PRT186 – To Stella From Stella

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking Christmas stories!

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  • ldmccarty

    Dear Shimelle,

    I heard in this week’s show the discussion of this comment and its responses. And now I’m sitting here choked up because I can so relate (though it wasn’t topmost in my mind until hearing the comment this week on PRT) to the issues related to the holiday season and carrying around a sad and somewhat spooky place in what is supposed to be a season of the returning of the sun and light. My Christmases were not joyful, but they were not horrible. They were, like most of my growing up life, a mixture of small happinesses and much sadness of a child completely out of control in a family where the parents fought and argued a great deal. The arguing didn’t always take a holiday break. So, I’ve never scrapped too much about my past. But reading these comments has made me want to reconsider and to pull out those small happinesses rather than keep them jumbled up w/the larger sadness. Maybe, by pulling them out, they will take on greater weight and come to equal or even surpass some of the background sadness that sits around memories of childhood Christmases. Thank you so much Marilyn, for bring this up, Noell for pulling it into the ‘Mail Section’ and to Shimelle for such beautiful generosity in sharing your story.

  • I think you’ve done a great job here clarifying the idea — to draw out the good, rather than leaving them jumbled up with the bad. You’ve made the concept more concrete in my mind.
    Also, on a different subject, I love how you refer to it as “a season of the returning of the sun and light.” That is my own personal concept of Christmas and the whole season, but you rarely hear it worded that way, so it made me feel happy. Thank you! :)

  • ldmccarty

    Aw, thanks, Noell. I really look forward to hearing this topic discussed more. I think it’s something that might be healing to many. And thanks for making PRT part of the sun and light in our scrappy world!

  • Stephanie Hackney

    In response to the comment on Asian papercrafting/scrapbooking, I might agree with the comment made by the papercrafter from Korea after spending time in Japan and Thailand. These cultures have wonderful handmade papers, etc. and I would love to hear more about the Eastern view of papercrafting. Personally, I so enjoyed getting my hands on the products made there and seeing how they do things. I wasn’t looking for the western offering while there – I wanted what was different from what I could get at home. It would be fun to hear from more Asian natives, those who are from the Asian countries and can share their views on papercrafting. Thanks for getting the ball rolling – let’s hear more! Happy holiday Noel and Izzy – see you next month in CA!

  • Something else that has surprised me is that we have heard from almost no Asian scrapbookers in response to this episode. Even Pepper — who has been a regular commenter and is Asian (I tried to get her on and it wouldn’t work) — has not chimed in. I don’t know if they’re just not listening to the show, or if they’re just not speaking up because they tend to be less outspoken than westerners.

  • stee

    Project Runway did a challenge featuring the new Pantone color! Woo hoo. Go purple!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Such a great blog post Serena!

  • Thanks!

  • Debbie – Izzy got me the recordings of Creative Live for Christmas. I remembered that someone in our audience was on the panel but I couldn’t remember who. I just ran into your comment here again while looking for something and now I see that it was you! That was so fun to watch. Congratulations for being included!!

  • Mosbaskets

    Just listened to this episode and wanted to mention that we buy ornaments or items that could be hung on the tree when we travel, or from events or hobbies. It’s fun to remember all of the places we have visited and things we have done as we put ornaments on the tree. It is a huge trip down memory lane. We have more ornaments than fits on our 7 ft tree (we still cut it down ourselves). It’s eclectic but it tells our family’s story. It is a great reminder each year of how blessed we are and that we live a good life.