PRT156 – Palpitations Sometimes

This week we’re debating about hoarding…Come listen!

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  • Minnis

    I have not yet listened this weeks show but I think I know who picked the Gelatos. Lovely Wilna of course! :)
    Looking forward to my morning run with the PRT. Thank you Noell and Izzy!

  • Teddi Honeybee

    fab episode! i agree that everyone has different definitions of what hoarding is, and can be. it’s all about personal comfort level. i like to discover treasures i forgot about by looking through my things, and using them. i too am inspired by products or designs and trying to create my own. wilna’s art class, and her other videos are wonderful. :) once she used a dear lizzy ruffled paper in a technique. i created my own version of ruffled paper by using the paper towels i absorb my spray mists with. i cut them with my cloud decorative scissors, layered, and glued them together. gelatos are very popular in art journaling. donna downey and samantha kira harding use them. i also think dina wakley uses them too, but i could be wrong. it wouldn’t be the first time. ;) noell, when you sign your emails with shine on, are you referring to john lennon’s “we all shine on,” or pink floyd’s “shine on crazy diamond.”?

  • Can’t wait to listen! This is so me!
    I’ll be listening tonight at work! Thanks again Noell and Izzy!

  • Wow! This is such a though provocative episode . I found myself wanting to chim in a every 5 mins , as though I want to scream YES for everything you guys say!

    Combining this episode and the last , I would love to thanks Shimelle and Wilna for helping me conquer my fear of cutting into papers ! I found myself improving alot over the years as I scrapbook. Now I finally have no fear whatsoever to cut into a 12×12 sheet .I took many of Shimelle’s classes including the perfect collection along with many others, and watch enough Glitter Girl videos to be able to take the plunge and happily cut cut CUT :) Shimelle ‘s story on the ‘special piece of pattern paper ‘ also motivates me to conqure my fear too! I mean, who wants to end up with boxes full of pattern paper which we don’t love anymore ! If I love it , use it now ! Some days later , I might not love it anymore. And till that day come , I will regret not having put those papers into my scrapbook album . Which is better ? Having a sheet of paper you don’t like or taking the courage now and cut it up to use it on a layout or two :) I choose the latter :)

    Like Melissa, I have an ikea 5×5 expedit shelf full of Scrapbooking supplies (including my albums and stuff that I made , they took up quite alot of space ) one is cardstocks, about 3 are embellishments and 2 is stamp , 1 if kits and thickers and others are for the silhouette and printers etc ) I try to contain everything inside. If it gets overflowing , I start purging.

    I totally agree that we should have enough stuff to work with too , I always hear you guys say “creativity within limitations is as good as creativity with no limitations”. I have my version – creativity with some limitations is always better than either :) Although that sentence applies to many, i just can’t limit myself too much. Having a stash of stuff means I can go through them and always be able to find something that fits my project idea I have . As I scrapbook for others too, when my client want a certain style of scrapbook album, I always ensure I have “enough” variety of items to ensure that I have something on hand that suit their needs :)

    I think the bottom line is to know how much is enough. Like Teddi says, we each have our own definition of hoarding. Like Ana Cabrera is so happy to keep plenty of stuff. I might need to own more than a scrapbooker who scrapbook for herself because I need to scrapbook for others too. It’s good to find out what’s your comfort level :) Also i think it’s good to go through your stash and find what items is constantly being use and which are not . So that you’re not necessary “hoarding” them. Buy smart too, buying stuff that you know you love and after that USE THEM :) if you love a paper so much, buy 2 sheets. I buy 2 sheets if i love both A and B sides :)

    To the panelist and listeners, I wonder what’s the meaning of hoarding to you ? Does it count when you purchase alot but you use them? Or does it count when you purchase but don’t use them? I thought it would be the later! I love stamps and i purchase alot but i didnt get to use them all. Noell mention perfect pearls and mist. I do use mist quite often. But the embossing powder is another problem – it comes in such a large bottle but I only use the coloured ones every few months! Maybe manufacturer can start making miniature bottles of embossing powder

    In essence,there is nothing to be fearful about :)
    Keep Calm and scrap on !

