PRT176 – Scrapbooking Modern Media

This week we’re sharing ideas about scrapbooking modern media!

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  • PjP

    I clicked on the AC puffy stickers link in the Picks and got really annoyed because the stickers include a few cat images but no dog images. This happens a LOT in the paper-crafting world and it ticks me off mightily. I like cats (I would have one if my husband would agree to it) but i LOVE my dogs and am tired of the pro-cat discrimination that goes on in the scrapbooking design world. Thank heavens for Amy Tan; if it weren’t for her & Katie Pertiet, there’d be no dog imagery at all. End of rant. Thanks for another great show: I really enjoyed it, even though I avoid social media like the plague that it is.

  • Michelle Tvaryanas

    Help! I have a ton of old family photos that I want to have high quality copies made of. I could have sworn that in one of your older episodes a guest shared how she shipped the whole batch off and had them scanned or copies printed and then everything was shipped back to her. Does this ring a bell or any ideas of what company could safely do this for me? LOVE you guys! Thanks for any help you can offer.

  • Yes, I think it’s called a Million Memories? Or One Million Memories? Google those terms and see of you find it. I think I’m going to be doing this myself.

  • I loved this episode; what a great reminder to go back and wander through your past. While I often do this with photos, it hadn’t occurred to me to explore my own history as published my myself on the internet. I remembered that I kept a blog when I was 16 and the concept of blogging then was still relatively new. That long-abandoned blog is full of in-jokes shared with friends, my thoughts on school, and bizarre strings of comments that my friends and I would leave on each others’ posts. (Obviously no one else actually read them! :D) These little online snippets can really stir up some thoughts and evoke an atmosphere that I’d kind of forgotten.

    One thing I would add to your discussion is that direct images and print-outs of Twitter/Texts/Facebook etc. all have quite a clean, graphic look. I don’t scrap like that and so the idea of using screen-captured images has never really appealed to me. However, I have written out text conversations in my own handwriting before, straight onto pages. I know there are scrappers who prefer not to write by hand and might think this is a lengthy process, but I always hand-write, so that really works for me. There’s also something pretty cool about the juxtaposition of modern technology transcribed into handwriting. It’s a nice mixture of handmade-meets-the-internet, and I like how handwriting works on my pages. It’s just a better fit for me than the graphic style of a computer.

    Anyway, just wanted to say great topic with some brilliant ideas. And congratulations on your approach of that million-download landmark. If I could download each episode lots of times to get you there, I would. But I can’t, so I won’t. Sorry :D

    Kirsty xxx

    P.S. The trouble with commenting is that I know how to start, but I’m never quite sure how to stop…

  • great episode! loved the idea of looking back and scrapbooking the beginnings of your endeavor into social media. i’ve looked back at my first posts on facebook but never thought to include it in a layout.
    i also wanted to mention an app called ‘momento’ for the iphone (not sure about android users). you can sync your facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media feeds to it. momento works in calendar form and when you click on a day on the calendar it brings up all your social media posts from that day. you can also put notes straight onto the days using the app. it is a life-saver for me working with project life as i’m usually a month or more behind and simply can not remember everything.

  • Jen S.

    I literally just came to leave a comment about the Momento app. It really is awesome! It helps me not only remember my stories, but it’s nice for me to be able to see the date that I posted something on FB or took that Instagram photo. Highly recommend it!

  • The ladies on the Digi Show have been talking about this a LOT lately… And I think they use Scan my Photos.

  • I was really surprised no one mentioned Momento, so I’m here to exclaim its glories as well! I would never be scrapping accurate things if it were not for Momento! :)

  • L Squared

    I was hoping someone would mention “if this then that” – a web site that creates actions for all sorts of web based activities including aggregating all your stuff in one place. They’ve talked about it a few times on The Digi Show and there is a short post here:
    I think one of the hardest parts is just keeping track of all the places I’m posting things. Also I know Katie the Scrapbook Lady has talked about how she has her kids Instagram accounts set up to sync with her computer so she gets their pictures. Not sure how it works but would be a handy way to get those pics.
    Thanks for the great episode.

