PRT152 – Beyond Simple

This week we’re sharing ideas about simplifying aspects of scrapbooking in a way that’s right for you. Come listen!

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  • Lisa M. Zepponi

    I haven’t even finished the podcast yet, but I really like the topic. I am intrigued with howMay and I think noelle said that y’all’s new(er) creation process is: CS, pics, then tell the story, add the PP, the embellishments, etc, after the story is told.
    I also agree with everyone that there is NO correct or wrong way to “tell ur story”. I know i am constantly reminding myself of this mantra (but i dont seem to listen to myself. ha!) I know the scrapbook police haven’t knocked on my door in all these years; so I don’t know what I am worried about? This topic has also pushed me to try and embrace my teen years of scrap booking: slap it down (pics, memorabilia and my thoughts). If product makes it way on the page:more power to ME! Yahoo! Thanks for producing a great show!
    No Schmo Here! Lisa M. Zepponi

  • RitaQ

    Haven’t finished podcast either, but I had to run to check out Lisa’s blog & see her ‘new’ layouts. LOVE them!! Having just gone thru a major purge of supplies, thinking that I’m now a ‘digi-scrapper’ … don’t need them attitude, but after seeing Lisa’s ‘new’ layouts, I’m thinking it was more of my need to simplify (sorry.. awkward sentence structure).

    Thanks for all the wonderful shows and info. :)

    ps…. pls enlighten me.. what is a ‘SCHMO’??

  • Marie

    Thank you for inviting Lisa and letting me (all of us) discover her. Her way of thinking is great. It’s funny how I’m am exactly experiencing the exact opposite of her at the moment. I recently discovered products I love and suddenly embellishments and ribbons, and banners and and and…are all over my pages. Lately I did a page that looked fabulous to me (with all the bling of these new products!) and as I wanted to show it to my mom, I realized how there was NO TEXT on the page! No word at all!! Oh my gosh! I am usually the one who have never enough room to write my never ending. I wonder where I am going with these pages…. Some of them are now framed and hanging on my wall but I don’t want to continue in this direction… What keeps me there then? Well, contests, and design team calls…. I’m stuck between that (design team assignments and contests I’d love to win) and simply preserving my memories! I liked how you said Noell, that at a certain point you had to go look for the perfect idea and you would scroll through a bunch of pages to find the perfect way to scrapbook your story. I’m there…. and it takes me HOURS and days to make one single layout. I’m thinking that I might be going toward a scrapbooking burnout, just like Lisa, and that makes me sad. So anyway, lots of words to thank you for another great episode that got me thinking about what I want to achieve with my scrapbooking.

  • I just wanted to say that I love the way you looked at “simplifying” as not just “clean and simple”. I hit a difficult patch in my favourite hobby, like lots do I’m sure, but rather than abandon something that gave me lots of joy, I took a long look at the parts that I wasnt enjoying and thought about how to reduce or remove them from my process. For me, as I have said in the past, I hated starting, I really liked it once I was into a layout, but starting was so hard. I struggled with picking a design and picking products and all that overwhelming choice and decision, yet once I began it was all creative playful fun. My “simplify” solutions were to kit my supplies into groups, mostly by manufacturer for ease but sometimes by more creative groupings and to start buying products in kits, then scrapbooking just from that kit. Tackling the things that you are making hard for yourself is so freeing. I LOVE how May talked about that, what a genius she is, chock full of scrapbooking wisdom.

  • Schmo is someone (unfortunately due to financial situation I am one) who listens but doesn’t have a membership to the site

  • Jennifer G.

    But Noell is not the one who uses it. It was started by a podcast listener who wrote in and then ended up buying a membership. She used it in her comments and it ended up getting read on the Roundtable. Of course Noell would like everyone to buy a membership to Paperclipping, but they do the podcast because they love us scrapbookers first and foremost.

  • Ha! Thank you for clarifying that it’s not me calling our listeners schmo’s! How awful would that be?! :)
    Yes — we do love you all first and foremost!

