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This week we’re talking about more Project Life products and ideas…

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  • C.Robin

    Hi Noell and Izzy, your podcast is so much fun to listen to, I have been doing Project Life for a few months and am so enjoying it. I work at a Michaels and love all the Project Life things we have. I have a suggestion for your lister. When buying PR Edition share with a your friends. We brought three edition together that we could used all of them, in our project. Thanks C.Robin

  • Denise Anderson

    I am (was) a card maker only. I started listening to the Roundtable. The conversations were so interesting and there was a free video that I watched. I found watching the techniques you used great as I am a visual person. I emailed you to ask if you thought a membership would help a ‘card maker’. You responded that you do have some card makers become members and that it might be beneficial as far as embellishments. I decided to take the plunge. Now I am a real scrapbooker!

    I regret I didn’t start scrapping when my granddaughter was born. She is now 5 and has gone through preschool. From birth I have spent every Wednesday & Thursday with her (Grandma Days). When she was an infant my daughter brought and stayed with her (she breast feed only). When she was 3 & in preschool I would pick her up on Wednesday and take her back & forth to school until Friday. During my GMD I did take some pictures but mostly took videos. (So Izzy – how do I incorporate video on a scrapbook page???) Just kidding.

    I have started taking a lot more pictures. I haven’t done 1 page layout yet but I am formulating in my mind a 1st project being a mini book for my granddaughter from the time I found out her mother was pregnant (in a mother’s day card), during the pregnancy including the ultrasound pictures and in the operating room pictures (I was there because my daughter’s husband freaked when we found out at the last minute it had to be a cesarean birth). So I have pictures throughout the whole birth and hospital stay. I see incorporating Project Life in scrapbooking and can see mixing a book, Project Life is going to make my life a lot easier because I can “catch up” without having the pressure of doing “page layouts”. I so love embellishments and want a LOT of dimension so to start I will be mixing the two.

    I know my letter is long but I am so excited about becoming a real scrapbooker and not just a card maker and I have you to thank for that. Had you not responded to my email I would never have discovered the scrapbooker in me. I loved this discussion. I had been hearing a lot about Project Life but was only getting little bits of understanding it. You couldn’t have picked a better panel to describe Project Life.

    You and Izzy are a riot. I just crack up when he makes a joke and you don’t get it (you’re the straight man (woman)……so funny. His laugh is infectious. Keep up the great work and you have made a faithful member here. Thank you for all you do.

    Denise in Los Angeles

  • Marie-Pierre

    Hi Noell and Izzy. Another great show. I love doing pages but Project Life is ALSO part of my memory keeping practice so it’s always fun to hear about that too. :) I’m in my third year of doing Project Life and I love looking back at my albums. I use a week to week approach but I don’t really care about the number of photos or the 2 page spreads. If I need space, I’ll just add other page protectors of all sizes and as many as I want. I love that there also are page protectors for only one photo if that’s what I want. In my Project Life album I feel free to do whatever I want, unlike when I make a page where everything has to be pretty and just at the right place.


    I have the sea foam core kit all in it’s original box and I receive the Studio Calico Project Life kit every month. I mix these kits all together. I don’t organize my cards by colors since I don’t pay attention to the color scheme in my PL album (yet it always seems to work anyway), I organize them by what’s on them: journaling lines, sentiments, patterned paper, cute icons, a place to hold a smaller photo…

    Building the spread:

    When I build my spread I start by choosing and printing my photos and I often have only one spot left (or maybe two) so if I need to journal a lot, I’ll grab a journaling card to add in that spot. Often I don’t use a card at all. I only use tiny tags that I staple on the photos.

    Note to Becky: I’m always looking for tiny etiquettes à la Elle’s Studio.

    Tips to make it work for real:

    I always leave my album open at the current page on a table where I spend most of my days and I leave my journaling cards no too far away so that I can grab one and write a short story or something that has been said if I need to. I figured that if it’s easy to do it, I’m more likely to do it. Just like the sewing machine that you won’t use if it’s not up and ready to go.

