PRT183 – Stick Them to the Wall

This week we’re talking about paper crafting for the holidays!

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  • Cindy

    I’ve been listening to the last 3 episodes back to back…all very interesting! Just wanted to say, I do something similar to Nichol’s Christmas card/photo pages. I use an 8.5 x 11 album so I can just slip in any holiday letters we receive, and I make simple pages for photos and photo cards. If there are very beautiful or special greeting cards I feature them too. If possible I set it up so you can read the inside of the card. It’s fun to have a few of these out over the holidays, and they are very simple to make.

    Nichol and May are quite funny, so I’m really enjoying the podcast today. I’m very glad to hear that there are some failed projects, and that the “sappy” layouts are not their favourites either!

  • Kathleen Kibblehouse

    A great kick off to the holidays Knights of the Roundtable!

    Weighing in: For me, I like to curl up with my books and the internet (ie: Pinterest, blogs, stores, etc) to get some inspiration, which I then clip and pin to my “Christmas 2013” Evernote file. For books I snap a pic with my phone and enter them as well. It seems each year something different catches my eye or tickles my holiday fancy and when I find it – I’m on my way. Then I shop my own supplies first to see how I can get started. After that I treat myself to a few new items. It may be new “greens” for putting around banisters, over doors. Maybe a few new sets of balls in a new color range to update an older look. (BTW: would have loved to have seen Izzy’s face during the whole “B” discussion! I could totally sense him turning purple) I collect copper cookie cutters, so love to find a new one to line up on the kitchen windowsill over the sink. They make great die cuts and tags too. And of course I’ll want a cool new holiday stamp or collection to use for wrappings, cards, tablescapes, and gifts. A reward for my efforts people. I keep my gifts plain or simple and then make sure I have a nice stash of tags and “journaling spots” to attach with a flair. I often give home made items, like dried herbs from my garden, bath salts, shower scrubs, soup mixes (vegan of course) – which I measure into cellophane bags and top with a cute paper crafted spot/tag. Homemade bookmarks are great additions to book gifts. Soooo unfortunately my friends and family have high expectations these days – in terms of my wrapping. They look forward to seeing what I’ve come up with each year. Monster created. Oh well. Creative doesn’t have to be complicated. But I love that my family and friends know that I’ve put some real thought into their gift – no matter its size.

  • May

    WOW! I love hearing about what you make and gift. And I must tell you – I have a few people who have come to expect amazing giftwrap from me as well!! I LOVE that you embrace creative not being complicated, and that you are so thoughtful. Such an inspiration!

  • may

    I’m glad you enjoyed the humor! I don’t think I’ve ever done a podcast with Nichol and I really enjoyed myself. :)

  • I loved reading about your process!! Thanks for sharing. I hope others share theirs, too!

  • Nichol Magouirk

    I am so inspired reading through your process for approaching holiday gift-giving! I’m sure your friends and family thoroughly enjoy your thoughtful gifts!

  • May

    So motivated by our discussion, I edited + created the how-to post (which is rather epic in length!) for the Hanukkah card that I mentioned on the podcast.

  • Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous, May!!

  • Rochelle

    During the show, when I heard someone mention, I started thinking that Mary & Leo Kowal would make interesting guests for PRT. In a lot of ways they are similar to Noell & Izzy – they are a couple who work together in the craft industry.

    Fun show today.

  • Winnie Dolderer

    Enjoyed your show! I enjoyed your ideas! I am not one to save a lot of the picture cards I rec’d and hate to ‘waste’ them . So, I save them, and turn them into gift tags for next year. People love to receive them as they have their pics on them, or their pet etc. This year I am busy making “Chanksgiving” cards for my Jewish friends. I used one of my turkey stamps holding a sign and I added “Eat Latkes!”. They were a hoot to make. Haven’t started my Christmas cards yet but plan to make a bunch. I get bored fast, so I just make a bunch of them (all different) and then match them to the recipients personalities etc. Thanks for a fun show!

  • May, that is STUNNING! Wow, hope that card ends up being in the wedding toast : )

  • Loving this show! I was totally giggling along with you, Nichol and May, and loved the energy! I’m teaching a class at my LSS making an Advent calendar banner & mini book, so I’ve been crafting like crazy prepping material and the show was perfect company, especially with the holiday slant! That project was a culmination of lots of ideas from True Scrap 5, so thank you lovelies! And can I just say it was such a relief to hear that I’m not the only one who can spend countless hours on a single project?! Kindred spirits : )

    In past years, I’ve displayed incoming Christmas & holiday cards on wide, long strips of velvety ribbon, hanging from our entertainment center. When all the decorations get put away after the new year, I’ve put the cards and ribbons away in a ziploc with the year written on the bag. The following year, as we decorate the house, we’ll peruse previous years cards, albeit a bit clunky. A recent Pinterest find used a hole punch, a large ring binder, and a cute bow to make a mini flip album. I’m thinking I’ll make a decorative tag to add to the front with the year and some embellies, maybe even a jingle bell, and we’ll have a great collection of easily viewable photo cards, totally manageable for my 7- and 4-yr olds! I’m thinking I’ll stand them (the albums, not my girls) in a pretty, decorative box on the coffee table for all to enjoy the entire season!

    I also wanted to share a simple tag I created – – I think something along these lines would be great on a busy patterned gift wrapped package : ) It’s full, without being busy, and the kraft is a nice neutralizer.

    Thanks for another great show! Noell and Izzy, you two rock! My hubby and I were business partners for years and I miss it. Listening to the dialogue between you two always puts a smile on my face : ) My hubby and I were so in sync that we’d jokingly say we shared-a-brain, and I can totally hear that in you two! Sadly, we lost our businesses, but still blessed in many ways, just don’t get to work together 24/7 anymore! Anywho, keep up the amazing podcasts and videos!!

