PRT184 – Memory Keeping with Video

This week we’re talking about using video for memory keeping!

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Examples of Memory Keeping with Video

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  • My family does that Christmas re-packaging thing where we use the same gift bags ( that have a running list of who it was from & to w/ the year, ribbons and even one bunch of dried OKRA that appears as a topper on a present every year for the past 15 or 20 years.

    I’m thinking I need to scrapbook this weird little tradition.

  • Karen Fritz

    I love your show and always learn something. The interaction between Noell and Izzy always makes smile and I often find myself laughing.

    Aside from an occasional mini album or smash book, I do most of my scrapping digitally. I loved this show on video. I have incorporated video into my pages by creating and adding a QR code. Now when family sees a QR code on a page, they pull out their smart phone and follow the link to a related video. I would think that it would be possible to print a QR code and find a cute way include it on a paper page as well.

  • Nikki Johnson

    Hi all…great episode! I told my husband I wanted him to listen to it too.
    I just wanted to clarify one thing, I am pretty sure iMovie is free now (my daughter purchased it and received a credit recently because they made it available for free). Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I know it was preloaded on my new iPad mini too.
    This episode has inspired me to figure out iMovie and start recording some memories instead of just scrapbooking them.

  • Well, of course YOU would keep a running list of which bags came from who and when!!! ;)
    And yes, the okra deserves a page! Is it a pretty topper or is it for fun?

  • That is awesome!

  • I hope you’re right!

  • L Squared

    I love the QR code idea – Steph at the Daily Digi has given some tips at one of her websites
    I hope to add some videos I’ve had texted to me to pages.

  • Krystal

    LOVED this episode. I watch the Shaytards (Shay Carl) on youtube… I’m sure everyone has heard of them. I love watching “Vlogs” they are my favorite reality tv shows ;) Izzy- yours are great! I love how quick and concise they are. I love seeing a peek into the Hyman’s life. I love everything else you guys already share so this is just an extra bonus. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I think videos bring on a bit more emotion, personally. Listening to people speak and hearing their voice is so moving. Especially if it is someone that you’re not around all day. -krystal

  • Thanks so much for having me on :)

  • Jennifer G.

    I have a Nikon Coolpix P500. It does HD video and you can zoom in and out while filming. It also has stabilization. The newest model is the P510 and it is supposedly even better on zoom capabilities. I have been using video more than usual, especially since I learned from Noell and Izzy how I can pull out a frame to have it printed for our scrapbooks. Why not take video then? I can have the best of both worlds.

  • Janelle

    This was such a cool episode! I totally agree that video does things that a picture and journaling can’t possibly capture. The thing that scares me about video, though, is the file size. I’m already at 1.5TB with JUST my photos and short little videos I take. How would I manage having more and more video clips to make a decent product? I use a laptop and travel periodically, so I am trying my best to keep everything on just 2TB of space (the largest portable EHD I can find at a reasonable price). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Lists: I do make lists of stuff that has happened & even lists of goals but I am a bit like you in that I’m not crazy about to do lists or shopping lists; it’s probably that “you can’t tell me what to do” personality quirk. Although, I adore assignment lists for scrapbooking – like the ones we get on the creative team at Get It Scrapped – its almost like a scrapbook challenge list and I dig that.

    Okra: I think my sister-in-law made it as a joke for my husband because he hates okra and we re-gifted it to her the next year as a package topper – it is pretty but it is also a joke – and of course, the next year she regifted it to us and so on from around 1995 until now.

    Video Scrapbooking: I wrote the initial note before listening and wanted to chime back in to say that this episode was SO INSPIRING! I wish my husband would become a video geek but in the meantime, I’m trying to do a day in the life type of thing with my iphone. I’ve uploaded to You Tube and deleted the videos from my iphone. I’ve also figured out how to merge a bunch of videos together. So my QUESTION for IZZY is – should I now delete or mark “private” the individual clips that went into the whole video? Or just leave them? It seems like a lot of clutter on my You Tube channel. I have made categories – so there is a category for Scrapbook Process Videos and one for Video Scrapbooking. But it just seems like if I upload all those clips there’s a crazy amount of videos. I’d like to merge the clips to do the one a day thing. Suggestions?