    My pick of the week: Elise’s blog. I really love her style with LOTS of photos, little embellishments, gorgeous pages and her “anything special in the spread” chronicle every time she posts a new PL-spread.

    My style: If you’d like to see what I do, it’s here on my blog:

    Thank you for everything you do Noell and Izzy!! I love the show!

  • Cara Vincens

    Hi, thanks for this episode! I’ve been trying to hop on the Project Life bandwagon for about a year and a half now. I love that telling stories with PL can help free up time/guilt or whatever so that I can just have fun and make pretty scrapbooks pages knowing that the bulk of my stories are being told in my PL album. But, this wonderful life of mine keeps getting in the way of me being able to document it ;) First, I got pregnant and was too tired to do anything but sit ;) then, my sweet baby arrived, then we moved our family of 8 across the border (same week that you moved, yay!!), as well as a busy daily life made it hard to make any progress… so I’ve been doing Project Life in fits and starts, first it was super embellished and took forever, then it was too simple, but whatever way I tried, it was always incomplete. Now that we are settled in our new home, I’m ready to try again. Everyone’s ideas and suggestions really got me thinking about how I want to go about it. I don’t think I could just do cards and photos, I need some type of embellishments, but I tend to complicate things so it could get heavily embellished and time consuming really fast! I know that I don’t want to do a weekly spread, just to take the stories as they come. So, I’m going to take it one story at a time, see how it goes and if I still can’t find my way come September, then I’ll have an excuse to take the PL class at BPC ;)

  • Yay, Denise, I’m so happy to hear this! Congrats on acquiring a new hobby!!

  • krizbee

    Great episode, as usual. It was so fun to hear Elise & put a voice with the name! Have admired her blog for sometime now.

    and wait, project life is supposed to be simple??? Why wasn’t I told? LOL. seriously though, being reminded that PL is supposed to be simple was kinda of a “DOH! – OH YEAH” While my PL spreads are not uber-fancy, i could probably simplify a little. But I do admit I love using up embellishments and little bits of kits on PL.

  • Bethany Rielage

    Hi, Noell and Izzy. I love the PRT. I’m in the process of working my way through all the past episodes, so it’s hard to keep track of which episode I heard last. I just want to say that every time I listen to a podcast, it feels like I’m getting together with my friends. I don’t have many friends that scrapbook; in fact, most of them think scrapbooking is a waste of time and money. So it’s nice to “get together” weekly with people who do understand why scrapbooking and story telling are so important. I am a Paperclipping member, and the videos have really stretched my scrapbooking and made me more excited about what I do and the stories I want to tell.

    About this particular episode, I just wanted to say how much I love Project Life. I stalked several Hobby Lobby stores back in May when the new collections were coming out, and I was thrilled to get a couple signed copies of my favorite collections. Project Life has given me a place for all those single-photo events that take place throughout our everyday life, and I have found myself using mostly iPhone pictures to make my PL layouts. Having my everyday life recorded with PL has given me the opportunity to create traditional 12×12 layouts about other stories that don’t necessarily fit into a chronological order. I’m currently taking the “Hello, Story” class by Ali Edwards at BPC, and I love that I can spend time on those stories that might otherwise not be told if I was worried about “keeping up” with traditional chronological scrapbooking. My kids love looking through my PL album because it’s recent events that they remember and the silly stuff that happens throughout our days. It’s simply wonderful. Thanks!!

  • Teri Hartman

    Thanks for the show! It was perfect timing; I just purchased and ordered my first PL stuff and will begin weekly storytelling come September (my husband and I are both teachers, and so, really, that’s when the “year” begins for us).

    I would life to offer a suggestion for those that get overwhelmed or stuck and want to simplify their scrapbooking process a little: I took about 30 minutes to list every different product/tools that I had and then wrote them down on little pieces of paper, folded them and stuck them in a jar. Whenever I feel like I just want to get a page “done” but don’t want to spend hours thinking about technique and product, I just pull two or three slips of paper out of the jar and those are the only techniques/products that I use (besides the obvious paper and adhesive ones). So for one layout I may pull out “stitching” and “paint” and so I know that those are the only supplies/techniques that I focus on for that layout. It’s fun, challenges your creativity and makes sure you use your supplies in a “cycle”.

