PRT149 – Forever Access Love

This week we’re chatting about taking online classes. Come listen!

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  • I can’t believe how fast you got this up! I loved being on – THANK YOU so much for including me!

  • Thanks panellist for the great discussion :) This episode comes so timely as i’m getting ready to buy a bunch of scrapbook classes from BPC using the discount code (and the affiliate link :) I think the big thing is to really know what you want to get when you are about to take a class. There are times when I just want to get a few layout ideas from this specific scrapbooker , while there are times i want to learn the philosophical stuff about memory keeping. Also it’s good to know which scrapbook teacher is BEST at what, it’s good to understand their style of scrapbooking AND teaching before you take the plunge :) I think for my busy schedule, i prefer to take classes that spread across a longer time span. True enough , classes that gives u daily content are great, but for me, i just cant keep up , and that defeat the purpose of following a live class and in the end i just have to make that self-pace again. I learn that after taking several of this sort of class and never been able to keep up afterall. Hence, classes like Ali edwards one little word is perfect for me. Noell’s membership on papercliping is great for my schedule too. I mean, i love receiving daily email, i check on them everyday. I browse thru, sometimes read thru, but never got the time to put them down into actions. Then i forgot. It’s better if i can read and apply them on the spot , or at least before the next prompt is up :)

    I wish more classes can be available during the May-June and decemember period, as a university student, I’m freer during that time . While great classes keep coming up during semester, i have to learn to resist and only take those that fits into my schedule :)

    To the panelist and audience, how do you make sure you go back to the older classes you never complete on time? New classes pop ups everyday, and sometimes i couldnt resist the temptations to buy. I have about 20-30 classes (free and purchased) in my computer, and i think i only followed through 1 or 2 entirely. The rest, i just read a few of the prompts and yet to complete :(

    I would like to ask Karen, how did she get 10hours of sleep and do “4 full time job” and blog 2 times a day, take care of her children and all that!? Does she have 48hours a day? Haha, I think she is just amazingly discipline. I’m just a full time student, working part time and trying to maintain my hobby of papercrafting, and i already have only 6hours of sleep a day. I wish i’m just like her, discipline :D Maybe Karen can come back and talk about how she keeps herself so discipline in terms of crafting. Probably another episode on time management vs procrastination ?:) Thanks for the great show!

    Love, Pepper(singapore)

  • Thanks for sharing your great insights :) Love your blog, i remember you got a blog post which summarise the panelist on PRT which i used to refer to all the time :) Look forward to hearing you more on PRT :D

  • Hi Pepper:

    Here’s the link of PRT episodes by topic (rather than creative izzy titles) and by guests:

    And Here’s a link to the link list of “PRT Episodes on Photography” and “More awesome guests on PRT”:

  • Great episode! And I loved the episode within an episode about small spaces & scrapping with young kids. I always love Karen’s insights and it was fun to hear from Katie. I love BPC, and have become a much more conscientious class taker. There was a season I took pretty much whatever was offered, but now with 2 small kids and a job I am much more selective about what I take. I really want to take CZ’s latest class but I’m not sure if it’s right for me. This discussion today is going to help me make a decision so thanks for a timely episode.

  • Of everyone I know, I think Karen might be the person who makes the best use of each minute of the day, she has run classes on how to make better use of your time, I think. I’m sure can tell you more about that?

    Regarding going back to past classes, I think it is all about intentions. If you really want to work through your old classes, then set yourself some specific time (perhaps over the quieter summer months) and make yourself a schedule to work through them one class at a time. As you look at each class, decide what you what from it before you start, if you just want to find some great ideas for layouts, it wouldn’t take as much time as watching a large number of technique videos and practising the techniques yourself, so you can schedule accordingly.

    The one kind of content from past classes that I have gone back to a number of times is audio-only content. Thanks to PRT, I discovered a potential spot in my day, during my daily commute, and so I got some of the really concentrated content from a variety of classes, which I get often more out of the second time and once I had finished listening to PRT twice all through, I started mixing it up with other content from past classes. The trick for me was to find what I could use without making any additional time commitments.

    Good luck, it sounds like you are working very hard, so I hope you enjoy having some class time in there too.

  • A quick comment regarding the PC and Linux alternative to 1Password that I mentioned on the show. It is called KeePass and can be found at I use it at home myself and I know a number of companies use it for their password storing too, so I think it is pretty reliable.

