PRT194 – Stacy Green

This week we’re talking about using color in scrapbooking!

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  • rosann

    Ughhh. I certainly did not mean to use notoriety incorrectly. Thanks for correcting me on that. I didn’t know it had a negative connotation. :)

  • Michelle Tercha

    Thanks for doing a show about color. I am very color challenged. It can take me weeks to make one layout because I am going back and forth trying to figure out if I am doing the right thing. This helped. Good luck with the launch of your new class. It sounds interesting and fresh. Michelle t

  • Siri Astrid Reenskaug Fjørtoft

    I’ve not listened to the show yet, I’ve just got a question. I have this memory (it might have been a dream), of an app that helps you remeber what scrapbook supplies you’ve got. I’m sure I heard someone talking about taking a photo/scanning the barcode on their Thickers and the app would find a photo of your thickers and organize it in the app. It sounds like a dream, I hope it is not! Help?

  • Amy Muse

    This is so off topic of color and more of mind wandering after the discussion of pocket pages. I have been cognizant of the fact that many big box stores, publications and manufacturers are actually owned and operated by men.
    Sure women are definately involved and have major roles in many facets of the industry, but it seems when you look at the top 10% of the “pyramid”, men still dominate. Interesting when so few men actually USE the products sold. (Izzy, I know you do your own Project Life and I applaud husbands and men like you!! Aaarrrggghhhh, I’m a real man, argh.)
    Anyway, it just strikes me that there is this inequality in the Leadership of companies that are clearly sustained by a vast majority of women. With that, I whole-heartedly applaud Stacy J, Noell and even Glitter Girl for being women able to find a way to be their own boss and make a living! Whoot-whoot! Discouraging that the real money is still being paid to men.

  • TracyBzz

    I love using colour also. Sometimes I can be quite monochromatic, but not with neutrals, with colour! That’s when I like to use a coloured cardstock background. Or else it is just white or kraft background.
    I’ve been listening sporadically lately, random episodes to catch up. Anyway I’ve noticed in a few episodes, and this one, that there is a distracting clicking background noise. Someone typing maybe? Makes me want to turn off the episode.

  • Dawn F.

    I’ve listened through twice and enjoyed each time! The episode made me think how I use color and what my “go to” colors are. I realized I need more color in my life! I always enjoy hearing Stacy J. and her take on the topic at hand. I hope you have Lisa Dickenson on more-I’ve come to look forward to her videos on Two Peas and enjoy her discussion on PRT as well. By the way, a previous commenter mentioned the clicking noise-I heard it as well- not annoying enough to turn off the recording as I thought I was hitting my clicker on the ipod! I listen in the night when I can’t sleep so am always laying on my ipod and hitting various buttons. Anyway, thanks for another great episode!

  • Jennifer Larson

    Thanks for a terrific show! I always love listening to Stacy talk about color, and I enjoyed hearing Lisa talk about her design process for using color.

    Just one quick note about the color of the year–I see this color all the time while I’m watching the Olympics on TV, so the perfect time to use radiant Orchid could be on a PL spread or Olympics layout about watching the Olympics this year. That, or on a project documenting a love of Frozen–that color seems to pop up a bit there too. My two cents.

  • I didn’t think it just popped up a bit in Frozen. Frozen was drenched in Radiant Orchid. It seemed like it was in every single frame to me! :)

  • Courtney M

    I haven’t used it, because it’s iphone only, but there’s an app called scrapbooker that I heard about for organizing supplies. I don’t know if there’s a barcode feature, because I’m on android.

    I do know some scrappers keep track of supplies using evernote.

  • Julia

    I wanted to cheer out loud at the mention of the potential “scrapbook on the rails” episode with Stacy and Jennifer, yes, pleeeezzzze! I loved everything Stacy was saying about freedom within a framework, and agree heartily. When I first began scrapbooking, I felt very empowered because of the great systems that were in place…I could even name Simple Scrapbooks as being one of those great tools. Creative Memories, Becky’s sketches, the guides from CTMH…all of those things were like a great launching pad that lent a foundation to the page, and then the artistic touches could just skyrocket. But then it felt like, to me anyway, that, in the heyday of publications, everyone was trying to be so original and artistic….and, yeah, that attitude of “do whatever you want”, that we lost the ease of working in a plan. In a way, it seems like the result is that the pendulum has swung hard back in the other direction in the form of Project Life, which, if you think about it, is almost forced placement design (not a criticism, just observation). Wow, would this ever be an interesting discussion! Please bring it…???