    For a show idea – I’d love another one about memorabilia. I’m mainly digi scrapping these days but know no scrapper can keep track of it all. How are you preserving the stuff you want to keep but not scrap?

  • L Squared

    The ladies over at the daily digi recommend “Scan My Photos”
    They talked about different companies a few episodes ago on the Digi Show. One thing they recommend checking out is if the service keeps the photos in the US or ships them overseas and back (which makes some people nervous)

  • Hahaha, I’m completely opposite to you. Because I’m a fairly new scrapbooker and I was introduced to the hobby through Amy Tangerine products, I thought there were way too many dog-related products and not enough cat stuff!

  • I know, I’ve seen plenty of dog supplies.

  • Debbie Hodge

    I was hoping I’d even tackle setting up “if this then that” — i keep meaning too — but it seems like their are so many options I never get there. Are you using it? What are your best “recipes” for it?

  • Debbie Hodge

    another app i need to try. though i’ve become social-media lazy . . . I wonder if using it would spur me to be more consistent all around.

  • Debbie Hodge

    I posted the layouts I mentioned during the podcast — and the GIS CT gathered their own layouts with modern media to add to it.

  • Tami Morrison
  • Heather Dubarry

    Loved the discussion this week. I’ve been trying to scrap tweets and FB posts since I took a class with Cathy Z called Everyone Can Write A Little. I ran with her idea, and made a 6×6 book of my favorite tweets from the year she ran her class. That’s one of my favorite books ever. I have favorite tweets from the following year saved. They just need to be paired with a pic and printed, and those will be ready for another year’s worth of highlights.

    One of my favorite layouts ever was one where I just copied and pasted the text from a gmail chat with my sister onto a page. So simple, but it really captures our relationship. That one’s actually online. I did it for one of Lain’s LOAD challenges.

  • Hi Paperclippers:

    First off I wanted to thank Debbie Hodge for picking my blog and for throwing down the scrapbook smackdown gauntlet. I have tried to convince Debbie to set up a Scrapbook Competition at Get It Scrapped called “The Big Year” (which actually might be more suited for Big Picture given the name – either place I think it would be big fun). “The Big Year’ is an Audubon (bird watching) competition to see who can see the most different types of birds during a calendar year in North America (this is an actual thing but there was a funny movie with the same name “The Big Year” with Owen Wilson; Steve Martin and Jack Black. Anyway, translated to scrapbooking I think it would be super interesting to see which scrapbooker made the most amount of pages during one calendar year. “The Big Year” bird watching thing is based on the honor system – in other words – the bird watchers don’t have to prove it – they just have to “on their honor” send in the number of birds they saw to the Audubon Society. I think it would be fun if Debbie or Stacy hosted “The Big Year” at their site (or maybe even a combo event) to see who was the most prolific scrapbooker of 2014. I am really curious to know what kind of numbers we’d see. Like would it be 1 page a day or 365 layouts or does someone out there make tons more – like 1000 in a year? I’m just curious. And I think it could be friendly motivation for scrapbookers to get more pages done.

  • Also, I wanted to chime in on the page protector thing. This isn’t a new issue unique to Project Life or other types of pocketed pages; we’ve had problems with 12×12 page protectors for as long as I can remember. I have “12×12” page protectors that range from 11.5 to 12.5 in page pocket size. Since I have a variety of page protectors and I’m too frugal to throw away even the most annoying 11.5 size I have to pick the page protector and keep it handy while I make a page – or at least sometimes I have to do this – otherwise I have to cut down a finished layout. Crazy annoying. I don’t know which manufacturers are the worst offender – my guess would be big box stores. I do love American Crafts, We R Memory Keepers and C Line for my 12×12 page protectors (but I have a ton so unless I crank out 1000 next year (see my other post) then I’m going to be using this crazy variety of differing 12×12 page protectors.

