PRT147 – I Love You, Awesome Nerds!

This week we’re chatting about scrapbooking our significant others. Come listen!

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  • Angie Lucas

    I had so much fun on the show today! Thanks for having me!

  • It really was a super fun show for me, too! I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for being on with us and making us laugh!!

  • I love the one-armed self-portrait talk! We call them “squishies”, and what started as a necessity has turned into our “thing” whenever we’re somewhere purdy. I see a Squishy Scrapbook in my future, we have quite a collection at this point:

    GREAT show, lots of laughs while I scrapbooked along with you today. :)

  • Angie Lucas

    “Squishies” is the best nickname ever! :)

  • Okay, I’m SUPER impressed with all those “squishy” photos! They look so cool together like that!! And also — you’re guys are the most active people I’ve probably ever spoken to! Huge kudos to you guys!!

  • Jeanette

    Hi guys. I’m loving the Roundtable more and more each week. I listen on the way to work, when I’m in the car, and while I’m on the train. (I live in the Bronx and have an hour’s commute to and from Manhattan twice a week.) I have to tell you that I get some strange looks when I start laughing along with you all, since I find laughter to be contagious – especially Izzy’s. I’m wearing headphones or driving, so no one else hears what I hear. I must look like a total kook. That brings me to my point. (Not that I’m a kook. I actually have another point.) I remember awhile ago there was an episode of the Roundtable in which Izzy played sound clips from previous shows. It was hilarious. Do you think you’ll be doing another episode like that? When I’m listening to the podcasts, I can even pick out the ones I would include, and I’ve heard a lot lately, so I think it’s time. You might even consider including some bloopers – not that any of you ever make mistakes (lol). Keep up the great work; I look forward to your show every week.

  • Oh, your comment had me laughing, including the part about us not making mistakes! ;)
    I think that recording was in celebration of 100 episodes and I was thinking we might do it again at 200. It was a debate between doing it on our anniversary (January), or at the 200th. And since anniversary time was crazy hectic because of CHA, the 200th episode won out. Of course, that all depends on Izzy’s schedule. It’s quite a bit of work!

  • Jeanette

    I forgot to mention that I actually just completed a layout about how my husband and I met. We’ve been married for almost 24 years, yet we’ve never told our children the story. For the journaling on this layout, I used a “He Said, She Said” approach. I used 2 journaling cards that said, “5 things I remember about….” I gave one to my husband, and I filled out the other one. The best thing about doing this layout was that he remembered things that I’d forgotten, and vice-versa. It was a wonderful experience to see the story of how we me through one another’s yeah, I had completely forgotten that we started talking to each other because of a crazy lady on a bus. I remembered everything but her, and I didn’t know that when we parted, he’d hoped he’d see me again. It was a wonderful memory.

  • liz navarro

    Perhaps the listeners could help Izzy out with this by writing in the comments “SOUND CLIP”, and then list a specific time (e.g.: 3:38 sec mark) in that particular episode that really spoke to them / made them laugh etc. I’m sure you guys have your favorites – but I think the listeners do too :-).

  • Melissa Gross

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode (as always). My hubby and I have also gotten very good at taking reflections photos, shadow photos, and arms-length photos. Y’all mentioned on the show that you haven’t really scrapped photos that were before you & your hubby were together, so I wanted to share a few ideas of things I’ve done to scrap some of my hubby’s story. He has several boxes of old family photos and memorabilia that we have been going through a little at a time. I keep a notepad and sticky notes handy and as he sorts the photos and tells me stories I make notes for scrapping later. I created a layout with photos of his first apartment and another one of his baby photo. I also scrapped a photo of him as a little boy wearing a suit that his Grandy made – I gave him a journal card & he wrote about how she often made clothes for him. I also created a mini-album of photos from his grandparents trip out west in the 60s and again asked him to fill out a couple of journal boxes with the stories he remembered them telling. I’m excited to have some of his early years stories and photos scrapped (especially since my early years album is almost full & his was empty!). Thanks for a another great episode!

