PRT145 – I Don’t Care Anymore Either

This week we’re talking about using ephemera in our scrapbooking. Come listen!

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  • Caroline

    Wow, I think this is the first time in my (non-schmo) PRT history that I’ve listened to an episode the day it was recorded, and commented (first too, I think!) Just being a bit of a geek after having had to wait a little longer for the next episode! :-) Anyway, on to ephemera. What a great discussion! I have started keeping a divided file folder split out by month, and I put my ephemera in there. I’m using Project Life in a monthly fashion to play catchup on 2012, so I just go to the folder for that month to take out what I need. For 2013 I’m trying to stay up to date but still using a (loosely!) monthly approach. The latest piece of ephemera is a piece of fabric from a beloved pair of my husband’s shorts that recently semi-disintegrated in the dryer. Scrapping a swatch of the material allows us to remember the shorts when they were wearable, without having to hang on to them in their no-longer-useful state. :-)

  • My favourite thing about this discussion was the fact that it went beyond the “how-to” of ephemera and had some really inspiring thoughts on why we should make the effort (because let’s face it, it often IS an effort to include all these bits and bobs).
    I was reminded of my childhood bedside table drawer, which was full of treasures, like tickets and theatre programs for musicals that I saw somewhere fancy, love letters from ex-boyfriends when I was older and expired driver licences, a page from a beloved childhood book that fell out but could not be thrown away. It was a peice of my heart, or should i say lots of different peices. I am feeling quite inspired to find out where they went in the random boxes of my stuff from my parents house..
    They were more precious than photos, because they were the really important things I chose to save and treasure.
    Thanks for another inspiring discussion, it was well worth the wait.

  • I have just started Project Life and I am also loving it for memorabilia / ephemera keeping, it makes it very easy to just stick something in a pocket. There are so many great page protector choices now so that you can put it in something that is the right size.

    Isnt it funny how everyone adds all these extra inserts for memorabilia for project life, like it is no big deal, but somehow it is not the same with 12×12 layouts? I havent thought to stick memorabilia in an insert with my regular layouts, but felt a need to incorporate it somehow, also it had to be in a way that is clever and attractive.. well I am officially letting go of that preconception! Thank you PRT! :)

  • Bev

    I have a question for Izzy. Just purchased the Selphy after your recommendation on the podcast. I noticed the sample pkg of photo papers is a bit longer than a true 4×6 postcard. Is that necessary? The instruction booklet talks about removing a piece from the photo tray but their picture doesn’t match the actual tray and it refers to “L” which I don’t see either…any advice? Thanks. Never miss listening!

  • Kellyjo

    I just absolutely love this idea and I have started doing this because I did have years of photos that I was so overwhelmed with and I decided to do project life with 12 x 12 pages on my own and it’s been working amazingly! ~Kelly

  • Jim

    Ok, I am new to this whole thing and Divorced but my wife sent me Boxes and Boxes of pictures and at first I did not know what I would do with them. Then Somehow I found Noell and Izzy on Paperclipping and now I have joined , listened , ordered Project Life and am going to see what I can do with these pictures. Hey, If Izzy can do this???? Than Why can’t I but right now It looks like a large mountain to climb with all the pictures…and just trying to figure out where to go forward. I think today I will sort the pictures of my Son and Daughter as this seems like a good place to start…….Thanks Noell for the great show and Izzy your always fun to listen to and good for a laugh, I enjoy this alot…….

  • The print paper is a bit longer because after it has printed you tear the ends off each side to make it the correct size.