  • Yay! Thanks Alissa & the CZ class will be useful and – I forgot to mention this in the podcast – but Cathy Zielske is very funny, and a great story teller, and she plays groovy music in the intro of each of her videos in the class. She is a fun teacher with lots of solid design principles that will stick with you.

  • Jammy Mom

    This episode is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time! The guests were filled with such on target comments about where they chose to scrap — out in the open rather off away in their own little world. All three of the guests had fantastic senses of humor.

  • I’m just like you — I cannot keep up with the daily ones and always want more space between the content. I don’t even end up opening the daily emails when I’ve been in a class like that.

  • Nikki

    As much as I enjoy getting to know scrap “celebrities”, I LOVE when you have regular, everyday scrappers as guests. This was a terrific episode. Thank you for such a quality show for our community!

  • Karen

    Ruth, that made me laugh especially since I was watching TV as I read it :) Thank you for your kind words. :)

    I have taught this class before: about reclaiming your own time. Over the last few years, being very intentional about how I spend my time has been a priority for me. Preparing that class did a lot of groundwork. As with most things it comes down to the simple formula of what you want to do and what you’re doing now and trying to align the two. I also never ever say “I don’t have enough time” anymore. We all have the same amount of time in each day. It’s all about how we use it and what we make time for.

    I’ve gone back to my past classes when there was a lot of reflection or insight (like with Soul Restoration – for me) or when there’s a specific skill and I like to rewatch the videos to help sharpen my mind. Those are the two I find myself going back to most often.

  • Dancingfish

    Great episode! Over time I have learned that I can only take a class with a daily feed (like Shimelles) if I go into it knowing that I will be picking and choosing what challenges to accept and that I will be working on my own after the class has completed. My daily life only has so many scrapbooking hours alloted to it.
    I have to agree that Cathy Z’s BPC Design your Life is one that I still go back to and I took the original version soo long ago.
    But I also find myself brushing up on Karen Grunbergs classes too– they have had a BIG impact on my personal life as well as my scrappy life.
    As an empty nestor I agree your scrap time and space will evolve over time. Currently I have a dedicated scraproom but I find myself gathering up supplies and taking them to our family room to scrap a couple nights a week.

  • Oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing ever! I need to save it in my Evernote notebook for the Roundtable so I can refer to it (like, all the time!). You’re the best!!

  • Last night as Izzy and I were going to bed late after watching a couple episodes of The Following, and I was thinking about how I would have to get up earlier than usual the next day (today). I thought of you and I said to Izzy, “Karen probably doesn’t watch any TV, huh?” And he said, “No, definitely not.”


  • karen

    LOOOLLL, I watch like 40 hours of TV a week!! :) The only time I give up TV is if I am listening to a podcast (like PRT) :) I just often watch TV while I do art or process photos, etc.

  • Now I see, Karen, even your TV time is more productive than mine! Lol I just watch TV trying to guess the plot before we get there (though not aloud, well not too often aloud anyway!) The TV I watch while crafting is shows my kids are watching during their bit of TV time when I try to get some crafting done then.

  • Thanks Karen and Ruth for the reply. Sadly, the class is not open for registration anymore. Any chance to make it self pace? Haha!

    I’m surprised Karen has 9hours of sleep and watch 40hours of tv every week! I think one thing she doesnt do is procrastinate like most people do. The small little things we do adds up to a big amount of time. Like scrolling through facebook (Karen, do you do that? haha)

    I do multitask too, I watch tv only when I’m having my meals. However a large chunk of my time is delicated to comprehending the incomprehensible lecture notes. One more thing is, I think Karen is more efficient that alot of us too. Probably have to do with scheduling and not procrastinating. I used to be a very very disciplined student who lead a scheduled life. But i’m not anymore. As I grow older, so many more elements of life comes in, and I have less control over the time . Probably this is when my time management skill is really put to test :D

    Noell, I thought the same too. I browse several websites every day, and I always thought I could wake up earlier should I have not done that the previous day. Haha. Oh well, I guess it’s all about give and take, and learning to prioritise things in life :)

  • Thanks Ruth! Yeah, my problem is that I keep watching and watching those videos and couldnt get my feet up to get started on the actual doing part. I think it will be more efficient (like you said) to pick a chapter and really focus one a specific part, rather than just watch and watch and feel overwhelmed :D

  • karen

    i will say that I do not use Facebook or twitter or google+ or most social sites. they are a time sink for me. but i do waste time too. just after i get my stuff done :) i’ve learned that the first few minutes of a task are the hardest so if you just get off the couch and do it for 5 mins, it’s easy to then get it done. having a schedule helps me fight that initial inertia. and trust me, i’m no expert at all. i fail regularly and waste time spectacularly :)

  • karen

    that’s so so nice to hear, thank you :)

  • Kadee

    1Password is available for PC. We use it and I LOVE it. I use the browser integration app in Chrome for it and it makes my life so much easier.

