PRT181 – Precious Time Together

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking when there’s a new person in your life!

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  • Jennifer G.

    Have not even started to listen and I have to say that I am SO excited to listen to Amy and Ana with Noell!!!!

  • I can’t believe Izzy didn’t call this one “BINGE Scrapbooking!”

    Thanks for reading my comment about the office paper share. The answer to the “how much is that worth” question about 12 inches of 12×12 paper: I buy a small amount of my paper at full price or $1.00 per page; some I buy at a discount or $.50 a page; and lots I buy at the scrapbooking yardsales at $.10 a page. So I googled how many pieces of paper are in a foot and got this answer ” 2,720 pages per foot” Which seems like more than I would guess; so I’m going to guess 1200 or 100 pages per inch. In that case I would have paid maybe 1 inch of full price or $100.00; 5 inches of $.50 a sheet or $250.00 and 6 inches of $.10 or $60.00; I think the math is right so that would be about $410.00? I don’t know and I probably don’t want to think about that too long.

  • Katie, I bet that pages per foot measurement was for typing paper. Patterned paper is thicker!

  • Seanna, the original non-Schmo

    No more mocking of Izzy’s product picks! He picked “” and said somebody out there would appreciate it. Me!!! I have this excessively generous future son-in-law who is currently a contractor in Afghanistan. So far he’s given me an iPad and a 32″ flat screen TV and he’s so sweet about it that I can’t refuse the gifts. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a way to “get him back” and when Izzy mentioned this, I knew it was perfect. He’s always talking about not having enough socks, so I think I am going to send him a subscription for this. Obviously the underwear part would be weird and awkward, but I’ll either have my daughter pick those or just get socks and maybe some shampoo and razors. He was orphaned fairly early in life so he’s never really had a mom to buy him socks and stuff anyway, so this is perfect. Except now I’m starting to stress about the underwear because…that could be creepy, eww! That sounds like a bad sitcom episode waiting to happen. So, lots and lots of socks and maybe some nice innocent razors. Thanks, Izzy!

    p.s. yay for Ana being back! All the best to you and Amy as well with the new baby.

  • thefrugalcrafter .

    Hey Noelle and Izzy, I have been vegan since 1994 and the best cookbook I have found is the New Farm Vegetarian, it is from the 1970’s but it has been reprinted. It is the best basic cookbook for a vegan diet IMHO, very affordable whole food recipes that do not need expensive specialty ingredients as many vegan recipes can be costly. Hubby got me the Veganomicon for xmas 2 years ago but I have not tried anything from it, I’ll have to give it a look again:) I just wanted to pass that along to Ana as well and it is awesome that she is supportive of her daughter! Happy crafting!

  • vintageplaid

    Thanks for another totally fun show! Heartfelt congratulations to Ana and Amy both! I follow Amy on Instagram and the picture of Jack in his Halloween costume was priceless. And the proposal website was awesome! I thought the discussion of scrapbooking in the moment and/or the past was very interesting. I have a lifetime of the Past to scrapbook so am doing topical/story types of pages, not events. Plan to do highlight versions of birthdays and Christmases. The pages will be more about what was/is most important to our family. For In The Moment memory keeping I find myself wanting to scrapbook everything about my grandchildren, but keep reminding myself to just tell my part of their story. So I am making books for each grandchild (3 currently, but 4 soon and that will be all!) about their relationship with us, their grandparents. Hopefully, this will be a way for them to remember us when we are not around anymore (or not able to interact the same way).
    I do find myself wanting to record my personal moments as well. I haven’t jumped into a Project Life type of album (is PL becoming the generic word for this type of scrapbooking, like Kleenex has become for tissues?), but have a journal where I keep my gratitude diary, a few tiny photos printed on copy paper so they are thin, some random stamping and diecuts when there is empty space, very brief lists of what I do on a given day, ephemera. This is very much In The Moment and totally just for me! I experiment with techniques, record what I am thankful for, soul lessons I am learning, but keep it all brief as this is just a regular 6×9 journal. Someday if my daughters want the journals they may have them, but I am not doing them for posterity.
    Anyway, all of that to describe my way of scrapbooking the Past and memory keeping In The Moment. It works for me, so hope it gives someone else an idea.
    Thanks, everyone for prompting some good thoughts for me!

  • That’s awesome!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    I have a vegan question here: is it possible to be vegan and allergic to soma at the same time? I was eating lots of tofu until I noticed I can’t tolerate it anymore. So we’ve been eating lots of meat lately and I can’t stand it anymore… I also can’t tolerate eggs and beans are tough on the stomach too. I know it’s not a vegan show, but since you are all vegan, your ideas would be well appreciated. ;) Thanks!!

  • Trisha

    Beyond thrilled to have Ana back!

  • thefrugalcrafter .

