PRT172 – Booth-Worthy

This week we’re talking about being true to ourselves!

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  • Robin

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to this week’s podcast yet. I listen as I’m walking on my treadmill in the mornings. Love listening to the older episodes too! There are so many episodes that get me thinking about the stories I want to tell, organization, how to be more productive, you name it! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Karen’s class!

  • Robin — did you comment on the special giveaway post? If not, be sure you comment there. We won’t be drawing from this one. :)

  • Bethany Rielage

    I haven’t even gotten to the main discussion part of the podcast yet, but I had to comment on a comment that Karen just said: “You guys can go ahead and be politically correct. I think that’s crap.” I totally laughed out loud! And I think I’ll be signing up for her class just for that!! I have no problem with however you guys choose to refer to accessories, and if people get that upset about it, then that’s their problem, not yours. Now to listen to the rest… :-)

  • Karen rocks. Totally love her.

  • Ellen

    I just logged in to download today’s podcast. Thank you and Karen for offering a spot in her upcoming BPC class. She is an excellent teacher. Please enter me for a chance to win the spot. As always, PRT is terrific!

  • If scrapbookers should follow design principles, then everything is gender neutral. I cringe over “boy-themed” or “girl-themed” stuff. I don’t think this is about being politically corrrect. Labeling something politically correct just encourages people to not have a serious conversation about a topic. This discussion is thinking about the message we are sending to other people (including children). When my daughter was 4, she said “I like all the colors” when asked what her favorite color was. It melted my heart. Then she started pre-school again and all of a sudden her favorite color was pink. I had observed how others had encouraged the selection of pink (and blogged about it in more detail elsewhere). Now she is 5 and usually says pink first, sometimes black, and occasionally all the colors. The problem with this emphasis on “girl-themed” or “boy-themed” is that it teaches girls and boys from an early age that their preferences do not matter. And if there preferences do not matter for something as seemingly inconsequential as a color, then where else don’t they matter? It does not allow her to make her own decision. She is being told by others that her actual color preference does not matter because she is a girl. And this is the problem with “boy-themed” and “girl-themed.”

    Jo Paoletti is a fashion historian and traced how pink became a “girl’s” color through studying children’s clothing (see her excellent blog Pink has not always been a “girl’s” color. Just look at Disney. Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty, and so on all wore blue dresses, not pink. Perhaps everything doesn’t have to be gender neutral, but we’ve gone to the other extreme as a culture and that is problematic.

  • Karen

    I thought a lot about the remark I made after I made it. I didn’t mean that the issues are unimportant and/or unworthy of discussion. What I really meant was, in my opinion, when there’s a fundamental underlying problem, using the word “gender neutral embellishment” isn’t the solution. I saw a similar progression with my kids. My younger son loves pink and my older son already thinks it’s a “girl color.” I’ve worked on Wall Street and High Tech which are both male-dominated industries and have heard messages about women and technology, etc., etc. all my life. I wasn’t trying to diminish the importance, weight and relevance of such gender issues.

    All I was trying to say is that I don’t believe Izzy/Noell owe it to the industry to use the word “gender neutral” when referring to embellishments that “can” be used with boys. I am of the firm opinion that all embellishments can be used for boys and girls. I have two boys and I have never not bought an embellishment because I thought I couldn’t use it on my pages due to having only boys. Using the word gender-neutral, in my opinion, was just putting a band-aid on the real problem and that’s the part I referred to as “politically correct.” That was the context of my personal comment.

    Thank you for giving me an excuse to explain a bit further, I’ve been meaning to do that since I made the comment.

  • Karen

    Thanks so much Ellen, Please make sure you comment on the giveaway post if you haven’t since the drawing will be made from that one. thank you :)

  • karen

    :) that’s me. can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when I should :)

  • VERY interesting! Thank you!

  • Meant to say — I LOVE your point about how we teach children that their own preferences don’t matter. Thank you for that insight!!

  • I get what you’re saying, Karen!

