in the dining room means it’s more picked up than it used to be when I had a room just for creating… oh well. Anyway I’m so excited that May shared that discount code and wanted to say that I did use that link to buy the only class there that I hadn’t taken yet… and I am SO HAPPY that I did… but as an fyi the discount IS automatically applied but it doesn’t show up until checkout. Hope this helps anyone who was wondering about it!

  • RitaQ

    ????Thank you so much!