    I hope others may find this useful!

  • knownasemj

    To the mail bag writer asking for Fall collections, I totally understand and agree but I don’t know if you’ve checked it out yet but I actually really like Basic Grey’s Persimmon line that is combo of Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving.

  • Marilyn Sibblies

    Noell & Izzy, great discussion (as always!)… and actually a very timely one. Starting Project Life this year has been eye-opening for me as a crafter. I’ve learned a lot about crafty self in a short amount of time.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for easily printing 3×4 photos? Because I don’t print at home, I save up a few weeks at a time to save on shipping charges. Persnickety Prints is one of the few printers offering this size, but if an original photo is landscape and I need to crop to 3×4 portrait, there’s no way to make that happen?!?! Costco/local printers don’t offer this size.

    So I’ve had to do it myself using a 4×6/6×4 canvas in Photoshop Elements. But the labor of selecting the photos to downsize and placing them on templates, then saving them back is beginning to suck the joy out of the process for me. Help! Is there a magical shortcut to make 4×3/3×4 photos easier? I wish I could just upload them all, and quickly select the ones to print 4×6 and 3×4.

    Muchas thankas, Marilyn

  • Jennifer Larson

    I have to admit I’m not into Project Life. I like the creative process of scrapbooking, I scrap my everyday life, and I don’t stress about being behind or being too busy to scrap (thanks to Stacy Julian and Simple Scrapbooks). I know that the simplicity is a big selling point for PL, but if I can be a little snarky, even simpler than slipping cards and trimmed photos into a PL binder is slipping 4×6 photos into a photo album. For me (I’m only speaking for myself) I need the creative process that scrapbooking offers more than the simplicity that PL offers.

    That said, I do have a sincere question regarding the subject of documentation with PL: after listening to this episode, it struck me that a lot of what I heard seemed to be about documenting events–what we’re doing in our lives right now, how my morning went, what this month was about, etc. I’d like to know how people work scrapping personalities or random observations into their PL process.

    Thanks for the episode–even though I don’t do Project Life, I always enjoy listening to people’s process.

  • jennifer

    I’ve done PL for a few years and I was most successful year 1. I left my book out on a table with the cards close by and found any time I had a thought or the kids said something funny, I jotted it down. You could do something like that and then when you have time go back and add embellies later. The beauty of PL is that when I fell off the bandwagon last year mid-year, I printed 200+ photos in early January and just plowed through the remainder of 2012. Yeah, there’s always something nice about doing it in the moment but the pics were printed and stories told so I’m happy – and all in a wknd. Good luck! :)

  • StudioWendy


    I might be able to help you with this. I can create an action for Elements that will let you choose the photo to place on a canvas and let you choose the crop position. If you want to contact me through my website, I’d be happy to help. wendyzinescraps dot com

  • Cara Vincens

    Hi, thanks for responding and your great ideas. It’s nice to know that it’s easy to catch up if I ever want to go back. For now, I really think I need to find myself a little table so that, like you said, I can leave it out. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Denise, I love your story! One way to incorporate video is to upload it to Vimeo or another video storage site. You just want to make sure you can protect your videos since they will mostly be of your grandkids. Then convert that link into a QR Code using a free QR code generator online. You can print your little QR code, place it on your page, then people looking at your album can scan the code with their smart phone or tablet and watch the video!

  • Lots of my friends who do PL use the Close To My Heart Medium Organizer to store all their cards and PL materials. It makes it really easy to have it all in one place so they can grab it to scrapbook wherever they are! Here is a photo of my non-PL, partially filled organizer. The dividers can be removed so that you can configure it any way you want. The 3×4 cards fit perfectly standing up so it is easy to thumb through them to find the one you want. Remove one of the dividers for your 4×6 cards and/or photos. I’ve been making my own journaling cards with my leftover kits for divided page protectors and Flip Flaps, so I recently bought a 2nd organizer to store them all. I’m moving closer and closer to PL, but I’m not there yet!