  • Thank you for pointing those songs out to me. It’s neither, actually. When I was 2-3 years old my favorite children’s song was called Shine On and I loved signing it. :)

  • I loved the topic of this episode! I was following the paper hoarding threads on Two Peas and even made a page called “10 Feet of Paper” and I used the advertising strips at the bottom of the papers as a weave for the background of the paper. I’m just guessing on the 10 feet but it is way more than is necessary, but yet last night I went out and bought two new packs so its probably 10.02 feet now!

    I also loved what Wilna and Melissa said about getting the specific embellishments and a few signature papers from particular lines – I’ll have to remember that next time I go on a scrapbooking binge shop ;)

  • Kim L.

    As a faithful PRT listener, I just have to say that this episode and the previous 3 have really struck a chord with me. I’ve been scrapbooking for about 15 years, but the past 4 have been the least productive of all of my years of memory keeping. However I have also purchased more product, read more blogs, watched more videos and purchased more online classes during this time than ever before. What gives? I realized that in my pursuit to “improve” my scrapbooking, I’ve actually lost my own scrapping “voice”. The past few episodes have really made me take a look at what is truly important to me about this hobby and helped me to try and get my scrapping mojo back so that instead of just dreaming about all the pages I want to make with all of the beautiful papers I have collected, I will actually sit down and do it. Thanks again for the great topics and great guests each week!

  • Lisa m Zepponi

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the recent PRT discussions lately!!! How to use your scraps, hoarding! Wonderful. Ok I am going to defend all the hoarders out there!

    Well, I wrote a thesis defending us and ran out of room. Soooo, the short story: I Was raised with the psychological child rearing mantra, I hear EVERYtime I put even the tiniest piece of paper in the garbage: “save that: you never know when you might need it!” I am a 3rd generation hoarder and proud of it!

    Other note: I was watching a Glitter Girl episode where she used the Love, Elsie line. And I thought PRT should have a “where are they now? show with long lost ICON scrappers on it. Elsie Flanagan, Lisa Biernston (sp), sandy Genovese ha! Ha! Just a thought! On that note: missing funny girl Anna Cabrera (sp) Thanks for producing a great weekly scrapbooking show!

  • Jammy 23

    My pantry is full and that is okay with me. I liked the comments of the guests suggesting the amount of stuff one collects is a person choice.
    P.S. Jennifer McGuire and others have had video tutorials about using Gelatos. If someone is curious, there are points for inspiration.

  • Caroline

    Wow, this week and last week’s episodes have really been brilliant and inspiring, thank you! Count me in as another PRT-er who found a gem in Melissa’s idea of being selective with picking out certain items from a collection and mix-and-matching. I’ve done a little of that but never put so much conscious thought into the process. This will definitely help me address my stash, I mean hoard, I mean scrap pantry. :) I also shouted (out loud…in my car…) a resounding “YESSS!” when Wilna mentioned those 7gypsies papers with the writing on them because I have some of the Lille collection, and I knew there’s no way I’d be cutting into them. Instead, I’ve put them on the square cabinet doors in my scrap room to hide the plainness of the piece of furniture. I know I can switch them out if I wish. For a selection of my other “best-loved, no I will never ever cut into you” papers, I have a line of thread running across a blank wall (like a washing line) and I use mini wooden pegs to hang up the papers. It decorates the wall and, like the cabinet doors, if ever I want to put up different papers I can. Instant scrappy decor, fresh from the pantry. :)

    Non-schmoe Caroline

  • Caroline

    Thanks for the tip, Katie! I will check out The Accidental Creative on your and Stacy’s recommendation. :)