    PRAISE: Also I’d just like to say that Izzy’s videos on You Tube are completely delightful and I wish he could cook dinners for my family. We are omnivores but I sometimes try out things like gluten free, wheat free, Atkins, etc. but we’ve never tried vegan – I think it would be challenging but probably good for us – you all look fabulously fit.

    Thanks for all the inspiration. :) Katie.

  • ReneeH20

    Wow! Great show. This is a topic that has been in the back of my mind for awhile now for two reasons.

    First, my sister-in-law has a very rare form of cancer. My brother is concerned that their youngest son, who is 7, will not remember his mom. My niece and I are great at taking lots of pictures. We need to better at taking more videos. Thank goodness that technology is making it easier. Thanks also for the mention that iMovie is available for iPad and Iphone (for those of us that don’t own Macs).

    Second, I have 2 kids that graduated high school the past 2 years. I really wanted to put something together for each them – a video to play at their open houses. I don’t have a ton of videos, but they are on numerous formats including mini VHS tapes. The task of editing it together was really daunting to me so it didn’t happen.

    I have quite a few videos of my daughter’s figure skating competitions and shows on youtube. It was a great way for my family to see her skate. Her transition from shaky jumps and spins to having power and grace over those 5 years is amazing. I’m glad I captured that. One of your panelists mentioned youtube could change their rules. This concerns me also. I was thinking of taking down my videos and putting them somewhere else a bit more private. But where?
    Izzy – Any ideas on how to get all these different format videos in one place? Where should they go?

  • P.S. I figured out how to merge all the videos together on you tube but got 41 minutes from today which was my daughter’s birthday – but even we were bored with that length – I think brevity is the key on keeping the videos interesting.

  • Lisa Floyd

    I just LOVED this show. I have a TON of thoughts, comments and ideas racing in my head. Thank you so much.

    We have a bunch of home video (clips really) that I want to do something with. My kids love watching themselves. When my daughter turned one, I created a movie with all her video from the first year. I did some editing and adding many songs to the otherwise silent first year. Nevertheless, there are some event that are just too long but I just couldn’t bring myself to edit it. (Izzy is this ever a problem for you?) She loves “her movie.” In fact, there are things she “recalls” from her first year I did not remember or even realize. I want and need to go back and do the other three years…my husband pointed out there is significantly less video of our son –OOPS! Even though now we have SO MUCH MORE to capture. But that brings up the question, where do we draw the line of documenting and capturing our lives versus getting out there and just living it?

    As it relates to the scrapbooking versus video debate, I believe they complement one another. In this highly visual day and age if we watch a video clip of someone or event, it gives relevance to the time and place of our lives (i.e. the Ed Sullivan show). Then we can look to our scrapbooks for more pictures and get more from the stories. I wonder though, how can you merge the two to get a complete story? I am working on a couple of events for scrapbook pages that have great video to go with it. I have made the movie and want to start housing them somewhere (IZZY – what’s the difference between Vimeo and You Tube, user friendliness, length permitted to upload, privacy- I don’t want my kids to be used for another purpose and I don’t want to compromise their privacy) I was thinking once I have them housed somewhere I can create a QR code and place it on the scrapbook page. Then we can just scan the QR code and go straight to the video (I see that someone else has made this comment)…BUT is the QR code too faddish, will this be a lasting way to reference this? How else can we bring this video of our lives into our scrapbooks?

    Thanks again for another great show. By the way, I thought it was fun to have guys on – they just talk and respond different. I loved how they wanted to get all-technical but restrained themselves. ********shameless plug for Paper Clipping here******** I love it when people are knowledgeable and passionate about their careers/hobbies. I wish more people would do this. My husband LOVES cowboy boots and we shop for them often. At many stores, we asked questions and seek advice. Usually it completely contradicts our Google knowledge so we ignore them and move on. However, there was this one guy that really knew about boots. He knew the different fit of manufacturers and could recommend something to better fit us. He also knew about the product lines and styles. He knew about the various leathers and how the stitching affects the wear and tear and which one is better. Do you get it? This guy knew his stuff and we could talk boots for forever. That is what Paper Clipping is to me. I get to eavesdrop on knowledgeable industry experts and apply a little bit of this knowledge to my happy scrappy world. This is especially true with your practical, timely and easy to apply member videos.

