PRT162 – The All About Markers Show

This week we’re talking about markers!

The Panelists

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Picks of the Week

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  • HAHAHA that’s my thread!!! Thanks for picking it as your Pick of the Week. That is hilarious! :)))

  • HAHAHA that is my thread!!! That is hilarious. Thanks for picking it as your pick! And thanks for the shout out Izzy!

  • Jennifer G.

    Is there somewhere I can get a list of which type of paper is best for what? I am specifically looking for the name and weight of some good paper for just stamping, stamping and coloring with distress type markers and possibly using water, and paper for stamping, heat embossing, and possibly coloring. Is there one that is good for all of that. I found the kind recommended on the show, but I am not sure about the best weight of the paper. Kind of new to the stamping thing and very new to the marker party.

  • PjP

    You guys are scary mind-readers. I was just thinking to myself the other day “How come they don’t have Jennifer McGuire on the Roundtable more often?” Thanks so much for the marker low-down. The more I know about copics . . . the less likely I am to buy them! It’s not the price, it’s that fact that I hate colouring. My mom used to make me sit down and colour when she wanted some peace and quiet so I’ve come to associate colouring (especially having to stay in the lines) with punishment. Give me a stamp and some ink or a brush and some paint any day, but I’ll skip the colouring, thanks all the same.

  • My go-to card stock is the Neenah Solar White (80lb). I probably learned about it from watching Jennifer McGuire’s and Kristina Werner’s videos. I can use it for stamping and coloring and with a little water. I use water color paper if I am going to add a lot of water. I did not find it on, but Simon Says Stamp carries it:

  • Angela Daly

    Thanks Noel and Izzy for a great show, I love Jennifer McGuire, her style, her voice, her work, etc She is awesome ! Also it is wonderful that your bring other guests like Michelle Houghton.
    After each roundtable show, I love to investigate a little bit more about each pick of the week and jump in to the guests blogs or web sites for more information, it is like a wonderful weekly assignment for me. You guys are great company when I’m commuting from and to work, and great source of inspiration.
    Angela Daly

  • Ruth

    Great show, guys, thanks for mixing it up with guests chosen from slightly different spheres, not only do we get to discover new brilliant scrapbookers and crafters, but I love to hear their differing perspectives and preferences, even on something like which cardstock they use. I’m kinda like you, Noell, I don’t always use the right cardstock for my stamping or colouring etc. I tend to buy my supplies based on what i will use it for the most and when I’m creating I pick based on what is there and will work with what I am in the middle of doing, I hate to have to get up and look for stuff so 3 sheets of specialty something-or-other will either never get used or will be used immediately. There isnt an inbetween for me. MArkers have been a bit forgotten in my craft room lately, so it is nice to be reminded of all the awesome things I have learned from Jen McGuire’s classes in the past.. I should try doing some of those things again!!

    Do you ever feel like there is so many options in crafting that they fill up your brain and start to leak out and you forget what you learned last year (or last week)? Hehe, I guess that’s why I take lots of classes, as a reminder to do something else this week instead of the same thing I did last week! Like buying cooking magazines for the new ideas on old favourites.

  • Nothing to do with this week’s show, but I remember a little while back Izzy mentioned a “No, thank you” line.

    I saw a digital kit like it for Project Life –

  • They’re everywhere these days! :)

  • Ldmccarty

    Lived this! Have listened three times now.