  • McKenzie McGehee

    I laughed out loud as well because I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • I loved the comment during the show – maybe by Karen or Dina or both – that you don’t worry so much about having the latest and greatest products when you are being highly productive and making lots of scrapbook pages.

    So very true!

  • Joanna

    I think the issue is not about what anyone says on PRT or elsewhere, it’s what our society does. It seemed like Karen was saying that you could call it whatever you wanted, but it wouldn’t change the actual situation.

    Globes and trees ARE gender neutral symbols as the commenter pointed out, but in the context of the discussion, I think the panelists were saying that they would work great for boy-ish pages (as well as girl pages), and I think people fell into the shorthand of saying they were boy embellishments, or boy friendly. The discussion reflected the general sexism of our culture… The bigger issue at hand (which I think the commenter was addressing) is why girls can be tomboys, but it’s an insult to call a boy “girly’ or why a single stripe of pink makes a baby outfit for a girl in most peoples’ eyes (I saw this all the time when I was selling baby clothes – if parents didn’t find out the gender in advance, the clothing could not have ANY pink or purple on it to be considered gender neutral – even if it was rainbow striped).

    It’s silly and we don’t have to live this way. But if your son hates pink, for whatever reason, I don’t imagine you’re going to want to make a pink page about him. And if your 3 year old daughter catches the “princesses and fairies” bug (as one of my little friends just did) the pages are going to reflect that.

  • Kimba911

    Hi again! First, about the whole “gender neutral” thing… Yes, it is your chice about what to put on your page. But I believe that what you use should reflect who the actual person you’re scrappig is! Just like Noell’s topic “Being True to Yourself,” I want to be true to the person I am scrapping. I’m sorry, but if I throw a bunch of butterflies and pink glitter on to my nephew’s page, he’s going to wonder if I even know him at all! And over-all, some items ARE more appropriate for boys and some for girls. Instead of putting everyone in to the same “generic” labeled basket, we should recognize people’s special traits and differences … and appreciate and celebrate them!! Isn’t that what is so wonderful about all of us and our different strengths?

    And secondly, with this week’s topic… I am true to myself by not doing the very trendy layering with bits and pieces. To me, it does not make me want to keep looking at the page. It just looks messy and thrown onto the page without any real thought to the subject being scrapped … more like how many different embellishments can I use up on this one page? Also, the pages where the majority is empty space make me uncomfortable. I figure why not use the space you have to add interest to the story you’re telling?

    Again, thank you for what you do. Your podcast is wonderful!


  • karen

    “But I believe that what you use should reflect who the actual person you’re scrapping is!” i think this is totally valid as long as you are ok with the fact that it’s your opinion and not “Truth.” there are so many scrappers and we all have our own opinions about how to do things. i don’t believe any of them are wrong (or right). i only get upset only when we tell others how it should be and/or when we feel some invisible pressure to behave in a way that’s not aligned with our own values or do what gives us joy. (not that i was saying you’re doing this at all!) As long as you’re being true to who you are and what matters most to you, I think you’re golden. just my $0.02 of course :)

  • Christine Guest

    If any manufactures are reading, my boys have asked for these embellishments: retro rocket ships, monsters, dragons, beatles and ancient warriors. Stars and cute animals (from pet lines) are always welcome, whether it makes sense for the story or not.

    This used to bug me, “What does a cute puppy have to do with our trip to Canada? We can’t have a dog in our apartment.”

    “If I can’t have a dog, I can have one in my scrapbook. You SAID you were making it for me.”

    So now I slap on the puppies and kitties if they just look cute in the corner. But if I had some rocket ships and dragons, that would be cool.

  • Sharon Leigh

    I recently went through a faze when I wanted to do “what everyone else was doing” so each month I would sign up for several challenges. I’d fuss and cuss until I finely came up with something only remotely close to what I thought “they” wanted. It didn’t take me too long to realize I was not enjoying myself. (I even threw away some of those pages). That being said, I have asked myself how is it that I enjoy the PRT membership videos so much because my style could not be more different than Noell’s. I do not use paints, mists or masks and the words visual triangle make me cringe a little bit. I now realize the reason I love her videos so much is she teaches ideas and techniques that I can apply to my own style without trying to change my style. Noell’s has taught me so much while making it easy to stay true to myself.