  • P.S. I had to go downtown today which means I got to swing by my local scrapbook store (whim so doodle) and after listening to this PRT I was full of intention to buy embellishments like Wilna says she does. It was hard for me since I usually buy paper. I ended up buying $20.00 worth of supplies on their 50% off rack (because I like to be thifty) and I ended up buying 3 packs of mingled brads / glazed buttons ( and 4 sticker embellishment packs and 8 pieces of patterned paper. So I’m far from Wilna’s 4 packs of embellishments to one sheet of paper but it was far more than my normal 100 sheets of paper and no embellishments ;)

  • Lucy Farrugia

    Hi guys! I’ve just about reached the picks of the week section (to finish on my commute home!) and wanted to say how much I enjoyed this episode. I’m loving the topics on using your stuff and changing how you view things. I’m big into trying to use stuff up and it’s always great getting encouragement! Keep up the amazing work, I haven’t had a chance to scrap in over a month and I’m looking forward to finally getting time this weekend to use all the inspiration from the last 2 episodes! Looking forward to next weeks already :)

  • Lucy Farrugia

    Oh, and the oldest papers I have are from my very first order in 2006! They are by Dyan Reaveley from Ranger, called Blonde Moments. I loved them when I saw them, and still do, but have never found a “use” for them! Thankfully I still like them now but am definitely going to try and cut into them soon to get my use out of them. The only time I’ve used them was at a crop when someone had a couple of sheets they no longer wanted and gave them to me! I used their sheets quite happily, but still not mine! One day…

  • Kelli M. Johnson

    I wonder too if it matters if you have a scraproom that is super organized (ha,ha) My room is organized, everything in it’s place etc….however I do have more then I need! WAYYYYYYY more then I need and the reality is I don’t even know what I have.

    I think my fear in purging is, “I may use that” or “my kids may need that”. And those items aren’t really consumable items (i.e. paper, rubons, thickers, etc) but rather FOAM STAMPS, paints, mists, ink pads…talk about measuring my stash… it gets overwhelming. I think I bought 3 Stazon ink pads in the same color before I realized, “OK no buying for 1 year…” However, I don’t think that helped with the use-my-stash-plan. Ha Ha!

    I do think it’s a matter of making time to use your stash, and if you don’t or aren’t using it on a regular basis, have a swap or sale for your friends who are artsy, scrappy and the like and PARE DOWN! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • That sounds cute and a great way to enjoy those papers you can’t bear to scrap with! BTW, thank you for your membership! :)

  • I miss Ana too, and we will definitely have her on again when we can make it work!

  • jenn05042005

    this is really great information, Katie- I need to listen to this, because I so totally relate to this ‘phases of creativity’ thing, and never really thought anyone else worked like this! Right now I’m moving from ‘gathering’ into my generating phase, where I’m actually ‘making’ SB and art journal pages, but that will only last so long, then I’ll get burned out and need to rest and recoup. Thank you so much for the suggestion- I’m heading over to it after listening to the roundtable!

  • jenn05042005

    I definitely agree that everyone has their own idea of ‘what is enough’ and that we have to be comfortable with what we have in order to be creative. I am another of those people who need to have alot of choices available to me… I’m not sure how much paper I have, but I don’t think it would stack past my knee, so I’m safe, right?!? (for now, anyway- lol!!) I see lots of things out there that are gorgeous, and my impulse would be to buy them JUST because they’re so pretty, but I have finally realized that having those things is a waste if I know I won’t use them. So, what’s most important to me is ‘would I use this?’ more than ‘would I use this right away.’

    I was very interested in hearing that Melissa and Wilna both to focus more on embellishments than paper- I don’t scrap with alot of embellishments, but then again, I don’t buy them, either- I focus more on the ‘pretty’ paper. So I’m definitely going to think about that one. Thanks for another great PRT!!

