PRT161 – What Are They Into Lately?

This week we’re talking about what these good folks are into lately!

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  • Bec Kilgore

    Love love love what Julie said about shopping for scrapbooking products is a whole other hobby!

  • Bec Kilgore

    Love this episode and I will be checking out the Izzy Video.

  • Katy Thames

    I always love to listen to the Roundtable, but this episode was just all sorts of happy. I really enjoyed the insights that Julie had, and Tracy made me feel just very normal. Everything I want to say about Ali would come out making me sound like a crazy fangirl, but this was an EXCELLENT mix of guests this time.

  • I’ve been on a scrapbooking hiatus for a while now (pregnant and all I do is sleep or nest). I haven’t even been listening to PRT :( This was the perfect episode for me to come back to as I’ve been purging my stash and really wanting things to be simplified. Totally feel inspired to get back into it. Thanks!

  • geezee

    I am so thrilled with this episode. I am crazy fangirl for Ali and Julie and they had so much to say that I would like to comment on and I think Julie hit on something for me in that I use project life for fulfilling that need to put stuff somewhere. It gives me a place to put memorabilia and stories and pictures and it doesn’t make me do it in any way other than how I want to. It also satisfies my need to put something somewhere NOW! That way I don’t put it down and then it grows an insurmountable mountain on top of it. Or get buried in my drawers and envelopes to do later. I have so much less Later to do now that I have been using Project Life to hold all that stuff.

  • I do both Project Life and traditional scrapbooking, and everything goes into one album. Sometimes I make a 12×12 layout one half of my Project Life spread, I’ve been making smaller layouts (8.5×11, 12×11, 12×6) and including them as inserts often as well. Last year, I did monthly review and introduction pages in pocketed page protectors so I’d be able to slip in 12×12 layouts in the album without having to interrupt the flow of weekly spreads. You could also slip traditional layouts in at the end of Project Life albums.

    As for what goes in a traditional layout vs. Project Life, I usually do traditional layouts for things I want to draw more attention to in the album. These can be big events with tons of photos, longer stories, or photo enlargements I really want to feature. Long stories often get included in inserts, especially those lifted from blog posts, but if I want to include a long story in pocketed page protectors, sometime’s I’ll write it over multiple bi-fold cards and slip two into one pocket.

    You can see a bunch of examples on my blog here:

    Or in this guest post I did at Big Picture:

  • Iceteeeeee

    Great episode, as always! On a side note, I really miss hearing Ana on the show. Will she be back? Thanks for all you do!

  • geezee

    I also have had tragic ugly come into my life during my Project Life documentation. During this horrible time, my life continued. I pulled my head out of the abyss long enough for a couple of pictures, but several slots in my pages have nothing but black cardstock in them. When I see them it soothes that spot in me that was completely engulfed in the darkness at that time. It also is some sort of place holder for that time. It may not be the way someone else would handle it, but to my artistic, art journaling eye it fulfills something in me. Others looking at the book, either know what happened or know that the visual represents something. If they were to ask about it I would say that it was a rough time that is part of my story, but doesn’t necessarily NEED in-depth documentation.

  • Ali Edwards

    And there’s always the possibility that you will have something to say about it in the future as you look back on it with a different perspective.

  • Madeleine Lopez

    I really liked this episode. I also use Project Life for storytelling. This is my first year and i already see how organized my memories are and how my paper piles have been streamlined. I love Tracy’s creativity and happiness. Please bring her back!

  • geezee

    Good observation Ali. Thanks.

  • Kim J

    I loved this show and have already listened to it 3 times. I know the word ‘simplified’ was used several times, but it was ‘freeing’ to me. Over the last year that I have listened to the Paperclipping Roundtable, you and your guests have helped me focus on why I scrapbook and find my style. But I was still feeling I needed to learn new techniques and ‘improve’ (as Izzy talked about with other hobbies), so I was taking a lot of classes, getting overwhelmed, and not enjoying my hobby. Listening to your guests today talk about how they do or don’t scrapbook, complete project life album, and art journal to make it fit into their life and don’t make excuses for how they do it, I realized I am ‘free’ to do the same thing. I realized, finally, that memory keeping is not about ‘improving’ or ‘challenging’ yourself or doing what someone else is doing, it is about finding a way to keep and show your memories that works for you and meets the needs of your creative side. Thank you for another great show and for your fabulous videos.