    Do you mean allergic to soya? Like soybeans? A lot of people are allergic to soy or avoid it because of the plant estrogen. I eat a lot of soy and have no problem. I think a lot of the soy problems come from soy in other non health foods because traditional soy farming uses a lot of pesticides. But tofu and soymilk is usually made with organic soybeans. You can try making your own soymilk with organic soybeans, it is so much cheaper too (I have a soybella machine but you can find a recipe that you can make by hand so you don’t invest in a machine if you are allergic) and if that does not bother you it is probably something else. You might also check to see if the brand of tofu you buy has changed it’s ingredients or is no longer organic. Perhaps they are using a different coagulant (the stuff that turns soymilk into curds) you can also make tofu with homemade soymilk, it will be more work but you will know what is in it and save money too! I think there is a misconception to the amount of protein we need anyway, did you know that 100 calories of romaine lettuce has more protein than 100 calories of steak? You might try juicing to get the protein and micro-nutrients out of fruit and veg and give your tummy a break from the harsh fiber for a few days. Also make sure you are soaking and cooking your beans enough and don’t overdo the beans if you are not used to them:) You will get there! There are also wheat gluten based meat substitutes that have a great texture and protein if you are not opposed to wheat. You can go veg without soy, be creative! I know you are if you listen to Paperclipping!

  • Karen C.

    Missed Ana so much. Loved hearing her voice again. Congratulations on your engagement Ana! :)

  • I’ve never heard of soma. Is that something in soy?

    That’s challenging, but there are other protein sources. Can you eat lentils? Also, quinoa is a complete protein. Green leafy vegetables are also a source of protein. Actually, it’s my understanding that all vegetables have some protein in them and that we don’t need as much protein as we’ve been taught we do.
    You could probably find more info online about this. Good luck!

  • I’m so glad you posted — there is so much interesting info here!!

    I’ve also heard that if you rinse the beans well after cooking them then you remove the enzymes that cause gas. We have some sensitive stomachs in our house and that seems to have helped over here. :)

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Thanks for the infos!! I have always bought organic tofu. I just can’t digest it. Same thing for any soy beverages. And quinoa. :( And coffee, sugar, … I’ll make some research online and get the book you are talking about and ask my mom who is newly vegan too. I think I’m definitely getting to the point where I have to invest time in my eating habits and make some changes. We are already eating healthy, but the meat…I can’t take it any more!! Thanks for your answers.

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    I meant soya, not soma, sorry.

  • Lynnette

    Yeah Ana! It was like you read my mind – this weekend I drove 3 1/2 hours to the previous state I lived in to join my friends for a weekend crop at a B&B. On my way to and from I listened to old Paperclipping podcasts and listened to several that Ana was a guest and I thought they are way over due to have Ana on! I got home from my weekend and downloaded this podcast and the second Noell asked us to guess who the guest with an A name was – I was shouting to my IPad Ana, Ana! Love the show and thanks for keeping it exciting!

  • Teresa S

    It was interesting listening to how major life events can change the way you scrapbook. This discussion tied into something I had been pondering over last week after looking at layouts I had created years ago. Knowing what I know now, what would I change about those older layouts? It wasn’t the products, style or techniques I used, it was the fact that I didn’t journal very much. It really hit home when I looked at Earnest Hemmingway’s scrapbooks that are available for online viewing. It consists of pictures, memorabilia and lots and lots of journaling! I found it so fascinating to read over some of those pages. By making an effort to journal more, I hope that future generations of my family will have that same fascination about what lfe was like during our decades. My question to you, is what major standout lesson have you learned from from when you first started documenting your memories and lives? Has it affected the way you scrapbook now?

  • KarynS

    So, so happy to hear Ana’s voice again and so thrilled to hear she has not only found true love but is getting married also! Congratulations Ana!

  • Kimba911

    I was so happy to hear Ana on PRT again! I was wondering why we hadn’t heard from her in a while. Thanks for having her back! :)

  • Laurie

    Hi Noelle & Izzy,
    In listening to this show, Izzy asked the guests if they were also documenting things via video. I was wondering if you have ever considered doing a show on this topic? This is something that I really have a lot of “guilt” (haha) and regret about that I don’t do this enough. Yet, I really don’t know where to start, and what is the easiest way to go about it. I want to create short little movies about our kids as they grow up but I need help! Just a thought – would love to hear that show.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Wow — actually, we ARE planning an episode on this!!

  • Totally relate to Amy and how there’s no time anymore… where does it go? Haha… that’s exactly how it is as a mom… the time does go by so quickly, so it’s important to enjoy the time and make the best of it. I think Amy has done a lot of scrapbooking for 6 weeks – LOL!

