PRT187 – The Okra, The Fruitcake, or Elvis

This week we’re talking about daily scrapbooking in December!

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  • Ha! My husband and sister-in-law will be thrilled that the okra got into the title of the show!! Now I HAVE to make a scrapbook page about it!

    Had so much fun today – thanks for having me :)

  • Blupixy

    I laughed when you talked about making things happen so you have something to document in a December Daily album, because I totally do!
    We have “advent boxes” (it was a kit Stampin’Up! had a few years back) that are little take out boxes with the numbers on them. Inside each is a surprise. My kids are young, but some of the boxes have “coupons” for new Christmas books, coloring books, craft days, Christmas movie days, bake cookies, ice cream party, Christmas socks, look at lights, and more. This almost guarantees that there is always something to document, even if it is only what is in the boxes.
    Love listening to your podcast! Thanks for another great episode!

  • Gwynn Asbury

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode, and I already have things to chime in about….. I was so delighted to see that Katie was on this weeks show, she’s so fun when she leaves comments and just as fun in live action!

    Noelle – you mentioned talking about having an episode on scrapbooking the painful in our lives and I got really excited about this. I have so many thoughts about this and I can’t even find a place to begin, that’s how excited I am about the possibility of hearing an episode on this subject.

    I’ll be back to post more I am sure once I finish the episode!

  • Gwynn Asbury

    Okay, so I finished listening to this episode this morning while delaying my long commute and I loved it. I have never really seen the appeal to a December Daily, seems like a lot of extra work to me….. AND to be honest, I struggle with Christmas for a lot of reasons. Despite all that, I got a lot of inspiration of things to share about the holiday season and to even keep my husband and I on track to creating new and meaningful family traditions that our own families did not have. It was so much fun to hear everyone chime in about how their december daily is and is not really a daily venture for 30 days. It helped to change my perspective on projects like this and really empowered me to figure out ways to incorporate more into my scrapbooking other than a photo of our tree for that year!

  • Layle Koncar

    Thanks so much Noell and Izzy for my first Roundtable – thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  • Thank YOU! We loved having you on and hope to have you back again in the future!!

  • Sharon

    After this episode, I am so excited to share my method of doing December Daily, 30 Days of List, and December Photo A Day all together and stress free. I’ve never participated in any of these challenges and couldn’t imagine doing a separate album for each. I am using an iOS app called Daily Notes. I’ve created a tab for each challenge and within each tab there is an entire years calendar. You can journal and add photos to each day for each challenge. It has been so fun documenting this way and it’s so simple I’m able to keep up. I’ve already added a fourth tab to start a gratitude journal in 2014. I believe the app was $4.99.

  • Awesome. Are you also putting it all in an album at the same time?

  • Kathleen Kibblehouse

    Another great episode! So many ideas for the holidays AND BEYOND! After doing December Daily and Journal Your Christmas, this year I decided to keep notes, ephemera, and photos in a divided accordian file (smallish – like the kind you used to use for cancelled checks). I also bought a Christmas paper collection I love and set it aside.
    Since I’m an empty nester, I look forward to using my file of goodies, printed photos from our phones – along with my new paper collection (and by “collection” I mean To Stella From Stella goodies I bought for my play) and I will spend time between Chistmas Day and New Years putting together my holiday album 2013 with no stress or deadline. We’ll see how it goes, but for now it takes the daily pressure off, but I’m still taking time at the end of each day to reflect on what’s happening and remarkable.
    So happy to be a member now and look forward to spending quality time with Noell’s show in 2014.

  • krizbee

    I have just listened to episode 186 & 188 back to back. I had been feeling a bit blah about documenting december, but now I am so inspired and ready to get working on my album again.

  • Stephanie F.

    Thank you for another wonderful show! I enjoyed all the panelist and I was especially happy to see Ashli Oliver back on. I love her blog and how she simplifies her process. My wheels are turning and the ideas shared on this episode are enough to keep me busy for awhile. Merry Christmas!

  • rosann

    When I miss a picture or didn’t have much to photograph, I take a selfie or just tell my son to pose. He’s like Pavlov’s dog with the camera. I say pose and what I get is anyone’s guess. So those are my 2 backups.

  • Brenda Wilson

    If you are numbering pages and don’t have anything for a particular number, you could just make a list of that many items. Obviously it’s a bit easier when you’re working with a single rather than double digit date, but you could list things like favourite Christmas baking, memborable gifts that you’ve given or received in past years, songs you like (or would prefer to not have to hear playing everywhere during December), things that are on your table at Christmas dinner. I believe Ella Publishing (now available at Big Picture Classes) has a Christmas Lists ebook/download that could provide a bunch of ‘Plan B’ list prompts for those days/dates that you either don’t have the time or are lacking content ideas. Thanks for another fun show.

  • Saire

    I made my first December Daily in 2010,making my second this year. To simplify I used Cathy Zielske’s free printable December tag and backed the tags with patterned paper, printed my photos at home in wallet size.

