PRT171 – The Cake on the Page

This week we’re talking about layering on scrapbooking pages, and we’re answering your questions!

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  • Emery

    This is in response to your first piece of mail. I use the free program called PhotoSheet to resize two 4×6 photos into two 2×3’s, using a 4×6 template (2×1 in PhotoSheet). You then print it as a 4×6. You have to do a tiny bit of fiddling but it’s nothing like PSE.

  • Pepper

    Also in response to the first mail ,
    if she is using photos from her phone, she can use some apps to collage her
    photos before uploading to the computer . i use photogrid (ios and andriod)
    nowadays I edit and collage all on my phone and makes it so much easier. I
    bought a canon selphy for the ease of printing , the printer app also allows us
    to put 2 3×4 photo onto a 4×6 canvas .

    Finally, if she is interested in Lightroom , Melissa Stinson has a tutorial on twopeas (under the project life weekly video section ) that teaches us how she use Lightroom to collage her photos. Furthermore , you can try Picasa (a free program for computer by google ) that allows to edit and collage photo too .

    Hope it helps !
    Off to continue listening to the show :)

  • Marie-Pierre

    Hi! :) I just wanted to share a card I made last week for my daughter’s swim teacher. He went over and beyond the expectations and I thought he highly deserved something special so I made him a mini scrapbook page card. :) It’s just a 4×6 card. Here’s the link to see it on my blog:

  • Regarding the second piece of mail & project life just covering events. I feel I capture my 3 year old’s personality almost each week, as I take photos of the forts she builds, her making egg salad for lunch. I also have a 16 month old and I’ve captured her growth and development in project life. Sometimes I simply write down the words she has learned or teething dates or theropods she tried. I also capture random things and thoughts. Like my love for words with friends or the random convo I had with a friend. Project life is great for all moments -big and small. It’s the only way I can scrapbook in this season of my life as a working mom of two children.

  • AntoinetteNaude

    Hello from a fellow Afrikaans South African in Johannesburg!
    Have been listening to PRT from day one and i also want to extend a very hearty “buy a donkey” (baie dankie) (had to laugh at Wilna btw…) to both of you for this fantastic inspiring and very entertaining podcast each week. Izzy, you are the shizzz and Noell you are so delightful and a darling!

    I feel like part of the friendly group at the roundtable each week and I hope to listen to many more for a long time to come.

    Hugs, Antoinette

  • AntoinetteNaude

    There is also a PSE template provided by our fave Cathy Zielske on het blog, which places two pics on a 4×6 with rounded corners included. Hope that helps.

  • LeeAndra

    I feel like Project Life helps me capture the personality of my family MORE than regular layouts. I usually fill those 3×4 spots with little sayings, things I’m currently obsessed with (helloooooo ‘The Mindy Project’), books & movies we’ve read or saw that week, etc. In B.P.L. (Before Project Life, of course) times, those little things in our lives might have gotten pushed back or ignored entirely in order to create pages abt THE BIG THINGS (insert trumpet noise here) and events that I felt ‘should’ be scrapped in the limited amount of free time I get. Now that I do both, I can capture both the little and the big things equally in my family’s history. Major props to BHiggs for creating a system of scrapping that has changed my perspective on memory-keeping. #pl4lyfe


  • Kimba911

    Marie-Pierre, that’s exactly what I like to do! It’s just so personal and the people receiving the cards really seem to appreciate them as much as the gift (if there is one). :) I love your work… Kim

  • Marie-Pierre

    Thank you!! So nice of you!! Me too I like giving these kind of “gifts”. It does make people really happy!

  • teddi

    another marvelous episode! i like the idea of being inspired by something or someone, new, (instead of the typical things i’m attracted to). after this podcast. i went through a few of my old scrapbooking magazines from 2005-2007. i tried to focus on different things, than i did in years past. this time: i considered what layouts might be good to use as sketches, texture, color schemes, etc. when the magazines were new, i was more interested in techniques, & didn’t use sketches. now i’ve done those techniques for yrs, or am no longer interested in trying them again. i was changing my attention, as if looking through another lens. i had these sparks of awakenings, and excited about possibilities. rock on ladies and gent. :)

  • pamsfriend

    Listening to PRT made me think of this ‘Slate’ article ( I read this week on “gender contamination” – the idea that women will use men-centric items/see “men’s films”, but men will NOT use women-centric items/see “women’s films”.

