PRT188 – Embrace the Sap

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking thoughts for the new year!

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  • Words are powerful and I love using words that help me clarify my intentions! “Storyteller” is one I’ve loved to call myself, and also “Photojournalist” for my own life and for my family, since that word also means you’re telling the story.

  • Still waiting on that code. Sent a 2nd email. Sorry, it’s probably hard coming back from the holiday!

  • Thank you for your forgiveness! :) And thank you for the kind words, too!

  • 1. Yes! And videos, too!
    2. This weekend through next Tuesday! Our videos will start Saturday late morning (if technology is on our side)! :) 3. I’m excited to see what the trends are, and also to see some of Cosmo Cricket’s new tissue paper and other unusual items!

  • Sandy

    After listening to this episode, my family went to the movies to watch Frozen for the second time. Two things were on my radar – looking out for Rapunzel & Flynn Rider (my 5 year old found her without prompting!) – and looking out for the colour of the year (it did appear in many different ways!) Such different eyes with which to watch a movie. Thanks for the extra bit of fun inspiration for my movie-watching.

  • vintageplaid

    Seeing Radiant Orchid everywhere! I noticed that some of the ESPN analysts for the National Championship college football game on Monday night were sporting orchid ties with their gray suits. Looked very spiffy, too! Also noticed on an Indianapolis TV station the news anchors were both wearing it–the female in an orchid sweater and the male an orchid tie. Now I won’t be able to *stop* seeing it!!

  • vintageplaid

    I love your CHA videos and always look forward to them. They are always so much fun and so well done. I often refer to them later in the year, too, when making purchasing decisions.
    Also love when you do a PRT from CHA. The laughter and enjoyment is always such a spirit lifter–especially since we will are still digging out in the Midwest from the Blizzard of ’14!

  • Great episode as usual. One question, Are Izzy’s daily videos published somewhere? I didn’t see it on his IzzyVideo youtube channel. Can you at least publish a few so we get an idea? I want to do weekly or monthly videos of my two little ones.


  • I love purple! It’s just so hard to find the perfect purple. I think sometimes people associate purple with little girls/princess pink and purple palette. Muted purple is so elegant, understated and calming but it’s impossible to find. A few years back Restoration Hardware had the most perfect purple shade bedding but they quickly stopped it. Ever since I’ve been on the search for the right purple shade for the bedding, and I haven’t found any. Hopefully now that purple is the new color, designers will push wider varieties of purple! I for one am very excited.

  • haha, I was going to recommend it too!

  • Izzy didn’t want to mix personal video with family video so he started a different YouTube channel for the (almost/not quite) daily videos. Here it is:

  • Robin Gale Conlin

    Just wanted to thank you for a great episode. I am loving the HeyDay app. A big thanks to Ana for picking it!
    I also can’t believe how much that Radiant Orchid is everywhere. All the woman wore some shade of purple in the Downton Abbey Premiere and they did a challenge with it on Project Runway All Stars!