PRT174 – And Stacy Picked…

This week we’re talking about who our guests admire!

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  • Shimelle Laine

    Slightly regretting I did not work out a way to declare Matt Damon as the inspiration behind my scrapping.

    Thank you for inviting me to be part of this episode!

  • Gem Blackwell

    I love your show! I have been on extended leave from work for months, here in Australia, due to health reasons, and have discovered Project Life, Smashbooks, scrapbooking and paper crafts as a way of keeping my mind busy and entertained. I also have begun to follow many craft blogs, and along the way, stumbled across your radio show. It is great for the many hours I spend resting! I love the wide variety of topics, and your funny banter keeps me laughing. I so often finish a show and have ordered multiple new items from an online craft store! Dangerous for the old credit card!! ;-) Thank you so, so much for giving me inspiration and entertainment during a difficult time in my life. I will keep working my way through the list of your old shows, while enjoying the new ones. You all keep me smiling!

  • Becky P

    All of you crack up! It’s really fun to hear who the “pros” in the industry admire. I hate it when people ask me this question too (but i’m no pro) because it’s always so hard to pick one person. I think we all get inspiration from so many different people for all different reasons. One person might inspire us to be more artsy, one person might inspire us to add more journaling, another might inspire us in our design. And those are all great things!
    I love listening to your show! Oh….and mail time/male time….look up Business Time! LOL. Wednesday will bring on a while new meaning!

  • Ha! It was so much fun — thank you for being on!!

  • Thank you! Welcome to scrapbooking, Paperclipping, and the Roundtable! :)

  • Jennifer G.

    Becky, I totally thought of Business Time when I heard this episode. I heard it when it was on originally and I actually have the song on my iPhone so it pops up every once and a while on shuffle.

  • Becky Pospical

    That’s awesome! Business Time cracks me up every time I hear it!

  • PjP

    Re: the mail (as in the actual e-mail, Izzy). My CTMH Marker Tower is the best organizational tool I have ever purchased. It’s meant to be a vertical object (hence the “tower”) but mine lies flat on my work table so that I can pile stuff on top of it. It rocks! If you have CTMH, SU or Distress Markers you NEED a Marker Tower.

  • Tiffany W.

    I appreciated how each panelist talked about an inspirational person whose style is different from their personal style. Reminds me how much I have to learn from people who utilize different ideas, styles, and techniques from me.

  • LisaDV

    Loved hearing everyone’s pick for inspiration. I agree with Stacy that it would be different for each aspect that you were looking for inspiration of: color, techniques, design principles, use of pattern paper, layers, etc. But found it interesting that most of your picks were from designers that had different styles than your own.
    When Stacy was talking about the grocery list in comparison with Jenn’s (I did sign up for the class through your link), I totally busted out laughing – at myself. My grocery list is an excel worksheet with a column dedicated to each usual store that I shop at and a general list. Then each store is broken down into sections (produce, dairy, frozen, meat, etc). Each store has a spot for quantity and price. That way I can use the sales flyers (on-line) to create my list and meal plan. If an item is not on sale, but needed, I generally know which store has the cheapest price for said item and approximate cost. The cost calculate by store and a total for all is generated to help me stay on track. I realize that this would be overkill for most. But it helps me stay on-track and closer to budget.

  • LisaDV

    I never heard that before! That is so funny! Can’t wait to share with hubs.

  • Bethany Rielage

    I really enjoyed this show (as always)! It was a stellar panel, and it was great to hear who inspires them. About the mail – I was very happy to hear you read the comment about Close To My Heart. I have been a CTMH consultant for about two years, but I have used their products for much longer than that. I truly believe they are one of the best scrapbooking and stamping companies out there, and their quality is fantastic. They have amazing acrylic stamps that stamp just as well as rubber stamps. I know CTMH is not as well known as some of the other catalog companies, but if you haven’t tried their products, you really should! And if you need a consultant, Noell, I’d be willing to mail a catalog to Arizona! Again, thanks for another great show!

  • Another great show – thank you!

  • Natasha Wise

    I’m with you Shimelle!

  • vintageplaid

    I noticed the same thing about the panelists’ picks. You all mentioned someone who is not “just like you” in style or approach. I thought that was fascinating. Shows respect for the strengths of others and the fact that we can learn from and be inspired by talent and ability even when/if the artist approaches it totally differently. Maybe that is how you all stay fresh and innovative. Thanks for a great show!
    As to grocery lists, I make one, of a sort, but usually forget and leave it on the kitchen counter when I leave. Now my husband and I use ZipList (app for iphone so dont know about android) so we can both enter items since both of us shop. Looking forward to Stacy and Jennifer’s class!

  • Bookworm9798

    I don’t keep my list in a spreadsheet (although it’s tempting — ha, ha), but I do occasionally type it up in Word and put the items on in the order that I will come to them in the store. Produce first, then deli, then bread. :-)

  • Gina

    This was a wonderful show both to get ideas of people to look up and get ideas from but also some of the discussion was fantastic – i.e. that you can admire someone and like their style but it might never be yours and if you copy what they do, it just won’t look right unless you infuse your own style into what you’re doing – a revelation! I try to do pages to sort of copy those people I admire and whose pages I love but they never look right…now I know why! Thanks so much!

  • i’m not sure why, but I knew Shimelle was going to pick Wilna :)

    Great show to listen while scrapbooking :D


    Hi – could someone add a link to Kelly’s inspirational scrapbooker please ?

  • Brenda

    This was a fun show (as they all are). Maybe you could have another show for those ‘admired’ to pick out their ‘admired’ – since Stacy ‘cheated’ and picked a few you’d have some backups in case you’re having troubles scheduling all of ‘admired’ for one show.

    By the way, I recently re-subscribed for a Paperclipping membership. I had enjoyed my membership before, but didn’t renew because I rarely found the time to actually watch the videos. However, when I recently resolved to do 10 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups each day as part of a 10 day ‘tune up’ challenge over at ‘Be More with Less’ I realized that Noell’s videos would be the perfect thing to watch (on the nice portable tablet I received for my 50th birthday in July). So now, I am not only strengthening my abs and arms, but I’m strengthening my scrapbooking skills too. Now, to just find some time to put Noell’s great tips into action.

    I was surprised by how inexpensive the Paperclipping membership renewal was – only a few dollars a month for such amazing videos – I love listening to the Roundtable during my runs and am very happy to be back supporting the show and all of Noell and Izzy’s great contributions to our community.

    I hope you do start recording your pre- and post-show ‘off-air’ chats – I look forward to hearing bits of them as part of your 200th show – and totally agree with Stacy that we should all participate in a big 200th episode celebration.

  • Shimelle Laine

    I did wonder if that was going to be too predictable! But decided to go with honesty even if it was easy to spot. :)

  • hahaha
    You’re still my #1 though :D

  • LOL!

  • Donna