PRT143 – CHA Winter 2013

This week we’re talking about CHA 2013. Come listen!

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  • Hi Noell and Izzy, just here to say thanks for all the CHA coverage videos, they are so detailed and awesome :) And I would have to agree, it’s the Calmest CHA i have observed (from home of course) , like during the make and take, and demos, I didnt hear people screaming and laughing from the background haha . And this episode is calm too ! Probably the lack of Ana and Stacy hyperactive energy makes a different (dont get me wrong, i love all the panelist on this episode too!)

    Just to share, my favourite line is also the Amy Tan line, and she always makes me want to get ONE WHOLE COLLECTION, like including the embellishments and everything! I love the envelop punch board too, simple but practical tool for card maker. Althought i have the MS scoring board which allow me to make envelop with the triangle guide, i’m lazy to read the “instruction manual” This one by WRMK looks super easy to use!

    Looking forward to the next episode as always! Cheers, Pepper

  • I was so excited that this episode was posted this morning and made up all kinds of errands so I could drive in my car and listen. I haven’t finished listening yet, but I just wanted to chime in and say that my 2012 Project Life album makes me cry too. I work full time and have two girls (2 1/2 & 10 months) so my scrap time is super precious. I have such a sense of satisfaction looking through our 2012 album that it doesn’t matter that I didn’t do a ton of big layouts. I’m capturing our life right now and love this precious record of seeing my girls grow and change. And I agree about the PL overwhelm – 7 new kits. wow I can’t hardly decide what I want, if anything. I love Shimelle’s idea of splitting it up – since I still have a ton leftover from my 2012 kit. You guys rock. Alissa

  • Lisa M. Zepponi

    I’m 1/2 way through the episode and I am loving the interaction and all the “insights” of what new products are going to be available (hopefully VERY SOON) from CHA. The energy on the show was contagious. I am happy to know Shimelle will not abandon her 12×12 LOs!! I am not a PL person. (The concept of documenting each day puts a level of pressure on me that I can’t describe. I digress…) Through your videos, I vicariously saw ALL the pinks, yellows and light blues, too. A lot softer tones than last year? Very Feminine? I have a tween boy, will the new colors work for me? Can’t wait to see… I LOVE Heidi Swapp’s color POP! FUN!! I also want to say ya’lls videos of CHA products and the live demos are the BOMB!!! I have been totally ignoring my family with my ear phones in while I watch! Between the videos AND the podcast, I feel like I am there without the transportation cost! THANKS!!! (For all your hardwork and speediness in posting) P.S. I like your blog piece about “how to use the old with the new”! (makes me feel less guilty for future purchase planning! hee hee!)

  • anniem888

    I’m just LOVING the coverage of CHA. I had to laugh at myself because I keep going to the Paperclipping website looking for more, More, MORE! then I remind myself, that you and Izzy are only human (even though Izzy looks like a robot) and can only convert video as fast as the internet will take it.

    I wanted to clarify one thing about the Fiskars cutter the Fuse. The base machine comes w/the plates to cut and letter press their dies, you can buy adapter plates to use any company’s dies. I was looking for my next machine and had researched a while ago. I have limited space and like how it folds up, has a wide opening so it can use the large dies (like the grand calaver which I think only cuts wafer dies) and w/the addition of adaptor plates is a universal cutter. Again many thanks for enabling my habit. Ann

  • I had to laugh about you going in to your local scrapbook store and mentioning a designer or manufacturer and getting a blank stare. It happens to me quite frequently at my LSS, It is so strange when I mention Project Life there and the response is “I have never heard of it.” I have even had that experience when I have mentioned things like glimmer/spray mist or washi tape, I had seen them online but they were clueless in the store.

  • Anya

    Thank you! Thank you for all the videos from the CHA show! I just LOVE them! Thank you for sharing with us something we couldn’t see in person! Great show too! Loved hearing everybody talk about new stuff and plans for new year!

  • Mary

    I don’t know if this is related to the “calm” feeling that everyone seems to be having around CHA this year, but I think that for me, coverage of the show is not necessarily making me super-excited to buy any particular product but it is making me excited to scrapbook. Does that make sense? I don’t know. I feel like I’m enjoying the reveals and products and projects because it’s making me excited about the possibilities of scrapbooking and storytelling, not just of the capabilities of one particular new thing. Just my two cents.

  • I get that, Mary. That’s how I’ve been feeling myself. I don’t know if you got your CHA previews from me or from all around he web but it was my goal to share in a way that would inspire scrapbookers immediately instead of just inspiring them to buy.

  • I always enjoy hearing the CHA show and the insights of you lucky people who are actually there! Great videos, too. As new product is released, I like to re-watch the videos to help guide my purchases. Any chance your videos could be put under a separate tab or topic to make them easier to find a few months from now? Thanks for considering this!

  • Caroline

    I’m part way through this episode but just had to comment after hearing Ali mention Mrs Grossman’s vellum letter stickers… I still have some of the vellum squares and strips, which I’ve been using in place of washi tape, which is working great in my Project Life album. What goes around comes around!

  • Marie

    I feel this way too. Loving what I see and super excited to get creative. Thanks for all the videos! PS – how did Izzy find the SteadyCam? Tons of work from you both. Hope you are well rested now.

  • Karyn Halter

    Thank you for the wonderful CHA coverage, it makes me feel like I am participating! I just wanted to make a short clarification about the Fiskars Fuse. I purchased the Fuse shortly after the debut about 7 months ago and just love it! You have the option of purchasing adapter plates that make it compatible with all of the other dies and embossing plates in the market. It has the ability of cutting with the wafer thin dies all the way up to the Bigz dies and has no problems cutting through chipboard. I was able to sell both my Cuttlebug and Grand Caliber machines and use just the Fuse. I hope this is helpful to someone who may be considering purchasing it. Thanks again for all you do!! Just love the Roundtable and all of your videos! Keep up the stellar work!

  • Lucy Farrugia

    Great show as always, love it when you’re all in the room together for the CHA excitement!

  • Anya

    Just finished listening to this show again (I was interrupted a few times before) – and I loved it! CHA shows are one of my favorites! Now I have to go back and check some of your favorite stuff you’ve discussed here. HUGE thank you for the videos too!

  • S

    This is always a can’t miss show; and I enjoyed it immensely. Of course I think Becky Higgins is brilliant with Project Life, but it is interesting to note that those of us who aren’t doing it daily or weekly but on a more flexible schedule are finding ways to get smaller kits. I just split one of her kits with a friend, but I am also tempted by the kits now out by Albums Made Easy kits by We R Memory Keepers or just small card collections from Simple Stories or others. For those who really don’t mind spending a lot on it, I think Studio Calico is brilliant in doing a monthly kit – because if any kit club has a signature look that will be consistent enough from month to month to make an annual album flow – it is SC. It is also interesting that the smaller albums are becoming so popular for PL too.

  • Keetha DePriest

    I’ve only recently discovered this podcast (via Adventures in Arting podcast) and I’m loving going back and listening to old episodes! I apologize if this is answered somewhere else, but where are these CHA videos?? I’m intrigued and would love to watch them but can’t seem to find them on the website. Thanks!

  • Hi, Keetha! Welcome to Paperclipping! We’re working on making a category page for them, but for now, just put “CHA” or “CHA 2013” in the search field in the right column and they’ll all come up for ya! :)