  • Tricia

    I discovered Paperclipping last fall, loved the Roundtable and quickly subscribed because I’m an information junkie and I love watching videos to learn! I listen in the car to and from work almost everyday, but I’ve never felt I had anything to contribute in the comments -until today! Noell was talking about Izzy’s videos that perfectly capture the moment, and knowing that Izzy is now a Project Lifer, (so cool, by the way!) made me wonder: did you know you can combine the two? Using QR Codes generated by a website like you can link a video from YouTube (or other website,) print out the QR code and include it in your PL layout. Then when you’re looking at pictures from an event, you can use your smartphone with a free QR reader app to scan the code which will automatically take you to the video. You can be looking at pictures from a birthday party and then scan the code and watch the birthday kid blow out the candles–all on your phone. How cool is that?! It may sound complicated but it is really, really easy! Yes, the technology will be outdated someday, but years from now people can look at the pages with the QR codes and say, “Remember when those little codes were all over everything?” I hope this makes sense. Thanks for another great discussion!

  • Iris

    Hi Noel and Izzy. This is an off topic question, but can you post somewhere/point me to the episode(s) where you guys talked about the camera equipment you use/recommend. I love your show titles Izzy man, but it sure makes it hard to find what each episode topic was! Looking into getting a DSLR & lenses, wanted to brush up on what all you “experts” use. Thank You :)

  • Just talked to Izzy. He says that yes, you do tear off the ends when it’s done printing so it becomes 4×6. We don’t know what the “L” is that you’re referring to, but he says it’s super easy. You just open the tray, put the paper in and slide the tray back in. You just make sure the photo paper is face up. There’s nothing more to it really, he says.

  • Yay! We ALWAYS love to get that first comment! :)

    Thank you for it and for your non-schmoe membership!

  • That’s awesome! :)

    Thank you for all the kind words. Good luck with your Project Life assembly!

  • Yes, it does make sense! Thank you! And thank you for your membership!! :)

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    First of all, I have to say, I was totally flattered that you read my comment on the show! Wow!!! Thanks :) It was pretty surreal to hear Izzy reading my words, haha ;-)

    I was listening to the show on my drive with my little girl to meet my mom for an all-day outlet shopping extravaganza. I’ve been looking forward to this day trip for quite some time now, and the discussion totally inspired me to scrapbook about it! I’m planning to save the tags from the clothes I bought (I got some *awesome* deals, yay!!) and use them with some of the ideas you mentioned on the show to make a layout. This evening, I wrote down my thoughts about the day so that I don’t have to rush to get to the layout (though I’m so excited about it that it might get bumped to the top of my “list”). I love the idea of layering the tags just like I’d use patterned paper. Awesome. I also thought Stacy’s bits-and-pieces-of-“right-now” layout idea was fantastic. My mind is exploding with ideas now! I love PRT!!! :)

  • I remember that the first time we had Tracy Clark on the show we spent a lot of time with each of us talking about our camera equipment. Try doing a search on my blog for Tracy Clark and PRT. She’s been on twice and it will be the earliest one.

  • I love your enthusiasm! Thank you! :)

  • Jennifer

    Episode 112 – I’m a Piler (I think). I just re-listened to this episode last week. Good luck!

  • Susan B

    Was it just me or was this episode difficult to listen to because of audio levels? I could barely hear Stacy and Noell came in loud and clear. May and Ashli were softer but I could understand them. I was very interested in the subject but just couldn’t follow because of the audio. thanks for a great podcast, I listen every week!

  • Christine Guest

    Hi you all, I haven’t been scrapbooking much except for blogging, but I just made two new notebooks, one for my knitting designs, and one to play with zentangling. I heard about it on the craftlit podcast, and then I thought Noel would like this – just because I listen to two podcasts doesn’t mean they know each other!

    So does it count if I used my big bite on the notebook to add elastic loops, and added die cuts?

    Still listening though I’m not doing much,


  • Did Izzy mention what he’s using to take those video blog clips?

  • I LOVED this episode. I have scrapbooked with ephemera since I started scrapbooking – about 15 years ago now. When I was in high school, I would keep all of my movie, concert and other ticket subs. At the end of the year I would scrapbook my year in entertainment. Even now, I pick up coasters from restaurants I eat at. I fit them into the back ground as an additional layer of embellishment. The scrapbook pages I mostly use ephemera on are vacation pages, but I have noticed, that I am incorporating more and more of my kids’ school reports, concert programs, etc. I particularly liked one of their valentines last year from the school party and built that into a layout. I also am a sucker for greeting cards. I keep everyone I receive. I utilize pockets in the back of albums to keep them.