  • LisaDV

    Haven’t even gotten through the whole podcast – was clicking on the picks of the week during the intro. Congrats to Izzy for whatever he launched. And snaps to whoever had the 40 Maps that Explain the World!! Can’t wait to explore that more. As for homeschooling math, Math-U-See is an excellent program – breaks things down so that you actually understand them. Ok, off to listen. Also I’m no schmo although I think earlier this evening was the first time I’ve posted.

  • Thanks for your membership, Lisa!!

    Ha ha — the maps were mine. Awesome, huh? Thank you for the Math-U-See recommendation. I’m considering changing our math curriculum in a month and Math-U-See is one I’m looking at.

  • Yes, that is my goal!! Thank you so much for the kind words, and thank you for your membership!!

  • Heather Dubarry

    There are some great rocket ship and dragon stamps out there that you could use. You could even have the kids color them for your pages!

  • Heather Dubarry

    Just one point I want to add to the “be yourself” idea, and I think this is important. Sometimes, you need to stretch yourself, and experiment with new techniques or styles, not so you can copy someone else, but so you can discover new things you like. It’s important to play and experiment (at least it is for me!) so you can evolve.

    It’s like trying new food. How do you know if you like it or hate it if you never try it?

  • Niki Ruda

    Leave it to PRT to post another thought provoking podcast. I was on an evening walk while I listened to the first half and so desperately wanted to stop the recording before I’d even heard the discussion to make a comment but I got distracted by the full moon, sunflowers and hay bales that I stopped to capture an evening photo instead. Today I finished listening and will comment.

    I wanted to share with you my thoughts about trends as they relate to scrapbooking especially for teens. I think that many of the trends in scrapbooking are related to current media, technology, fashion and decor trends. I liked what the panel said about having a core composition and staying true to that. I believe I do. However when it comes to scrapbooking teens I think that using the trends are an important piece of capturing the time period. I hope that my girls will look at their pages with banners, acronyms of text language, speech and thought bubbles, icons, arrows, chevrons and ephemera and be reminded of their teen years and that it will generate a happy “remember when” feeling. I like the trends for this reason and rarely do I go back and say “ew! I hate paper doll on that page!” It actually makes me laugh out loud and I go back to that time in my life and recall how I felt creating the paper doll flower girl that matches my daughter on the page! I stick to my core composition and embellish with trends. I remember when I could hardly create a page without a tag on it! LOL! Loved them! I do have to wonder if Project Life is a trend? I tried it and it’s not for me. I love to look at other people’s but I just can’t pull it off…one photo a day just isn’t enough to tell my stories. And no offense to anyone who loves to use all the art mediums of paints and inks and markers, etc….I hope that is a trend that ends soon! I’m definitely not jumping on that band wagon; too much time and money involved in that one. I think we need to be careful what we wish for as times are quickly changing…I miss the real concert / event tickets that thought and design went into; I don’t appreciate the new digital tickets. Our ephemera is changing ladies…Was paper just a trend?
    What one sees as trash another sees a treasure and what one sees as a trend another sees history. So I guess my point matches well to yours…be true to your style! I love being a trendy girl!
    Thanks for the great show! It solidified for me who I am in the scrapping world! Can’t wait for the next one…Go Aby and PRT!
    Miss Niki in Nebraska

  • Pepper

    Hi all, this has nothing much to do with this episode but I know alot of scrapbookers are EVERNOTE fan :) Hence I would like to share this video here. I just found out this Evernote Moleskine smart notebook at a local bookstore today, and searched online to find this. Pretty cool! Please share with me if it works if anyone tried it already :)

  • Teri Hartman

    This was one of my most favourite episodes – literary geeks and being true to your personal style!

