PRT142 – Or the Flow Don’t Go

This week we’re talking about trying new things. Come listen!

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  • Yay… the PRT is back! I was stuck in traffic this morning without a new episode, so this will make my drive home much better tonight.

  • Kristine

    I am kinda sad that my first prt comment is about the audio because I look forward to the show each week and love all the guests but I just had to say it was SO great that everyone could hear each other and not talk at the same time. My untechnical ear did not hear a difference. Thanks so much for this improvement Izzy! Enjoy CHA – looking forward to your great videos from the show.

  • Yay, so glad to hear it sounds better. :)

  • Trisha Hamilton

    I am a longtime listener and didn’t hear any difference in the sound quality. It was great that the guests could hear each other and not talk over themselves. Great job!

    Loved the show, as always. I have a T-shirt that says ‘Queen of Unfinished Projects’. I enjoy moving back and forth between scrapbooking, stamping, beading, and art journaling….and it doesn’t bother me a bit!

    Have fun at CHA! Looking forward to your wonderful videos. You guys rock!


  • Totally cool with the quality of this podcast… beats all the crazy talk overs :) Thanks for finding a solution, totally makes a big difference for the listening experience.

  • Marie

    Hi Izzi :) by the time I got home, (I was listening to the show in my car) I forgot the name of the camera you were talking about and I’d like to google it. If you remember, can you tell me the name? Thanks!!

  • Marie-Pierre

    Never mind, I found it: range finder. Thanks!! I’m of to google it. ;)

  • This episode reminded me of a concept a friend of mine told me about called “multipotentiality” which means that a gifted person could excell in one of many different things. Here’s a link to an article about multipotentiality & creative block:

  • Joanna

    I didn’t notice any problem with the audio quality and it was great not to have the voices dropping out or talking over each other. I say kick Skype to the curb (sorry Skype!)

    For Izzy – explains what a rangefinder is. Street photographers use them because they can prefocus the shot based on the distance from the subject and get the shot very fast and very sharp. They are very discrete cameras for candid shots. I think a lot of the new cameras might be “rangefinder style” without being true rangefinders, but I don’t know that for sure. The new interchangeable lens/mirrorless cameras are another nice alternative to the dSLR – saving space by eliminating the mirror but still allowing for different lenses.

  • I thought the audio quality was fine listening on my iPod and such an improvement in the flow of conversation over Skype. Thanks for finding a great solution to the talk-overs! Great topic, also. The whole breadth vs. depth issue is a constant adjustment in my life, so it was great to hear I’m not alone.

  • It’s a Range Finder camera. :)

  • Barb

    The audio was fine! Soooo much better than Skype and there was a natural flow in the conversation. As always, a great episode. Looking forward to the CHA show!

  • That’s really interesting, Katie. Izzy and I both really relate to this — we both get interested in doing just about everything! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh Katie thanks for sharing this! I feel the same way. Not to be big headed but I feel like I’m good at a lot of things (or just have awesome self esteem!) and often wonder why I can’t follow through with everything. I totally identify.

  • Marina D-K

    Audio was so much better! Two thumbs up! Can’t wait for CHA and videos next week!

  • Izzy are you using go to meeting instead. I have had enough of the Skype talk-overs in my own podcasts. Julie especially didn’t sound as clear but the sacrifice in quality helped the show flow :)

  • Great minds, Noell! Right before you mentioned not doing PL anymore, I had a vision of how I was going to modify PL for myself. I’m going to call it “Project My Life.” Some of the layouts will be my daily goings-on, some will include random journaling prompts or responses to famous quotes, some will include a childhood memory with an old photo, heck, I’ll even throw in a full 12×12 layout once in awhile. I also like the idea of the small canvas to practice some techniques I may not try on a larger layout. Plus, I can add Flip Flaps to my page protectors when I need more room to tell the story. I’m doing a 13 in 13 Challenge on my blog this year and plan to spend at least 13 minutes a day on my memory keeping activities. “Project My Life” is going to help me meet that goal! Of course, I have to finish organizing my office first. Thank goodness for PRT; you all make this task much more enjoyable! So, back to cleaning while I listen to the rest of the show. I’m really looking forward to your CHA reports. Audio sounds great, BTW.

  • Jennifer

    I am loving the sneak peak of Teresa Collins new Stationary Noted line. I normally just buy pieces I like as I need them, but I am thinking I want it all. What is the best/easiest way to buy an entire line.

  • Becky H

    Izzy and Noel, The audio was great and it was a wonderful show. Thank you. I hope you know that I would listen no matter what this is an awesome podcast!!!!!

  • You shouldn’t have to wait for those CHA videos until next week — as long as our bandwidth is decent (it’s always been decent enough so far) they’ll start appearing here on the blog on Saturday! Watch for them!

  • So it sounds like Project My Life will be a compilation of everything, rather than just the daily stuff most people are doing? Sounds like fun!