  • Whew, I agree that it seems overwhelming to try and document the whole relationship at times… just thinking about it… what if I don’t get it all down or miss something and should it be a concerted effort or just my point of view? I certainly have a lot of layouts of us together, but haven’t ventured into the “from the beginning” stories that probably would be really interesting to our future kids :)

  • Love this idea of squishies, because it’s the only way without trying to hound other people to take photos of us as a couple. It can be so difficult at times, because usually I’m the one behind the camera all the time!

  • Monica McNeill

    Noell I had to laugh at your comment of looking small in the one-armed self portraits. I have a shot like that framed on my counter in my bathroom and at least once a month my husband comments that he looks like a giant and I look so small. He also doesn’t like it :)

  • Pearl Reardon

    after 10 years of being together (8 years married) and 3 children, i thought it was time to start scrapbooking about us. i’ve scrapbooked since 1994, but stopped once i met my now husband… and started again after having my 1st child. after i started working on my 1st layout of us pre-kids, i remembered to turn on PRT. imagine my surprise when i heard the topic. PERFECT timing. this has motivated me to really work on scrapbooking about us pre-kids and to remind us how ‘romantic’ we used to be when we had the time to relax and travel on a whim. thank you for an awesome topic.
    p.s. i love awesome nerds too. :)

  • Merrick Dunphy

    I started scrapping when my oldest child was in elementary school. He’s old enough that his early childhood was all on film, not digital. So he has markedly FEWER pictures than either of his younger siblings.

    After that… I went digital but was still a working mom. I actually started scrapping when my middle child was a toddler. Around that time I became a stay at home mom and started to take a lot more photos. And then my youngest came along… and I took a zillion photos and we were VERY active in his toddler and preschool years. By far my youngest has the most pages and pics, and my Oldest does not seem to mind ;)

    I have never made pages of the same event for each kid — they have their own albums for their own stuff, and then everything else goes into family albums. I’ve known people who make 3 or 4 pages of the same Christmas photos – one for each child… but I can’t even imagine that!

  • Krystal T

    This isn’t directly related to this episode, but I had to share. I have been a member for a little over 6 months now (just renewed!) and have been listening to the Roundtable for about a year, but only this week did I truly realize how much your services have benefited not only me, but my husband as well. In the past, I secretly would be agitated when he flipped through my scrapbook albums, because he didn’t spend too much time on the pages. He would flip through at the same speed he would a photo album. I would brush it off, though, because I truly scrapbook for myself as a creative outlet. Since I discovered Paperclipping, I have begun using design principles more often and also have put more focus on the stories instead of the product. This week I was showing off my latest layouts, and not only did my hubby spend significantly more time on each layout, but he stopped to read all the journaling, and on one layout commented “Wow, I never knew that about you!” I was so proud that he can truly appreciate my layouts as much as I do, all thanks to Paperclipping! Thank you, Noell and Izzy and all the panelists for the inspiration and drive to record my stories. Now off to make more layouts!

  • fancyscrapper

    Izzy, “Can you just FedEx the album to us?” and “So you haven’t done the whole, ‘Our-relationship-started-with-a-lie’ layout. . .’ ” Too funny!

  • Katheryn Thames

    Ingunn, I LOVE that you call them squishies, And I gotta say, you and your husband are amazingly cute. I found myself just smiling away as I looked at your photos.

  • Marina D-K

    Definitely a packed episode with lots of LOL stories that gave me tons of new ideas about scrapbooking our relationship. Having gotten tons of ideas just from this episode alone I was just wondering how the panelists keep track of new ideas for topics to scrapbook. I currently use Evernote. What do others use?

  • Marie-Pierre

    Wilna’s art class would also have been my pick of the week!! It’s been an illumination for me! It made me smile that both you and Shimelle are in my class. :) anyway, I’d tell people that likes any kind of art to jump in it and if you are on the fence (like I was) to take it without hesitation! :) thanks for another great episode!!! Lots of ideas for scrapbook pages! I’m married since 13 years this summer and I barely did one page about our wedding, that’s all!! I’m about to add a layout about how we met. You inspired me. :)

  • I am old-school: I use a notebook! And when something feels more important, I tape it to the wall so I see it and am reminded until I get it done. :)

  • This made me smile so much – partly because Noell does awesome stuff to inspire people through Paperclipping. :) But also partly because when The Boy reads my journaling, it often leads to discussions about ‘I knew…’ or ‘I didn’t know…’ that are just good things that come from scrapping our stories. We particularly find it interesting that when we travel, we notice completely different things. If I write a lot about one place, we have a running joke – ‘Um… were you in the same town that I was?’ ;-)

  • Me too – this was such a fun episode. Random aside: there is a new equation on one of the white boards this morning. I have no idea what it is. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there and the end of last night!

