PRT178 – The Fun of Kits

This week we’re talking kits!

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  • Ruth

    Aww thanks! I love PRT.
    Tinkster, you should shoot Jessica an email because I think she also offers the Project life kit in parts to the subscribers, eg you can get extra cards, extra exclusive flair etc seperately. So if you dont want the stamp, she might be able to work something out with you? She is very nice and helpful and Kaitlin’s card designs are really lovely every month!

  • Irit

    Thank you! Sounds simple and best of all- free:)

    Hope to hear you again in future episodes!

  • You are awesome, Pepper!!

  • Tam

    I understand wanting to see before joining. But I also understand why boards are made private requiring joining to view. I’ve seen them before – it’s not a new concept. One of the reasons in this case being so people can’t just read at will and go report to others anything they deem as ‘mean’ or anything of the sort. Heck, we’ve had members do that. Nope, IMO it’s not meant to be open to all and sundry. Meaning it’s not open to people who are known to be the handslappers, etc.
    One of the problems with the site you’re affiliated with Shimelle is the inconsistent TOU, when they choose to apply it or not, who it does or doesn’t apply to, etc. And you DON’T refer to your potentials customers as taking out the trash. I don’t care how he meant it, you just don’t. And at the same time let some others get away with their comments.
    There are people who didn’t get ‘into the fray’ but lurk and can’t believe how that show is run.
    Sometimes blind loyalty just astounds me.
    Disclaimer: all opinions are mine and in no way suggest the feelings or attitudes of anyone else.

  • canyonjoy

    I have always thought that kits would be too limiting. Part of what I love about scrapbooking is the creative process, and I felt that kits would take a lot of that process out of my hands. Now, I’m not so sure. I’ve been making a concerted effort to use up the class kits from CKC Mesa that have piled up in my scrap room for way too long. I have yet to use one like the example shown in the kit, and I guess the same thing can be done with the subscription kits as well. Hmmm, food for thought. Maybe I should reconsider my attitude toward kits and give one a whirl.

    Love the podcasts! I live hours from any town and always enjoy listening on one of my road trips. Yesterday, I caught up on five just driving to Tucson and back!

  • Shimelle Laine

    It’s good to hear a bit about the choice to make it a closed board. The case of a closed board is not really what I meant when I mentioned the UK board further up this discussion that is owned by an independent individual and sponsored by UK stores. It’s open for all to read without discussion and there is both praise and criticism mixed in with the discussions about what adhesive everyone prefers and whether matting photos is in or out of fashion. I think that sort of resource is something that can be very helpful to consumers at all levels, be they just starting to consider scrapping as a hobby or it’s been their passion for years. I think that sort of board is an excellent place to discuss the original question – asking a range of scrappers for their advice on which kit would be a good match. A closed board serves another purpose – though there certainly may be overlap – of being a discussion amongst those who are already consumers, and I would venture to classify them as pretty experienced scrapbookers, insomuch that it’s enough of an interest to them that they haven’t just been online and found the first few things that come up, but also the closed discussion group. Yes? Different boards serving the purposes of different groups of people seems fair enough.

    I understand the points you make in the second half of your comment. I don’t by any means think that one board is perfect – especially not for everyone, and I understand the problems you mention here. It is also, of course, difficult to know what is ‘blind loyalty’ and where there have been discussions or decisions made privately. But different boards serving different purposes means there is a variety of places to talk, and everyone can decide which is best for them based on their experience.

    I will reiterate what I said from the beginning: I know it is essentially impossible for me to comment on this idea without being linked specifically to the one store I work with, but my opinion holds for all stores with boards, that I just don’t find it the best course of action to go to one store’s boards to suggest/discuss shopping at another. That is the point I really wanted to raise. I do really appreciate the insight of sharing why you feel it’s a closed community and the merits that come with that.

  • Marilyn

    The community is not closed but membership is controlled by the board owner who to date has not refused anyone membership. However, I believe the idea is to keep the board small and free of the drama/handslapping that 2P has become.

  • I’m like you, and this past year or two I decided to try line collections for the first time. Surprise, surprise, I love them!

  • Bernadette

    I don’t think you have anything to apologize for or retract. You were a guest on PRT and gave your opinion, and I don’t think it was right of someone who is also often a guest on the show to handslap you for it. It was very tacky and inappropriate of her to do so. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to share these in the future for fear that someone might chastise you for it. I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say.

  • I agree that Ruth doesn’t have to apologize for anything she said or suggested. We want all of our guests to feel free to say what they’re thinking. I also don’t think Shimelle has to apologize for sharing her opinion, which we always request the audience do, including audience members who are also regular guests.

    This show is about being aware of different points of view. We encourage people to speak up if they have an opposing one, as long as it’s done without cutting someone down personally.

    Shimelle shared her different viewpoint without cutting anyone down. I think some very interesting discussion has arisen from it and I have found value from both sides. All opinions that don’t resort to making it personal, are appropriate and wanted here. I kind of feel like you’re speaking for me by saying otherwise.

    Plenty of people have disagreed with me and I don’t call it handslapping. I call it a differing opinion. I’ve even read their disagreements with me over the air. That’s what this show is all about.

  • Lida Garcia Alonzo

    I´ve been listening to PRT for the longest time and this is my first comment because when I heard you were looking for asian scrapbookers I thought about Sandy Ang, she lives in Singapure and is very talented, this is her blog and her email is on her blog on her resume. The previous sugestions are also awesome, keep up the amazing show!