  • I really enjoyed this episode, as I am fascinated by the “how much is too much” question that everyone always seems to be asking. As you all mentioned, it’s so incredibly individual. I have a dedicated scraproom that always seems to be bursting at the seams. I purge at least once a year (mostly embellishments), but I will hold onto certain things (mostly paper) for many years if I know they’ll be useful in the future. Last week I made a set of cards using hot pink papers that had a copyright date of 2002 printed on the back, now that I have a ‘hot pink person’ in my life. I save a lot of older or less-cute papers for the kids’ crafts that I do with my son. I’d been saving this weird two-tone mottled-grey cardstock, knowing I’d probably never use it for a scrapbook page, but it was absolutely PERFECT for the koala puppets we made together yesterday. :)


  • Barb S

    I do love paper…the colors, how they work together, the possibilities…and I love to look at it. I have a collection that I am going to look for a story and photos to use with because I have been “saving” it and now I don’t want to just keep looking at it! Melissa did give me an idea talking about the art value of the paper. We recently moved into a condo with all off-white walls and it needs color! I am going to take some of my favorite sheets of paper, frame them individually and hang them on the wall. I could brighten major sections of wall this way and quite inexpensively as well. It would be easy to swap papers in the future also.
    I like the positive spin on the topic and much prefer the term “collector” over hoarder. Collector implies that I am in control of my supplies, that I stay in my budget (most of the time), that I can keep supplies in their designated areas and not have to store them in the kitchen or bathroom, and that I actually use most of them eventually.
    Once again, thanks for an enjoyable and relevant discussion. I am still catching up on old shows, and have to laugh at how smoothly you remember to introduce yourself and Izzy now compared to those first shows. It’s funny to me because I can see myself doing the same thing when I get excited about something! Keep up the great work!

  • Hi guys!! GREAT show once again!! I always love listening to the soothing tone voice of Wilna! :)

    About hoarding, it’s really as Izzi said: you know the color/paper is not coming back next year so, yes, if you like it, you better buy ton of it! I had a paper it was orange with aqua blue polka dots that i used all the time. I think I used up 5 sheets and when I ran out of it I was always looking for it to work on my new pages. I finally got over it and now I make sure to buy a lot of paper when I really like the design or the color of a certain paper.

    As for the embellishments, I was amazed at how many embellishments Wilna could use on one single page in her Art class. The result is fabulous! But you have to have those embellishments and I never do because they are so expensive in comparison to the paper. Instead of buying the embellishment packs, I’d buy the papers with lots of cute design on it and I’d cut them out to use in my embellishment clusters. With some foam dots, glitters, pens, thread, buttons, brads, you can transform them a little and give them some dimension, just like the embellishments from the packs. Some times though I wish I’d have it easier and that I could only grab my pack and scrap with them right away. I’m slowly learning from Wilna. I also used to buy lots of grey chipboard shapes….. I’m not sure I was saving money (compare to buying embellishment packs) though and it’s always a puzzle for me to think of a way to transform them and make them pretty and dimensional. I don’t buy that many of them any more.

    Thanks again for another awesome episode. I’m really enjoying your show and looking for it every week!! When are you taking a week off so that I can plan my vacation on that week. ;)


    PS: Izzy, of course I put the real stuff, the one I could regret, on Facebook first!! And if I have enough feedback and comments, I make a page (that I’ll later regret) out of it. lol just kidding

  • AlmasMom

    Arrrgh! You just had to go and say it didn’t you? You had to say “Rhonna Farrer for My Mind’s Eye!” And I’ve been so good this spring — until today. It’s just not fair ;-0 Seriously though, thanks for the show: I love listening to the Round Table when I’m scrapbooking. Oh, and if you want to know more about Gelatos, take Mou’s “Get Artsy” class, which started today on Big Picture.

  • SheriE.

    Enjoyed the show! I’ve been re-thinking the way I scrap lately and in preparation for LOAD513 I pulled out all my patterned paper into the living room and sorted them all by manufacturer. I previously had them sorted by color, and then a few trips to my LSS clearance section I had misc. stacks going. I was surprised when I got done about what my stacks turned out to be. Companies I thought were favorites I really didn’t have that much of. What I did still have a lot of was all the thin papers from JoAnn’s. I also have a huge stack of Cosmo Cricket Material Girl line. I fell hard for it and bought a lot and have not had that many pictures that have worked with it.

