PRT173 – Pictures of Their Disasters

This week we’re talking about getting organized!

The Panelists

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Picks of the Week

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Pictures of the Guests’s Scrap Rooms

Allie’s Room


Cristi’s Room
Cristi's Scraproom 1

Cristi's Scraproom 2

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  • scrapstreams

    Noell & Izzy… I just downloaded this week’s episode from iTunes, but it is LAST week’s episode that is playing under this week’s title… thought you should know lol

  • scrapstreams

    ooops my error!!!!!

  • LisaDV

    Love all the ideas given today. I am a standing scrapper who loves to see
    what she has and is short as well. I have 1 room that serves as office, craft space
    and classroom (homeschool). I’m organizing a new room that has 10’ ceilings and with multiple purposes, I have to use my vertical space. I love shelves, but I love my pegboard even more. I keep frequently used tools and such within easy reach as well as hang packages of want to use embellishments there. I bought little pails from the $1 spot at
    Target and spray painted them my colors. Then just hang them with items outside of a package or whatever fits me at the moment. On the top of the pegboard are things that I don’t really need to get to very often. Like a large flower can vase with fake flowers that I use in art journaling or whatever. Since I’m short, I use a rolling step stool. I love that I can
    easily roll it with my feet when hands are full, but when I or the kids step on it, it will stay put. Link to example:

    I love kits as well and store mine in 2 gallon size storage bags purchased at big box stores. They frequently carry them during harvest season. They work great for online swap mail as well. I can then hang them on a clip hanger (as suggested or in a crate, vertically, but I can easily see them regardless.

    For the project zone/tray idea:. I have to mention the more frugal wire cubes altered with zip ties. I have 1, only one, cube alter in such a fashion. But it provides a great place for art journals to dry or pages in progress to rest if I’m tackling another project. Here’s an example of someone elses for storage – – I have plastic trays with a small lip to keep embellishments in that can slide in and out. They do stick out more than I would like, but they work. I will say that I would really like the jetmax cubes and will possible get them next year for papers.

  • Linda Knox

    Please don’t take this comment as a negative but these pictures sure don’t look like disasters to me. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what they look like after assistance and ideas.

  • No, they don’t. You have to listen to the episode…

  • If anyone is interested, I blogged about the detailed lists of my “disaster” that i referred to in the episode, and some of my favorite ideas from Aby. I’d love some feedback and suggestions of the group!

    Again, SO many thanks to Noell for having me on, and to Aby for coaching my crazy! ;)

  • Hi Linda! My room was cleaned a lot before I posted pictures on the internets ;) but the real “disaster” was how it’s just not working for me to be productive or creative :) Hoping Aby’s suggestions will change that!

  • cristi

    ditto to what Allie said – I’ve actually done a couple of blog posts over the course of the last few days as I work through processing everything we talked about and applying it to my space.
    and again, thanks so much to Noell and Aby!

  • i listened to the podcast yesterday, but hadn’t seen the pics. everything said now makes much more sense :-) lots of great tips were given that really could work for any space you have in which to be creative. i only have a small closet in my bedroom where i keep all my supplies and then set up a folding table in my room when i scrap. i find myself walking back and forth from that closet to the table ALL.THE.TIME! i’m going to be ordering one of the ikea raskog carts (which has been on my wishlist for a while) very soon as i think that will be a great solution for me. i currently have one of the 3-tier harbor freight spinners…which everyone was going on and on about how wonderful it was, so i of course bought and loved for a little while…only to realize that it just isn’t the best fit for my space. what works for others may not work for you. it’s really about evaluating how you use your space and what you need to make it more enjoyable! great podcast as always!

  • Peggy M

    to me they didn’t look like “disasters” either, but I’ll have to listen to the show this weekend. However, sometimes what looks good may not be functional as Alexandra says. I too have a scrap room that doubles as an office. As we are preparing to move, I have to make it pure office before we get into the new house so I’m really looking forward to the suggestions!

  • Becca

    Almost-perfect timing on this topic! I rarely use my scrap supplies because, quite frankly, my scrap space is probably what people were thinking they’d see in the photos of Allie & Cristi’s “disasters”. We’re moving in a few months and, inspired by something that has stuck with me from an older episode about scrapping more when you have less, I’ve been purging as much as I can bear to. I think I have a pretty good organizational plan for my future craft space, and one of my favorite take-aways from this episode is some sort of tray or system for projects in progress. I’m also taking a leap of faith in myself and planning my craft space for an open area of our new home instead of stashed away in a spare room. I think this will help me take more time to scrap since I won’t have to shut myself away upstairs in order to do any crafting. I’m also counting on my space being quite a bit neater (and therefore more user-friendly!) since it isn’t hidden behind a closed door. If I don’t clean up after myself, I might be moving again….probably to my mom’s house ;) Just kidding… I don’t *really* think my husband will kick me out for moving my mess to a public area of the house, but he might be tempted.

