PRT169 – CHA Summer Show 2013 Debrief

This week we’re debriefing about the CHA summer show…

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  • Rachel L

    Oh yay! You chose my comment! Thanks so much!!!! I loved hearing my words read in an American accent :D

    LOL Izzy; no, I don’t think alcohol will make me more focused ;D

    Hmm, I do tend to focus on one small part at a time, so yes, Noell, I think for me, I will be better off picturing the finished project and keeping that in mind. Definitely limiting choice is helping so far. I think I will put a sign up on my desk to inspire me to meet my goals – though I will have to try not to spend a whole evening on the sign – he he!

    Ha ha! No I don’t have the time anymore. I used to spend hours upon hours on my creative work, and now that I have a child, I just don’t have the time to devote to it.

    Yes, absolutely Izzy. I think part of it is I need to be fine with it, and enjoy the process – maybe 50% of the time. And then the other 50% I need to get more task focused and churn through. Yep, totally get your sculpture reference – I studied art at uni… I’m used to the indulgence :)

    And I think I am a creative Left Brain… very interesting. I’m going to have to listen to this a few more times :) Thanks guys! xxxx

  • Guest

    Yay! I remembered to sign up for Jennifer’s and Stacy’s class thru the Paperclipping link. Some times I forget :(. Enjoyed listening to the news from the summer show.

  • Just from what I’ve seen online from this CHA, I think that there is a lot of yellow and a lot of hearts on everything.

  • Thank you!!

  • I’ll have to watch for that!

  • Ruth

    Responding to the comment read in the mail this week: I think that scrapbooking is really three separate but connected things.
    1. Pre-creating – which includes buying supplies and looking at other people’s projects
    2. Creating with the supplies
    3. Putting completed creations in an album full of memories and stories that are presented beautifully or creatively. Perhaps cohesively for the stories or visually coordinated.

    These things theoretically happen in progression and are complimentary to each other, but in reality we have our biases, sometimes for a time and sometimes permenantly. We may spend all our time on one or two of these and might have little interest in others. Personally I have gone through phases of buying and looking and not really do anything else. I have had times when creating was the priority and finishing layouts and putting them into albums was not, and right now I think that PL has me very focused on (3) since it often feels like it is more about creating the whole album than about any single layout, though perhaps it is more due to the motivation of family looking at it that makes me feel that way.

    When we did the PRT episode about finding the time to scrapbook, one of the things that I meant to discuss more was about not just finding the time, but thinking about compromising between these three priorities on what you spend that time DOING. Do you spend all your scrapbooking time blog hopping for ideas and spending money instead of sitting at your own desk and getting something done? Do you spend it endlessly shifting things around a page in the hopes of finding that sweet spot where they look perfect?

    The intentional compromise between these three parts of this hobby makes the difference between doing some scrapbooking (or scrap shopping) vs making finished albums. You have a finite amount of time, so you inevitably split it between these parts in a way that works for you.

    Having said that, if having albums filled with layouts to share is not one of the reasons you are doing this and you have intentionally decided that you are happy to have incomplete projects or a never ending creative process, that is SO FINE, don’t beat yourself up, recognise that this is your hobby and you are doing what you want to. When I was struggling most with anxiety I found that creating for it’s own sake was the most helpful. Too much focus on end results made the whole thing too stressful. There is no one purpose to scrapbooking. There is only ‘that thing that you are getting out of it’ which makes you want to continue with this hobby tomorrow. Whatever ‘that thing’ is for you, go with it. If Rachel finds that the creating is the part she finds most fulfilling, then I say go with it and don’t worry about finishing any faster. What are you hurrying for exactly??

  • Shimelle Laine

    Matt Damon here. Just you know… checkin’ in, and stuff.