  • Denise Anderson

    Amy, OMG, I never knew anything about that, I don’t even know what QR code is but I will be looking it up and following your suggestion for sure. That sounds so awesome! It is just amazing what we can do technology wise. I am just blown away by your suggestion I actually am going to start storing all my videos and pix in the cloud. I just signed up for Carbonite. I’m just starting to organize them before uploading them, Thank you so much for your suggestion. This forum is AWESOME!


  • Denise Anderson

    Amy, I saw your comment and replied earlier but I think I did it wrong and don’t see it so I really wanted you to know that I appreciate the info I am so blown away by the technology that you just told me about. I am going to google it and find out everything that I can. I will be using it as sonn as I get a handle on it. I just signed up for Carbonite to back up all my pix and videos. This is going to be so cool. Thanks for the tip. I am sure I am going to blow some folks away when they look at my books (which I havn’t made 1 yet.) But I’m on my way. I actually started my 1st page layout today. I am so hyped! Thanks for the encouragement!


  • Dawn F.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed each episode of the Roundtable. Thank you! I especially enjoyed listening to this one. I’m on my 4th year of PL after doing it a variety of ways, I’ve settled into a loose weekly format. Though I love traditional scrapbooking and still will do a layout or two, Project LIfe has allowed me to document in a way that never would have happened. Sometimes I get creative with the cards but mostly just get my pics in and journal. The commenter that asked about documenting personality – this is what I love about my albums. I can grab a card or two and write about one of my kids, what they just said or how they responded to their sibling. For me it’s “in the moment” writing my feelings about this particular time in our lives. If I waited to do a traditional layout, it would not get done.
    Thanks for getting great guests each week and providing a forum for my favorite topic!

  • Kimba911

    Hi Noell and Izzy! I loved this episode. I have to say that I am a Project Life convert! I was one of the non-believers. But just recently, I started my own Project Life journey. I am one who needs my artistic, creative outlet. And I am also one who does not do well with limitations. :) So a good friend of mine and I went shopping and came home with six (yes, count ’em, six!) Project Life Core Kits. (They included Blush, Cinnamon, Honey, Jade, Kraft, and Rain). We couldn’t wait to get back to her house to break into them. We both split the cost for them and we divided them up.

    Now I don’t keep the different kits separated. I just combined all six kits’ cards together. And when I scrap, the actual pictures dictate which colors, cards, and embellishments will be used. The cards will inevitably be mismatched, but it will all work together for my soul purpose of really bringing out and highlighting the people and real meaning in my photos. I do both my traditional 12×12 layouts and my new Project Life album. I am one of those extremely slow scrapbookers who savors every bit of the creative process. I will never be “caught up.” And I am very fine with that. I do greatly embellish my Project Life pages. What I like about Project Life is that it helps me to focus on the great everyday things about my life!

    Thank you all again for everything you do. I am so greatful for your work that helps to feed my creativity in so many ways! Question – I also make cards, but they are not generic cards. They are more like mini scrapbook pages with pictures and embellishments and scrapbook paper on them. Does anyone else do this that you know of; and would that be a good subject for a future episode?

  • Rosa

    what a great suggestion!

  • Rosa

    I do Project Life for a few weeks each season with the purpose of capturing our everyday but I dont worry about having every single week of the year. I love that PL can be anything that you want.

    Today I read this article by Nat at ‘my sister’s suitcase’ blog about 5 ways to do Project Life:
    1. photo a day
    2. week at a glance
    3. month in review
    4. trips or old photos
    5. grid style layouts

    you can find good examples in the article (I thought it was useful)

  • Julie H

    i don’t do PL either as i enjoy the larger space for combining photos and embellishments. But i must say that i have seen many PL pages that are quite creative and more than just putting pictures in an album. I have learned several techniques from Amy Tan’s videos about her very creative PL pages that i have carried over to my scrapbook pages; and Nichol Magouirk ( has some amazing PL pages that include stamping, die cuts, etc and are just as creative as her scrapbook pages. Some may do a simple PL process if it fits their lifestyle but i know i’ve seen many who like you and me, Jennifer, also enjoy the creative artfulness of papercrafting and incorporate it into their pages as well.