    I know this is a first world problem, but it seems like if you are making 12×12 page protectors, you should be able to get a 12×12 piece of cardstock in them – an they might even be good to be slightly bigger in case you make lumpy layouts.


  • I have scanned in old photos but it is so time consuming and boring. I like to use the Shimelle trick of taking a photo of the photo – which is not nearly as time consuming – I do that in good light and I don’t even edit and I get fairly decent reprints to use for scrapbooking and for sharing online.

  • should read “-and (not an) they might even…”

  • Kristi G

    I wasn’t sure where to leave this comment, as it’s unrelated to the episode (I assume…I haven’t actually listened to it yet since I’m a couple weeks behind). Anyway, I thought it was possible someone else could benefit from your answer so I thought it made sense to comment instead of email. I had a Paperclipping membership a couple years ago but due to having a baby and getting too busy to keep up, I didn’t renew when it expired. I’d like to renew but wasn’t sure if I would be a new member or a renewal since it’s been so long since I first subscribed. How does this work? Thanks so much for all you do… I love listening to the Roundtable and am anxious to be a non-schmo again soon!

  • Ok, actually a couple more things on the media inspired scrapbooking:
    1. Back when I was an “Ella Friend”; I did a blog series there on scrapbook pages inspired by tv shows,
    2. digital scrapbooker and product design Lynette Pennacho makes a ton of internet inspired layouts – I have a Pinterest board called “Scrapbook Like: Lynette Pennacho” where you can see a bunch of her work;
    3. I also do “the hunger games” scrapbooking challenges; and! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS our local Block Buster is going out of business and they are selling everything – so my kids were able to pick up a bunch of their very favorites for cheap. AND you know those display thingees that show the movie that you bring up to the counter and then they give you the movie (yes I know the Hyman family is probably too high tech for that), but they don’t put the actual movies out on the shelf – they put a piece of plastic with the movie cover on it on the shelf (so people don’t steal the movies I imagine). Anyway, I picked up 20 of those plastic thingees with the movie poster / dvd cover of our favorite movies and I’m going to three hole punch them with my Cropodile and make it into a mini book adding photos and stories – because movie covers really do bring back memories. I don’t make a ton of mini books anymore – but I saw that I could get 20 of those things for $1.00 and I couldn’t resist. I’ll check back in when I have something done to share.

  • P.S. My keyboard jammed – but I was going to add that I’m going to do some “Catching Fire” inspired layouts when Hunger Games 2 comes out; and there should be a #4 in front of “I am so excited…”

  • I love the Emily Pitts’ layout about “bloop” or whatever it is with her east coast friend Paula Gilarde; also loved the cost of doing business online one – very clever.

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Can Debbie tell me/us how she automatically “backs up” or syncs her phone pics with her computer’s photostream? Is she just doing that when she syncs her phone with iTunes, or another way? I have an iPhone and do not have a Mac. I know how I can get the photos from my phone to my computer, but she made it sound easy. Just checking!

    Love the show and all that I’m learning. I am inspired each time I listen. Keep up the great work!

  • Wow! I’ve never had a page protector that was less than 12×12! But I only have ever used Amer. Crafts, We R, and Project Life. So I know you can rely on those three.

  • Thank you for renewing your membership! You get to renew for the lower price! Once you’re a member you’re in the system as a member and can renew at any time. :)

  • ladywing

    awesome show! As mom to two now adult children, that’s been one of the things I feel I’m missing – continued scrapping of the kids. Both are single adults, so the usual “grandchild” follow-thru on their adult lives isn’t there. Fortunately, both have friended me (as well as some of their friends) so I do have access to their Facebook status updates and photos. I also realized that they send me pictures regularly via text as well. Why didn’t I think of this before? I’d already screen shot a few of their texts to do pages on, but not so much for their books as for our “people we love” book. I’ve already downloaded some additional pictures (daughter’s recent wasp sting) with the texts and Facebook posts she did about them so I can record this not so fun event in her life. My son is constantly working on his old truck, so that’s another option now for me to record his life too.