    Is it too much to ask that we try to use the term “gender neutral” when referring to embellishments which are, in fact, gender neutral? Globes, stars, arrows, planes, trees?!?!??! I’m gonna call these as just fine for “girl” or “women” pages. If they’re appropriate for men/boys too, that’s fine. But can we PLEASE not act as though girls are relegated to hearts and flowers and butterflies? I get enough of that in the Girls 6-14 section. Can a boy not appreciate a flower? Can they not marvel at a butterfly?

    As Tony Porter says: “If it would destroy [a 12-year-old boy] to be called a girl, what are we then teaching him about girls?”

  • carrie

    I wanted to chime in on the boy embellishments (I’m a digi scrapper but, also a long time listener, first time caller):

    Firstly, I do think there is a lack of ninja themed embellishments. Secondly, if you break free from the mindset of “girl” pages and “boy” pages your options really open up and boy/girl stops being an issue. (and it’s a total double standard that girls get a full color range while boys are only allowed half of the rainbow) Choose embellishments that support the story and not character.

    If I’m creating a page in my own voice about my son, which I’m prone to do, you better believe pink is an option. So are flowers, hearts and copious amounts of glitter. If I’m telling a story about my son building something, then bring on the tools. If I’m telling a story about an accomplishment, then I would use embellishment that support that. So on and so forth. Lots of my pages feature flowers and hearts and things that some might consider girly. Yet, I don’t think my pages have an inappropriate gender.

    For an example, I’ll link a really soft page in my voice with flowers:

    Here’s an example of putting pink on a page where no girls are pictured:

    If you change your point of view from scrapping gender to scrapping stories, the whole universe opens up in a way that layering embellishments make a lot more sense.

  • Just wanted you to know, Antoinette — Izzy has been reminding me that he is the shizzz since your commented. Thank you. ;)
    Ha ha!

    You have a beautiful romantic name! And how fun to hear from another Afrikaans South African!!

  • Jenn Serrano

    Yes!! I use that free program and love it. I also use it to print my “Instagram size” photos. Then I just upload to Costco.

  • Rachel L

    For 3×4 photos, I use Adobe InDesign, and have set templates, so I guess it is similar to Lightroom (which I don’t have). I don’t think it’s worth buying a program just for this simple task though. I also print through Persnickety Prints, but I still do two on a 4×6 as it is a lot more cost effective than their 3×4 option.

    There is a great little program online called Photo Sheet. It’s a free program for PC that a lot of people use to create 2up 3x4s on a 4×6 for Project Life. I haven’t used it but it comes highly recommended ;)

    The other great option is to use an app on a smart phone. I use PicFrame on iPhone, which has numerous templates and you can select the 3×4 ratio which is the shape of a 4×6 photo. Then you can choose 2, 3, 4, 10 photos in different configurations. Pic Frame saves in high enough resolution for a 4×6 photo (3264×2176 pixels which is over 10″ wide).

  • Rachel L

    Yes, I too have made birthday cards, Fathers’ Day cards, etc which include photos of the person, the person and me, or them and my son. I think I may have also used photos of random “pretty” things as well, in the past.

    I have been making cards since childhood, but only scrapbooking since 2009. So I have incorporated all kinds of techniques and styles into my cards, and some were inspired by scrapbooking long before I’d done any of my own scrapbooking.

  • Marina Delgado

    That is really lovely. Thanks for the inspiration! I just saw that you won the SC giveaway too. Congratulations!

  • Jo

    BHiggs! haha I love that!
    I also PL current obsessions, but for me it’s New Girl rather than The Mindy Project ;)

  • Antoinette Naude

    That is so funny and sweet :) Looking fwd to seeing what the new bigger house looks like, I’m so happy for your family :)
    Thanks for the comliment on my name, I always have doubts of whether I like it or not (silly!) I like your name too! Thanks again for the show every week! Hugs to the Shizzz family! lol

  • Charity Donaldson

    I really like not putting myself in a box when making “boy” pages, I think instead of thinking “I’m making a boy page” the focus should be “I’m making a page for this story”. I tried one time to make “boy” flowers

    but this page also has ribbons and glitter.