  • Thank you for your membership, Bethany! Your system sounds very similar to mine in terms of designating certain stories as significant to be scrapbooked outside of a chronological context. I’m so happy doing that way!

  • I’ve been wanting for a long time now to make cards using old pics of my dad as a baby and little boy in the 1940’s. The pictures are so funny and cute that I feel like have the potential to make great cards, though I don’t have any concrete ideas in my head yet. So it makes me curious — what kinds of pictures do you use for your cards? For example, if it’s a card for your best friend, is it a picture of you with her? Or maybe you use beautiful photos you take of nature? Etc — please share what you do!

  • I love your blog! Thanks for sharing it, and for sharing your system!

  • Bec Kilgore

    I am using the Close To My Heart organizers for a lot of things (sm one for washi tape, for example). I love using the medium size for PL cards.

  • Marilyn,

    I just started listening to the newest episode of the Roundtable, where they’re talking about this very question. I wanted to let you know that I put together a video (free) at Two Peas earlier this year showing how to do this, and you can find it here-

    I go through a bit of organization and my workflow for photos and Project Life, and then show how to set up the print template that Wilna was talking about today.

    I hope that helps!

    Have an awesome day!

  • One of my things about Project Life is that it can be whatever you want it to be. I love the creative process too, but I also record a TON. I love that Project Life is a way for me to condense all of the photos and journaling I want, along with pretty designs, without going too overboard. (Though, to be honest, I still go a little overboard with the inclusion of lots of inserts and traditional pages.)

    You can check out my PL spreads here:

    As for PL vs. photo albums, I’ve been recommending PL products to friends who don’t “scrapbook” but want to start keeping memories. Those folks have been drawn to the system because it makes it easy for them to pair their photos with words, which I think is awesome. I’m planning on taking this route for some of my childhood photos, because I want the memories and the information behind the photos to be recorded, but I’d rather focus my “creative” energy on more recent stuff.

    I do a lot of event scrapping in PL, but do plenty of random observations (what we’re reading / watching, how I feel about the season, goals) and personality things too. I even include now and then stuff. It’s all about personal memory keeping preferences.

  • Oh there were a couple of tips in the middle of that episode that were so good. Although I like to use up my leftover embellishments in Project Life, I think I will try the clean un-layered approach soon. Also, I hadn’t thought about sorting my cards out based on the type of card; that might help speed up the process too. A separate storage solution would really foster using more than one set of cards.

    Of course, we all love Becky’s products, but I truly appreciated the mention of products by other companies that work with Project Life. I thought I wanted the long-awaited We R Memory Keepers punch, but now that I have seen Lawn Fawn’s much more compact, cute and cheap alternative, I’ll be doing that. It would be a great service to your listeners if you gave time in another episode to other trendy alternative or spin-off products that can be used for this type of memory-keeping – because there is so much out there, we could use the help! Keep on keeping us up-to-date! Thanks!

  • Kimba911

    Noell – I love that you have been thinking about using pictures on cards! I found a few images of mine. On one of my earliest cards, I put an older picture of my mother and myself on a birthday card for her (1st image). One recent card was for my dad. It’s not a great image of the card, but I loved using several thumbnail pictures of him on it (2nd image). And sometimes I put pics on the inside (3rd image). It’s also fun to put a little something on the back of a card (4th image). My nephews love getting their cards with pictures of themselves on them! (5th image) And this other nephew card shows both current and older pics (6th image). One of my favorites was when I sectioned one of the best pictures. I only have a copy of it while it was still in work. The actual card just had the sections more aligned (7th image). And lastly, sometimes a card doesn’t have to be a “card”. I used some jigsaw puzzle chipboard shapes to put pictures on, then my nephew put the pieces together, then he was able to read my message on the back (8th image). I love showing my cards to my friends, as well as showing them various techniques. They seem to get inspired by seeing my work. :) I would love to see what you create sometime soon!
    …Kim C in Simi Valley, CA

  • Kimba911

    Noell – And to clarify, I was not referring to mini albums. These are actual cards, mostly an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock folded in half. They usually fit in an envelope, although I’ve been getting more creative recently. :) The cards are more like Izzy was referring to – mini scrapbook pages designed specifically with the recipient in mind.

