PRT175 – The Cult of White Borders

This week we’re sharing ideas about pocketed pages!

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  • Deirdre

    Thanks for sharing the link!
    This was one of my favorite episodes ever.

  • Jennifer Serrano

    Vintageplaid- I love the explanation of your “name” thanks for sharing!!

  • Jennifer Serrano

    I loved this episode, it was so fabulous, I will have to listen to it again, thank you! I was curious are there any scrapbookers out there that do project life and have “lost” their ability to scrap 12 by 12 layouts? When I first started project life, when it was Becky Higgins 365 from Creating Keepsakes, I was still doing 12 by 12 layouts, then I was doing mostly project life and adding 12 by 12 layouts in the same album all together, now I am ONLY doing project life! Not that it is a big problem, but I miss doing “regular” layouts!! I guess I will have to re listen to the show and think on Jennifer’s pyramid, maybe that can get me inspired to do the big stories on a 12 by 12. I am such a chronological scrapbooker, have never been able to go out of order (despite trying many times) I am at a loss as to where to put the 12 by 12 pages except into my project life album. Thanks again for the great podcast!

  • Melissa Andrews Sutherland

    This is my first time listening- as an avid digi scrapper I wasn’t sure how much I would relate to your podcast, but I LOVED it and am now a subscriber :) It was a nice surprise to hear Jen Wilson on the show too! I respect Jen and think she is a wonderful contributor to the scrapbook community as a whole. Thanks for lots of laughs and new ideas to consider for my own projects. I have been on the edge contemplating trying this pocket scrapping thing and I have decided to give it a go. For now, my projects will remain digital – with a toddler in the house less mess is always easiest- but I look forward to playing in a new area and seeing how they look printed. Thanks again for a great show!

  • Chriss

    Really enjoyed the show this week. I’m an 8.5×11 scrapper, but I love mixing in pocket pages. I do a good mix of both single page and double page spreads, but don’t tend to use my pocket pages for the extra photos of a single page layout (it happens, just rarely).

    My library is set up in a semi-LOM fashion, but chronological. I do sort my layouts by year, but will put holidays (travel) in a separate album if there are lots of layouts. I also keep a heritage album, and separate childhood/personality album for each member of the family. The personality albums usually get a few layouts each year (one for school, one for social, one for personality… give or take). Everything else goes in the family ‘yearly’ albums.

    I print my photos quarterly, and when I get them back I put them into my storage binders. I scrap what I’m drawn to scrap… what I consider the important stories. Once or twice a year I’ll revisit the albums and decide what I really need layouts about. Everything else goes in pocket pages.

    I use 9-pocket trading card pages, as well as A4 (European letter size) pages that hold 4 4×6 photos vertically. They are nearly 12″ tall, so I chop off the top 1″ of the top pockets and re-punch the binder holes as necessary. I also use A5 page protectors (approx. 6×8 inch) that I buy in the stationary department, which are great for programmes and that type of memorabilia. I use pocket pages to hold all the stuff I didn’t care to document via a layout. Those cute photos that have no story, those little moments that really didn’t need a full layout, funny quotes, etc. Lots of little everyday life stuff. I keep lots of notes throughout the year to help with the documentation.

    I don’t restrict myself to X-number of pocket pages. I use them as needed, in the sizes needed. A single pocket page may cover a day, a week, a month, or several months. I just slip them in amongst the layouts a appropriate, and try not to divide up double page spreads unless it relates to that particular event.

    If I look through my recent albums, my layouts still dominate in numbers, but only barely. I find pocket pages a great way to document a lot of the things that otherwise wouldn’t get captured in the albums, and they make it faster for me to get the albums done whilst still enjoying the creative process, and not making an over abundance of layouts that take up too much room. I like my yearly albums to fit in a single album whenever possible.

    Thanks for the great show!

  • It IS funny how different we are. For example…

    I did 2-page layouts for many many years. For a long time I ONLY did 2-pagers, and you see me share many design concepts for 2-pagers in earlier membership videos. But I much prefer NOT doing them and love that I can use pocket pages instead. So doing them regularly does not always make it easier for everyone.

    And, get this…

    I like that the pocketed pages fold! LOL, I’m being for real. It’s a cool sensation in my hands and it’s fun to get a sneak peek of the next page when it folds like that.

  • Dancingfish

    As I listened to the podcast and Nicole mentioned that scrapbookers were embracing the pocket pages for simplicity it dawned on me that this new trend might also have something to do with digital photography. When I started scrapbooking I was still using film. I certainly didn’t have as many photographs to choose from. As time went on I changed over to digital but during that same time period our hobby was exploding with new techniques and new products. I am not sure about everyone else but I “got behind” on my photos because I was playing so much!!
    Fast forward to today and I have a ton of good photos and I have found my style AND realized that I don’t need to scrap every picture– I just need/want to document our family stories. This is where these pocket pages have become essential to balancing my need to continue taking a ton of photos and still playing with paper and glue.
    Great podcast! Loved your guests!

  • I’ve been using pocketed pages in my ancestry scrapbooking albums – but lots of times they are just place holders – or places to tuck photos where they are safe until I scrapbook (some but not all ) of them later. My pocketed pages tend to be heavy on photos and sparse on embellishments.

    But also, I love the 12×12 patterned papers that can be used as 3×4 Project Life type journaling cards.

  • cls

    I’ve been meaning to comment all week but I wanted to let you know how much I so enjoyed you having Nancy Damiano on the show! I really hope you will have her again,

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    lol!!! :) I just saw your post about the 5 ways of using the divided page protectors and they are all so nice. :) I was thinking more about the Project Life style, very eclectic, or just using the pockets to slip pictures in and leave them as is to hold another 10-15 photos… but your pages are really cohesive and I like them. :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Leslie Price

    Absolutely LOVE your podcast, which has turned me into a hybrid scrapper (90% digi and now 10% paper! Every episode seems to address things I am interested in and I had to laugh about your templates discussion recently, since I can’t create a layout without one!

    Special thanks for this week’s pocket episode. There are so many vendors offering pocket protectors and I wish there was a spreadsheet available for the various protectors by size & manufacturer (I do not scrap in the 12 x 12 size, but 6 x 8 or 6 x 9, size) and would love to see some new configurations for the page protectors.

    Huge thanks for your weekly podcast… perfection!!!


  • stee

    no no, please don’t do that! The show is so much better the way it is now. The guests get to speak more and there is more interaction between the panel. I stopped listening back then because of that. Since I recently learned of the cast change I’m back to listening to PRT again.

  • Melissa Andrews Sutherland