PRT180 – Meditative Exacto Knives

This week we’re talking about choosing the stories we scrapbook!

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  • Julie H

    Noell, if i am reading this thread correctly I don’t think it would have to be empty nesters that would necessarily choose to scrap for the artistic pleasure. I wrote more to Melinda above so i wont repeat the same info here. i do happen to be an empty nester who primarily, but not exclusively, scraps my grandchildren. I care for them 3 days a week so have lots of opportunities for photos and experiences with them so I could journal with my pages but don’t usually because scrapbooking for me is just to enjoy the relaxing artistic process of choosing the photos,choosing and working with products and putting it all together…and of course, because i love to go back and look at the pages. I am happy to have the date… and sometimes a title. I don’t think one would have to be an empty nester to experience it this way. It seems that those driven by recording THE STORY can’t let go of that to see it any other way – i don’t mean to offend by that comment, but i’ve read other posts on this topic as well. And truly, i do get that. But that mold doesn’t fit everyone… i guess that’s all i’m trying to say. (And I’ve said it enough now!!!)

  • I definitely agree with you. They’re two totally different subjects, and that’s why I asked her the questions I did. I’m trying to meet Melinda’s needs and since she links the two subjects for herself, I think she’d get more out of the episode if there is one empty nester on the panel.

  • Gwynn Asbury

    Just popping back in to share the blog post with how you ended up inspiring me!

  • karen keiper

    what’s different about walnut stain???