  • Joanne

    I have to admit when I saw the title of the show I didn’t think it would interest me. But half way through the show I arrived at work and jumped onto amazon and ordered myself a little cannon to carry around, I think I will use it primarily for events, I don’t intend doing a daily vlog. I love paper scrapbooking but I keep worrying about how much physical space it takes up and think this will be a great alternative to reduce my layouts

    I loved how the gentlemen got so involved with the mail, they are very funny men. Thanks for another great show

    I will still be doing paper scrapbooking though because that is therapy

  • Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve long been wondering why there’s so little resources on how to make interesting, short, edited home videos. I know the technical stuff, thanks to Izzy’s free final cut tutorial, but I want to learn the secrets to make a short, 1-2 min or even shorter videos interesting. There’s something to commercials or people that can do it right, but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve been trying for years and am getting better, but always feel like I’m stumbling alone blindly in a dark alley.

    This is what I’ve learned as of now –
    -Keep each clip short. I’m not talking about the entire movie, but all the clips in a movie. Try to keep each clip no longer than 10 seconds so there is some energy. (<–just learned this today and it totally makes sense!)
    -Clips should be from different vanity points to keep it interesting.
    -When shooting, don't move the camera as if it's your eyes. Keep it fairly still and let the audience move their eyeballs instead. Or else everybody will be dizzy and quit after 10 seconds.
    -Music is everything, especially if the audio of the movie isn't the focus. It's also great if you could change clips at a music beat. Takes some work, but to ally worth it.

    I love love love some of Izzy's short clips on the kids on his youtube channel. But he made so few! Would you share some tips in addition to what I've mentioned?

    Would you please do another episode on how to manage all the video footages? I have footages from dSLR and iPhone, and I don't know what to do with them, even after I make a movie. For example, if I make a movie per month for my kids, at the end of the year I might want to take the highlight of each and make another short movie for the entire year. So I don't want to delete the monthly raw footages. But part of me thinks I should just delete them and use the edited movies to edit the mashup, but then I worry about the quality. What about the project files? Do you delete the projects and just keep all the raw footages? Or do you keep all the project files and all the footages used in the projects, and delete the rest of unused raw footage?

    I think home video assets management presents a different complexity than commercial movie productions. Because you can't ever call a project done and archive it away. I'm always using clips from years or months ago, and many times I reuse the clips already in a different video. I can never store away my baby's birth moments in a hard drive and forget about it. But the video sizes are so big, I can't keep all of them and tag all of them like I do with my photos.

    It's worth at least 2 more episodes, you see? Although I'm worried I'm the only mommy videographer enthusiast that has these issues sometimes.

    BTW, after learning Final Cut studio from Izzy's awesome tutorial, I put this together. I combined digital scrapbooking with final cut and motion. Would love to share with you guys –

  • Lynn Herrick

    I have always thought it was odd that after I showed my scrapbooks to a friend, they immediately felt guilty that they had not made albums for their own children. I now know the feeling – that’s how I felt after listening to this episode! My twins are 12 and my little one is 9 – I will never capture first steps, first words, first tooth, etc. on video. I spent about 24 hours feeling guilty about this, but now I am over it. I don’t like actually videotaping and I hate being recorded on video, so I think my family’s memories will just be recorded on film and that is special enough. Also, I am wondering if more men prefer video over women – maybe yes, just based on this panel.

    I do, however, have a question about Project Life. I tried it originally as a 365 project and only made it a few months. I would like to try again this January and take Becky’s class. If you were starting over, what would you start with? A core kit, mini kits, special tools, Studio Calico kits, a monthly subscription kit, etc? I would love some advice so I can spend less time and resources getting set up and more time enjoying the process.

    Just renewed my membership, thanks for providing the videos and the always enjoyable roundtable.

  • Tiffany W.

    I am laughing at Noell crouched on the floor scrapbooking. Cute. Trinity’s dancing was so beautiful.

    I loved this episode. I don’t make videos, but now I am thinking I should try. I thought all guests had such interesting things to say. I love how they are memory keeping with video. Very cool.

  • LoriS

    Awesome job. Enjoyed it.

  • Joanne

    Oh goodness I am now addicted to izzys videos I feel like it is wrong to be snooping on somebody’s private life though am I on my own there?