  • Sweetpea

    I absolutely loved this episode! I not only had a great giggle, but also got plenty of inspiration – a perfect combination. It can seem sometimes that the scrapbook industry forget that people may want to scrap things other than their kids, and so those whose family don’t include kids can be made to feel a little surplus to requirements.
    Topics like this are great to remind everyone that it’s ok if every page isn’t about your child, (however tempting that may be to do) Relationship memories are just as valid, important, and fun to do – so thank you Noell, Izzy, Shimelle and Angie for providing us with a tonne of ideas and inspiration along with a healthy dose of laughter today!

    Ps: I was shocked to discover that Izzy had been a flirt! ;)

  • Pearl Reardon

    i’m listening to this show again (for the 3rd time… okay, i have it on while i’m doing housework… and the boys have been sick so lots of laundry)… in any case, in listening to the mail, my older boys (5, 4, 1) notice that the oldest has more scrapbooks than #2. i’ve had to explain that he will ALWAYS have more because he’s older. i think they’ve accepted that. funny because #2 hasn’t noticed that there are WAY fewer pictures of him on our walls.

    the other thing that caught my attention is that i’m the oldest of 3 and there are very few pictures of me as a baby/child. probably because i was born in korea and back then, it was still a 3rd world country. we had no money. so there are more pictures of my brothers than of me. and currently, there are more pictures of my youngest than of my older boys. and upon thinking about this, it’s because i’ve become more interested in photography since getting my DSLR and really focused on taking better pictures in 2012. :)

  • Cindy_deRosier

    I loved hearing about how you met! My husband and I met through ballroom dance as well (I was a dancer and he was the lighting designer for one of our shows). I can’t believe it, but I’ve never scrapped about how we met. I’m adding that to my “must scrap” list. Thanks for a great show!

  • DiaButterfly

    Thank you for a truly fun and inspiring episode this week! I have been listening more and more frequently over the last few months and am always amazed at how whatever you are talking about is so relevant and hits home so frequently. For Valentine’s Day I made my husband (more of a Leonard Hofstadter than a Sheldon Cooper) a 12×12 scrapbook frame themed “14 logical reasons we should kiss more”. It included so many of our inside jokes and it was so wonderful to hear him laugh outloud and see him smile so big. I am so inspired by you, Shimelle, and Angie this week to capture more special things about our relationship (married 1 year on Monday! Yay!) and can’t wait to get some of these memories and moments on paper. Noell, Thank you so much for what you do! You and your panelists are always so positive, so inspiring, and so support of each other and other crafters and I am so thankful I found your podcast. I have especially enjoyed the last two episodes. I am taking Ali Edwards 31 Things class on Big Picture Classes (Yes! I used the affiliate link of course!) and am getting my sister started on Project Life next month for her birthday (it is perfect for her and she is very excited!). From my family of Awesome Nerds to your family of Awesome Nerds thank you, thank you, thank you for the joy you and Izzy bring and for all you do!

  • Merrick Dunphy

    For Izzy — My DH was talking with a friend (Actually one of his hobby podcasting buddies) about Evernote and I suggested he check out nVAlt and said it was from “A guy on that scrapbooking podcast I listen to” — He was a little awed that a) there was a guy and b) this topic came up

  • Loved the talk about the Big Bang Theory TV show. So much fun! This whole show was one of the most fun ones I have listened to – EVER!

  • Looking forward to this the show this week.

  • Ha! :)

  • I lose my desire to do creative things if they are listed out. I need to see my creative ideas spatially. I have binders with pocketed plastic pages and I put my ideas in the pockets. Sometimes my idea is a piece of ephemera. Sometimes I scribble it on a piece of scrap paper. Sometimes I print a photo. Those things all go into my pockets.