    I liked the clothing tag idea, that May/Stacy mentioned. I recently lost a bit of weight and am documenting it (thanks Cathy Z.). I purchased new jeans and am wearing the same size I did in high school. I kept the jeans label tag, and you better believe that that is going on a scrapbook page!

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful show. I impatiently hit refresh in iTunes every Tuesday waiting for the new show. I find a bit of inspiration every time and you never fail to make me smile and laugh.



  • I haven’t heard it myself, so I don’t know if it’s like that for everyone. What I do know is that now that we’re not using Skype Izzy can no longer control the various voice channels. This is the very reason we hung onto Skype so long when it started giving us problems. I’ll look into it, though.

  • Sorken

    I was looking for a video on Youtube and stumbled across this video with beautiful large pockets and I was reminded of this PRT-show.

  • Sorken

    Oh, I had a bedside table drawer like that too. All special treasures (and a few heartaches). Thanks for reminding me! ;-)

  • Kirstie MacGowan

    I think it was this show that you were talking about Izzy’s videos…. (I am currently going back and listening from the beginning!)… I wanted to remind everyone that it’s easy to include videos in your Project Life or scrapbook pages by using a QR code. I upload videos onto You Tube (because you know that’s not going anywhere), generate a QR code online, download and print it and slap it in my PL spread. Easy as.

  • Someone recently made a good point about this idea, too. When this was mentioned in an earlier episode most of us were kind of down on it because the QR technology will soon change into something else and then they won’t work. But someone said that even when that happens it’ll be fun to see those QR codes and say, “Remember those?” At some point they’ll be vintage!

  • Terri-Lynn Torrez

    Question for Izzy – did you change something that affects the sound? I’ve always had to max the volume in my car but with this episode I couldn’t hear some of the guests at all.

  • Kim Hallock Jones

    I was listening to the ephemera episode again and thought this idea might be helpful to some. I use Lightroom to organize my photos when I’m uploading photos that I know have ephemera I add a tag called ephemera that way I know that I can pull that ephemera and either use or decide that I want to get rid of it. Sometimes I grab something at the time but feel that my story is told just fine w/o it. I do the same thing if I come across a general picture, say just of my daughter that I like but has no “real” story, i’ll use that photo w/ some ephemera – maybe a letter she wrote me so i’ll tag it emphemra and then i’ll reference the letter in metadata as a reminder. Hope this helps.

  • Rachel L

    I found this episode really interesting because ‘ephemera’, or as I think of it, STUFF, is one of the main reasons I started doing a physical Project Life album! When I was a teenager, I got a great kick out of looking through my
    mum’s scrapbook. It was just a lined notebook, that she had stuck stuff
    in and made some notes.

    As for me, I’ve always done a lot of art and craft, have in recent years done digital scrapbooking, and since childhood have been a terrible hoarder! When I was a teenager, the problem was partially solved as I used to keep a diary, and most of the bits of stuff I couldn’t let go of got taped, stapled, glued or even stitched into there. Quite a few of the diaries themselves are made of ephemera: I collaged notebook covers, hand-made books from scrap paper and even re-purposed old novels. I didn’t know about the “altered book” concept, and I didn’t think about what “ephemera” to collect, it just happened organically.

    These days, I no longer have the time or inclination to keep a daily diary, so until I started Project Life, I didn’t have anywhere to put the stuff that I still seem to accumulate! I actually have way too many bits and pieces from childhood and recent years, but thankfully over time I forget why I kept many of them. If they hold no meaning, they can be thrown away. But for those I do want to hold onto, Project Life seemed like a great option. It brings the opportunity to combine old school scrapbooking (LOVE LOVE LOVE that you discussed that in this episode!!!), digi-scrapbooking, writing, photos and STUFF! Perfect :) PHEW!