  • Rachel L

    Thanks Ruth,
    That is really helpful. I like how you divide the hobby into the 3 bits. I haven’t quite looked at it that way before – with 2 and 3 being separate. I have definitely cut back on the time I spend shopping and looking at Pinterest, blogs, etc, because while I love it, I love creating more. I tend to look/shop when I’m tired, and create when I’m not – or less tired ;) So it’s not always a direct one for one that I could be creating instead, but I have recently made an effort to spent more of my “too tired to get creative” time going through photos and also getting more organised in how stuff is filed on my computer. So that has been great.

    I had a major hardware meltdown earlier this year. That has stolen a lot of time, and I need to remind myself that I have spent many hours going through my hard disk recovery files. Having the disk recovered actually cost more than my new computer, but was so important as there were some photos and videos on there (of my baby) that hadn’t been backed up! The thought of losing those memories has made getting them into an album that much more important to me, so I have a clear goal of printing and journalling about my photos, particularly of my son, so that we have a finished album.

    This discussion has been so helpful in clarifying things. It’s absolutely about creativity and enjoying the process, and also about the finished project. Thanks again to Noell, May and Tami, and you too Ruth. xxx

  • Rachel L

    And Izzy too :)

  • Rachel L

    I just realised too, as I reread your comment Ruth, that my scrapbooking goals have REALLY changed! I used to do around 12 layouts a year and print a calendar. I spent ages on each layout as the calendar was my only scrapbooking, and I gave them as gifts to the family as well. So that is a very very different approach, where I was really focused on a small number of high quality layouts, and was able to really enjoying the process as well as producing a unique present that will be treasured. Now I am not focused on that, I am focused on creating an album for my son. So it makes sense that I can’t necessarily use the same approach because I am trying to get SO MUCH MORE done! Not sure why I didn’t look at it that way before… LOL!

  • May Flaum

    Shimelle/Matt you are always there!! ;)

  • Ha! I was curious to know how long it would be before you heard it. Right away, I guess! :)

  • When I’ve changed directions like this I’ve often realized sometime later that other things need to change too. It’s not obvious right away.

  • Shimelle Laine

    I would answer that with my listening schedule, but I’m taking baby steps toward Izzy’s time management technique.

  • Kelly Boran

    I just listened today =) Yup, you said my last name right. It was funny because I was listening at work and just keeping busy while I listened, when all of a sudden I heard my name and everything stopped, lol. It was cool to hear.

  • ROFL!!

  • Shimelle Laine

    See, what I’m really dying to type is as a 55/45 right-brainer with a measurable tendency toward concrete and verbal thinking, there is really no way for me to comply with Izzy’s time management advice. I would literally not be able to get think of anything else until it was done.

    One thing I do remember quite clearly from the same analysis that gave me that information is that I am only 20 to 25% rooted in reality. So while I cannot function without writing essays on the internet when asked a question, I am also completely okay with becoming Matt Damon without Matt Damon knowing about it.

    Just, you know, FYI.

  • Ruth

    That is so awesome Rachel, that you realised that you needed something different and were making changes in your process to meet that. I am the same, I have made big changes in my process and this hobby is so rewarding that whether you focus on the memories or the creating, both have a lot of benefit for you. Its what I love about it :) Im so happy you are finding something that works for your life right now!

  • Rachel L

    Oh good :) I was feeling a bit silly, but it is great to hear here and in the show that I’m not the only one!

  • Rachel L

    Yes, so true Ruth, it is all rewarding. And there are few “creative” pursuits that can compare to photography and journalling as far as leaving something for your kids – regardless of how you present it :)

  • Keetha

    Hooray, I always love the CHA-roundup-shows!
    About CHA – some time ago I remember it being mentioned in passing on PRT about how CHA is a trade show – and I’m definitely paraphrasing here – and as such, it’s not meant for the lay person – the scrapbooking enthusiast – to attend. If they did, they may be frustrated since they can’t purchase products on the show floor, and instead have to wait and wait for them to hit the stores. Along those same lines, is there such a thing as a consumer craft/hobby/scrapbook show? Maybe retailers would frown upon an event like that because they want people to come to their stores/web sites to shop?
    Just curious!