    When I want to print photos I look through the binder and see which stories need photos printed. Once printed I add them to the pockets. Then when I want to scrapbook I look through my binder and I can see everything visually, all spaced out. And my photos, ephemera, and story notes are all together so I have everything I need for the layout all in one spot.

  • That is awesome!!! I’m so happy to hear this. Thanks so much!

  • Someone on the Today show was calling them “selfies”.

  • Hokiecoyote

    It was great hearing how all of you found the one handed self portrait as difficult to take as I do. Like Shimelle, I’ve resorted to taking pictures of our reflections and shadows and often have hundreds of vacation photos but none of my husband and I together. Great show!

  • Sandy

    I know that this is a bit of a late comment given the next show has already aired but I had to giggle to myself while listening to this episode.

    I was on (child free) date week with my husband in Japan. I was a bit hesitant to put my headphones in during this particular train trip but then my husband grabbed the camera and was taking photos the entire trip (trying to capture the best glimpse of Mount Fuji) so I figured conversation wasn’t necessary and put the show on. Perfect timing.

    I have done a little scrapbooking about us (more so recently using quick stories in project life and week in the life) but do tend to do more scrapbooking about kids since we had them than about the two of us.

    We also had lots of opportunities to take selfies during this trip so I was able to give him some extra tips I learned from the show. He’s left-handed with long arms, so I defaulted to letting him control the camera for selfies. We haven’t taken too many of these in the past as I envisage this type of photography as more of a teen/twenty-something fad and I am happier to ask a stranger to take a quick pic or set up a tripod and self timer!

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  • Anya

    Such a fun episode! I really enjoyed listening to it! Last week I thought I’m out of stories to scrapbook and now I have so many more ideas you reminded me about. Thanks!

  • You thought you ran out of stories?! How does that happen?! Well, I’m glad we fixed that for you, lol! :)

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    Aww man, I do wish you’d given a spoiler alert for the Big Bang Theory references… :) Husband and I are huge fans (I used to be a physicist and he still is a physicist) but we’ve only seen through season 5 on Netflix so far… I am glad that I didn’t have to miss too much of the discussion (I skipped ahead aminute or two), because I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the episode!!

  • We watch things after the fact so I hate spoilers, too! Did we spoil something about the Big Bang Theory? I can’t even think of what we said that would have been a spoiler…I’m so sorry!!

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    It’s okay!! It was something about Sheldon’s relationship… I am not mad though! We are really far behind, so I totally understand. I was just coming back to write another comment about how much I enjoyed this episode (I didn’t want to look like a meany-downer in the comments). This episode was great– not just because of all the wonderful ideas about scrapbooking husbands/loved ones, but because I felt like in discussing those ideas I “got to know” the panelists more. It was like listening to a candid conversation between friends. Not that the other episodes aren’t like that, too, but this one was particularly so.
    Anyway, I loved it. Thanks again for a great episode :)

  • We loved this episode for the same reason!

  • youngmi

    hilarious show! thanks all so much for sharing your stories. this episode made me realize that i NEVER scrapbook emotion-y, lovey dovey stuff. ah! i really should start. i’ve scrapped tons of photos of my husband and i (lots of squishies… man i really hope that word sticks!) but no stories about our relationship… mostly what we’re doing, where we are, what we ate. this might be because i scrap chronologically and i’m always at least a year behind. relationship stuff seems to be more now and in-the-moment so this may push me to print photos as i take them and scrap them immediately!

  • Marie-Pierre

    Hi Noell! I have to tell you that this show is the one I listened to the most times!! I loved it and hear something new and get new ideas every single time I listen to it!! :) You guys with your guests are really a fun bunch to listen to and I am so thankful that I can enjoy your company. :) I try to promote the Paperclipping Roundtable as much as I can to help keep it alive. I mention it quite often on my blog and when I recommend classes I always put the link to your website and tell people to register from there. ;) Today, to celebrate my 13th year anniversary, I made a blog post showcasing 3 pages I made shortly after listening to this particular episode. If you’d like to check it out, it’s here: :) Cheers to you and to a long life for the Paperclipping Roundtable!!! Marie