  • Mom2mhe

    Hi Noell and Izzy,
    In this past episode, you had Merci Tiara, who is a psychologist on your show, and the letter you read was from a woman who had a difficult experience and needed to scrapbook that experience, in order to heal. She created a page for her eyes only, and sealed it in an envelope. Ali commented that scrapbooking is in itself a cheaper form of psychology, or something to that affect.

    I can relate to what this writer is feeling, for I too like to scrapbook the difficult times as well as the good times, for the purpose of healing. A few years ago, I posted something that you read on one of your episodes. It was about a scrapbook I created for my oldest son, of him and his dad. His father and I have been divorced for 17 years now, and I guess I made the book for him 9 or so years ago. At the time I had held onto a lot of resentment and anger toward his father, but as I lovingly scrapbooked those photos of the two of them, it somehow healed me. I haven’t felt resentment or anger toward him since that time.

    Right now, I am trying to move forward in another healing way through scrapbooking. This book I won’t be sharing, with anyone. At least for the time being, anyway. This is something that is very personal to me, and brings me much pain and anguish. Something I haven’t dealt with in the past, and feel that now is the time to take this first step.

    Several Paperclipping episodes ago, you mentioned Courtney Walsh, was not only a scrapbooker, but an author as well. She may have even been a guest on your show. I can’t remember. This past December, I went on our local inter-library loan system and reserved a copy of her book, A Sweethaven Christmas. I had previously checked out and really enjoyed her scrapbooking guide called Scrapbooking Your Faith. Well, the book must be pretty popular, because I just received it last week. Nearly 6 months later.

    So, even though it’s not Christmas, I am currently reading her book. I realized while reading, that I have an awful lot in common with one of her characters. I am Jane. It’s seems that from around 12 years old, I have thought that I was fat. Looking back at those photos, I realize that I wasn’t fat at all. It was all in my head, but for me, it was very real. Like the character Jane, in Courtney’s book, I went through a stage in college, where I was too thin, simply because I was starving myself, and working out for several hours a night, after classes. After 3 children, my weight has increasingly crept up to the point at which I am double what my college weight was.

    In the story, Jane comes to the point at which she wonders when exactly she let herself go. She comes to the conclusion that a very painful event in her life had caused her to not care about taking care of herself anymore.

    Boy oh boy, did that hit home for me. Although my situation is somewhat different, my feelings, and reasons for giving up, are the same. So, I have decided, that as I go through this book (which is about scrapbooking, and several other things) I am going to make a scrapbook (for my eyes only, for now) about this battle I have been fighting, for the past 13 years. The first page, that I am currently making, is simply called, “I am Jane”. I am using various photos of myself. Ones when I was young and felt fat, even when I wasn’t. Those of my thin college days, and more current ones, after each child, and how my weight increasingly crept up, until I got to the point where I just didn’t care anymore.

    I know more than anything, that I need to create this book, in order for me to heal, just as I needed to scrapbook my first husband and son, in order to heal. So thank you, Courtney Walsh, for inspiring me, so that I might finally move forward in life, and become healthy and happy again.

    Thank you also, Noell and Izzy, for always providing a show with great topics and guests.

    Amy B.

  • Ali Edwards


  • Carole J.

    Hello Noell & Izzy!