  • Edie

    Christine from Scraptime has a free iBook for CHA on her website. It’s a nice ays to look at some if the new releases.

  • Tami Morrison

    There are consumer shows! In my area (SoCal) they’re put on by Scrapbook Expo. I know Creating Keepsakes does “CKC” events. Their website should have a list of dates and locations. I’ve taught at Great American Scrapbook Conventions in Dallas and D.C….I don’t know if they do them in other cities though. Google events for your area and I bet you’ll find something. :)

  • Keetha

    Thanks, Tami! I hadn’t thought about just Googling to check!

  • Bookworm9798

    I think one of the reasons the Roundtable has really rocked lately (not that it wasn’t great before) is that Izzy has become more of a cohost of the show. Noell is like the play-by-play announcer in the radio booth of a baseball game and Izzy is the color commentator. You two really complement each other. I also think having two guests versus three seems to be working really well. A left brain idea to help with the introductions of guests might be to have a binder with a sheet on each guest, maybe with a picture of them (to make your right brain happy) and a bullet point list of biographical details? I know my brain would go completely blank if I was hosting a show like this and I would definitely want a handy back-up to grab when that happened! :-) Thanks for a super fun show.

  • Tami, have you ever been to one of these? I’ve only gone to CKC in Phx there was not a display of manufacturer’s new products. The booths are always a lot of stores and just a few manufacturers. Most of the products are old clearance items.

  • Thank you for the compliments and the idea! Seems like a bit more work up front, but it would definitely help. Sometimes I do make notes, but I often don’t because I know I already know these people well. It’s funny, though, when I’m on air how I suddenly lose recall of details. I’m not nervous or anything — my brain just goes to taking care of other items and drops all the details. So I guess I need to remember that ahead of time and be prepared for it!!

  • krizbee

    I’m afraid to listen to this episode because I have self-imposed #AustereAugust and cannot shop (for scrapbook supplies) for the month of August. Will have to bookmark for next month!

  • Tami Morrison

    Noell, I’ve been to a few consumer shows. There can for sure be a lot of older product, but some booths have new stuff, depending on the retailer. You’re right that the exhibitors are mostly retailers rather than manufacturers. But it’s the closest consumer eqivalent to the trade show experience of a whole bunch of different products in one place, plus classes and opportunities to socialize with scrapbooking peers.

  • That’s true – they’re a lot of fun!

  • Tracie Claiborne

    I just went to CKC in Nashville and they had “Travel Girl” from October Afternoon which hasn’t been in stores that long and I also have been to one when brand new Simple Stories lines had just come out and gotten them. There were only a couple great stores there with new product so I guess it depends on the vendor list.

  • Tracie Claiborne

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I used to go to CHA as a buyer and with the demise of the local stores around here, I don’t have the opportunity so I miss it terribly! I loved hearing a recap from two people who were there and they pointed out things I hadn’t seen online so I loved every minute of this show!! Great guests and I hung on every word. :)

  • I keep meaning to chime in on this topic. Rachel, I am so like you! I don’t even want to say how long it can take me on a layout or Project Life spread! Love Ruth’s answers and also what was talked about on the show. Pretty much sums up what changes I’ve made in the past year and am really happy to say it’s working much better than in the past.

    My focus this year is more on completion but also working in ways to have the “creative time.” First, to get more Project Life layouts completed, I limit my choices and my decisions that need to be made for my basic PL layout. I also keep the two page spreads very minimal; my mantra is “something is better than nothing” for me right now because I just don’t have the time to get super creative and picky. Second, if I want to get more creative and have time for it I can always add inserts, etc and have more play time there. Third, I set my PL up as a monthly project, but weeks within that month so if I can’t keep up, I can just do the monthly overview and move on. (Hello that is what I’m doing for this summer!)

