PRT189 – Latest, Greatest Cemetery Gates

This week we’re talking about electronic die cutting!

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  • AmySo

    Hi. I’m commenting a little bit late, but there is a week-long blog series on WCS on using the Silhouette that starts right here:
    Just thought I’d share.

  • Angela Daly

    I loved this topic, please have more of this subject, ways to create, weld, use fonts, download cutting files, etc, so much to learn

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I just wanted to chime in about the decision to make a photobook (with Shutterfly) versus a scrapbook (part or whole), even though this was quite a while ago. I listen in the car and made notes, but haven’t spent much time on my computer lately.
    I make a photobook when I have a lot of photos that go together, especially if many of them need to be resized or cropped. I’ll also do them for gifts/multiple copies, using templates to make it faster.
    I make scrapbooks or pages when I have memorabilia I want to include, photos are from another source/already printed, and when I have strong emotions attached to the photo(s).
    I’ve been using pocket-page scrapping to take care of the smaller, everyday moments and to quickly get a whole bunch of photos into an album if I can leave most of them at 4×6 or 3×4. I have a template to slide in 2 3×4 photos and print at home on my SELPHY. I also like Cathy Zielske’s 4×6 template for mini collages.
    Great show as always!

  • Michelle Fridley Wilson

    I NEED to tell you what I do for my photo books! So, I have heard all about project life from the Round Table over the years, and I really wanted to do it. However, when I sit down with my paper and scissors, I want to get creative! And, to me at least, the project life pages, although gorgeous, do not lend themselves well to creativity. So, I have been doing my project life on Shutterfly! Once every week or two, I upload my pics from my phone, drop them into my ongoing photo book, and I make a two page layout for each week of the year. In January, when they have the 50% off sale, I order my book. They are lovely, it is easy, and my kids can look up anything in the books to remember dates of things that have happened. Now, when I want to scrapbook, I can sit down and tell my stories and make pretty pages without worrying about timelines or missing information, because THAT is in the Project life book!