PRT158 – I’m Doodling Right Now

This week we’re talking to a couple of amazing designers!

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  • Riffing off the question about finding more photos after finishing the project – wondering if you ever wanted to rewrite or add journaling to older scrapbook pages? Most people scrapbook a story a while after it has happened, so it’s usually retelling of a story in retrospect. With the popularity of project life, I think that’s a whole different perspective because you are journaling very close to the actual time of the stories told… does that make sense? Our perspectives are bound to change how the story is told, right?

  • Yeah! I could totally see a second page in the album that says, “And here we are — finally finding Wifi” it would reinforce the original story and also play as an inside joke for the person viewing the entire album.

  • Thanks for reading my mail, Noell – and for the detailed response in the previous show’s comment, I don’t know how you do all that you do and still have time to comb through all that mail!

    I just listened to the latest episode and I just love Amy Tangerine products!

    I actually saw Amy at the Better Homes and Garden expo on Saturday, she’s so nice! I’m surprised she has so much energy to travel as much as she does, whilst pregnant!

    I didn’t realise that she was going to be recording a PRT as soon as she got back to the US, otherwise I would have included a question for her in my comment for last week’s show (this is what happens when I don’t listen to the podcast as son as they are out – never again!)

    It took me a while to place where I’ve heard of Allison Kreft. Of course I know about Allison/Hambly (I’m sorry Allison, if it sounded like I didn’t), that’s not what I meant. Even though I’ve only been scrapbooking for 3 months, I’ve heard all the world’s sighs over the lost of Allison-Hambly overlays.
    What I meant was that I knew I loved a particular Allison Kreft product line but I knew it wasn’t either of the Webster’s Page lines because I have yet to test them out.

    It was until Echo Park was mentioned in passing that I remember Echo Park’s Today’s Story.

    I love, love, love that line!

    I coverted it for such a long time (it was always out of stock) before I got my hands on it.

    Just wondering, why is it that on some collection the designer’s name is emblazoned all over it (eg. Amy Tan’s lines) and with others you have to kind of search for it?
    Is it just because Amy’s line makes a play on her name, like Elizabeth Kartchner’s Dear Lizzy line?
    Is it just a trend we are seeing now?
    Does it depend on the manufacturer?
    Or is it something that only happens after you’ve garnered yourself a big selling name? (Wouldn’t think it’s this one, considering the Allison/Hambly-world-sigh mentioned above)

    Oh, one last thing – this is something I think Izzy should definitely pick again as pick of the week.
    Tonight I tried Geocaching for the first time (following Izzy’s pick in PRT 32, yes, years ago), and it was so much fun!

    When I first heard about it I was skeptical on two fronts 1) the podcast was from such a long time ago, geocaching could be a fad that nobody does anymore, and 2) I live in Australia, and geocaching is probably “an American thing”.

    But I was wrong on both counts! Searching through, I found that there were PLENTY of Australian caches – and in other countries too (I looked up places like Hong Kong, Japan and even South Africa)!
    _And_ I saw that a lot of them were recently found too, some as recently as a couple of days ago!

    This is definitely a very family-friendly game – even date-friendly (I took my boyfriend along, and I think he’s as much of a convert as I am) – and would most definitely be scrapbook worthy.
    Thanks Izzy, for the tip!

    Oh gosh, Look at the length of this mail – it’s like I turned into Stacy Julian (no offence, Stacy, I love it when you’re on PRT – and I just finished your PhotoFreedom class on Big Picture)!

    Def signing off now,
    Serena (and yes Izzy, you pronounced vishae perfectly)

  • Cindy deRosier

    Disqus has eaten my last three comments, so I’ll try this one last time without logging in!

    What I was trying to say is that I really enjoyed this episode. I love taking a peek behind-the-scenes and learning more about Allison and Amy’s design processes. This would be a fun topic to repeat in a few months with two different designers. Thanks for a great show!

  • I’m going to guess that Amy Tan’s next line will be called “Thankfully.”

  • Teddi Honeybee

    fun show! i find it fascinating to hear the process of creative people. i hadn’t thought of scrapbook designers using mood boards, but it makes sense. that’s what fashion designers do. my mind connects it to that feature on 2 peas called “in the mood to scrap”, where they create a mood board. then they show how the mood board inspires their layout. i enjoy those type of challenges. if you like to read rock memoirs, i thought the book “scar tissue” by your favorite band lead singer,(anthony kiedis), was very interesting. it’s kind of an old book, but i still like it. i also think john frusciante’s guitar playing is exceptional. :)

  • Oh wow, that could so work!

  • Hey, so fun to have another RHCP fan to talk to! I read Scar Tissue a couple years ago and loved it. Found it super interesting! And I agree – Frusciante is amazing and I miss his guitar work in their newest album (although I LOVE the new guy’s backup singing!):

  • Great show!! I loved the glimpse at how things work behind the scenes for these designers. :D When you mentioned Ali’s class in the sponsor message and said that it was all new content, I was curious about how today’s show topic would apply to teaching. It’s amazing how she’s constantly able to come up with new, fabulous class content. As a scrapbooking teacher wanting to up her game, I’d love to get a glimpse at the thought process behind class conception and preparation from the big guns like you, Ali, Stacy, May, Shimelle etc

    Oh, and I just wanted to say that I love your music too, I love RHCP. I have a new baby and I’ve been catching up with videos and roundtable episodes that I missed while pregnant and when he was really young. He loves the music too, I watch while nursing him and he’ll often stop drinking when the music comes on!