  • Cathie

    I love this idea. I’m not a PL’er but I think this could work for scrapbooking, cardmaking and art journaling, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Valerie Reyes

    You’ve probably already seen this, but I thought I’d direct you to this discussion about this episode on twopeas I see that all of the comments here are positive, and many in the thread are positive too, but I think it’s important to share criticism with the creator rather than just talking about them to other people.

    On those lines, my comment on the thread was
    I listen to PRT every week, and I just love Izzy. I don’t like to complain about the show because even in the shows that aren’t my favorite, there are always parts of the show that I like. I do have to agree with the people who have said that the BH episodes aren’t their best. I think the best part of the show is that it’s like a conversation, with everybody having their say. When BH is on, she dominates the conversation so much that it’s really uncomfortable for me to listen to. It doesn’t feel as natural as episodes with most of their other guests. I try to listen until the end because I always like to hear why people chose their picks, but this time I just fast forwarded to the picks.

    Like I say, I love you guys, and I know I’m probably in the minority here, but Becky just isn’t my favorite guest, even though I really enjoy her products. I love to hear about how other people are using her system, but when Becky talks I feel like I’m in a high pressure sales situation, and it just makes me uncomfortable.

  • sm_bradford

    I use PicMonkey to do this quickly and easily. I have a tutorial here if that helps×4-photos-on-a-4×6-print/

  • Marina Delgado

    We were on vacay last week but finally got a chance to take a listen. While I still love Project Life I have had a hard time “keeping up” this year with a newborn (now 3mo old).While I feel like I’m more organized about it than last year its just been hard to carve out the time…Anyways I just wanted to share my storage system. Its using the Martha Stewart office products at Staples. I like it as its pretty easy to move everything around the house based on where I’m working. I’m able to keep the cards, my corner rounder, a hole punch and the papers. In the drawer piece I keep photos and ephemera for the week, if its longer than one week I keep them separated just using envelopes or a plastic baggie or whatever. Thanks for the suggestion on leaving my album out with this next to it on our media center to keep myself motivated to work on this even when I’m taking time in front of the tube.

  • Thanks for sharing your tips!!

  • Jo

    I have to agree with you about Becky being a little too dominant when she is on the PRT. I enjoy listening to her and I love Project Life, but sometimes she’s a little much. I love hearing about how people approach PL but I’m not as interested in hearing about new PL product coming out and sometimes I feel like she takes over the host role from Noell which makes me a little uncomfortable.

  • Marilyn Sibblies

    Melissa – please pardon my delayed response, but I’ve been dealing with life as they say. Okay, so I took the time to watch this and it’s opened my eyes to the possibilities of Lightroom. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but it was even helpful to hear you flow. Especially marking off by hand on your template, which photos you’d selected for the week. I think I will incorporate that idea right away. Thanks again!

  • Marilyn Sibblies

    Hi Monica! Still love your Gagnam… er Scrappy style video! LOL I watched your PicMonkey video. Super cool!!! I actually got an action from Wendy Zine which I’ll try working with first… but I want to try PicMonkey as well. Thanks for the info. See you at TrueScrap5.

  • I agree. I rarely comment on episodes, but this one stood out to me and I wanted to check the comments to see if other people felt the same way. Listening to Becky Higgins talk extensively about Project Life products (which makes sense since she created them and I can see why she’d want to sell as much as possible!) felt like a long infomercial to me. Like something you’d hear on HSN or QVC. I was looking forward to hearing more from Elise and Amy. Maybe next time!