  • I also thought that the sound quality was great on this episode.

  • Cindy_deRosier

    I had to laugh when you asked everyone how many unfinished projects they have. I have AT LEAST two dozen and it’s probably a lot more. Unfortunately, many of my unfinished projects are sitting on top of other unfinished projects, which makes it impossible for me to actually count!

  • I once counted mine for a blog article I wrote. I counted 28. And then after I posted the article I found I had missed some!

  • Ruth

    Izzy and Noell, you made me blush with your lovely somments, thank you! I missed the show over the christmas break, but luckily I had over a hundred to go back and relisten to ;-)

    One thing that really struck me in this episode is how well the guests know themselves and adjust their crafting tendencies accordingly. I think we are not static. There are times when starting fifty million projects is the way you want to craft, you have the time or space or ideas for that. Then two years later you might not be in that crafty head-splace, but project life and its little pockets and weekly commitment might be perfect. Know thyself :-) I also love the way the guests were so humble and also accepting of themselves, their crafty quirks and yet playing to their strengths to make the most of what works for each of them.

    Enough navel gazing, I am off to make something!

  • MK Hennigan

    I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy the new format that you have going on these days. I love the variety of guest, subject matter and of course all the laughter. This weeks episode had no interruptions with technical difficulties and it was so nice to hear all the comments from the panel, way to go Izzy. Keep up the good work and keep bringing us such great guest and content. I am a non schmo, itunes subscriber, class buying through your blog fan, never missed an episode listener. Thanks for bringing us such great scrapbooking content.

  • Jana_NJ

    I think Project life bought 2 sides at least in my scrapbook life I agree with Julie decreased the need to do tons of pages, but in my case this past year was a victory I always struggled to follow something specially that shows our day by day lives, but I made it a monthly project. So in one side decreased my appealing to do layouts but side 2 is that I;m doing layouts now that are really special stories and messages I want to leave.
    I would say a extra bonus as I will continue this year is I want to go back to play more in my journal and do different mini albums and projects and project life allowed me time for that. Although I didn’t like so much how huge it got. So this year I’m doing the spreads digitally and saving the memorabilia to save more space because 2 albums for year is not a realistic thing. As scrapbookers we have to be ok with the flow of our lives, right now my priority is my son and all the work we are having helping him and to me I got to learn and I’m back studying child development to help my son so it’s ok I don’t scrap as before but I still recording memories. We have to be ok giving ourselves that time and flow of things.

  • Thank you for all your Paperclipping devotion! We’re so happy to have found an alternative.

  • Jennifer G.

    I am still listening to the old episodes along with the new ones. I really enjoy them. I am on the Glitter Queen one with Ana and was thinking I would love to add some random glitter to some of my flowers and other items. What type of adhesive would you suggest for just dropping some glitter on my flowers, not really covering them and what about covering chipboard letters and such? Thanks!

  • crazymathchic

    I agree with everyone – the audio sounded great! (And way better than Skype!) I’m wondering what app your guest (I lost track if it was Kerri or Erin) is using to art journal – or scrapbook – on her ipad.

  • I usually use Glossy Accents for heavier glitter applications but if I want a light sprinkling like you’re describing, I might use an adhesive that won’t show up at all: Zip Dry or a matte gel medium. With Zip Dry, when you have excess glue squish out from underneath the item you’re gluing, you can let it dry and then rub away that excess we all dislike and it will TOTALLY disappear. But a matte gel medium might be even better because it will be totally invisible and you won’t have to worry about rubbing it away.

  • Loving all of your CHA videos & can’t wait to hear what the Roundtable has to say about CHA!

  • Jennifer G.

    Thanks for the information. Hoping to be a non-schmo very soon with your most recent special offer.

  • Yay! Thank you – I hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Melissa Gross

    I’m just getting started with my PRT year and I had to laugh when I heard the topic. I’m a traditional/hybrid scrapper primariliy, however today I sat down to do an art journal page inspired by a blog I was reading a few days ago. So, today I’m jumping to something different, but I’m typically just scrapbooking. Enjoyed the show!

  • Rachel L

    Was Izzy thinking of the Compact System Cameras, also called Mirrorless cameras? They are generally a bit less expensive than a DSLR. As I understand it, they’re smaller because they don’t have the mirror that an SLR has, just a digital screen for the viewfinder. It’s a system camera because it can take different lenses. The sensor is smaller than most DSLRs, but much bigger than most compact cameras.

    This is the type of camera I’m going to get when I get organised! I’m thinking of getting the Olympus PEN. Olympus and Panasonic call their versions the Micro Four Thirds cameras and I believe their lenses are interchangeable.

    Ah, yes, I think Rangefinder is another term for a Compact System Camera. You can see I start writing my comments while listening! ;D

    For anyone who is interested, here’s some good info about these types of cameras: