PRT167 – It’s a Party Trick

This week we’re talking about the crutches we lean on!

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  • HelenH

    Apropos of nothing, I wanted to share this link. Ernest Hemingway’s mother, “Grace Hall Hemingway created and annotated six scrapbooks to document her son Ernest’s first eighteen years of life, long before he became a Nobel Prize winning author. There is a sixth scrapbook made by Grace Hall for Ernest’s grandparents (Grandparents’ Scrapbook) that has yet to be digitized.”

    If the link doesn’t work, search for “ernest hemingway collection jfk library” and look for scrapbooks.

  • This is true: “limiting yourself INCREASES creativity.”

  • McKenzie McGehee

    I am really loving The Narrative Breakdown. Thank you Angie for this pick, after not having written for some time, it really has my creative juices flowing. I have 2 abandoned NaNoWriMo novels that I have now picked up again.

  • Bec

    I have seen reports about all the rain and flooding in your area. I hope y’all are safe and sound.

  • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! :(

  • PjP

    Would it be possible to put “nerd alerts” on some of these design episodes, or should the name “Debbie Hodge” be sufficient to deter those of us who couldn’t care less about the finer point of scrapbook design from listening? Seriously — the best thing I ever heard anyone say on the Roundtable was “And I don’t care anymore either!” May Flaum has stepped back and looked at the scrapbooking industry from the point of view of an outsider and has gained what I believe to be a proper perspective on it. It’s a hobby, folks: it’s not a vocation, it’s not an art, it’s not even a craft in the strictest sense of the word. I appreciate that the Roundtable is always presented with levity (thank you, Izzy!) but there are episodes that make me cringe in response to the absurd level of seriousness with which this stuff is discussed. (Was that insubordinate enough for you?)

  • Thanks, Bec. We’re good. Monsoon season is pretty exciting and I think most of us love it. Rarely is it ever actually harmful or dangerous to anyone.

  • Izzy and I both think Debbie Hodge is amazing and she’s one of our favorite guests to have on. Some of us get a lot of joy and pleasure from thinking about design the way we do and enjoying those “finer points” in a simple medium involving our families and stories without having to pull out a big canvas and paint and trying to create a masterpiece. Thankfully, not all scrapbookers are the same. We don’t all appreciate the same things and one of the strongest values I try to hold up for this show is a celebration of diversity in the way we scrapbook, as well as in the way we think and talk about scrapbooking.

  • DiaButterfly

    Loved this episode! I think I listened to it 2-3 times this week because my mind would wander off in one direction or another and I didn’t want to miss hearing what everyone had to say. For me, I have not really thought about the design much…I just go with my gut… I have been more focused on story and expanding the techniques I use. I am currently taking, and loving, Claudine Hellmuth’s Technique Toolbox class and am so excited to already be signed up for Angie’s Grammer Free Journaling class. This week’s episode has had me focused on bringing it all together and using all of it cohesively on my scrapbook pages. Very excited! Thank you for the great discussion!

    Also, I love the intro, don’t change a thing…it is like settling in with friends and I love how the conversation flows naturally each week. Getting to know the panel helps me to better understand their style and I get more out of each of their blogs/classes/projects.


  • Amy Tangerine scrapbooks for celebrities, and maybe others as well. For at least one of her clients she scrapbooked his birthday party WHILE the party was going on. Normally I would never scrapbook for someone else as a business for the reason you stated, but I do think scrapbooking a party while you’re there would be fun since you’re experiencing the party, too.

  • Very helpful — thanks for your feedback!

  • What you need to do is download the videos into iTunes on your laptop, and then sync your laptop with your iPad. Thanks for your membership!

  • This is a cute story!

  • Kelly Boran

    Great show! For the past two shows you talked about “starting points”. One was focused on the topic and this one touched it a little which popped a question into my head. Have you ever heard of Kiwi Lane and their “framing” technique? I’m sure you have that’s a silly question. I guess I’m more wondering what others think about their products. I think they can give some scrapbookers a good “starting point” so to say. They’re fun and I use them here and there but not all the time. It’s a great concept really :)

  • Tracie Claiborne

    I would love to hear about that as well!!!!

  • We talked about it a lot in today’s recording and I’m hoping Shimelle will come in with a comment and tell us about what she does.

  • Cathy Peper

    I really enjoyed this episode. I can relate to the mail you read about using sketches because I usually use sketches for scrapbooking, but only occasionaly use them for card making. I think that might be because I make a lot more cards than scrapbook pages. I really liked hearing Julie, Debbie and Angie as a guest panel.

  • Carmen McMaster

    I think facebook has ruined me I want to click like on all the comments :)

  • I always want to do that too!

  • krizbee

    I know I am tardy to the party, but agreed, great episode!! As I was listening I was wondering to myself if I have any design crutches? I am a pretty simple scrapper and I usually don’t pay much attention, but will likely be going through some of my past layouts and see if I see any patterns.