  • Shirley Martin

    I really enjoyed this episode as color is my go-to scrapbook
    inspiration… not so much picking out colors that are in the photos but
    colors that fit the mood/theme of my stories. Because I take a lot of
    outdoor photos, I love to use blue, green, brown/kraft and combinations
    of these colors (with a pinch of yellow, orange or red used as an accent
    color) on my layouts. However, I do not like to use themed papers and
    most of these color combos appear in either outdoor or boy themed papers.

    My question is why do you think scrapbook manufacturers produce an
    inordinate amount of warm color papers in all types of generic prints,
    but cool color papers are mostly themed? Do you think this is based on
    their own market research, or are they just going along with what
    everyone else is doing? I just find this very frustrating.

  • Thank you! What’s interesting is that you see this in the dance world as we’ll. An overwhelming majority of dancers are female, yet there are more male choreographers and directors. Part of that is because males are so rare that we privilege them with scholarships to their classes, and they always get a prominent part. It’s particularly like this in the ballet world where competition is so fierce and girls usually have to be submissive to be chosen, rather than leaders. The males don’t.

  • I choose color by mood, too. My main concern with the coloring of the photo is that the color enhances the photo rather than emphasize something weird. But I rarely try to actually use color in the photos.
    As for your question abt themes – I’m a little confused because you named warm colors, not cool ones. Did you mean the opposite? But despite that, red and baby blue are the only colors I find that are more available themes. I find the other colors in non-themed papers all the time. Maybe you’re thinking of specific versions of those colors, though. Do you have examples of colors you wish we’re available without themes? (Ie. is there a themed line that has the clots you want that you can point us to?) I’m curious to know what exactly you mean.

  • Kelley Petrie

    YAY !!! I love episodes about color. And any with Stacy. AND I’m about 99.7% sure I want to officially change my name to Kelley Green. Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but it’s motivating me to study for my test tomorrow so that I can !!

    Shout-out to Stacy who inspired me to sort my supplies by color, since that’s how I scrap. :)

    Kelley ‘Green’ Petrie

  • Cathie Reed

    That is very interesting, Noell. I would have thought that because the dance world is populated by so many talented women that many of the prominent positions would be held by women. It’s interesting to note that women have to fight for success whether the industry is male-dominated or female-dominated. With that, I add my applause to Amy Muses and cheer for you and all the other women working in the scrapbooking/crafting/maker industry.

  • Shirley Martin

    I’m sorry if my long rant was confusing, Noell. Hopefully, I can clarify what I was trying to say earlier.
    With my outdoor photos, I like to use cool papers such as green and blue and team them up with brown. What I have a hard time finding are non-themed papers with combos of these colors: green/brown, blue/brown, green/blue and green/blue/brown. The collection that comes to mind that had these combos and that I loved using in my Oregon Trail album was MME’s So Sophie Charming.
    Unfortunately, most green/blue/brown combo papers are “Happy Campers” or “The Great Outdoors” type of collections and feature critters, trees, tents,… (patterns I do not choose to use). I would rather have stripes, geometrics or organic prints to work with.
    Regarding what I said about warm colors: I might add a pinch of a warm color such as red/orange/yellow on a layout just to add a little pop, but these would only appear as a small strip of paper or washi or a couple of small embellishments.
    Does this make more sense? I’m sorry for the confusion.

  • Oh, yes! Now that I understand which clot combos you mean, I totally agree with you. I think you’re right about that.

  • Kelley Petrie

    That combo is one of my favorites to work with! Bo Bunny had a line, Welcome Home, that uses brown/blue/green. It’s one of my all time favorite lines and I find it easy to work around the ‘home theme’.

  • Shirley Martin

    I know exactly which collection you’re referring to, Kelley. I didn’t buy it because I thought it was too Home/Family oriented, but I remember thinking how beautiful it was.

  • LisaDV has an app. If you have an iphone Or you can use your desktop. Not sure if it’s available for android. It’s free and it’s awesome. Go read about it.

  • LisaDV

    So glad to see Lisa Dickinson on the panel today. I love the way she uses pattern paper and color. I’ve even given her, her very own pinterest board. I hope she’ll be a panelist in the future too.

    2 people have mentioned clicking, but I don’t recall hearing any. I did listen with ear buds on my iphone.

  • Stacy Julian

    I love the name Kelley Green — how fun would that be? This made me think how grateful I am that I didn’t marry a Mr. Brown, because that would NOT make me happy, Stacy Brown, ha!

  • Stacy Julian

    Let’s do it!

  • Stacy Julian

    The clicking (clearly on my end) was a total bummer. I’ll email Izzy and find out how to fix this. I think I need a new microphone!

  • Stacy Julian

    Tracy, it’s totally me! must fix.