    That being said, my next “boy” page had flowers AND glitter but I still think it is a perfectly fine LO for a “boy”

    More recently I used hearts and stars for a LO that features a baby boy and his family

    Thanks so much for the inspiration in the show as always everyone!

  • Betty

    I didn’t realise I was scrapbooking before I “officially” considered myself a scrapbooker. Since my daughter’s 6th birthday I’ve been making cards for her and my boys filled with a collection of things that represent them and the things they’ve loved over the past year. I collect any bits and pieces over the year, be it from magazines or just any words or pictures that catch my eye. They absolutely love them and I love that in years to come they can look at what they were into all those years ago. Music is a big one too, favourite song etc… I’m a new paperclipping member this year and love it so much I’m listening through a second time, I laugh out loud, I feel like I’m amongst friends and the videos are my very favourite to watch. Noell, you are so personable in your videos and I haven’t seen another person do it so seamlessly and so genuine. You and Izzy are a great team. Thank you

  • hi! just wanted to say “thanks” for all the work that you guys put into the paperclipping roundtable. i started listening a couple months ago and i’m addicted! at first i didn’t think i’d enjoy listening as i’m such a visual person and scrapbooking is visual. but the topics you choose and how you lead the discussions just makes it work. i love listening while at work during the day and have started working my way backward listening to past episodes. even though the ones i’m listening to now are from a year ago, the topics are still very relevant. thanks again!

  • Shimelle Laine

    Regarding cropping a 4×6 landscape to a 3×4 portrait… why not just print it at 4×6 and crop down with your paper trimmer? If it’s lots of photos, fair enough, it would be nicer to get the 2 pictures for the price of 1 print effect, but if you have a photo processor you like and they do 4×6 prints cheaply and easily, I would say that is the quickest, simplest way to get your 3×4 portrait!

    As for elements in layers getting repetitive… if repeating the same punched shapes is something that doesn’t work for you, I suspect something like a Silhouette is really made for that kind of crafter, since you would be able to have endless variety when it comes to shapes. I like the repetition of motifs because I feel it adds flow to my albums and also gives a bit of a personal trademark to my work (even if it’s the same butterfly trademark a million other scrapbookers could use – my family wouldn’t know that looking at my albums on their own!) but if you prefer variety, then maybe save money on things that are only a good investment if you use them repeatedly (punches, dies, stamps) and go for something that is made for variety like the Silhouette for cutting and use printables instead of stamps perhaps.

    But mostly, I just want to say this was a very inspiring discussion and I agree so much with the concept of watch someone who is not the same style, take inspiration from things you would never ordinarily do. I adore Wilna’s work and Lisa’s work! But my own stuff looks nothing like their work, and yet I find them both consistently inspiring. :) The ‘oblique strategy’ concept really applied this to music and performance in the seventies, and I find it interesting how we apply similar challenges to ourselves as crafters in order to find something new and interesting to our eye. If you’ve never read about their history, it may be worth a quick look!

    Fondest regards,
    Matt Damon.

  • Kelly Boran

    Great show!! =) I love all the picks of the week too. I tend to scrap like the one questioner who uses layerd papers and didn’t have many embellishments but I will do like Wilna suggested and find one I really love to start out :) Thank you ladies (and Izzy).

  • On the topic of Instagram Photos – I saw a scrapbooker’s craft room video on YouTube and she said she was using old floppy computer disc (the smaller hard shell ones) containers for organizing her instagram photos which I think she said were 4×4.

    On getting 3×4 photos, I make a collage in Picasa ( a free photo organizing program from Google) and choose 4×6 as my page size and add in two photos and if you select “grid” as the way to organize the photos in the collage, it will instantly make a 4×6 canvas with two 3×4 photos for Project Life or pocketed page projects.

