PRT153 – Not an Anti-Chronologist

This week we’re comparing different takes on scrapbooking chronologically or by some other method. Come listen!

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  • Anne

    What a lovely comment. I completely agree with you.

    I finally listened to the podcast, I was too scared to listen to myself talking and contemplated never listening. You know how you always sound so stupid when recorded, but it was not too bad. I managed to complete the episode without cringing.

  • thanks Stacy! totally agree!!

  • thanks Noell! Same here–one thing that helped this year is that I started thinking of it a just a mini-book or theme album for the weekly spreads, instead of trying to make it “the album”; know what i mean? You also already have such a great system for you, so you may not need much of it. I arrange the weekly spreads in a month, so I have an extra page at the beginning and end for the story based layouts + if I can’t keep up, then at least I can do a monthly overview. Not sure I will do this next year, but for right now it works. Also, I kind of like how it breaks up the weekly spreads and is a place for me to play around a bit. Do you like the divided page protectors along with regular layouts? If you do, you could always just use the products in your everyday life album or other albums as you wanted to. I still think that’s “doing Project Life” as Becky herself says the pages can be anything you want it to be! :)

  • Definitely — I’ve been using pocketed page protectors for quite a few years now — before PL got started. I love how they look as part of a multi-page layout with a standard 12×12. So I’m definitely not worried about having PL stuff leftover if I don’t stick with it. I’ve purchased 3 PL packages + lots of extra pages. :)

    I’ve been working on February in my PL and am getting closer to a PL concept that works for me if it’s going to work at all. I’ll be sharing that part of my PL experimentation pretty soon. But either way — you’re completely right that for me PL works best as a side thing and not as the main thing for me.

  • Yay! Thank you. I’m glad this is encouraging for you. I’ve used this kind of self-talk my whole life and it’s allowed me to put myself into wonderful places and situations when it otherwise can be very hard and intimidating. :)

  • Peggy D

    Anne, it was great. You did an amazing, professional job and stated your opinions very well.

  • Gina Anderson

    Finally just listened to this show & it was a great one & made me think about how I scrapbook & why so thanks!
    I also loved in the mail section how you talked about Project Life & that Stacy talked how she felt like she was the only one who doesn’t do PA. I don’t either and I agree – sometimes it seems that everyone is doing it & it’s everywhere. I love that she doesn’t and she still loves just doing layouts!
    I’m excited for the next roundtable about organizing a non scrap room. I’ve got that situation so would love tips!
    Great job as usual!

  • Clairewa

    Is anybody on Team Chaos?! Or is it just me?
    I download my pics regularly to my external hard drive on my computer and file them in month/year (and sometimes event within that framework) folders. I keep the SD cards as a back up. Just a little insight into the fact that I CAN be organised!
    But, I have a really hard time with labels! Right from the beginning, I have been a “scrapbooker” – I scrap my stories/photos in a random way and chuck ’em in an album. They always get filed. NOT chronologically.
    Paper, digi or hybrid? I’m a SCRAPBOOKER! I scrap events (does that make me chrono?) and I also use PSE to mess with my photos before I print them (hybrid?).
    Sounds like I am criticising, but I really am not. My BD (before digi) photos are in archival boxes, in date order. Or in slip in photo albums (more recently) so I can SEE what I want to scrap. See? Chaos! I don’t WANT to be caught up and I have no guilt about the 20,000 unscrapped photos on my hard drive. I have a really hard time trying to pigeon hole myself and I don’t even think I have a style (just done Lain Ehmann’s Define Your Style A-Z). What does it all mean?!