  • Listening and loving the show as I make cards for a swap with my Scrap Happy sisters :) I had to comment about that it’s okay to jump around on the days / photos / journaling – that people won’t know if it was the 3rd or 6th or 14th, etc. It made me think about some of the photos I have which I love, but the story I might journal on a layout certainly does not include the story of what it sometimes took to get the shot! My girls are adorable, and even though they’re used to the camera always being out (I’m a photographer), by no means are they always in the mood for their close-up, Mr. Demille! It’s all about making the photos and stories get down on paper, and it’s okay if the icky minutia doesn’t make it in and gets left out : )
    Merry Christmas, happy holidays and thanks again for another fabulous year of shows! Off to finish listening and get going on my card-making!
    Connie Hanks

  • Thanks Gwynn :)

  • The Take-Aways for Documenting December / December Daily*:

    1. Do Your Own Thing: You get to decide if you want to document December in a daily way or some other way – like a couple times a week or just when you have a story. You get to decide your album format be it 12×12, 8×8, 6×8, handmade or even on tags in a file folder like Ashli Oliver aka Soaphouse Mama; or in pocketed or Project Life pages like Noell Hyman.

    2. Take Photos of Ornaments: Take pictures of your favorites, the homemade ones, the new ones, the ones that belong to relatives but are special to you, and even the hated ones like Elvis and Okra. And tell the story of why that particular ornament is special to you. If you don’t have a photo of the ornament – google search for an image that is similar and use that for the photo to go along with your story.

    3. Limit Your Supplies: Whether you buy a December Daily kit or make your own, gather supplies together before December so that during December you are pulling items from the kit for your December Daily album. Focus on the stories and photos / or focus on techniques – whatever makes you happy.

    4. Use Grids: For example you can use washi tape to create a grid and use the openings for embellishments, journaling, or photos “punched” out faces of your friends and family from photo Christmas Cards.

    5. Glitter: Use December scrapbooking as an excuse to use lots of glitter like Layle Koncar – mother of teenaged boys – does. Make a confetti pocket – do something fun and different in the way of embellishments.

    6. Limit Your Time: Katie Scott (that’s me) video tapes her December Daily process because it gives the limitation of time – there is an urgency to get it done quickly so that the video isn’t too long – usually between 15-40 minutes. To keep up with a daily December scrapbook project, if you give yourself short deadlines, you can get your pages done. Don’t fret too much about where stuff goes – practice some speed scrapbooking.

    7. Make Your Family Participate: Hand out some Project Life or other 3×4 journaling cards to your family and have them do the journaling for you.

    8. Large Photos: An easy way to make a page is to print a photo in a larger format. Try using Google’s Picasa or Photoshop Elements to type your journaling onto the negative space in the photo.

    9. Make Stuff Happen: If nothing is happening – do something! Think Reality TV. Make some memories. And then scrapbook your adventures.

    10. Plan for Scrapbooking in 2014: Consider using the Paperclipping Roundtable 10% off discount link for classes at Big Picture from Ali Edwards’s “31 Things”; Becky Higgins “Project Real Life”; and/or Stacy Julian’s “Inspired Scrapbooking”.

    * December Daily is a scrapbook album concept created by Ali Edwards; see more on her blog:

    P.S. I do this sort of “Take Away List” sometimes during the Masterful Scrapbook Design Office Hours.

  • Gwynn Asbury

    Okay, so yet ANOTHER post! After listening to the episode, I was really inspired to give the December Daily thing a try. I convinced hubby to let me go and get a little Simple Stories album at the Big Box craft store, and started putting it all together last night. I still have more work to do, however, when I showed my hubby what I was up to HE was super excited and giddy about the project. He really liked the idea of documenting the magic of our Christmas season in a separate place, not just in my regular albums. AND I had a lot of fun putting it together.

  • That’s awesome!!

  • Great list of highlights/ tips/ideas! Thanks so much!

  • soapHOUSEmama

    I LOVE this idea – what a great prompt for journaling!

  • soapHOUSEmama

    Oh, thank you so much!!! :)

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I finally listened to this episode and loved it! I’ve been doing a December Memories (less than daily) album AND a Journal Your Christmas album with Shimelle. I am also taking the Picture Your Holidays with Tracy Clark, but those pictures will probably just go into a small photobook and be more like a visual journey through the month, less about the stories. Shimelle’s class has been great for ideas and stories, but I’ve found it hard to connect it directly to the days and events my family has been experiencing. So I’ll leave that for more journaling about past and present, and use the inspiration she provides to go a little deeper.
    On a different note, I was inspired to finally take my Selphy printer out of its box, but I can’t get my iPhone to connect!!! I’m probably going to have to use the USB to connect right to my computer, but I really wanted it for my cell phone pics. Ugh. So frustrating!!!
    But great show as always!

  • I’ve never tried it with my iPhone. Have you googled it?