PRT146 – Always Gotta Look Fly

This week we’re chatting with some amazing scrapbook authors. Come listen!

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  • Jen Day

    Loved hearing the behind the scenes info on the lovely Signature Series magazine! I have several and am now inspired to look at a few more. I will point out, however, from the few that I have read, I loved Heidi’s best BECAUSE she did all her own projects. One of the others I read had projects made by others that did not seem to reflect that artists style and I didn’t care much for it. I still intend to get Amy’s, and hope that if she helped choose the other projects submitted I will not be disappointed.

    A topic that I would be interested in for a future episode would be on creative ways to use Heidi’s Memory File (or a similar way of building pages into pages) for regular scrapbookers. I love her beautiful products, but don’t want to “hide” them in a box. I’d love to hear about how they can be creatively used in 12×12 scrapbooks or maybe a mini-album style?

    Thanks for another fabulous episode!

  • Barb T aka Mormor9

    I loved this discussion. It was truly one of those where I felt like I was there, a part of the group, and really wanted to join in. I am anxious to check out some of the picks of the week, and the upcoming phone camera class that I believe Heidi mentioned. Thanks for sharing what you do for the love of memory keeping.

  • Candice Schwark

    Very interesting panel – I enjoyed the discussions, especially as everyone seemed to relax. Thank you.

  • Good show today! It is interesting to hear about the business side of scrapbooking too. At least for me. I think it’s so cool how people have turned their hobby into a real job.

  • Paula Urbani

    Heidi, I can hardly wait for your new product, I love your stuff! I’m working on the file folders right now & I watch your videos all the time! Please, please put your new product out as soon as possible, thx!!!

  • Angela in the UK

    Hi Noell and Izzy thanks for another great show. I have been a scrapbooker for 16 years and the industry has gone from strength to strength. I loved this episode as it made me think about my own scrapbooking. It was the comments about when the children look at the albums. My grandchildren ( 6 and 3 ) love looking at theirs. The older loves to read the journaling on the pages of when she was expected ( I scrapped a page of the scan photo) and when she was a few minutes old. She loves the mini albums I make of family days and trips. But what is special is she looks at her younger sisters album and notices there are less pages and then she wants to know how I felt about her at those times. This proved to me the importance of getting things on the page no matter how hard. The younger one Ruby had a few complications when she was new born, it was hard to see her with a IV line in her hand. I made notes in a notebook of how it felt but hadn’t been able to do the layout. But, the episode and listening to my grandaughters questions has definately given me the push.
    Thank you for all you do to inspire, I am a non shmow. Love the videos and encouragement. Keep up the good work.
    PS CHA videos were brilliant.

  • Mary W

    Great show – love these “real” ladies. They look and even speak FLY.

  • teri

    Okay, this is really late but as I was looking at my album and comtemplating doing PL (take a shot) it occurred to how brilliant the comment was about going back and adding the embellies. I thought, “Wow, no brainer! Slap in the pics and journaling while the memory is fresh and then when you just want to play with product, go back and embellish! If you never go back, the story is recorded.” Just think, memories documented and a playground ready to play at a moments notice. Not so easy to do in the ginormous [the company that shall not be named] 12×15 albums I am currently using. Can I do it? Can I finally take the PL(take a shot) plunge? My saga continues…
    p.s. i’m a non schmo.

  • Leslie

    hi, I love your show and was really happy when you moved away from Skype. But now I seem to be having a problem with the new method and wondered if Izzy has any suggestions. I am listing on my Iphone though a podcast app ( from itunes). But you sound like you are talking a mile a minute. The feed is definitely too fast and I can’t figure out why. You sound hysterically funny but I can only listen for a few minutes at a time.

    Love your show -I have learned so much. I am a fairly new scrapbooker that is going back and doing my children’s childhoods with project life. I’m getting the memories ( photos) and memorabilia into the pages and going back and writing as much as I can remember. My kids are 28,25, and 22.

    Recently my 22 year old found the project life pages from nursery school and laughed and laughed for at least an hour! It’s not just the little kids that enjoy project life!

  • Since you’re a member, you might have seen my tutorial on task-batching mini-books? That’s where I got the idea to do Project Life that way. Get the basics in and if there is time and a desire later you can go back and add in the fun stuff. I actually enjoy the process more when I do it this way and I’m less likely to get tired of a project!

  • Hmmm – I’ll bring this up to Izzy, but I’m pretty sure he’ll have no idea why your app is causing that with the new format. The truth is, there are other problems with the new method. We have no control over the sound levels of our guests without using Skype and it’s a real issue. We’re not sure what we’re going to do. :(

  • Check out because May has used them on her regular pages a few times and generally turns her hand to using anything “specialised” into a part of her regular scrappy creating. She is really amazing like that.

    I am not disagreeing with the episode idea by the way, it would be a great one, I suggest you invite May to the party for that one Noell LOL

  • What a great idea for an episode, and so interesting to hear them chatting like old friends and giving us all this insight into the “unknown” parts of the process.
    Heidi totally brought tears to my eyes with her story, it was so amazing. I wish I could journal as well as she tells that story, let alone well enough to inspire something like that to happen.

    I am simply enjoying the everyday sharing of my albums for the first time in ages, since this year the kids (well, mostly my daughter) are really interested to see the Project Life album. I am amazed at the amount of time they are spending looking through it, when there are only 5 weeks there so far! LOL it is a hit!