  • Jenn Serrano

    I would love a video episode also. Not sure how to store the videos I take with my iphone? I have a very old windows laptop and am not techno savy. Would be nice if you include a guest who uses windows. ( one day I will get an apple computer and will be in heaven)

  • pamsfriend

    I loved this comment too. I recently found a very old video that I didn’t know I had from when my oldest was an infant. So awesome to see him that after almost 13 years. I wish I’d taken more.

  • Marilyn Sibblies

    So awesome to have Ana back!!! Been totes missing me some Ana! And as the “Unofficial Poster Woman for Infertility”, I didn’t even mind so much all the baby conversation around Amy. Super happy for her.

    But I digress… what I really wanted to share is that I echo everything about Ana’s pick of the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. Not only is it amazeballs… the corner radius is the SAME AS PROJECT LIFE!!! If it’s not the same radius, it’s pretty darn close. I’ve been waiting for Becky Higgin’s official radius version to be available on Amazon… but I just happened to try it and it is. Honestly, I’ll probably just end up getting Becky’s version anyway, because the punch board is not as convenient… but it’s working for now.

    Thanks again for another Equally Awesome show!!!

  • You are hilarious! “Totes” and “Amazeballs.” :)

    Great tip! Thanks for letting us know about the corners!!!

  • Marina Delgado

    Hi All! Just wanted to say congrats to Izzy! Just saw that Izzy Video was mentioned in a Lifehack article as a must use video resource! Way to go!

    I also echo the comments about an episode on using video for memory keeping purposes. I don’t do a ton but am stumped as to how to compile the bits I have taken into a usable and visually appealing format. Can’t wait to hear your take!

  • Tiffany W.

    Congratulations, Amy. Your baby is gorgeous. Ana, I am so happy for you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter.

  • Thank you for pointing that out, Marina! He didn’t know. :)

  • Gretchen Henninger

    Congratulations to both Amy and Anna!

  • Cara S

    When Ana said that she usually scrapbooks old pictures, and Noell agreed that she did too, rather than current ones, it set me thinking. Does a story that you are telling with a particular photo change over time? What is the ‘truth’ of the story? So many scrapbookers talk about looking back at their old layouts and hating the products or dated designs (like shaped photos etc) but I haven’t really heard anyone talk about wishing they had told a different story with the pictures. Last week I scrap booked some pictures of my daughter at a school swimming carnival in 2006. If I had documented the day then I would have said very different things about the picture – she looked so happy and was having fun with her friends. I might have even reflected on my hopes for her life at this new school and the life long friendships she would be making. Fast forward to 2013 and I looked at those shots and just had to pour out a whole lots of feelings about how truly nasty all of those other girls in her House turned out to be. What mean, bitchy bullies they were, and how they almost destroyed my quiet, gentle daughter. I guess both perspectives are equally valid, but I had a chat with my now 21 year old daughter about the photos, and she agreed that if she looked at the page she would hate to see gooey sweet sentiments such as i might have journalled in 2006, and that what I ended up writing was what she would want to read in the future. I would be really interested in hearing a show on this subject – there is lots of food for thought here.
    Love love love your show – and Izzy’s laugh!

  • vintageplaid

    Wow…thanks for a thought provoking comment. Lots to ponder and I agree, it would be good to hear a discussion about it. Time and distance do give us perspective as I am learning while trying to scrapbook my wedding pictures (from 40 years ago). I have tried to journal it from today’s perspective about the significance of our commitment and vows, but as anyone who has ever been married knows, it is mostly wonderful, but it is also work! After reading Cara’s comments I think I will add something about the starry-eyed bliss and ignorance of the time, but that isn’t what has sustained us all these years. I think I am aiming for truth with grace in my journaling so that when we read the pages in the future, we can say, “yes, this is how it was, and it was difficult at times, but it was good.”

  • Tracey

    This is a great show with some really wonderful guests. Love how scrapbooking a “new person” can be applied in lots of different ways.

    I’m not sure if you’ll think this is worth fixing, but the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party link is not set to open in a new window like the others, so I lost my place in the podcast when I clicked to check out the link. (At home I listen in i-Tunes so it wouldn’t be an issue, but the embedded player is wonderful for when I’m at the office.) Thanks for your great show!

  • teddi

    i also agree with the positive comment about noell’s thoughtful, unique approach, & teaching style. i am often pleasantly surprised by her point of view. i’m referring to the comment izzy read during the sponsorship message. i think it was from renae,

    i’ve been scrapbooking since about 1997. i bought stacy j’s 1st design book,when i met her, many moons ago, (i think it had an apple on the cover, or the company was something apple core design).

    since then, i’ve taken lots of scrapbooking classes, subscribed to many scrapbooking magazines, and read a zillion books on scrapbooking.

    paperclipping roundtable has given me an insiders listen, connection, and contemplation to the scrapbooking world now, and to my life. paperclipping membership has shown me new ways to process something that is way more than just a hobby.
    it’s part of my heart.

  • Thank you, Teddi! :)