PRT144 – Getting Into Project Life

This week we’re talking all about Project Life. Come listen!

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  • Hi, Anne. Hopefully I can help >> Becky is always very clear and on messages about what Project Life is, and it’s how the internet scrapbooking community focuses on it that makes it confusing. Becky explained so well in this video from CHA:
    Project Life is her product that provides an easy way to scrapbook: you can slip in your 4×6 photos and the pre-decorated cards, then add your journaling and you’re done. That’s all it is. There are enough cards and spots to do a photo + journaling card every day for a year if you want.
    And from what Becky told me at CHA before we shot the video, that is actually what the majority of Project Lifers do. What we see scrapbookers making online is just what the majority in our online scrapbooking community does with it. But that’s not actually what the overall general majority of PL users are doing. So that’s where the message can get confusing or blurry.
    When Becky first launched her initial product through CK, it was called “Project 365,” it was intended to be a daily photograph and journaling product. Then when she went on her own she changed it to “Project Life” to remove the idea that it has to be done daily or monthly. There used to be date and day stickers, and she removed those as well. But many of us online scrapbook junkies first learned of it as a daily/weekly project, so with most of the online community, it has stuck that way.

  • Jenn

    I just wanted to say thank you, this podcast helped me to find my way back to scrapbooking. For over a year I have been struggling to get back into the craft I love but not sure how to do it because I work full time now, am so much busier and something had changed about the way I thought of scrapbooking. When I listened to this podcast I had a huge aha moment and I realized I was tired of trying to keep up with the latest and greatest and was feeling overwhelmed by the room full of supplies I already own. My solution has been to go through and purge out most of it, a lot of my embellishments have never even been opened. I boxed it all up and in a couple of months I will sell it or give it away. I bought various pocket page protectors and I am going to go back to basics with my supplies, scrapping in a project life style while doing a full page layout when I choose. Thank you project life for giving me the freedom to enjoy scrapbooking again and thank you paperclipping for airing this podcast, keep up the great work.

  • I love hearing this! Thank you!

  • cheriwy

    I’m very intrigued with the image of Izzy doing PL with his old childhood photos. I can guarantee that my childhood photos are older than his and am wondering what to do about the different size photos since the older ones are not 4 x 6. Do you rescan and reprint the photos to 4 x 6 format or mat the smaller ones so they fit in the page protectors? Also, can you give any suggestions to someone new to PL who wants to use the concept on a lifetime of photos on what configuration of page protectors is most useful? thanks!

  • Annette

    hey guys! just wanted to share a listener pick–an iPhone app called Collect (search Collect photo app). It’s basically a photo a day calendar app but you can add more than one photo a day, more than one album, search by keyword, tell longer stories, etc. I export the card and save it to my camera roll, then on my computer I crop to 3×4 and print. Here’s a link to my blog so you can kind of see the little cards it makes:

    And it’s free! They have another app that a blog reader suggested called Memory Jar focusing on photos/stories for our kids. Totally cool stuff! It’s fun to finally be sort of keeping up this year! Do what works, right?!

    keep up the great work! love the show!

  • Kathleen Loughran

    Hi guys! First I want to mention I am a schmo and secondly a regular commenter however no one is ever in my car to hear it. So in reality this is my first time POSTING a comment.

    Okay so I love all your shows. I love the banter. I love the quips Izzy throws in. I love the guests. I love the inspiration I get after I’ve listened.

    This show has been no exception. I recently broke my foot keeping me home from work. The extra “time” both in my home and with my children has allowed me to finally dive in to project life. I previously put too many expectations on myself about how some of the designers set aside a block of time to do project life. That would never be realistic for me. I work a schedule of rotating days and have a 1 and 3 year old. So listening to this show’s guests talk about the different way they get in PL and the with the purchase of the Canon Selphy after Izzy’s pick of the week I am realizing that this is doable for me. If I do one spread coving this month or one spread covering a week or even a spread covering one day as long as I am capturing the moments, the everyday, my family wins. I do not have to be consistent in my framework – again my lifestyle makes that too big of a challenge to guarantee I can overcome it. So in short something documented is better than nothing.

    I also want to throw out there I appreciate the new platform you are using. It makes it easier on the listening end to not have the guests talk over each other unknowingly with less frequency.
    Thanks guys!

  • Kathleen Loughran

    And apparently in my speed typing i typed schmo. I’m a NON-schmo!

  • ROFL! When I first read your comment I couldn’t figure out why you would feel the need to start by telling me you’re a schmo! LOL, that is so FUNNY! Thank you for your membership!! And thank you for all the kind words. Plus for the chuckles as well — the ones you intended and the ones you didn’t intend! :)

  • Johanna

    I just listened to this episode and something Izzy said really made me sad. Sad because it’s so true!

    He said that not recording memories is like not taking notes in class because you are sure you will remember it later, and you don’t.

    I am the mother of 3 young children, 3 yo twin boys and a 2 yo girl. I love scrapbooking and documenting my life but I don’t really have time for it. I have tried blogging and keeping a journal but I just get stressed and forget.

    Many things that happens in my children’s life are not recorded and I already feel that I am forgetting a lot of them.

    In 2012 I tried PL, only made two weeks but I love those pages!! The little things that happened that week saved for me to show my kids when they get older. I hope I can make more PL-weeks because I know it’s a treasure.

  • Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

    Yep, playing catch up. So impressed with this episode, while PL isn’t for me, this episode has certainly made me see the benefits. My Sister in Law is due to give birth in the next few days (fingers crossed!) and I know she would love this to record baby’s first year. Thanks! P.S – It’s a shame you guys don’t have a ‘donate’ button on the site.

  • Thanks for the interest in donating, Jenny? It’s the Paperclipping Membership that supports the show. If you’re interested in donating, maybe you would consider a membership instead, and you’d be getting something back. :)