PRT159 – You Rocked the Cluster Embellishment, Mom!

This week we’re talking to a couple of amazing course creators!

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  • lsalthouse

    Great show! Both last week with the designers and this week with the teachers have been two of my favorites so far this year. I love hearing those behind-the-scenes details of how things happen. Guess I’m just a process girl at heart! Keep up the good work.

  • Debbie Hodge

    so glad you liked it, Sue — especially since you’re a part of the behind-the-scenes process at GIS :)

    and I agree about last week’s show. I’ve been working with Amy and Allison’s lines a lot and it was great to hear them talking about their process.

  • PjP

    I would so totally take a journaling class taught by Izzy! All of the lessons would be ready before the class started so there would be no breaks in the schedule, even if something important came up requiring him to travel. AND there would be an element of humor in the lessons, which has been sadly lacking in all of journaling classes I’ve taken on-line. This is scrapbooking, folks! We’re not writing the Magna Carta here: there is no need to take ourselves so seriously all the time.

  • Carmen McMaster

    First off I would like to say I love your show, I’m totally addicted and can’t live without it. (Talk about hooked rugs!) My comment is in regards to the journaling topic in the mail segment. Now I don’t want to beat a dead horse, I love horses, but I think that everyone should just do what they love and not try to be like someone else. Everyone is different and they scrapbook for different reasons. (Everyone should put as much or as little of journaling, products, or pictures as they want.) I started scrapbooking because I love photos and photography in general and I have beautiful babies that change so fast. Even my high speed camera has trouble capturing them before the moment passes. My scrapbooks are my coffee table picture books that entertain guest when there is a lull in the conversation and this makes me happy. I try to journal the things I would want people to know when they are looking at the pictures, sometimes I write a little sometimes a lot but I am happiest, and feel the most fulfilled when the pictures can tell the whole story without a lot of journaling. I always want my pictures to be the center piece and everything else can have a supportive role. Also if I have pages and pages of journaling then the scrapbooks are no longer fun coffee table books that you can flip through. The scrapbooks become this huge guilty elephant in the room – guests feel like they are ignoring everyone else if they stop to read the journaling and they feel like they are not appreciating my “hard work” if they don’t read it. I still have a long way to go before I am a really good photo journalist so I do still do some pages with lots of journaling but I space them out in the books. Back to the point – I still just do what makes me happy, and if no one looks at another scrapbook layout it won’t matter because I am happy in the act of scrapbooking. :) I hope everyone else can strive to just do what will make them happy too.

  • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

    Oh, two of my favorite scrapbook people as guests on the
    show. Yes, it’s Ladydoc, Karen, here. I remain a faithful listener and a non-Schmo. It’s just that while I talk to my iPad during episodes I just don’t feel much like typing without a keyboard.OK, maybe faithful is not the precise word as discussed in a recent episode. PerhapsI should say “un” faithful, though my other regular podcast is The Digi Show,so maybe it’s more of a plural relationship? I’m enjoying the podcast as always. Since, I am also one of the most ardent class takers around, as I
    participate in everything from in-person classes to MOOC’s. As to scrapbooking
    I participate in the near-MOC’s that Stacy and Debbie host, as well as my
    Paperclipping membership. Wow, just lots of great content there and delightful senses of humor among all of you. Humor is very apparent here on Paperclipping,
    especially with Izzy’s incorrigible teasing! It was so great to hear all of you
    discuss your approaches to teaching scrapbooking. What I heard, so totally
    confirms my impressions of what I experience. I’ve been a dedicated class participant
    at BPC for forever so they’ve figured out a good formula for me. Stacy has a
    class called “Finish Line Scrapbooking” which really is a fantastic idea of
    solving a problem of getting a stack of related photos scrapped that has
    resulted in some of my favorite mini-books. “Twelve” was an interesting
    exercise and while I did not get twelve LO’s done every month, I did get a lot
    done. It helped me look at what topics I was scrapping, too. I try to look at
    what I am scrapping and check to see if I’m covering what’s important to me. So,
    with those and other classes, I can see how problem solving is her M.O. Now, you,
    Noell and Debbie, like to teach principles. And, folks, it’s not boring! I like
    your quick and focused approach Noell, which gets to business giving me a
    concept to chew on, one reason I’ve remained a member of Paperclipping, I love
    the solid advice and inspiration. Your discussions also motivated me to take a
    Principles of Design class at junior college to explore the topic more
    thoroughly, thanks. I’m still taking art, too. Though, I must credit Suzi Blu
    for pushing me a bit to keep at it. I had thought a class on design principles
    and one on photo journalism would do it, LOL! As I mentioned, learning is a
    thing with me and with a little encouragement (kick in the butt?) I do keep at
    it. As to Get It Scrapped, I like Debbie’s site a lot. Lots of good free
    content and excellent classes and the live interaction is a plus. The critique classes are worth every penny. You learn a lot and have a lot of “FUN”. That is in quotes because it’s an essentially banned title word there. We are encouraged to be more creative in our efforts, LOL! The office hours at Masterful Scrapbook Design are a great experience, too. I wish more folk would take part. It is my understanding that
    some people would like to participate but are too shy. I’d like to encourage
    folk, as it’s very safe and encouraging. While you, Noell, and Debbie teach
    design principles, in both cases the instruction relates to the scrapbooking
    hobby and is not classes on being a graphic designer. It’s relaxed and friendly
    as well as relevant. I think those of us who take the classes are not there
    because we want our family to extoll how we “rocked the cluster embellishment”; but, we do hope readers might linger on a page and not give us the faint praise of “That’s nice” as they quickly go through the pages and shut the album. What’s fun in learning is discovering what one’s strengths are. I’ve always loved patterned paper and layering and I guess it shows in my layouts! Keep up the great shows, folks. I loved the revisit of “Scrapping our Significant Others”, episode 147, since I was a guest
    the first time that topic was discussed on episode 77. It’s unbelievable, that
    it’s been almost 100 episodes later and now less than a year until you
    celebrate episode 200! Way to go!

  • Im still half way through, but I was so surprised to hear my mail read this week, I don’t know why but I kinda thought that if it wasnt a comment it woudnt be on the show, and since I didnt get the chance to comment on last weeks show yet, which I completely loved, I was so surprised to hear my mail LOL Its funny how you just think about it differently when you write in email vs on a message board, its a different mindset about who will be seeing it.

    Thanks so much for discussing the idea. I loved that the discussion covered the fact that you all focus on journalling and with practise it fits your design more easily and that Stacy made those great points about the way people look at your work, how and why they might prefer some things in a specific situation that was so insightful, as usual. OK, I’m off to finish listening.

  • Jennifer G.

    I have a very stuffy head today and I am not coming up with what MOC means. Could you please share? I know I will feel super dumb when I see it. Thanks.

  • MOC massive on-line class vs free ones which are MOOC massive open on-line class

  • For my own sake, I do pull the mail from comments most of the time. It’s easier for me to organize that way than to some mail come from my email and some from comments. But once in a long while I make exceptions. I’m glad that you got some good insight into your question, even though it was mail and not an entire discussion topic. I did think it was a very interesting scenario!

  • Well, maybe I’m super dumb but I don’t know what you’re referring to. I’m wondering if you misheard it? What were we talking about?

  • Oh — never mind — I see Karen chimed in! :)

  • Thank you for sharing your perspective. I see you have a very specific goal and purpose for your scrapbooking that I never considered and I can see that it makes sense for your intentions to NOT focus on journaling. Man, I love this show and all the perspectives that we’re exposed to because of guests and you listeners! Thanks for chiming in!!

  • Hey, Karen, there you are! I’ve wondered if you were still listening and I’m so glad to see you are! Thank you for all the kind words about the Paperclipping Membership and the sites of Stacy J and Debbie Hodge.
    We all laughed at the idea of our kids complimenting our embellishment clusters — but you make a great point. We don’t use design so that people will point out its elements on our pages. We use it for a specific purpose — to cause a certain effect and response, such as to keep them on the page longer.