  • Christine Brown

    Hi, a UK listener here. I am just finishing listening to this weeks episode and just want to say that it is super timing for me. I’ve just swapped my craft room with my hubby because I had exploded out onto our dining room table and he wanted to use it for eating from? This will be my third attempt in three years at sorting out a craft room in this house but I finally think I have it sussed.

    I really loved the ideas from this episode, the last episode that Aby did, and all the other organisational roundtables. I have taken in the ideas of having on-going project space and have just converted 2 old bookcases into 1 bookcase with loads of shallow shelves as well as making loads of shelf space around the room for all my ongoing projects. I really loved Aby’s point about taking on 1 part of the organisation at a time and I have now reached a point where it is more beneficial for me to actually finish some of my ongoing projects before I review the final organisational decisions, especially as a lot of my projects seem to be gifts for other people (baby books and wedding albums) so once they are finished they will free up more space for permanent items.

    I also liked Aby’s point about not starting from scratch when reassessing the organisational space, and found that it was a lot easier to do this move as most of my stuff is sorted in ways that work well for me, and all I had to do was make sure it was in a place that is accessable. I have managed (well when I get another desk) to seperate my space into 3 workstations, 1 for scrapping/crafting, one for my PC and paperwork and the last will be for my sewing machine & wool stash to incorporate my new loves of sewing and crochet. It is a lot easier to have my PC on a seperate desk, but it is right behind my scrap desk so all I have to do is spin round in my chair and click onto the next episode of PRT, check for a photo, scan a photo, obsessively check facebook etc etc.

    Thank you so much for making the Roundtable. It has rekindled my love of scrapbooking and has encouraged me to think about scrapping even when I am not able to, so that when I come to it, I know what I want to achieve so my time is used better. Thanks also to Izzy for making me laugh with your great comments that help keep the episodes fresh and funny. Its always puts me in a good mood for work when I get to listen to PRT on the journey there, and makes a bad day disappear when I listen on the way back.

  • You said, “all I have to do is spin round in my chair and click onto the next episode of PRT, check for a photo, scan a photo, obsessively check facebook etc et c.” LOL — Yes, I totally relate to this! :)
    Thanks for all the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode!

  • Rosa M. Neno

    great episode, came at a really good time…am now re-doing a corner in my master bedroom, facing a window. Such great ideas! thanks!

  • Amy Muse

    I just LOVED this episode! I kind of consider myself a crafting organizational queen! The Container store and IKEA are the most popular big box stores I hear crafters mention. However, I rarely hear this company being talked about on the Paperclipping Roundtable, (except by Stacy J.), Close To My Heart Stamping and Scrapbooking. You can easily google their online catalogue.

    CTMH has AWESOME organizational tools that these gals need! Every stamp set comes in a stiff plastic envelope with the foam pad that is a stampers best friend. Hello, no falling acrylic stamps! Yippee! They have clear plastic containers that the envelopes fit into. Whoa! And they have many, many more storage solutions for accessories, inks, reinkers, and much, much more.

  • Gypsy Stockley

    Can’t believe I put off listening to this episode- because I always feel really sad when I’m done that I have to wait a whole week till the next one comes out.

    Then I get to the sponsor message and hear MY name (and yes it’s my real name) as the winner of Karen’s class. Thanks so much Noell, Izzy, Karen and BPC for the chance to do Karen’s class. My OLW for the year is ‘story’ but my scrapping budget was maxed out when I signed up for Ali’s Hello Story class so I was sad when I saw Karen’s class come up and knew I couldn’t afford it. Now I am downright gleeful to have the chance to do it thanks to all of you!! Awesome!!

  • Hey, Gypsy, congratulations! Did you get my email I sent you before we recorded the show? It had instructions on emailing Karen to get your class. If you didn’t get it, please email me at :)

  • Gypsy Stockley

    I got it and I’m all signed up. Thanks again!

  • The rooms are not at all disasters!

    I’m still chewing on the soundbite from a few weeks ago – about the making more layouts will help you to stop buying so much stuff – and the less stuff – the less to organize.

    Plus I can’t remember what day it is – Wednesday right? – so I’m wondering if you did an episode this week (since Monday was Labor Day) ?

    :) Katie.

  • No — the title makes it sound like the show is about scrap rooms that are disasters, but that isn’t what the show was meant to be at all. We wanted to take specific problems scrapbookers were having in their rooms and tackle them. That’s it!
    As for this week’s show — we’re not recording it until tomorrow. Sorry!