  • Karen Schreiber

    So very very true!! You guys are right on.I can’t remember who said it but one of the guests said she thought when she was scrapbooking she wasn’t buying and when she was buying she wasn’t scrapbooking. This is so true!! I am presently taking the Big Picture Class ‘Stashbusters Anonymous’. We’ve taken a pledge not to buy anything during the month long class. (Glue excluded!) I have scrapbooked more pages that I have in 6 months and it has been so fun! Maybe we need to start a ‘Pledge Drive’ to help ourselves scrap our stash! I am looking forward to next week and your organizing topic again! Thanks for the shows. :-) Karen Schreiber

  • DiaButterfly


    Just wanted to share a few thoughts that have been rolling around in my head over the last few weeks…

    Regarding the embellishments – I have only been scrapbooking regularly since the beginning of the year but I have noticed over the last few months that I am thinking about embellishments as they relate to people and looking for them for their color and how they accent other colors. My sister likes sunflowers, dolphins, and lights up a room when she walks in…I bought her some sunflower embellishments for her project life because she is more literal in her thinking but I think of her as green (sunflowers), yellow (sunshine/Sunflowers), and blue (ocean) and use these colors in my mind to put together ideas and products for her. My nephew’s favorite color is orange and he wears a lot of red so I think of him as warm colors…I pair them with blue because I like the way blue compliments those colors. He has also specifically said he doesn’t want a lot of “stuff” on the page…regardless of what it is. He asked specifically for clean lines and not a lot of stuff…any embellishments I have selected for him have cleaner lines and are more geometric shapes…that I know he is comfortable with. I guess what I am saying is I try to think about my audience and their style. For me…anything goes! :-)

    Regarding Project Life – again, I have only been scrapbooking for a short time but I started Project Life because I can’t scrap everything. I am using it to record what is going on now so I don’t lose those thoughts and details as I have in my previous 40 years of not scrapbooking. It is a quick, simple system and I love it. I also don’t put any pressure on myself…If my week is one photo…that is fine…If my week is 3 two-page spreads that is fine too. I go back and embellish when I have a few minutes and that is that. I love seeing what everyone else is doing but don’t feel any pressure to emulate what they are doing. the album is quickly becoming the story of our daily lives and I love it.

    Regarding Shopping! – I love shopping but I quickly realized how easy it is to get out of control with scrapbooking. I started buying almost exclusively for specific projects. I will only buy something for my stash if I totally love it (my heart skips a beat) so I know it will get used. I bought several 12×12 clear plastic flip-top boxes from Michael’s and each of them holds a separate project I am working on. Here are my bins right now: 1. Christmas 2. Me and My husband 3. My sister’s food album 4. My wedding album 5. Mini Album Gifts I am working on as thank you gifts from the wedding 6. My nephew’s album, and 7. My family planning album. The only bin sitting stagnant is the Christmas album but that will get pulled out soon.

    I put all the paper, embellishments, ephemera, and everything else related to that projects in it’s bin. As I am working on it I put the scraps right in the bin. Once it is complete I move the left overs to my “stash” or my scraps bin. If the products I selected aren’t working I fill in from my stash (a nightstand). It keeps everything together so I can quickly pull out that project and get a page or two done in an evening.

    Thanks for letting me share! Thanks for all the great, thought provoking episodes!


  • Diane Curry

    I thought the same thing. I think I shop for product most when I am not really scrapping. I need to scrap more then I will shop less.

  • Amy

    I just started listening and had to stop and comment, too. I love Karen!!!!
    I took her class a couple years ago “Finding Your Way” about finding your authentic style (her classes are amazing) – she is the real deal and always supports everyone authenticity!!! Thanks Karen!

  • Cathie

    I agree, Karen. I recently had some one tell me that my pages were “a waste” because I usually put one photo on a page. Wow, did that judgement hurt. We are at our best as a community when we let other express themselves however they want. I say, scrap and let scrap.