    I love the vegan cooking included I am not a vegan I have varied over the last thirty years from being lacto vegetarian to currently being flexitarian, (don’t ask it is complicated) and Dahl is my favourite foodstuff too so I was really annoyed that I couldn’t see an episode where Izzy makes it, he referred to it having been dinner a couple of nights before but I don’t think it was videoed. Please izzy correct me if I am wrong or alternatively can you make it for dinner this week as it looked yummy.

    I love seeing all the vegan stuff that is available in the US including restaurants you seem far more set up for vegans than we are in the UK it is compelling stuff and you now have another subscriber

  • Simona

    Okay. Gotta admit this. My comment is regarding a few great episodes ago when you had Anna C back on. Great podcast! But all your podcasts are stellar. This video memory keeping one was as well. But Anna and Amy’s stories prompts this email, Anna’s particularly. Her engagement and wedding plans grabbed my attention immediately because I too am recently engaged to be married on exactly the same day in 2014 – February 22. I too met my hubby to be on the internet first, for us. We both have been married before and have been single slightly longer than Anna.The difference are threefold, she is having a destination wedding, she still has children at home and she must be three or four decades younger than I. I am seventy, my intended is seventy-four. Memory making occurs at all ages. Here is my poem regarding finding a wedding dress at seventy.

    I fancy a dress in soft cream or blue
    draping my body and feminine too.
    Maybe of lace, satin, silk or georgette.
    But I cant find my dress on the internet

    Dresses for girls of twenty-three
    are not for woman of seventy;
    Dresses for women of three score and ten
    are not designed for wedding again.

    My arms are slack, my boobs are low
    my butt is soft. Where did I go?
    The ordeal of shopping just the right dress
    for a body that’s morphed into a mess
    is driving me nearly to scotch and wine
    and taking up far too much time.

    May it be lean, quite svelte for a senior
    May it magically serve as a tummy concealer.
    With longish sleeves to hide arms of skin
    and a push up bra built right in.
    Above the spandex body re-former –
    I’ll be cuddly as a coat of armor.

    Sufficient for pictures yes I’ll be
    A blushing old bride all will see.
    But after Joel takes me his wedded wife
    undressing will require his Swiss Army knife.
    Once released from imprisonment in lacy hell
    then sprung from the hidden spandex shell
    our bodies will be too tired to play
    regardless of it being our wedding day.

    My nemesis is a wedding dress
    designed for a body aged, soft and stressed.
    My epitaph may just well be
    and on my stone this phrase you’ll see,
    “It eluded her, the dress unfound.
    She lost her mind over a wedding gown.”

    My advice to those who read these lines –
    marry in youth and remain entwined!
    For marriages late are befuddled like this
    when the minds are gone and there is no bliss
    to bodies grown lumpy lax and low
    and will no longer in pretty dresses go.

    Copyright, Nov 2013, Simona MacAngus, all rights reserved by author. Reuse by permission only.

  • Simona

    Oh I should have said this is a poem for a two page scrapbook spread. One about searching endlessly for the dress the other side for the dress ultimately found or made by a dressmaker. BTW, the comments on this Vlog podcast are great. Sorry mine is detached and out of place though. Blessings and continued thanks for your weekly podcast wonderment and your fantastic membership content. Between you & Izzy, Big Picture Classes, Lain at Layout a Day, Shimelle and Velna F my scrapbook hungry ears, eyes and head are continually fed, blest and happy. I found BPC, Lain, Shimelle ad Velna -All through you and Paperclipping Roundtable.

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Isn’t the problem with the QR code that we don’t know for how long the video will be “stored” there??

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Loved the discussion. :) My “one little word” of 2013 was LEARN and one of my intentions was to learn to make short video clip with iMovie. My husband is the one in charge of videos since my daughters were born (5 years ago) and I am constantly asking him to make more small clips!! We can count our little video clips on one hand. The one I enjoy most is the one where my oldest started to walk: We film from time to time, but not often enough. And editing and putting together a small montage is important to me. As Noell was saying, it makes it just a little more interesting and enjoyable.

    As I was looking for this little clip of the first steps, I looked at our almost 10’000 pictures that we have on Flickr and I was thinking, wow, wouldn’t it be great to have a 30 seconds in every set of photos that are here?! We have one set of photos were my baby is making funny expressions while sleeping. My husband shot a couple of photos, showing her different expressions, but I’d rather have a short video showing her movement, instead of just fixed images. So the discussion made me realize how important it is to make it a priority to learn to make these video clips. I feel like all the little unedited videos we have are kind of a waste because they are still on our hard drive, mixed with our photos, not as accessible as the clips that are edited, short and sweet, and that were uploaded to flickr because they are hard to find.