  • Monique

    I have been a bit of a lurker and not really commented before but have listened to every episode and enjoy each one – you guys make me laugh out loud each time! Great to hear an Aussie accent this week and love it when you have listeners as guests! I really love taking classes too and try to only take one if I think I will have the time – doesn’t always work! Have signed up for Cathy Zielske’s class as never miss her or Ali Edwards! Love Them both and their classes are always fantastic! Keep up the good work and I will try to comment more!

  • So excited that Katie Scott is a guest on this episode!

  • HUGE thanks to Katie :) I used to refer to this all the time when i first started listening to PRT few months ago :)

    Now I have all the episodes recorded in a notebook app in my phone (called Awesome note) which sync with evernote, and it has colourful folders for me to choose :) It’s my all in one notebook. I used it for PL too :) I try to write an entry in it and attach all the photos of the day at night before i got to bed :)

    But anyway , yours is so much more comprehensive :) I dont have all the episodes recorded :p

  • So, I actually have my own philosophy on tv. We never have the tv on while we’re doing other stuff. In fact, we buy our television shows individually so we don’t have the regular tv that most people have where you just turn it on and see what’s playing. I like TV watching to be a very deliberate and valuable choice, so we only watch what is the very best (to us).
    When we watch tv it’s because we want to have a rich experience with story. Story is something Izzy and I both value. And since he’s into films, it’s part of his hobby and his own education to watch good quality shows. So we never multi-task when we’re watching tv. If we’re watching a TV show it’s because we want to have a good story experience and be 100% enveloped in the story.
    So I don’t regret any of the tv we watch. I just know that because we sometimes stay up late to watch an extra episode, I don’t get going as early in the morning as I used to!

  • Great — we’d love to hear more from you!

  • Thank you Stephanie! I’m a big fan of you and I love it when you are on the show!

  • P.S. I didn’t get a chance to mention while we were on (time flies fast when you are having fun); but I took Karen’s “Embracing Imperfection” at Big Picture Scrapbooking and it was completely awesome! Some of the things she said still ring in my head while I’m scrapbooking :)

  • Elizabeth

    Now this was a really good show!
    I am a semi-class junkie. In general, I am usually taking online
    classes and physical classes like dancing, cooking, or learning Italian at the
    time. After this show I immediately began to organize all my scrapping or
    technique based classes and really thought about what I liked or disliked about
    each class; including the classes I did not complete. As Karen (I
    believe) mentioned, I am currently downloading and saving all my past classes
    to revisit later. Because some classes
    are not available to download, as suggested, I am creating a Word doc including
    the website where the class is located, and the login and password so I do not
    have to go digging for it in the future. Lastly, someone commented about
    the lack of classes in the summer. I also have more free time in the
    summer when there are less class offerings, so I am making a mini summer
    schedule for myself to complete classes and revisit the awesome ones!
    This show was truly a “community” effort from your wonderful
    show guests to the great comments that sparked ideas. Kudos!!

  • Monique

    A quick question for Karen. You mentioned in the show that you had posted on your blog a couple of times re your daily routine. I had a quick look and couldn’t find anything – obviously not searching for the right thing. Can you link to one of your posts. I am a pretty organised person but would love to have a sneak peak at your routine? Thanks

  • Yeah, I want to see these, too! :)

  • karen

    sure here’s one from 2011:

    honestly it’s not super different from then. I’ve just added coaching into my schedule so now instead of sketching 5 days a week, i do it three times and i coach 2 mornings during that time. i also do coaching two nights a week and sometimes for one lunch hour. the rest is eerily similar :)

    and here’s a post on my notebooks: and how they help me stay organized. (here’s a video too that’s changed over time but it’s not super different. i print 3 little charts for each week to help me track stuff. one’s for stuff i do each day (like exercising and gratitude journal, etc.) and then one to track that week’s coaching clients, appointments, one-off commitments, etc. and then a final one with my weekly projects for 2013 (3 sketches, one mixed media page, gratitude postcards, etc ,etc.) I track each of these each week and helps me stay organized.

    i hope that helps. let me know if you have any questions :)

  • karen

    right whereas i watch TV for the noise so i am not alone :) and when i am watching TV for the same reasons you do, with my hubby, i never multitask either :) i think that’s a great point :)

  • L Squared

    Thanks for the links Karen – I was coming on to ask the same question!