    A while back, Big Picture had a Cathy Zielske class “Everyone Can Write a LIttle.” The class was great in teaching that thru social media, we all journal whether we think so or not. However, after listening to this episode, I had the ah-ha moment that I could take those a step further into my scrapping. I do still update 6×6 book with my favorite things from social media, but will now take it to my regular scrapping too. Great ideas!

  • I made a modern media page inspired by the show w/ screenshots of facebook photos – they aren’t the best and I printed them on cardstock (instead of photo paper) so the photos aren’t the crispest ever but they get the point across I think (lots of photos of me & my BFF from highschool & her restaurants in Atlanta – these photos span a lot of time & some are ads for her restaurants because when we go up to Atlanta we always eat there). (couldn’t upload it so here’s a link:

  • ldmccarty

    When I first heard the topic, I was like ‘meh’. But, as usual, as I listened I was hooked. And I DO have some pages where I’ve scrapped tweets from famous people (like my musical comedy hero, Tim Minchin and BBC radio favorite, John Finnemore). But looking even further back, I realized I’d saved an old terminal email conversation where one of my friends had “drawn” (w/ampersands and other characters) an image as a running joke. I don’t know how I manged to save it, but I’m SO GLAD I did because it’s so different to the insane functionality of email today. But back then, you had to be really creative (and patient) to get funny images in email. Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for the great shows.

    Re: Membership – sometimes listening to Izzy talk about the Paperclipping membership reminds me of my local NPR station doing a membership drive. “You know you love it, c’mon support it.” And you know what? I do love NPR and support it. And I love Paperclipping and support it. I recently went all the way back to a 2008 video and even though it’s ancient (in scrapping terms) the content was just as relevant as the ones you make today (and it’s fun to see Izzy’s evolution as a videographer).

  • ldmccarty

    When I first heard the topic, I was like ‘meh’. But, as usual, as I listened I was hooked. And I DO have some pages where I’ve scrapped tweets from famous people (like my musical comedy hero, Tim Minchin and BBC radio favorite, John Finnemore). But looking even further back, I realized I’d saved an old terminal email conversation where one of my friends had “drawn” (w/ampersands and other characters) an image as a running joke. I don’t know how I manged to save it, but I’m SO GLAD I did because it’s so different to the insane functionality of email today. But back then, you had to be really creative (and patient) to get funny images in email. Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for the great shows.

    Re: Membership – sometimes listening to Izzy talk about the Paperclipping membership reminds me of my local NPR station doing a membership drive. “You know you love it, c’mon support it.” And you know what? I do love NPR and support it. And I love Paperclipping and support it. I recently went all the way back to a 2008 video and even though it’s ancient (in scrapping terms) the content was just as relevant as the ones you make today (and it’s fun to see Izzy’s evolution as a videographer).

  • ldmccarty

    Ack. Have tried to leave this a few times, w/a pic, but I think it’s not posting the message because it couldn’t post the pic. One more time, no pic:

    At first when I heard the topic, I was like ‘meh.’ But, as usual, when I started listening I was hooked. And I realized that I DO like to scrap tweets that I’ve gotten from famous (at least in the UK) folks like my musician, comedic hero, Tim Minchin and BBC radio genius, John Finnemore. And then I went back and realized I’d also managed to save a terminal based email message from 1990 where someone had ‘drawn’ a funny picture in the email string using ampersands and other characters to make the picture. Those were the days when you had to be creative and patient to get funny content into email. So thanks for the topic and giving me more ideas about scrapping amazon purchases, and book titles, etc.