    Thanks for another great show that was well worth the wait so Ali could be a part of it! I am a huge fan of the Roundtable! I discovered it last fall on a trip home from visiting my daughter at school. I even printed out the list of episodes that Katie Scott posted on her blog so I can use my highlighter to cross off an episode after I listened to it. That might make me a “super fan”!! If not, maybe this will…I belong to a group on Facebook that primarily discusses Project Life. Someone was asking for help in making a decision about taking the upcoming “Hello Story” class from Ali Edwards on BPC. One of the issues in making her decision was the cost of $99. Someone mentioned the Roundtable discount code for 10% off. I jumped in to the discussion to say (as a BPC class veteran) that all the classes at BP are loaded with content & that this is one of the Four Experts classes that run for 12 weeks therefore it costs a bit more. As a teacher, it isn’t in my summer budget either (I used the 10% off earlier this year for “Move More, Eat Well”) but I have no doubt this class will be worth every penny. I also still need to go thru Ali’s “Storyology” class that I grabbed a few months ago when Ali offered a special on it. The MAIN point I wanted to make to the group was that if they are going to use that Roundtable discount code, PLEASE go to FIRST and click on the link there & then use the code. Aren’t you proud of my Izzy?! I love having this podcast & want to make sure you are receiving the benefits from offering this discount. Thanks again for all you do to bring us the Roundtable!!

    aka Superfan :)

  • Thanks for spreading the word, Carole, and for being an enthusiastic listener! :)

  • Yes, I remember reading that mail about your scrapbook for your son with his dad. It is a great experience to share with others, so I’m glad you brought it up again. I hope the current book you’re working on helps you in a similar way. Good luck!!

  • We do hope to have her back. We LOVE having her on, and many people miss her on the show. She’s taken a hiatus from scrapbooking, but when she’s able to jump back in it again we’ll have her on right away!

  • Jennifer G.

    I was just thinking the same thing as I have been re-listening to some older episodes. I really miss hearing her enthusiasm for doing what feels good to you.

  • Catherine

    Thanks for this (again!) awesome show!
    It summs up quite a few things that I have also been thinking about about lately.

    I got my scrap-room redone as a mothers day gift and while I was putting
    everything back in I started to think: Do I want to be a
    scrap-stuff-hoarder or a scrap-stuff-user? ;-)
    The answer is
    easy and so I only kept things that I am likely to use and donated the
    rest. Now I have easy access to all my products and can use use and
    enjoy them.
    As your panelists said, it is great to know how you
    work, because then you can purchase only what you are likely to use and
    not what you think is adorable, but will never be seen on your page. For
    me this is real eco-friendly-scrapping!

    Love your show. (Coudn’t you insert some more affiliate links, so we could do more to support you?)

    Sorry my bad English!


  • Scrappybarb


  • Joanna

    I haven’t had time to listen much lately but when I saw that Julie was on the show I decided I should make time to listen. And then I hear that Ali is on the show – even better. And then, surprise, surprise, Tracy is on too! What?! My 3 favorite memory keeping ladies together on one show? How wonderful! And all Project Lifers. Great show.

  • Anya

    Awesome show! Feel so inspired to simplify, to get more creative, to tell more stories, to go back with Project Life… to live and document! Thank you!

  • Kimba911

    Hi Noell and Izzy,

    I’ve been listening to your show since the beginning, and I still love it!! I had a reaction to this show that was different than I expected. First, I love all the guests on this show. And even though my comment is about Project Life, I do love Becky Higgins’ products as well. But I do not get the draw of the whole Project Life thing, and I never have. Putting different shapes of paper into plastic pockets in no way satisfies my need to be creative. It was ok when it was referenced just every now and then, but in the episode “What Are They Into Lately”, the words “Project Life” were said so often that it began sounding like a drinking game … you know, when someone takes a drink every time the words “Project Life” are spoken! :)

    I scrap traditional 12×12 pages, and I make cards for people close to me. Everything I create has to have meaning. Every card I make is tailor-made for that person, with pictures, stamping, and embellishments – sort of like a mini-scrapbook page. Everything I put on a page, from the color of paint to the amount and types of buttons, embellishments, and memorabilia, says something about the subject in the picture.

    Anyway, I know a lot of people enjoy Project Life, but I’ve been feeling like this for a while, and I just needed to send you this message. Am I the only one who feels this way??

  • Rachel L

    THANK YOU Julie!! I was cardmaking while listening to this episode. I was literally trying to work out what to use for a transparent element at the very moment you mentioned you use deli paper!! How perfect. I am pausing it to go to the kitchen now :) :)