  • Kristi

    I’ve only been listening to PRT a few weeks (thanks to Shimelle’s
    suggestion on her blog) and I really liked how this topic was handled in
    this episode. Instead of arguing why their method was better than the
    others, I felt like the panelists had respect for the others system of
    scrapbooking even if it wasn’t their style. I am a very organized
    chronological scrapbooker because that’s my personality. Aside from a
    few vacation albums, my albums are chronological with each year having
    it’s own album. I start my process by going through the pictures for
    each year and make a list of what topics I want to scrapbook and whether
    they will be a 1 or 2 page layout. I keep all these lists in a binder
    and cross them off as I scrap them, so I know I won’t have duplicates
    and also what order the pages go in the album. But I don’t scrapbook in order of those lists, but instead scrap what I feel like scrapping that day.
    If I feel like doing Easter pages, I might scrap Easter pages for
    several different years all at one time. The next week I might feel like
    doing Fall pages. It’s my way of being organized, but yet not feeling
    weighted down by feeling like I have to scrap something that I’m not in
    the mood to. Everybody is different, so you just have to learn what
    works for you and stick with that, but always take the opportunity to learn what others do because I might actually benefit your style also.

  • Yes! That’s why I believe in having these shows where on the one hand we embrace differences, but at the same time we want our panel to also really sell what works for them so that we can explore what others are doing and which ideas might actually work for us.
    I’ve found that there are some habits of super organized linear thinkers that have been great for me to adopt, even while I’m naturally a free-form kind of person. And other habits, such as having a list and crossing stories off, makes me cringe to contemplate. I’d rather scrap each story twice by accident than have a list and cross it off, lol!

  • Ciqi

    Wow, thanks Chriss! This was great. :) I love the LOM system too, right up to the final library albums. I miss the “flow of life” when the pages are not chronological. (I am a bit af a nerd too, and I love to know exactly which date things happened and how old everyone was, and to compare years in my mind.) I’ve been thinking of reorganizing the albums, so I will print your comment to keep as an inspiration.Thanks again!

  • StudioWendy

    I’m a little late to the conversation, but wanted to chime in. I’m a chronological scrapbooker too and it was wonderful to read about so many others who are as well. It’s just what makes sense to my brain. And, it works great for me because I scrap digitally and print annual photobooks. So, I can be comfortable in knowing that when I’ve scrapped through the photos from a year, I’m done with that year. I print and move on to the next. If I want to scrap a story that’s “out of order” I do it and keep the page with that year’s photos until I’m ready to print that year. It happens from time to time, but not often. And, if I want to scrap a story, versus a photo, I just pick a photo from that year, if possible, and include the page with that year’s book. I do lots of pages that are just stories and no photos as well. They just get merged in with the other pages based on the date it happened. My books are put together chronologically as well. It’s a little loose because if I have a 2-page spread, I’m okay with shuffling a page slightly out of order to accommodate it.

    On to my tip….As with your guest, I’m about a year and a half behind in scrapping my photos. I usually go in big spurts and will scrap a whole lot at once when I have time and then not much for months. So, what I’ve taken to doing is jotting down my stories or journaling in a text file and keeping that in the folder with the photos they correspond to. If I have a story without a photo, I’ll assign it a date based on when it happened, then file it in it’s own folder. All my photos are stored chronologically on my computer and in Lightroom, with the folder named by date and event and sometimes person if I feel it’s necessary. So I just pop a new folder in there and add the text file. When I’m ready to scrap, it’s easy to find a photo folder I haven’t scrapped yet, grab the journaling and get to work. The benefit is that because my journaling is done, I haven’t forgotten the details of the story. So, I can scrap 16 months later and not worry that I’ve lost the smaller details. Once a photo/event/story has been scrapped, I color code the folder red on my mac to indicate it is done. And, I keep the scrapped page in a folder by year, named by date and event. When I’m ready to compile my book, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the pages by filename/date into the photobooks software and my book is complete.

    So, if you’re getting chronologically “behind,” consider taking time each day or week to jot down your stories and you can relax and work on scrapping it without the pressure!

  • youngmi

    awesome episode! i have always been a chronological scrapper. i never even thought that there could be any other way. all my pages are of events so it puzzled me whenever i saw a designer whose layouts featured no events, just faces. i would see these layouts and think, “all these pages are just glamor shots of their kids. what story could possibly come from that photo?” but now it all makes sense!!! it’s even inspired me to start an album outside of my yearly album that tells more non-event stories. while listening, i got so excited that i started jotting down ideas for pages. thanks to all the guests and Noell for the great discussion. it was a real pleasure to listen to and i feel that i’ve learned so much and i am incredibly inspired.