  • stacyj

    Hey Noell, Izzy, Karen, Ruth and Katie — that was a great listen. I appreciate the fact that Katie would pay to listen to me ramble on a daily basis (I’ll add that to my list of things to do, ha!) but I am truly grateful for the insightful discussion which (obviously) is meaningful to me as founder of BPC, but totally interesting to me as a life-long learner. I totally believe that happy people make time to learn new things on and off line. I loved hearing what each panelist shared about the things they look for in a class and how they select/value the classes they take. I haven’t left a comment in a long time, so thought I’d pop in and say how much I enjoy and look forward to my weekly PRT fix. I’m just so glad you recognized a hole in our awesome industry and that you continue to fill it up with such great people and ideas. I love the BPC can sponsor this show!

  • Lisa H

    Just felt compelled to leave a message this week. You always have such great guests and I love all the shows but I especially sit up and take note whenever Karen is on. She is just one of the most interesting, insightful, inspiring people and I think I could listen to her talking all day. I always find myself smiling at her comments or nodding in agreement or suddenly realising that something she has said rings so true in my mind. She never fails to give me lightbulb moments.

    While listening to this show I suddenly realised that I used to be a class junkie but most of the time I was just signing up because I didn’t want to miss out. Crazy huh? I didn’t want to sit at home and feel like a whole load of online buddies were having fun with a scrap celeb in class without me. So I signed up and then never got past the first week or two. I have classes where I have not opened a single email, download or audio message. In all the dozens of BPC classes for example, I have literally only finished two – one being a class by Karen on journalling (a class that changed the way I approach story) and a class by my other scrap crush Nic H on dimensions/clustering (where I discovered my own personal style). Why have I not realised before that signing up just because it sounds like fun and is run by celeb X is going to be a waste of time (not to mention money) because the class isn’t really what I’m looking for. This is such a take away for me and shows that I need to think more before I jump in with my visa card to join a class because I don’t want to feel left out!

    Thanks for yet another thought provoking show. Can’t wait until Karen is back on with you :-)

  • karen

    thank you so so much for your kind words Lisa!

  • Thank you, Stacy! And we appreciate that you were the first to recognize our show as something valuable enough to sponsor. I agree with your belief that happy people are life-long learners. Totally.

  • That’s so interesting! I agree — the class topic and the teacher’s way of thinking really has to resonate with who I am!

  • BTW, I adore Karen, too!

  • Kellpiejo

    Thank you for another great episode. I’ve been listening to you guys for a few months now and find your show really inspiring. I just this month took the plunge and started project life but I’m have a question about how other people address a full time job outside the home thier scrapbooking. It’s a place I end up spendin at least 40 hours out of my week but I’m not sure how to address it in my scrapbooking. I work somewhere that deals with people’s personal information so it’s not like it’d be normal for me to take pictures at work all the time, but I also don’t want to completely ignore that large of a chunk of my life, especially trying to do project life and record the everyday moments. Any ideas or suggestions on what other people are doing???

  • Cyndy R

    Fabuolous episode! IThis is my first comment but I have listened to every episode twice and am now on my third time through the whole lot. I was really excited to find the perfect time to listen to this one because so much appealed to me; love any episode that Karen is on, I am a class junkie (entirely thanks to to you guys!) and love the”regular” scrappers as guests as well. After all these episodes I still can’t believe the great topics you keep coming up with. I am trying to be very intentional with my classes as well but I like to step out of my comfort zone a bit and try new things. I would also pay just to hear Stacy talk daily! I am still feeling a little bit lost since Twelve ended and am trying to get back into a groove that doesn’t involved daily emails and topic ideas from Stacy! Keep these great shows coming!

  • I love “double dipping” (or triple dipping) with projects to keep up with classes. I will totally use one layout or spread to do assignments for multiple classes. For example, this week, I did a layout that used a journaling technique from Angie Lucas’s Grammar Free Journaling, documented my progress with my One Little Word from Ali Edward’s class, and displayed a handmade chevron stamp technique for a tutorial I made. It is also going in my Project Life as an insert, so the page is working quadruple duty!

  • Thanks so much for responding Karen. These posts were really helpful as I try to set up a better system for getting things done! Appreciate it!