  • Juliet from So Cal

    Hi Noell,

    I am sorry this is a bit late…by a week or so…but I just listened to the show and want to make a quick point. I am a Project Lifer and have done it for three years. I am not worried about being behind (but I am done with two years and almost caught up this year; I am “behind” by about 3 weeks). I do a layout a week, but not a picture a day. I sometimes embellish a ton and sometimes not so much. I also scrapbook regular layouts, but not as frequently.
    With that being said, I feel uncomfortable when people say “they are too busy” to be too creative with Project Life, so they simplify. People are always “too busy” to exercise, to cook, to finish their education, etc… I think that statement needs to be adjusted. In this case, people are actually CHOOSING to just not be extra creative with Project Life, for whatever reason. We ALL have the same amount of time in the day. I teach high school English. I have over 180 students. I read their essays, input grades, conference with them after school. I work 7 days a week (grading/lesson planning on weekends). I am also completing my MA, going to class once a week in the evening and doing essays and projects for that. I am also a hiker and runner (stress relief!!!) and run three times a week and participate in in half marathons or marathons about every other month. I am married and have a son. My family is my true center and we run, work, and play together. They are why I DO Project Life; please don’t assume I don’t spend time with them. I watch NO TV and don’t spend time surfing the net…other than listening to you (but I can scrap at the same time). I don’t upkeep a blog or spend time on social media. I prioritize what IS important to me. Everyone has time for what is important to him or her. When people say they are “too busy” for anything it is an excuse and/or justification for their actions. We are ALL busy. They just need to admit that they choose not to spend their time in that manner, rather than making a statement that then suggests that those of us who CHOOSE to do certain things are NOT that busy and have tons of free time. =) Creativity is another one of my stress reliefs and if I can sit and scrapbook while my husband is next to me watching a football game, perfect situation!
    This is the first comment I have ever made anywhere… I think it just touched a nerve. Thanks for letting me vent and all the great Roundtable episodes!

  • Becky P

    I’m chiming in a little late but I wanted to share my experience with Project Life. A few years ago I thought I would give it a try. Purchased a kit and an album thinking I would try my best to take a photo a day and journal about them. I think I made it about a week and just couldn’t keep it up. Not because I wasn’t taking photos but because I was trying to balance making actual scrapbook layouts AND project life (photo every day and journaling). It just didn’t work. Well, with the local availability of kits now, I have purchased another. This time I am using it in a different way. I’m one of those people that takes dozens of photos of an event or a moment or whatever. Sometimes only a few photos will make it to a scrapbook layout. The rest of the photos are still great and they show and tell a different part of that moment. But I don’t always need 4 layouts about a day at the park (for example). These other photos then go in my PL album. I don’t feel any pressure to have a daily or weekly theme in the album. It is what it is and it’s not stressing me out. It’s all the other photos that are still great, the others that I still want my kids to be able to look at.

  • Kristin

    Another greasy episode, thx I&N!

    I do PL using a 2-up photo album, because I scrap in 8.5×11 and8x8 albums. (The12x12size seems too large for my family.) I’m in my second year and this has worked well for me.

    With a new baby this summer, I bought one of the PL mini albums. I sure wish this had enough pages to use as a single year PL album, so thati could use more 3×4 cards. However, the reason for the mini album was to record gifts and photos of friends and family who gave the gifts. I record a photo of the gift, photo of the person, and a 3×4 card explaining our relationship. It’s a welcome baby album too, as we also included journaling cards with thoughts and messages to our baby during the pregnancy. Someday it will be hers to keep.

    We also plan to add a mini genealogy spread to the album.


  • Kristin

    Lol, that shows me not to try and type one-handed! I meant “great episode”, not greasy. Oops!

  • Great discussion and I generally like the discussions about memory keeping and how to get it done – no matter what system or method you prefer :)

    BTW, wanted to mention that I saw a post about the 3×4 punch and it makes 4 holes around the shape – yikes!! Can work for some cases, but wastes paper as well – on this post –

  • Yikes is right!! Thanks for sharing that!!