  • Rachel Lotherington

    Hi Noell,

    I’ve really been enjoying listening to the PRT over the last month or two. I’m just going backwards through your past episodes while I work on my digital scrapbooking and Project Life.

    This is such a wonderful discussion! Thank you!

    I loved what Stacey said about taking photos. That most people photograph events, not what’s going on at 3pm on a Tuesday. I found the way she spoke about people recording “important stories that they feel are most important” VERY encouraging. I always feel that I must be crazy taking such “nothing” photos of everyday life. And then wanting to make my scrapbook pages about those little moments. It just clicked for me, I guess, because she had also been talking about having confidence in herself and the way she was scrapbooking, not just comparing it to others. And then the chronological vs on a whim stuff fits in too.

    The example for me – I have done a whole layout of my son at 10 months of age, called “First Pyjamas”, and it’s just some gorgeous photos of my baby in his first ever flannelette PJs. Previously he’d only worn jumpsuits. So lately I keep asking myself, why did I scrapbook that? It’s not a big event! I’ve got photos from half a dozen family weddings that haven’t been scrapbooked. I’m Australian, and I’ve been to the US twice, to China, to I don’t know, maybe 5 other Asian countries, and not done a single layout of those travels. I’ve done one layout of my own wedding. So in this context, I’ve been feeling a little embarrassed about “First Pyjamas”. Oh, and then there is “First Tie”… but AT LEAST those photos were taken at a wedding and we are all dressed up – but no, there are no pics of the bride and groom ;D

    Well, anyway, a BIG thank you to Stacey, as she has really helped me to own my “First Pyjamas” page, and even to see a bit behind it. It’s a growing up story, and now that my son is two and wearing pjs to bed every night, that moment of graduation could easily have been forgotten. First tie. First hair cut. First solids. All just part of this mummy tension of being SO proud of my little one, and yet, constantly wishing time would slow down, because I have been enjoying having a baby, and he’s fast becoming a little boy.

    As a part of all this – realising that I couldn’t possibly do an entire digital layout for every first, no matter how adorable – I recently started doing Project Life, as it helps me to have a place to put all my mundane, but important all the same everyday photos. And now I’m going to go back and add some journalling to “First Pyjamas”, because I know what I want to say now.

  • Rachel Lotherington

    Sorry, I have mis-spelt Stacy’s name. Well at least I didn’t call her Nicole.

  • Ha ha! Great comments Rachel. Thank you for sharing!

  • Pepper

    Hello Tracie , I’m wondering how did you file your layouts chronologically in the LOM system? Since Stacy ‘s style is having topics under the 4 big category (people we love , places we go and etc) , can you give an example how your layouts are filed? I don’t scrapbook chronologically but I file my layouts chronologically . If have topics that spans across timeline that I want to make connections, I put them in a seperate album . I’m just starting to do this type of layouts that has no specific dates on them . So they are ok inthat album. But as they grow I’m interested in knowing how to organise them :) maybe I will break them down into Stacy ‘s system too. Layouts about me are not chronologically filed too.

    Actually a comment on Stacy ‘s point about ‘if you scrap chronologically , it’s harder to see connections across time , also difficult to see personality etc’ However I actually found those connecting story when I recently go through my photo library and org side them in chronological order in Lightroom . So the chronology kind of help me to find the connections! I found things like “me and my boyfriend, we always eat Christmas dinner on Christmas day’ , we always go cafés during valentines day , there are specific periods of time where we don’t meet due to school and work commitments . The type of food that we always eat over and over . I find that this way somehow I’m kind of double scrappin but those that I’m scrappin chronologically , I will use a photo to represent it . Maybe using pocket style scrapping .

  • Pepper

    Love this episode . Heard it afew times already and it keeps me thinking :) I was wondering if we can do an episode on photo organising soon. We had one years ago in episode 26 if I remember correctly . We have tons of scrap space organising episode but not photos! I would love to hear how people organise their photos digitally and physically such that it suits their Scrapbooking needs ! And how do people tag their photos , what kind of words do you use and do you use the hierarchy tagging system . Thank you for considering !!