  • PjP

    There’s nothing new (or all that unusual) about using photos on hand-made greeting cards. I first came across the idea in Sarah Crosland’s “The Ultimate Cardmaker” book, published in 2007. She demonstrates several ideas for using photos on cards in the book, some of her which resemble the generic “grinning family” Christmas cards they’ll print for you at Costco, but other examples are very creative and really beautiful. That said, it is a sub-genre of a sub-genre in the paper-crafting world, so you may have some difficulty finding people who make photo-centric cards on a regular basis.

  • Terri Cannell

    Yes! Speaking of apps, I have PicFrame and love it! I think I heard about it on the show… One reason I am a non-shmo! :)

  • And thank you for your membership! :)

  • Rona

    I use Photility Photosheet and highly recommend it for ease of use. Even my computer illiterate friend can use it. Unfortunately, her husband just switched over their entire house to Macs. Is there a similar software for Macs?

  • Joanna

    “gender contamination” – yes! I needed that term! I saw this so much selling baby clothes – if a garment had blue, brown, red, green or yellow it was gender neutral, but if it had even a hint of pink or purple it was a girl item. As if putting an infant boy in a sleeper with a pink stripe would lead to him being mistaken for being a girl, which would be a terrible fate… Our society is FULL of this attitude!

    Scrapbooking is considered a women’s hobby so everything is marketed to women. That would be why it might be difficult to find so called “masculine” embellishments (as if anything embellished could possibly be masculine, some would say!)

    But hopefully society as a whole is starting to see that gender stereotypes are a cultural creation (just ask the completely straight men who walk hand in hand down the street in some parts of the world) and that we don’t have to live like this. As Carrie says below – why should boys only get half of the rainbow?

  • Marie-Pierre

    Thank you! Yes, I did! I’m so happy. :)

  • Jennifer

    I have an even easier way I do it. I have a 4 x 6 HP Photo Printer I use at home and when I load up my pictures to it (SD CARD or Thumb drive) I just choose to print 2 pics per page and I automatically get 3X4 photos and if its portrait or landscape it will automatically turn to fit in the 3X4 space. I hope that makes sense.

  • Yes, this is how it works for me in Aperture!

  • Denise Anderson

    Hi Noell & Izzy, I am listening to this episode for the 2nd time. Like Kimba911 I am one of those card makers. We do cards with all the techniques that scrap bookers use. Our cards have layers, 3d effects, pictures and the like. Sometimes I do layering and techniques with crackle paint, gelatos, die cuts, stamping. I have a gazelle (die cut machine), an ebosser, hand held punches. All the same tools that you use – I use to make my cards. A lot of times for my family I put a picture of my granddaughter on the back of the card attached by a thin magnet so they can put it on their fridge. My cards always cost me .66 cents plus to mail because of the layering and dimension. I would love to add 3d flowers but they don’t go thru the mail easily.

    Since becoming a PRT member I have decided to start really scrap booking. Watching your videos have made me realize that I need to document my grad daughter’s childhood. I actually did my first page layout a couple of weeks ago. Like Lisa I love the dimension and texture, page layouts afford me the freedom to do all the dimension I want. I do have a question about doing 3d pages. Since they are so dimensional how do I put them in a book. They can’t go into page protectors because they have too much dimension. Do you glue them back to back or do you just let the back of the page stay blank. I haven’t been able to figure this out yet and it seems that most people put their pages into protectors. I get the mini book concept but what about page layouts?

    I plan to integrate Project Life at some point but I have to get the 3d fix out of my system first. I don’t think I will ever give up dimension but I think I will be able to do both.

    Thanks for all you two do. I love both the podcasts and videos. I listen in the car, at night, every chance I get.


  • Tori Bissell

    If you only have paper for layering, try doing different things to your paper.
    – ripping it
    – scrunching it up into a ball and then opening it up again
    – do some origami
    – use punches you may have to punch out shapes
    – add some mixed media over top of it (before or/and after you add all the layers)
    – if you have a crimper tool…crimp the paper
    – us packing from supplies or things around your house to add to the layers too (free)
    – use different types of paper: patterned paper, card stock, vellum, acetate, etc.
    – use different shapes (circle, heart, square, diamond)