    Blessings and love from a non-schmo,

    PS. Have to share: I was at a crop recently, and one of the gals said she could tell I learned design from you! Even though our styles are different, she said she could see your design principles on my pages. So thanks for all the boundless education, information, and entertainment : )

  • “the albums, not my girls.” ROFL!

    And — what the…REALLY? Someone at a crop recognized a little of my influence in your pages?! How crazy! That makes me happy. :)
    Thanks for sharing all these great ideas, your tag, and what you’re doing. Thank you for your membership, too!

  • What a unique idea! I’d love to see how you turn them into tags!!!

  • Janelle

    Thanks so much for this episode!! I needed that extra boost to start thinking about/planning for the holidays. Hopefully some of the ideas will germinate and I won’t be so stressed out preparing for Thanksgiving/Christmas. Off to listen again :)

  • Leigh Berger Serrie

    I love listening to this show each week! So many good ideas.

    I do not understand the handmade gift tag discussion. Do you then keep the tags; or are they thrown away like regular wrapping paper? If thrown away, it seems like a lot of excess work for no purpose.

  • Most of the ones I do are part of the gift I’m giving to someone other than my children. It’s part of the decorating of the gift and I’m sure some of the recipients toss it, some keep it, and a few might repurpose/re-use it.
    As for the few I do for my kids + Izzy — I’ve only done one them in a way that they can be re-used.

    BUT — even if they get thrown away, it’s not a lot of work for no purpose. It’s a lot of work for creative pleasure, for beauty, and to show someone you care enough. :)

  • Leigh Berger Serrie

    I see :)

    I guess I would want to go through and save them all!!!!


  • Glad it makes you happy : ) We were talking about our shared love of the PRT and membership videos earlier in the day, and when she came by my table that night, she started pointing out the design principles I was using on my pages. I’ve been a member so long that they’re just engrained now and I hadn’t picked up on that little tidbit! Crazy, right?! Thanks again!

  • Youngmi

    For starters, my comment doesn’t have to do with this particular episode but a past one. Two weeks ago, you guys had a great discussion about supporting the industry and not just the companies that produce products but also the professionals who provide content. I think it was Lain who mentioned that people sometimes get upset when they are asked to pay for content but the reality is that those funds allow people like Lain to continue to provide free and paid content. I had thought of this earlier when I first listened to the episode but was reminded today when I visited a scrapbooking forum and almost immediately left because steam was starting to pour out of my ears. I saw a lot of complaining, demanding, negativity, and rudeness that I found so disheartening. People were complaining about not getting this, or having to pay for that, etc. I couldn’t believe how entitled people felt! I completely understand the need to express frustration or problems but it is possible to do it in a constructive way instead of in a very public way that is like an attack. And I feel like I’ve been seeing more of it lately than before. I find it saddening that a community of creative people could be so awful to one another and the people and companies who keep this industry alive. Also, this hobby is meant to be an escape, a creative outlet that brings us happiness. Why in the world is there so much drama?! If I wanted drama I would go back to high school. Maybe I’m just naive and I need get over it and learn to just accept that this is the way the world is but that seems rather bleak and defeated…

    So my question is, how do you all deal with the negativity you encounter in the scrapbooking world? Does it ever get you down?

    Ugh! Such a Debbie Downer comment! Sorry! But it has been on my mind as of late and I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

    Thanks Noell and Izzy for, as always, putting together such a great show!

  • Nichol Magouirk

    May…. I am beyond speechless! What an incredible work of art!

  • Bookworm9798

    Great show, ladies and Izzy! Like Nichol, I incorporate photo cards we receive into my scrapbook each year. I usually crop it down, sometimes keeping just the photo itself, other times punching out decorative elements to include on the page, too. I embellish with ephemera from the holiday, such as pretty elements I’ve cut from envelopes (stickers, stamps with the postmark), gift tags from gifts we received, etc. I even include bits and pieces of the non-photo cards: I’ll cut out the part of the card where someone has written “Love, Aunt So-and-So” in their own handwriting. I love the digital world, but I’m so glad some people still send snail mail at Christmas. ~ Laura

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    Great podcast, but I’m feeling very uncreative compared to you all! I don’t even feel like decorating this year!

  • jessica toto

    I am just now catching up on this podcast. In early November, I was gearing up for the holidays and busy crafting! Now that the holidays are a week away and I am all set, I am enjoying catching up with you ladies (and Izzy of course!). I haven’t finished listening yet but I was so excited to hear what everyone has been crafting! I also do a Christmas card/photo type thing every year. I take the photo cards, and any cards that are homemade, and I mount them on Christmas scrapbook paper. I glue them back to back to make it a bit sturdier and then fasten them together with ribbon or binder rings and ribbon.

    I also made a bunch of different trees out off the Styrofoam cones someone mentioned! I did one with yarn, where I wrapped yarn all around it and then glued buttons from my scrapbook stash randomly around it. Then, I made three others where I hot glued beads (I raided my daughters’ stash of cheap beaded necklaces they’ve accumulated over the years) to the cones. And finally, I cut small squares of fabric with my pinking sheers and poked them into the styrofoam tree.

    And we also used the plain ball ornaments this year too! That part of the podcast was so funny! I noticed Izzy didn’t chime in there at all! Anyway, on vacation this summer we brought home sand and shells to fill the clear ball ornaments with! Then we used my scrapbook paper and ribbon to make a tag to tie to the ornament labeling the location and date of vacation.

    I have been extremely pleased with my craft projects this year! Now my goals is to focus the rest of the month on my December daily.

    As always, I loved the show! You and your guests are always so fun to listen to! I am almost always laughing at something, or talking back to you as if you could hear, lol. Thanks for all you do to inspire your listeners. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!