  • KelliK

    Definitely heard it and it drives me batty. Sorry.

  • Shimelle Laine

    Totally just jumping here randomly, but something caught my attention about this and I think it might be that you’re seeing those colours in just the themed collections right now due to what colour trends are doing outside scrapbooking right now. If I think back far enough, there was a time when there were lots of olive greens and browns and navy blues mixed together in clothing lines and it was a popular colour scheme for redecorating a living room, etc – and at that same time, those colours appeared in collections that were just pattern and texture, no theme – things like Wild Asparagus from My Mind’s Eye come to mind, and a pack of all olive patterns with watercolour designs by Provo Craft was a big item in the year or two before that collection. But I can’t think of the last time I saw a display of olive blazers at the store or noticed a neighbour repainting in those colours – instead the colour trends have headed toward that less foresty colour scheme of orchid, turquoise, crisp pinks, etc. I think there would be some definite thought from the designers and manufacturers – whether their workflow be to purposely pick up on the ‘on trend’ colours because they would lead to more sales or without that analysis, just the tendency for a designer to work more with the colours he or she is seeing in the world. :) But sorry to only have a possible explanation and not an awesome answer to the predicament part!

  • Elise Thomasset

    This is in response to the discussion about finding your scrapbooking style especially when you don’t know what that is. I am fairly comfortable now with my style, but I like to start with structure from a teacher or class, like Stacy described, i.e. “This is what works for me.” Last summer I took Stacy’s class called i.Scrap. This was so interesting because she gave VERY specific instructions for the materials on each page of a small 20-page album. It was just enough exploration of gathering materials, ideas and techniques without being overwhelming. I was entertained by her instructions to “Trust me, just try it this way!” especially when I picked up paint and a sponge brush… That was so not me! But I loved the results, it’s one of my favorite scrapbooks.
    I think starting with the structure of a scrapbook system and/or taking a class can be very helpful as a starting point to find a comfortable style of memory keeping.
    Thanks for your in depth discussions on the Roundtable!

  • Janet

    I so made a mistake when I didnt sign up for the Right Brain/Left Brain Workshop. Reason: my left brain was in high gear convincing me I should stick to my budget. And now my right brain is so-o-o sad. Wonderful show, as always.

  • Ha ha ha! I’m sorry — I should probably empathize with you, but your comment is so funny! :)

  • Shirley Martin

    Shimelle~ I agree with your assessment of manufacturers following “on trend” colors every year. I’m just not sure that is the wisest thing for them to be doing — to go all in with a color that most scrapbookers will find very difficult to use (I’m thinking of Radiant Orchid right now). I think it would make more sense to offer graphic/organic patterns in colors that are more commonly used in layouts (and again, I’m thinking of universal outdoor colors of blue, green and brown). I did a Google search today of “blue green brown patterned papers”. I was amazed at the plethora of digital patterned paper collections in these colors. It sure made me jealous of digital scrappers!

  • Totally found myself cracking up over, “This is what we’re going to do from now on.” I swear, that’s the homeschool plan every few weeks.

  • I love that project too!

  • Elise Thomasset

    Wendy, I should have mentioned how much of a component color was in this project. Choosing the color that made me happy was an interesting process. I spent time just walking around the store with different shades of blue and green until I felt sure of the blue that was right for me. That was a process that removed words, and relied on the emotion the color evoked in me. So interesting!!

  • ldmccarty
  • I was really intrigued by the mention of cool versus warm photos! Sometimes I find myself struggling with this, how to edit… when I do fiddle around, it is usually to push to the cool side, because of all the yellow lighting indoors!

  • I didn’t get to watch the Olympics this year very much but when I did the most stunning thing to me was how much Radiant Orchid there was which made we wonder – did they Olympics choose that color because of Pantone or did Pantone choose it because the Olympics had already chosen it? I’d love to know the chicken or egg on that one.

  • Me too – this is me on just about everything.

  • Lisa Dickinson

    Thanks for listening Dawn! I think color is what makes scrapping fun for me – finding combos and that perfect complement to favorite photos! It’s one of my favorite parts of the process!

  • Lisa Dickinson

    thanks jennifer! and you’re right – those two events are very orchid-heavy! :)

  • Lisa Dickinson

    Hi Lisa! thanks so much for listening (and i’m so flattered you gave me a pin board – wow!)

  • Pantone looks at these types of big events to determine the color of the year. And the planning for the Olympics would have started LONG before Pantone’s announcement. So I feel quite sure that the Olympics color choice came first. Pantone was probably influenced by the planning that was happening for the ceremonies.

  • LOL! =)