    While we rely on the video memberships to allow us to do PRT, we do love doing the Roundtable itself and we would be so SAD if we ever had to stop (there is no threat of that, by the way). We love the intelligent comments from you all, we love the humor and the inside jokes we share with you guys, we enjoy talking to so many different unique scrapbookers for the recordings. The Paperclipping Roundtable community is really the very best of the scrapbooking community!!

  • Tiffany W.

    This was an outstanding episode. I came away with a lot of ideas to think about as well as a pile of guilt unloaded from my shoulders. I love documenting my life with my family and our traveling adventures and foreign experiences. I had a system that I was using, but lately it hasn’t been working for me. I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or what I need to do to get there. I liked May’s suggestion to think about what you are doing, what you aren’t using, what is and isn’t working for you.

    In the meantime, I’m recording our stories on a blog. I plan on printing the blog when we we finish our stint in Saudi Arabia. Whatever I choose to do with my pictures from this period of time, I’ll still have the blog with its extensive collection of stories and photos.

    After I listened to the podcast, I wrote down a list of stories I want to remember and share because they are important and unique to living in Saudi Arabia. I’m letting some of my other stuff go so that I can concentrate on those important things. I’ve also decided that I don’t have to figure it all out right now. I’ve got other things on my mind and on my schedule, but I’ll get where I want to be at some point!

    I thought Lisa’s story was so interesting. I’ll be spending some time on her website exploring that. Thanks!!!

  • Wonderful espisode! I don’t usually want to come comment but this one hit home for me. I went almost a year without scrapbooking. But once I started just listening to the Roundtable again I got some mojo back. After the episode about memorabilia/ephemera, I started going through what I had on my shelves to see what mattered to me. And in the process, I found a bunch of pages I had set aside photos for but never got started. And I did a few of those. You mentioned in another episode about your quest to finish incomplete albums, and I found a stack of pages to put in albums, backsides to fill in and journaling to finish. That all gave me enough momentum to then start sorting all the piles of printed photos I had stuffed in boxes around my workshop. A couple years ago I did some of the photo organizing as part of Photo Freedom, but I didn’t keep up with it. And now I am done sorting all my photos and they are all in binders or my category drawers. I feel so much more in control of my photos and finding stories to tell in my albums. I love telling stories and the photos have me so motivated to tell these stories now.

    I had lots of thoughts during this show. One thing that has simplified my scrapbooking is branching out into different sizes of pages. Inspired by you and Stacy, I now allow myself to use anything from 6×6 to 12×12…loving that they all fit in the 12×12 album. I am not forced to use a large page to tell a small story. I also am not forced to leave space on a page for journaling when I can add a 6×12 or even 6×6 to put the journaling next to a page. It lets me be creative now and think later. Planning ahead is not my strong suit. :)

    As a side note, I had to laugh when May (?) mentioned that nobody is forcing you to scrapbook. True, but sometimes it comes close to that. I often get a very strong recommendation from my kids that I need to make more pages about them. They tell me the stories I should be writing down or scrapbooking. Boy has my phone come in handy for writing what they say in Momento (usually per the request of the kids) or taking a photo and just putting it in my Collect app. It’s my version of project life: a daily photo calendar app with a place for a title and journaling for each photo. I can tell the everyday stories without needing to make a page every time. Yay for iPhones!

  • Tracie Claiborne

    A simple gal myself, this was one of my most favorite episodes. I was familiar with Lisa’s “downsizing” project but didn’t realize the plethora of quality information available on her blog. She is an excellent blogger and organized writer who really inspires me. I would love to hear her again on the PRT. I absolutely loved everything she had to say. Of course, May is always fun and inspiring too. Love her “there’s no wrong way to do it” mantra. Awesome!! I’m doing a series on my blog of scrapbookers who took a break and then successfully returned to the hobby. I think Lisa’s return was very inspiring because she just came back at it with a completely different approach after realizing what she previously did no longer worked for her. As May said, sometimes we have to examine what is and isn’t working. I wish more people would do that instead of just giving up on documenting their memories! Keep up the good work Noell and Izzy! You two and the PRT rock! Excellent show, once again!