  • Barb S

    Had to stop listening and comment on the mail. I am rocking my grandson while I listen to the show so please forgive any typos. For me anyway product has to support the story whether the story is written as journaling or just an integral part of the photos and design. When I look at a Renoir painting I don’t say “look at that great paint he used,” I look at what he did with it to tell a story. Story is what gives Scrapbooking meaning for me and validates the whole process since I am telling the story of my life. This has become an important part of my life journey. I am just blessed that it is so much fun and I get to play with pretty stuff while telling stories. Journaling doesn’t mean beautiful pages are sacrificed. It just means that form follows function. And for those who just like to play with pretty stuff for fun and creative outlet that’s ok. We need that, too.

  • Susan

    Hi Noell, Just finished listening to the show on my way to work (45 min commute). At least there’s one day a week a don’t mind the drive. Love the show. You mentioned a Photoshop class you took. I bought photoshop about a year ago and am totally lost and am desperate to figure out how to use. I am very much a visual learner so hopefully the class you could recommend would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, Susan. It’s actually a membership site. It’s called You pay $25/month to get access to all their video tutorials on any subject. So you can join for as long as it takes, or as long as you want (measured in months) to learn Photoshop, and then quit. If you do it in a month it’s only $25 and it’s well worth more than that.

  • Scrappybarb

    Loved this show! I am a non-schmo and a regular listener…so I knew Noell’s fav band, because it’s mine, too! RHCP rock!!!

  • This is the second time I read “schmo” on the comments – because I’m listening to older podcasts at the same time as listening to the latest one, I can’t remember whether this phrase was mentioned in this week’s episode.

    What does it mean?

  • Hi, Serena! A long time ago one of our listeners wrote in saying she is a Paperclipping member, and therefore she is not a “schmo,” meaning she doesn’t just listen to the Roundtable for free. She pays to get access to all our video tutorials (which is really what keeps the Roundtable going).
    When Izzy read her mail on the show everybody started laughing, and ever since then, Paperclipping Members often mention that they’re not a schmo when they leave a Roundtable comment. It’s just a joke and a funny way for our most loyal audience members to identify themselves as our most loyal. :)

  • oh, hahahah. Well I’ll definitely continue listening to the old podcast and keeping my ears peeled for the schmo reference!

  • Catherine Gervais

    Oh – I have to stop right after the mail and comment. I think the writing can be quite beautiful on the page. I just did a layout where the background is entirely handwriting a la Maggie Holmes’ new patterned paper for Crate. Why not be bold?

    And I love Debbie’s take that the entire layout can contribute to telling the story. I did her critique group last fall and it made me much more aware of exactly what I was throwing on there – what’s the deeper meaning, are my wires crossed between the motifs and their meanings?

  • Catherine Gervais

    Interesting point. I just saw a tip in a home decorating book that said to keep a shallow, decorative dish full of favorite snapshots on your coffee table to flip through when the mood strikes, which I loved and will definitely do. It’s great when you know your purpose and audience.

  • Edie

    Another great show! I realized that your podcast was the gateway drug to my online scrapbooking information/spending! I’m a non schmo. I’ve taken classes from many of your guests. I learn about new products and apps from your picks that I just have to buy. Keep up the work!

  • Totally forgot about hooked rugs, LOL!

  • Awesome! Thank you! :)

  • LOVE that page, Cath. It’s gorgeous — and so glad to get your blog bookmarked.

  • What a fun idea! Thank you for sharing.

    Having everything on the layout contribute to the story has always been a vital part of my scrapbooking process. It makes the entire experience of looking at the page more unified, and it also makes it easier to put a page together, in my opinion. You never have to rack your brain for ideas. You just think about the story and how the story feels and the ideas come on their own.

  • Oh the whole episode was a goldmine of great info, as was this weeks layering one too. Noell, I feel like the PRT episodes are so meaty right now they need multiple listenings and are as a good as many a paid class for learning new things. After 160 episodes it sometimes still amazes me that each one has more new ideas and is still so concentrated with information. Thanks for the hard work that goes into making them.

  • stacyj

    I agree Catherine! Why not be bold — great page btw.

  • stacyj

    cyber wave to Karen!

  • Ha ha ha — I love that you signed in as stacyj :)