    I did a little purging of papers I had absolutely no idea how I would use them. And then I made up some kits and matched with some photos. I need to do more of this.

    I am going to use my paper with wild abandon next month in Layout A Day and see if I can actually make a dent. In the future I think I will buy more collections.

    So this program was a great encouragement to use what I have and find ways to coordinate more of the papers I have.

  • I love pulling out a piece of pattern paper that is several years old. Anymore, I am getting a sense of satisfaction out of using some of that older paper. At the same time, I need to have some stash because I live 30 minutes away from my nearest scrapbook store (add the return trip and the required trips to the grocery store “if I’m going out anyway” and I’m looking at at least half a day for that trip). Though I need some stash, I really still have too much for me.

  • I think the key to hoarding and buying, for me anyway, is to pay attention to what you use and then try to buy that! When I just buy what is pretty I end up in trouble.

    @KatieScottScrapbooking:disqus if you are using 100 sheets of paper to one pack of embellishments, then I think it is the right balance for you! :-)

    Personally I love buying everything! Haha! I have found though that most collections have a lot of pattern repetition within a collection, so it isnt a good idea to buy everything from one collection or you have the same image as a sticker and chipboard and paper, etc. You just dont use them.

    Better to buy things that work with lots of stuff. Some of the newer small companies who are NOT a one stop shop, like ormolu, elles studio and chic tags seem to use really versatile colours, since they know they need to go with other companies. I was looking at them the other day thinking they are a great example of the kind of things to buy, since you get lots of versatility.

    I find that lately I literally forget what I own half the time and that means it is too much, because I hate to look for things and it will never occur to me to use something i never see or remember and when I do try to tidy I just get distracted by all the discovery LOL.

  • Emily

    I know that I said last week was my favorite show ever, but I think this one was too! They were equally awesome and both helped me on my mission to reorganize and purge some of my supplies. I have been so afraid to let anything go until I heard ep155. I immediately started the purging process and as I was cleaning out my room, this episode came on to keep the momentum going. I have a huge bag that is going to a local elementary school. It was so refreshing to hear that others understand the love affair with a pretty piece of paper or a pile of buttons. Hoarder is such a negative word – I agree we are all collectors! I have learned that I buy mini album kits that I never use. Mini albums are not for me! Time to let those go. I also learned that I buy paper stacks for 3 or 4 sheets, but it is kind of a waste because I never use paper with larger designs or sayings. Now I can stop doing that. Or I hope I can.

    One question that came up as I was listening. How do you tell the A side from the B side of paper? I heard someone say they use the B side more often.

  • Karla Der

    Having enough product to feel comfortable using it…I thought I was the only one who felt this way! Glad to know I’m not alone :)

  • Karla Der

    Also, I design for DCWV and they are GENEROUS with their products and so are their sister companies. I just HAD TO measure my stack of paper and they are taller than me (including my 8×8, 6×6 & 6×12 papers). I need to take a picture to document this. Maybe I’ll scrapbook that picture too :)
    Great show today. I listen all the time, but don’t usually comment. I just talk to you guys even though you can’t hear me ;)

  • Taller than you, for real?! I would love to see this. You MUST take a picture and share it with us! :)

  • Karla Der

    For real! I will definitely share :)

  • Lisa

    Yahoo! Glad to hear! She has such great personality!

  • Emily- usually the “B” side is the same side you’ll find the UPC barcode on. :) A sides are usually (but not always) the patterns that really define a collection (big florals or other motifs, etc.) and have lots of colors, and B-sides are usually coordinating prints in more muted designs like dots, stripes, or damasks. Sometimes the A sides are pretty toned-down, too, especially if it’s a larger collection.

    Hope that helps!