  • It’s slightly different than how you heard it. May grabs kraft card stock to use temporarily while she decides her photo placement. She chooses the actual paper she use later. I sometimes use white card stock for the same reason, but mostly I don’t bother with the card stock. While I’m thinking about my story (first thing I do) I move my photos around to choose their placement — usually I just do that right on my table. Only once in a while do I pull out the white card stock to make sure the sizing will work.
    Does that make sense? We don’t choose our card stock first — we just use a temporary sheet to help us decide on photo placement before we start looking for the papers we’re really going to use.

  • Tiffany W.

    I know this has nothing to do with the post but I was wondering if others have a problem with letter stickers not sticking well. I’ve been making more mini-albums and have found that the stickers are just not sticking and tend to fall off of titles. My solution has been to use those glue pens and glue the stickers, but that really adds more work to assembling the album. Any tips or suggestions? I don’t worry about the stickers on my regular scrapbook layouts because they go inside page protectors, but when I make a mini-album, I expect that it is going to be handled more, especially by little hands that aren’t so careful. So letter stickers are really frustrating me greatly. It seems stupid to have to glue something that is already supposed to stick on its own.

  • Crystal SF

    Hey Izzy—I just stumbled on some newly released Pocket Style cards that would fit with your idea of “No Thank You” lines–someone beat you to it! Check this link And no, I have no affiliation, just saw this, LOL, and thought of your recent comments!

  • Are here certain favorite brands you’re using that all off? I’ve had a few certain types that I glue but it’s rare and it hasn’t seemed like much of a problem.

  • That’s awesome!

  • Tiffany W.

    The stickers are from Pebbles. I noticed that neither the letter stickers nor the embellishment stickers were tacky enough. Seriously a pain to glue them, but they kept falling off.

  • Jana_NJ

    I think we hear a lot people say on blogs, podcasts, big websites yes there is not a right way to do your memories, we can do whatever we want. But the reality is that if you don’t know your own style and is does not have the security to accept that the same websites or people that say that do layouts with tons of products that are new, always with new stuff even videos that are Scrap your stash are all with new in package products this is not scrap your stash ! And most of the bloggers that use this stuff are paid or received for free. So the bottom line is up to each person be secure enough to not give in to the pressure and do what is right to their life and what they really can afford and use.

  • Nice ! :)

    I also thought of something else in the industry. Ali Edwards stamps are also very suitable for scrapping the more “not so happy stuff” . It’s more like a positive take on the negative stuff in life . Like the time please slow down stamp and the hello challenge/routine stamps :) and :) Love these 2 sets of stamp :) That’s my pick of the week haha!

    I think I will definitely support the “no thank you” line ! Really, we dont only scrapbook only the happy stuff nowadays :) memory keeping = keep the memory of both happy and tough times :)

  • This is so true, Jana!

  • After thinking about it I remembered that I usually reinforce the letter stickers I put on the covers of my mini if they are thickers or chipboard. I haven’t had a problem with the flat stickers, though, and I don’t usually do it with the inside pages unless they are the one or two types I mentioned that just don’t stick well. Maybe you need to try different stickers.

  • I love hearing how you’ve gotten back into scrapbooking again — all organized and everything! Congrats and thank for sharing!

  • geezee

    I had the same frustration and started trying new ways of using old stuff. Finding my style still. With Noell’s help as well.

  • geezee

    What a cool set. Real Life. Izzy is definitely onto something.

  • I have seen “The Scrapbook Diet” on Pinterest but never got the chance to see the website so it was fun to hear from Lisa Moorefield.

  • vicki J

    It seems to me that Lisa has crossed over to a different hobby– more of a writing/journaling. I don’t know if I would describe what she is doing as scrapbooking. It still falls into memory keeping but in my mind not necessarily Scrapbooking–which is A-OK. We should all do what makes us happy!

  • No, not at all. Have you looked at her stuff? She still uses photos and stickers and creativity and scrapbooking products.

  • donna clark

    Seems like Lisa’s system is basically a journal….not really a scrapbook. no?
    I have done layouts without photos on occasion, but if my books were primarily journaling and no photos, i’d have a hard time calling them scrapbooks, i.e.-photos and story. However, it’s a way of preserving memories, and whatever makes you happy, then it’s the perfect system! :)