  • ldmccarty

    Just wanted to mention that I have never seen the video which you referred to (I think it was in this episode, I think about Miley Cyrus?) Anyway just saw a reference to her video on another site and it reminded me of the conversation on PRT about it. I wanted to quote the brilliant Julie Fei-Fan Balzer “Me and the internet. Together Forever.” I have full control of what I see, what I click, and it’s like heaven.

    PS – I may also be the last person on the planet who has not seen the ‘Gangnam Style’ video or heard the song.

    Ahhhh, the joy of choice. :*)

  • ldmccarty

    Sorry, forgot, I also had a point about organization. It was to check out youtube – there are SO many videos to help folks organize – especially the little embellishments and PL embellishments/cards. Here’s one I found really useful and from there, you can see others:

  • Oh, but I love the Gangnam Style video! :)

  • Becky P

    I’m always baffled when I see or hear of these ladies who are having a hard time organizing their spaces. My room is TINY!! Seriously like 8’x7′. I’ve seen closets larger than my room. :) Plus I get the hum of the heat pump from behind me. I have had to make use of every little bit of space in my room. And I won’t lie, I have LOTS of supplies! So I see these scrap rooms that are the size of a bedroom and wonder why they have such a hard time figuring out where to put stuff. Maybe it’s because their possibilities are endless compared to what I have to work with. I’d kill for a closet in my scraproom or a huge shelving unit that takes up an entire wall. I hope these gals can find a solution that works for them. Get those shelves up and use that room while you can because when the kids come everything changes! :)

  • A room can be huge but a disaster if the owner doesn’t know how to organize. Very few people have a knack for it.

  • Becky Pospical

    I think also we tend to fill a room or space we have. Be it tiny or huge. I’m sure if I ever get a larger room, it will quickly be filled!

  • cristi

    it will, i promise… ;)
    my room actually isn’t all that much bigger than yours – it’s a little less than 8×10. it also doesn’t help matters that i have a really short attention span. i promised myself i wouldn’t bring home anymore new hobbies anytime soon – i’m running out of places to put them. lol…

  • Gina

    Love this show & all your shows. If you ever have Aby on again, I’d love some tips for working on projects at a dining room table that needs to be used occasionally. I guess my question is two fold. First, I get tired of people coming in my house and the first thing they see right off the front hall is a very messy crafty dining room. I don’t want to turn it into a scrapbooking room and I don’t need it all the time for meals but I want it to look presentable. I also have the added problem of two scrapbookers working in the same space. I am very slow and my projects sit on the table all week as I come back to them periodically during the week. My 10 year old daughter loves to scrapbook. In fact, right now, she is probably more into it than I am. She mists, paints, embosses and is in there working every day on some kind of project when she finishes with school work and activities. When we need the dining room and I have to clean it up and put everything away (1/2 goes in the sideboard and 1/2 gets stashed in the guest room or basement) she is ready to set up almost immediately after whatever event we needed the dining room for has ended.

  • Tinkster

    When you are looking for people without a scrap space, pick me! We moved into a bigger house and then went and had another baby! I’ve got a scullery with a heap of storage but struggle to store it all in a way that doesn’t mean getting out every single container!

  • The Craft Donkey

    I had to share what I did for myself thinking it relates alot to what Allie had going on with wanting this out in the open as well as wanting things to be very accessible.

  • The Craft Donkey

    I also wanted to state that with shelves you can purchase the stackables ones that dont have to be bolted to the wall persay. They can be as in my room just bookcases or rolling shelves I remove the rollers to.

  • Prettye Junque

    You are not alone! I also exercise my freedom to choose to NOT click Psy or Miley while cruising YT. What a waste of my precious MBs.

  • Joanna

    Lots of great advice and ideas! I was quite inspired so I decluttered my “craft space” after listening. I do a 6×8″ Project Life weekly in my living room, kneeling at a Japanese-style dining table (where I eat, work on my computer, read, craft, etc). Everything I need (except my large cutting mat and the album) lives in the storage ottoman next to the table. I just lift the lid while I’m working, pulling out a few things to sort through as I go, but mostly just reaching into the ottoman to grab the tools or supplies I need.

    It has been getting quite full, so I went through and removed a few things that I haven’t been using lately (corner rounder, punch, label maker, which will go back to my craft drawer in the dining room) and I also took out one organizer (a loaf pan) that was making the space too tight and replaced it with a smaller plastic bin (that used to hold face wipes – I cut the lid off years ago) and that gave me more breathing room. I am like Noell, I scavenge organizers from all over the house!

    Clearing out the things I don’t love and use made more space for things that I use every week. I think I could do more. There are still a few things in there that I don’t fit my current style or that I keep just-in-case that I’m not actually using. But they just get in the way.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what changes the guests made – I have their blog posts open in a tab :)

  • Nancy M.

    I’m an urban scrapper which means I don’t have a dedicated scrapbook area in our home. So I would love to hear an episode about how to best organise.