    Thank for the discussion and the motivation, and thanks for reminding me that yes, a video is maybe even more precious than a picture (although I love pictures and scrapbooking and I would never give that up!!) Thanks once again for everything Izzy and Noell!

  • Cara Vincens

    What a fun episode! Noell, I love that yours and Izzy’s roles were pretty much reversed. I recently started taking more video and I wish I had more time to edit it, but it seems every time I go to do it I’ve forgotten how I did it the last time ;) It was nice to hear that it happens to Izzy too!
    My youngest just stared walking and I sent a 10 second video to his grandfather and godparents, so much more meaningful than a photo. All my children are young now, but as they get older I’ll have more time to edit, so I’m keeping all these videos and doing what Stacy does with her pictures, letting them sit to inspire me later, so that I can mix videos from different time periods. Wouldn’t it be cool to see those first baby steps followed by him walking to school for the first time, then running with friends, then walking back down the aisle with his new bride! Fun stuff!

  • Laura Gedeon

    Thanks so much for this episode. I’ve been looking forward to a video discussion :) Just want to say I’ve been listening since the beginning and look forward to the show each week. You bring it every week without fail and reiterate each week why I make memory keeping a priority. Is there an easy video editing program that you would recommend for PC? I have an Iphone so now most of my video is recorded on it but I have a lot of older point and shoot video too that I would like to edit into something more interesting :) Keep up the great week!

  • We had never heard of them! Thanks for introducing us! :)

  • Thank YOU!

  • Thank you, Lisa!!

  • It’s possible that if you’re not vegan you’re just not aware of what is there for you. I do regular searches on Yelp. I don’t know if you have Yelp, or a Yelp equivalent. At the very least I think you guys have tons of Indian restaurants, and south Indian food is mostly vegan.

  • Wonderful! And congratulations!

  • Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular one, but Izzy doesn’t know if it’s easy to use.

  • TracyBzz

    Great episode. You’ve really inspired me to start filming some everyday stuff.
    I have the Cannon Elph 110 that I use as my point and shoot, glad to hear you highly recommend it for video also.
    When you film an hour worth of daily stuff and edit it done to an hour that is just like photos. You take 20-100 photos, print 10, scrapbook 4.
    You talked about moving around while shooting for interest – yeah it’s video not still shots.
    Izzy’s example of filming the kids doing something fun and then interviewing them after then adding the voice over while the images of the event are happening. I LOVE this style of voice over. Then you don’t have to watch 5 minutes of an activity then 5 minutes of talking. Both ‘could’ be boring on their own but melded together they are interesting.

  • Carla

    This episode really got me thinking and created a battle in my head. I can’t deny that video does so much more in capturing life and that moment in time. You can hear your loved ones – their voices and the nuances they have when they talk, see their expressions change and their body movements. When I watch old videos I am enthralled, smiling when I hear my daughter talk with that shape to her mouth that made her words sound all cute and sweet. Jeez, I forgot that she talked like that…. I don’t always feel these emotions or have these memories when I see my pictures or layouts….I have loved scrapbooking though since 2001 when my son was born.. I have gone to scraps, retreats, sleepovers, conventions. I have a group of friends that share this passion and we create and shop and share everything scrapbooking. Do I abandon my old love, my once passion, almost like my identity, and move on? Yes, I think I can move on because I don’t want to waste any more precious moments that I could save on video forever. I already feel like so much has been lost to the past. It doesn’t mean I can’t still do some scrapbooking as I love the playing with paper and pictures and embellishments but I am definitely making an effort in 2014, it is my New Year’s resolution, to shoot video on a constant basis. Thank you Izzy and the panel for the great discussion and opening my eyes.

  • Carla

    Oh, a couple more questions… what types of sd cards do you guys use? Do you go all-out on the high speed cards or does it matter that much? Also, you mentioned the Elph 330HS camera… I already have an Elph 500HS. Would that do video just as well? I did some research and it looked comparable. Thanks!

  • I’m catching up on PRT episodes as for various reasons I got behind. I think this poem is very impressive, and delightful! I hope you found what you were looking for. :-)