    Re: Membership. When I hear Izzy give the Paperclipping membership message it reminds me of my local NPR station: “C’mon, you know you love it, so help support it”. And I do love NPR, so I support it. Just like I love Paperclipping and support it. And I get access to all those great videos. I was just looking at one from 2008 the other day. That’s ancient (in scrapping terms) and yet it was just a relevant as any new one (and it’s fun to see Izzy’s evolution as a videographer). When I think of all the free content on scrapping, I ask myself why I have a membership. And it’s that the videos are consistently high-quality, concise, on topic and have a professional feel that makes them easy to watch.

  • Cindy

    Thanks for another fun episode! I’m not very active in social media, but it was an interesting discussion. A question came up about getting internet-based info to put into layouts. I have been doing that with concert reviews from online news sources to augment photos I’ve taken at the event. I find it a great way to pack in information, since they usually cover the who/what/where/when, and often have a great photo to go with it. Most often I print the review on 8.5 x 11 cardstock and put it between my 12 x 12 pages.

  • The Craft Donkey

    Can we get a link from Lain’s videos that she says she posts that she does live. I looked over her webpage and couldn’t decide what was that class that she does where she uses the spinner things live. Thanks

  • Debbie Hodge

    Hi, Nicole,

    On your iPhone, go to Settings, iCloud, and then find Photostream in the list and turn it ON.

    On your PC download the free Icloud setup software to your pc — instructs and links are here:

  • Terri Cannell

    Here with a better-late-than-never comment about this episode I just listened to…
    I’m truly grateful for all the excellent tips and ideas you shared on how to collect data from our media {like downloading tweets and looking up and printing info about events} that are so simple and easy but I would never have risen to my consciousness to actually do without your suggestions! I got to thinking about symbols that relate to social media, like hashtags and that “@ – at” sign and newer ones like geo tags, and how they seem to be incorporated into scrapbooking product design more and more these days. There’s LOTS of potential now for “dated” looking pages out there now and I’m totally o.k. with that! For instance, right now I’m looking at my 20 year old daughter’s and 16 year old son’s pages, that I made when they were toddlers, which are lovingly pasted onto metal edged pages with gingham patterned rectangles and triangles adorning them {from the company that will remain nameless}. They may look really dated, but they bring back a flood of memories of those times and ALSO the memories of the thrill of celebrating and documenting their toddlerhood in way that was “new”, beautiful, and professional looking for the first time! I look forward to someday looking back at today’s pages with wooden hashtags embellishing them “LOL”ing and enjoying their “dated-ness” too!

    Speaking of hashtags, here’s a funny on-topic clip I thought you’d all enjoy {if it’s allowed to share}…

    Justin Timberlake Shows Us How Dumb We Sound When We Use Hashtags:

    Congrats on your one-meeeellllionnnnnth download!! {yay}

    Terri Non-shmo

  • Thank you for your congrats, AND for your membership, Terri! :)

    I just discovered this video yesterday — it’s so funny! I’m so glad you shared it here!!

  • Sheri Elmont

    Sign up for her email list at and you’ll get the info. They are called Scrapbook Improv and happen once a month toward the end. We just had one last night and it’s a lot of fun. You can watch last nights right here.

  • Mary S

    One of your best shows yet! I’ve done several social media type layouts, but this gave me more ideas. Great show as always!

  • This episode really sparked ideas for me. My boys are using a facebook-like app for school this year called Edmodo where they post assignments and comments. I took a screenshot of each boys’ homepage to add to our project life album for this year. (I have printed out screenprints onto 4×6 photos at home and I never notice a quality issue.) I also added a recurring to-do for my action list – to document our family’s social media trends. That way, I can remember to grab a different screen of our online life next month. Thank you for the great ideas!

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    I read all my books on I take a screen shot on my phone to document which books I’m reading.

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    I read my books via I take a phone screen shot when I’m reading a book. That way it’s right in my photo stream and can print it out just like a picture.

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    One more thing – you can automate a lot of these social media tasks by using It’s wicked easy to use.