  • Guest

    Nice to hear… When looking at galleries, I never see these kind of examples!

  • Nice to hear… When looking at galleries, I never see these kind of examples.. redone or version 2.0 of pages!

  • I paused when I heard Amy say that her signature series book isn’t available many places anymore, and I wanted to pop in to say that you can still buy digital copies of all of the signature series books at Northridge Publishing! I love Amy’s book, and wanted to make sure anyone who was interested could get ahold of it because IT IS AWESOME! Back to listening to the rest of the episode now!

  • amy tangerine

    Hi! As for names, it just depends on the manufacturer. American Crafts has chosen to feature their 2 collaborators – Dear Lizzy and myself and it’s great and beneficial for branding for all parties involved. Hope that helps!

  • amy tangerine

    Thanks Megan. I was just referring to the hard copy of the book.
    Although there are still a few signed copies at Studio Calico – Thank you for sharing the digi link as well!

  • While I’ve never had a *really* in-depth discussion with other teachers about this specific question of class development, I think there is a balance of noticing something others want (the customer base) and that finding a groove with something that is driving our personal artistic motivation as teachers. But then from there, there are lots of different ways to work through that process, much like how differently we can all react to a school or work assignment with a longterm deadline!

    The Glitter Girl videos have a pretty transparent process – each one being inspired by a discussion thread on the message board, and if you really want to pay attention there are enough clues in those discussions, the products she uses, and even her nail varnish to let you know that these videos are made weekly – we don’t work a huge amount of time in advance. That’s a very different model to a class that needs to be completely finished before it is launched, but it does make things stressful when something unforeseen happens. There has been a Glitter Girl video every week for seventy weeks now, and while one can plan ahead for holidays and the like, it has proven more difficult to predict illness and family emergency! (I try to have one episode ‘in the can’ for emergencies, but it’s a balancing act to keep that spare episode relevant to whatever supplies are in the store.) But I mention this whole process because Glitter Girl is probably one of the most obvious examples out there in how you can see it go from someone posting a problem or a question through to the finished video, which will (I hope!) answer the question and also promote products available at the sponsoring store. It’s also not a secret that in the case of a free series like Glitter Girl, there has to be a motivation of driving product sales to support the idea of a free class, especially one that takes considerable time to produce. If no one purchased products inspired by Glitter Girl, the series would not be viable to the sponsoring store nor myself and would disappear. That sounds harsh, I know, but it is a case of paying the bills. Gotta keep the lights on!

    In the case of a paid class, product sales are not the main motivation, and this leads to things that are a little different. It’s okay for me to use products that are a little older and no longer in most stores, for example. I can also use materials that come from European suppliers but are not stocked by the store I work with in the US, and that’s useful to the part of my audience who are based here in the same part of the world as I am!

    Overall, my class creation process varies from project to project in much the same way as my layout process varies. My creativity needs variety, not a regimented process. But I did giggle to hear both Amy and Allison name their collections last. I have been known to have all the emails and content and even press releases and everything for a class but had to wait a few more days for a name to come to me. The name always comes last. I sometimes invite loyal customers to sign up for a class a few days early – they get a discount but they don’t see the class description and I don’t even tell them the name. That would be because I am sitting yoga style with the class all ready to go but the name inspiration has yet to arrive!!! The first time I had that happened it was a bit of a joke, but now it seems to be part of my process, so I just go with it and know something will come to me!


  • Megan Beaubien

    I enjoyed this episode and listening to Amy and Allison’s process of designing a line. One item in both their lines I do not remember hearing are their stamps…both have great stamps. I think Amy only has one set but Allison’s lines have a few. I have 3 of the stamp sets from Allison and they are great design and great quality. Anyways, just thought I would mention that…

    As far as episode topics, has there ever been one on layering? I do not know how easily that would be to discuss, rather than show, but thought it might be a good topic if it hasn’t been discussed (I haven’t listened to all the episodes). I am taking Jen Jockish’s Pop off the Page 2 at Studio Calico right now and that is why I thought about it…Anyways, thanks for another great episode!

  • Lucy Farrugia

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to pop by and say I’ve really enjoyed this episode! I’m a graphic designer and this topic really appealed to me to hear the behind the scenes story and process in the scrapping world. I use similar processes in my work (pinterest, collecting design inspiration off blogs and keeping it in a reference folder, etc) and also have a big tub of nice brochures/posters/books etc that I keep for inspiration – but like Amy I usually don’t go back to it to look at! Oops! I find having a folder on the computer useful to just flick through if I need some ideas for a topic, and this is of course just as useful before making a page. I thought it was nice to hear about how our beloved scrapping stash goes from an idea to a final product, thanks for sharing!

    Enjoyed the episode as always, looking forward to the next one :)


  • I’m sorry it wasn’t taking your comment — so weird that you had to log out to make it work!! I actually get word more often than I like that people’s comments aren’t posting. :( I should contact Disqus and let them know.

  • Great idea, Cara! We’re doing that topic today!! :)

  • Oh — and that is hilarious about your baby and our intro music! Love it!!

  • Yay!! Can’t wait to listen :D

  • Thanks for such an awesome response Shimelle! I really enjoyed reading about your process. It’s interesting to see how different factors affect the behind the scenes. So cool to get a peek at how Glitter Girl works ;)

  • :D