  • Such a great point, Ruth, about the smaller companies being great go-tos to tie other collections together! I definitely love doing this, too!

  • Marie- LOVE your point about cutting your own embellishments out of paper! This is a favorite tactic of mine, too, and it’s a great way to use papers with a pattern that I find overwhelming to use in big chunks on my pages! And I actually find the process of just sitting back and cutting things out to be kind of soothing. :)

  • Kelli – I think that organization definitely helps if you have a lot of supplies- I know it helps me- LOL!! But I don’t think that you have to be super organized, either- your “everyhing in its place” sounds perfect! My rule of thumb is that is something (or a category of somethings) like stamps, for instance, isn’t getting used, then it’s time to either evaluate how I could better store/organize it to make it accessible or decide if it’s something that I really need to just let go.

    For things that I’m unsure of whether to keep or not, I’ve tried boxing them up and putting a date on the box, and if a year passes and I haven’t missed it, then out it goes. Maybe that would help with the “I might need this” items?

  • Caroline- I’m so happy that was helpful to you!! :)

  • Disappointed to not see Anna Cabrera’s name in this episode. I miss her lovely voice, and I’m sure she would have something to say about hoarding craft supplies. Looking forward to hearing what you all had to say!

  • Thank You Ruth ! But I really do have too much paper – today TODAY! I am going to box about 200 sheets of it and give it to a friend who mentioned she wanted to start scrapbooking. I’ll take a picture and blog about it – just to keep myself accountable! On a purging mission today!

  • I love this thought Stephanie – I get some satisfaction out of using 10 year old paper – like “see I hoarded it for a good reason – and vellum is finally back in!”

  • Maybe she (Anna – because doesn’t she work with Family Search now? ) could chime in with what happened at Roots Tech – I think Stacy Julian & Wendy & Angie from BPC (at least they were on instagram there!/no, I’m not a stalker just an enthusiast!) went there too – I’d love to hear more about tech and ancestry research & scrapbooking. And I mentioned this on the digital PRT (ummm – The Digi Show!) : There is a genealogy lady named Lisa Louise Cooke who has a podcast called Genealogy Gems and she works with Family Tree Magazine – and she’d make a great guest for another family history show if you are so inclined to make one – I think family history from a tech perspective for scrapbooking (not digital scrapbooking necessarily but using ancestry tech for scrapping anyway you want to because the advancements for research for that type of thing is lightning fast – it is really amazing.).

  • P.S. Sorry for talking about “other” podcasts and being unfaithful Izzy!

  • Ana’s working at a paper company now — I don’t know exactly what it is but I know they had her do a little news spot in UT representing them around Valentine’s Day.

  • Tiffany W.

    The last two episodes have been great. They’ve been knocking around in my brain for the past few weeks. Two things to share in relation to this episode and the previous one about patterned paper and scraps.

    1) I don’t always scrapbook with scraps as I don’t leave out my supplies since I’m scrapping in our dining room. However, I recently decided to use a few scraps from some mini-album kits I completed. It was so much fun. I ended up with several layouts just using the little bits that were left from the kit. That was very energizing and really boosted my creativity.

    2) I’ve needed to purge my supplies in preparation for our overseas move back to New York in two months. Listening to this episode really helped me quickly make the decision to let go of a lot of paper that I wasn’t using at all. I’ve got it all ready to give to some friends and I feel lighter just by doing so.

    And lastly, I discovered PRT just a few months ago. I’ve been on a serious PRT binge where I download several episodes a day and listen to them while I’m cooking and cleaning. I’ve always thought about scrapbooking in a deep way but felt like I was kind of alone in that. So its nice to listen to others thoughts about this hobby I adore so much. Thanks for the inspiration and thoughtful (and very funny) commentary about the importance of memory-making and keeping.

  • dagmar ewart

    Wilna I had forgotten about shopping writing paper!!! What a great memory!

  • dagmar ewart

    Sorry, meant to say swapping writing paper!