    Anyways, I’m sure my process will change as our situation changes or I just want to try something different, but right now this is working better than before.

    And you guys are so right–it’s all about determining your own goals and reason for doing this hobby and finding out what makes you happy. Then do more of that!

    Oh, and I also wanted to say if you are looking for a boost to help choose embellishments and get them on your page faster, you gotta check out Stacy’s class “I Scrap.” I took it last go round and loved it! It really helped me let go of some of my perfectionism and move on. Really fun class.

    Thanks for another awesome show! Makes my long commutes oh so much better!

  • Rachel L

    Thanks Annette! That is really encouraging. It’s so good to hear I’m not the only one – and also that you have found limiting choices helps and have been able to focus on getting it done while still being happy with the results. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • This has been the rabbit hole show for me. I keep having to pause the show and go look at lines to see what’s being talked about. But that pales in comparison to the 2 hours I spent taking the left brain right brain test and talking about it on Facebook afterwards.

    But this show break is courtesy of May and the Basic Grey Persimmon line comments. I’m trying to set aside the fact that she doesn’t like orange. To each her own, but some shades are just so darn happy that it makes me sad that she’s missing out. :) But it’s not really May that I’m taking umbrage with. She made the comment that you’d be able to scrap all your fall photos with the collection pack. And I think for a lot parts of the country, that may be true. But here in the north east we LOOOOVE fall. The world catches on fire. It’s my most favorite time of year to grab a camera and drag my kids outside for a hike.

    I’ve lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana – so I only really know a world where fall is beautiful and vibrant. I wonder if – from a scrapbooking perspective – the rest of the country views fall the way Texans view snow themed lines… Like, necessary if you take a ski vacation, but not really something that truly applies to normal every day life? I think this must be so, because there hasn’t been a really good Autumn themed line in eons. I think the last one I fell in love with was Basic Grey’s Mellow, and that’s going back at least 5 years. At least.

    How do we beg the manufactures to make lines that we want? Who do I tell “I want an Autumn themed line that is neither too juvenile nor too realistic or romantic. I want fall colors, but not schmaltzy versions. (Like, I want some avocado greens with burnt orange, not forrest green and traffic cone orange) I want some small leaf prints, but I want grungy geometrics too. I want to have something that works if I’m doing a fall or Thanksgiving layout, but also generic enough to work with a story that just happens to take place in October, where October isn’t the point of the story.”??

    Every Summer CHA I anxiously look at the releases hoping for something that works, but instead get dozens of Halloween, Christmas and a smattering of back to school lines. Blah. Now I’m just whining. :P

    Thanks for another great show. It was fun hearing about different products and lines that hadn’t yet caught my eye!

  • Chelle Beeby

    so I’m totally behind the times, I was aware of this podcast since day dot, but to be honest I’m not a fan of audio podcasts, they don’t hold my attention like video does.. but today, just for fun, I thought I would give it a go. AND GUESS WHAT? Not even half way through listening, I fired up iTunes and subbed… Today so far I’ve listed to 4 eps and many many more to go! (working backwards, probably not the best idea but a girl does what a girl does). I’ve been a Paperclipping member for ages too, and adore and always learn from Noel even though I’ve been scrapping for 10+ years now. Anyway, just wanted to say a huge thanks to Noel and Izzy and how sorry I am that it’s taken me “this” long to get into the groove of the round table :( Now off to listen to ep 165 and become more inspired and sub to more blogs and buy more goodies! Thanks guys xx

  • Witchypoos

    Hi, Yes its taken me a while to leave a reply for you. Just to say that after my third listern I headed off to find out more about ARC Crafts, who had the wood washi tape. A hunt in the web site and blog sold me … a few emails later I had a box of tapes and 12×12 sample packs shipping to the UK. Yesterday my package arrived and WOW !!! Noel if you get the chance I would recommend looking this product up. I have a long weekend coming up and I am looking forward to experiementing.