  • I think that is so awesome that you are doing those early albums. I am thinking of just going back over the last couple of years and putting the photos into a simple PL album, after all, who doesnt love photos of themselves as a baby with stories to go with the photos!? It must have been very rewarding to have your 22 yr old enjoying it so much!

  • Christine Guest

    Design is so versatile! YES! Especially Cathy Z and the Roundtable!

    I was scared at first to send in knitting pattern submissions to knitting magazines: you have to artfully arrange a swatch, a sketch, a schematic and a description. Then I realized – it’s a collage. It’s like a scrapbook page. It’s the same with laying out a knit pdf, or actually creating the pattern in the first place.

    If you need a hobby that teaches composition, organization, self-motivation, self knowledge AND how to lay out anything, start with scrapbooking. And listen to this podcast. And check out Cathy Z.

  • Savannah H

    I liked the show and have admired these guests, but found their proclamations of not being rich insulting. Do the math. Sadly, I have a totally different view of them now.

  • Leslie

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with the new system too.

  • My guess was that they were talking about getting “rich” from publishing idea books.

  • I really enjoyed this episode and I have to give some more props to Cathy Z. Her classes are always worth every penny. Heidi was just a hoot. If you aren’t a Paperclipping member, join now. The videos are a great resource for design principles and ideas.

  • This show was one of my favorites. I love hearing the panelist be “real”. Must say I always want to be fly but it is a challenge at my age, haha.

  • Hi, Savannah. As someone who loves writing and would love to write books, it’s always been my understanding that unless you’re a best-seller on the New York Times list, you hardly make pennies from books. I think it’s even more the case with books on scrapbooking.

  • Awesome! Thank you for your insights and kind words! :)

  • Thanks! Izzy now has another option to try — we’re crossing our fingers!

  • pamsfriend

    Almost turned this episode off – which I have NEVER done – when they were going on and on about picking out 12 outfits for their covers and doing the same old “worried about my looks” jazz that we women are trained to either do, or pretend that we do. Thank goodness I stuck with it long enough to hear Heidi’s WONDERFUL story about her son looking at her old pregnancy journal. Just beautiful. I love that PRT mostly doesn’t feed into the same old sexist tropes that I hear in so many other areas of my life and I was sorry to hear (Teresa especially) feeding the old clothes/house/looks bit. But I was very grateful that they moved on to what really matters in life – love and connecting and real life beyond superficiality.

  • Yes, that’s what they were talking about. :) They were saying that authoring those books was 100% a labor of love because it doesn’t bring in much money at all.

  • Even though those worries are superficial, I identified with those worries. I’m glad the rest of the show saved itself for you, though! :)

  • I was thinking about your comment b/c I typically don’t worry too much about how I look in my videos. I’m pretty casual and at CHA I don’t even bother washing my hair every day while there b/c I want to get out on that floor and make videos. But what interested me about this was that there is something about a book cover that seems to take it up a notch. In that circumstance I could imagine getting much more paranoid about how my photo would turn out, knowing that it would be a giant book cover.

  • pamsfriend

    You looked absolutely beauty-full and absolutely you in the CHA videos. And I love that your inherent beauty is so apparent in your work!

  • Oh my goodness! Well, thank you! :)

  • And by the way, I agree that Heidi’s story about her son was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of the show!

  • Keely

    I have had this problem before and it was a setting on my phone. Do you see a “2X” ? If so, click on it to get back to 1X and the podcast will slow down.

  • Keely

    I just wanted to let people know that Teresa and Heidi’s books are still available (at a great discount) from the Northridge publishing website. I ordered both after listening to this week’s broadcast. All of the books are available in a digital format. Some are available in paper and digital.

  • You’re awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

  • ROFL!

  • Thank you for the props! :)

  • Thank you for your membership! And thank you for sharing this. Your comment made me realize I should probably try to balance out the layouts of my kids a bit better. :)

  • I’ll add this to the list of possible topics. Thanks!

  • Great — thanks for the tip!

  • Marina Delgado

    Finally got a chance to listen to this episode. As many others have commented Heidi’s story about her son definitely brought me to tears. Wonderful example of why its so important to document memories in whatever form be it scrapbooking, journaling, etc. Thanks for another great show!

  • Amy

    I was insipired when Amy talked about making other people’s scrapbooks. My second child is 5 now and I didn’t keep up with her baby book the way I wanted because I was overwealmed by baby #2. I’ve always worried that it was “too late” for that book. But I think if Amy can make a book for someone else, I can surely make mine :O) I know we always say it is never too late to record our memories, but today, this struck a chord with me.
    Thanks for such a great show! (all the time)

  • Oooh, great insight!!

  • Margaret Morris

    This was an awesome show–I laughed out loud while listening at gym–strange looks came my way

  • Oh yeah, that’s what we like around here! ;)

  • youngmi

    i just recently discovered the paperclipping roundtable (where have i been??) so i’m making my way through all the past episodes. i always though that podcasts sounded like a boring concept (i’m more of a visual person) but i LOVE the paperclipping roundtable. brace yourself for lots of comments on older episodes! i really enjoyed this discussion. all three guests are scrapbooking rockstars and i loved hearing how normal they are! and my oh my goodness. the story that teresa shared about her son discovering her pregnancy journal made my cry. in my kitchen, making dinner and crying. i don’t plan on having children but i must admit that her story made me want to reconsider. thanks so much for putting together such a great show.